Yoga In Seattle WA

Yoga In Seattle WA

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in Seattle WA.

Name: Samadhi Yoga

Style: Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Vinayasa Yoga, Meditation

Address:  1205 East Pike Street #1B, Seattle, WA

Phone: +1 206.329.4070

Description: The Samadhi Yoga Center offers exclusive meditation and yoga classes in Seattle WA to help you realize the ultimate state of pure consciousness. Laying emphasis on breath and Samadhi, the inspiring teachers at the yoga center help you attain a proper state of meditation – to reunite your body with soul – through the magic of yoga. The yoga studio encourages the practice of yoga in a supportive environment so as to promote peace and unity among individuals around the globe. Students learn the common rules of living in the form of Yama and Niyama, yogic postures, Pranayama, meditation, and Pratyahara –withdrawing senses to facilitate focus. The studio helps students realize how yoga can help them achieve the peace within through the timeless connection to Spirit as well as to each other in the community.

To learn more visit  Samadhi Yoga.


Name: Urban Yoga Spa

Style: Hot Yoga

Address:  4th Avenue & Stewart Street, 1900 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA

Phone: + 206-420-0222

Description: The Urban Yoga Spa yoga classes in Seattle WA are the ultimate destination to release your stress and improve the connection between your mind, body, and soul. The yoga studio focuses on the practice of Hot Yoga and offers spa services at the convenience of one location to provide you with a rewarding yoga experience. The Urban Yoga Spa promises to offer you a convenient schedule at convenient accommodations, including lockers, showers, restrooms, storage cubbies.  The yoga center believes in making yoga a part of the day-to-day life of its students to help them achieve more balance, physical and mental focus, perspective, and vitality. The practice of Hot Yoga enhances the cardiovascular aspect and enables improved blood circulation, strengthening your mind and ability to focus while giving you inner strength. The Urban Yoga Spa offers you unlimited free Yoga classes under the Karma Yogi Program, in exchange for a three-hour Cleaning service every week.

To learn more visit Urban Yoga Spa.


Name: Whole Life Yoga

Style: Revitalizing Yoga, Family Yoga, Menopause Yoga, Prenatal Yoga

Address:  8551 Greenwood Ave N Suite 2, Seattle WA 98103

Phone: + 206-784-2882

Description: The community-focused Whole Life Yoga studio offers yoga classes in Seattle WA to help individuals develop your body and mind and make yoga available to all people. Owner Tracy undertakes private yoga therapy classes to help clients manage and improve chronic medical conditions, including stress, depression, anxiety, asthma, chronic fatigue, back or neck pain, joint pain and immobility, and digestive problems. While the studio charges $90 per hour visit, clients can avail $5 discount per session for enrolment for at least four sessions. The yoga studio tries to help clients achieve happiness, joy, balance, and health through various yoga sessions, such as  family yoga, yoga for navigating menopause, prenatal yoga, yoga for round bodies and healthy backs, yoga for neck, upper back, shoulders, and core strength, and belly after baby.

To learn more visit Whole Life Yoga

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