Yoga In San Francisco CA

Yoga In San Francisco CA

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in San Francisco CA.

Name: Funky Door Yoga

Style: Bikram Yoga


  • Haight-Ashbury,1749 Waller St. San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Polk Street, 1336, Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109


  • Haight- Ashbury – 415-668.2227
  • Polk Street – 415-673-8659

Description: Funky Door Yoga classes in San Francisco CA offer an upbeat environment for the workout with focus on health and wellness of the participants. The Funky Door Yoga has two studios in San Francisco and another in Berkeley. The center works on the renowned Bikram Yoga that combines ancient yoga styles with various physical exercises. This form has a routine of 26 poses that helps in developing a balanced state of the body. It increases flexibility and stamina, promotes functioning of the internal organs, and stimulates the nervous and the cardiovascular systems. This form also helps in lubricating the joints. All the instructors have certificates from Bikram’s Yoga India. Classes are held only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from morning until late evening.

To learn more visit Funky Door Yoga.


Name: Satori Yoga Studio

Style: Vinyasa/Flow yoga, Iyengar yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Pre-natal yoga, Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage, Meditation, Pilates

Address: 40 1st St. between Market and Mission Streets, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, SoMA District, CA

Phone: 415-618-0418

Description: Satori Yoga classes in San Francisco CA focus on unwinding and relaxing the mind along with building strength of the body. At the Satori Yoga Studio the instructors teaches a range of the basic yoga styles, including Iyengar and Vinyasa yogas, focusing on interest of the beginners and their need for slow-paced classes. Those already have ample practice of basic yoga can join the faster and more demanding power-based yoga classes. Pilates and mediation classes at the studio help in the flexibility of the body and developing the strength of the core. Satori Yoga Studio also has a certified acupuncturist. Special pre-natal classes for expectant mothers and massage therapy are among other physical wellbeing facilities available at this yoga studio. The classes are available from Monday to Sunday, except Saturday, from morning until evening.

To learn more visit Satori Yoga.


Name: Bernal Yoga

Style: Anusara Inspired Vinyasa flow, Restorative & Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Candlelight Yin, Mindful Yoga, Morning Vinyasa, Restorative Flow, Pilates, Yoga for Core Strength & Stability.

Address: 461 Cortland Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110-5553

Phone: 415-643-9007

Description: Bernal Yoga classes in San Francisco CA are for everyone who shares the passion for yoga or wants to learn it. Instructors at Bernal Yoga studio hold various series and workshops on yoga, apart from teaching yoga to the beginners as well as the advanced learners. The studio also offer classes in Pilates and various yoga forms known to have healing powers. The instructors are highly trained in all types of yoga courses. Restorative and gentle yoga helps overcome injuries and restore vitality of the body while yoga for core strength and stability aimed at bringing in the highest possible fitness and attain greater body potency. The classes are held everyday, morning to evening.

To learn more visit Bernal Yoga.


Name: Global Yoga

Style: Bikram Yoga

Address:  2425 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

Phone: 415-292-9774

Description: Global Yoga studio offers Bikram Yoga classes in San Francisco CA seven days a week. Instructors at the Global Yoga are highly trained and motivated to ensure that every session is power packed to boost physical and psychological wellbeing of participants. While focus remains of 26 postures of Bikram Yoga, special attention is paid to enhance awareness of participants about nutrition and diet that would help in developing better metabolism. It has a special offer on getting a fit body with a healthy mind and soul on a 100 day package.  There are also social deal coupons available for the classes.

To learn more visit Global Yoga.


Name: Yoga Loft

Style: Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Restorative, Energy Alignment.

Address: 321 Divisadero St. (btwn. Page and Oak) San Francisco, CA 94117

Phone: (415) 626-LOFT

Description: Yoga Loft yoga classes in San Francisco CA are run seven days a week offering participants opportunities to join classes any time from morning until evening. The Yoga Loft believes in the objective of creating healthy individuals through physical and psychological well being. It offers classes that cater to people of all ages and even corporate on-site instruction classes are available. Restorative and Energy yoga forms add to the variety of yoga courses offered at the Yoga Loft studio. A special form of yoga focused on rejuvenating body, Energy Alignment helps rein in stress, free the body from injuries, and boost human strength. People with special needs for treatments of their back, neck and shoulder can get help in relieving the pain. The course includes specially designed martial arts classes aimed at bringing the physical fitness of the highest order.

To learn more visit Yoga Loft.

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