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yoga scholarshipWe want to thank all of the students who took the time to enter our yoga teacher scholarship program. We feel so honored and blessed to be able to facilitate this opportunity. Reading through all of the essays has been such a treat for us and seeing what inspires all of these individuals not only to practice yoga, but to want to teach it is very touching.

We would also like to thank all of the yoga teacher training schools for participating in this program as well. They include Etowah Valley Yoga, Amazing Yoga, It’s Yoga Thailand, Yoga Village, Agama Yoga, Leela Mata Peaceful Valley Ashram, North Shore Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Anamaya Yoga Retreat, Shakti Spirit Yoga, Sadhana Yoga Chi, Tribe Yoga, Asha Yoga, ParaYoga, Yoga Blend, Anuttara Yoga Shala, Rolf Gates, Shiva Rea, FlorYoga, Yoga Den, and Yandara Yoga Institute. We are so grateful that these schools offered their support and highly suggest if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, to take some time and learn about how these schools can support your efforts.

Below is a list of all the students who entered along with the a link to their essay. If you want to support these students, please feel free to vote for them by leaving a comment, liking their article on Facebook, or Tweeting it. You can do all three and each will count as a vote. The voting ends on Dec 31, 11:59 PST. The essay with the most votes wins the free yoga teacher training to the school of their choice.

And for those of you who may have missed this program, we are going to do this again. Please make sure you follow us on Facebook (or give us your email below) and we will keep you posted with further announcements. Now on to our students and their lovely essays! And in all fairness, we placed them in order from top to bottom from when we received their essays. So those people at the very bottom waited to the last minute!

Somya Munjal – Finding The Inner Yogi

Iris Baron – Catalyst For Transformation

Jessica Grant – Giving and Reciving

Melissa Pereira – Someday It Will Come True

Rachel Wolfe – The Magic Of Yoga

Debbie Lowe – Time To Give Back

Alicia Ortiz – Yoga, One Day At A Time

Sara Schneider – Evolving Through Asanas

Terra Kopf – Path To the Future

Dee Sunshine – Transformation Through Tantric Yoga

Marian Lydon – It’s Time To Stretch Hearts, Souls and Bodies Throughout Africa

George Knight – Spreading the Joy Of Yoga To All

Puck Aren – Deepen the Practice

Dianne Fishel – How I Plan To Change the World By Becoming A Certified Yoga Instructor

Natalya Meyer – Do Yoga, Light Up and Shine!

Rachel Chibnik – My Path OM

Shea Pickens – Quest To Become A Yoga Instructor

Rebecca Collins – Wellness Yoga For Children With Special Needs

Heather Church – Live, Love, Serve, Teach Yoga

Aimee Hughes – Discovering Yoga

Joan MacRae – Help Me Make A Difference To the Lives Of Children In Scotland

Nancy Volgamore – Teaching Yoga: I Have A Dream

Adrienne Jurado – Sharing the Joys Of Yoga

Nana Trianasari – My Genuine Passion Of Teaching Yoga

Megawati Li – My Path Of Yoga

Lisa Luginbuhl – Yoga Supporting People Affected By Armed Conflict

Regena Ozeryanski – When Knowing Is Enough

Emily Smith – How This Contest Can Help Me Make My Dream Come True

Liza “Sat Akal” Camba – Blending Yoga Into My Life

Bridgett Blough – When I Ask Myself What I Want, I Hear Namaste

Katy Jones – Catching A Rainbow

Wendy Huang – Forwarding Love and Peace

Kerry Hugins – Finding Balance In An Imbalanced World

Piper Wolfe – Second Chances

Melissa Park – Onward! A Yoga Journey From A Trickle Source To the Sacred Ganges

Andrew Rosenstock – Nomadic Yogi Seeks the Help Of the Internet To Receive More Training

Sylvia Lopez – More Than A Stretch

Kirsty Thompson – Following the Rainbow

Inga Simane – Yoga: Life Long Inspiration

Chana Shwadlenak – Crossing the Great Mind Body Divide

Emily Whitaker – My Yogic Journey

Rachel Morman – The Power Of Yoga

Ashley Elgation – Throughout My Travels

Katie Fisher – Pure Intentions

Cynthia Land – Joy To the World, One Small Community At A Time

Sarah Esposito – Try Easy

Katherine Schoombee – If West Could Meet East

Alexa Ward – The Joy Of Yoga

Niki Kleinberger – Pure Vida

Lindsay Langer – Every Breath Brings A Chance

Ashley McDonald – The Knowledge Of Life

Amy Chou – Yoga For the Children

Almudena Alcazar – My Present, Moment

Neda Dowlatshahi – Yoga You. Yoga Me. Yoga We

Hanna Pernefeldt – The Divine In Me Honors the Divine In You

Robyn Polo – Working In the Workings Of the World Around Me

Violet Victoria – Vinyasa and Violet

Crystal Soufer: Raising Peace: Yoga For Youth

Catalina Gomez-Puerto – Who Knows It, Feels It, Lord

Ellen Enderle – Learning and Teaching

Go Jesslyn – Do Yoga and Manifesting Human Highest Potential (note: this student is from Indonesia and English is not their first language. For any grammar police out there, be nice!)

Kaye Martindale – Yoga For Every Body

Marian Paniagua Alvarez – This Is It

Kayce Neil – Interview With Ms Kayce

Jacqueline Fusari – Finding Freedom In Yoga

Mary Gavin – My Life Is My Message

Kadi Driver – Yoga Anywhere

Beth Lane – Bodhisattva Happy Body

Christian Eaton – Unconventional Inspiration

Jayne Pitchford – A Yogic Oddyssey

Katy Kolasa – Truly Meant To Be

Sarah O’Toole – Teaching The World How To Journey Through Life In Savasana

Katherine Charlier – The Opening Of My Heart

Angela Kozlowski – The Far East Meets the Wild West

Veronica Curiel – I’m A Yoga Mom

Angela Krantz – Aum

Brandi Bentley – Yoga “Self Discovery”

Amanda Courtwright – I Fell In Love

Hanna Fries – The Resplendent Journey

Rita Burlingame – A Leap Of Faith

Once again, we would like to thank all of our students and schools for participating in this yoga scholarship program. We hope you take the time to read through these powerful essays and show your support by voting for them. You can show your support by leaving a comment, liking their essay on Facebook, or Tweeting their essay. Please make sure you use the social sharing icons under their essay as this is what we use to tally the votes.

And for those of you who missed out on this one, we are going to do it again! Make sure you follow us on Facebook as we will be making all pertinent announcements from there. Or feel free to send us your email and we will keep you posted!


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  1. Sarah says:

    What a beautiful essay, Ashley! I have loved teaching yoga for over 20 years. I can tell you share the passion, and that you will be an amazing teacher. I wanted to let you know I was so moved by your essay. Sarah, Director FlorYoga

  2. Photo G says:

    Go for it…. U deserved ..
    Hope i can come to bali to come to ur class..

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