Yoga In Northfield IL

Yoga In Northfield IL

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in Northfield IL.

Name: North Shore Yoga

Styles: Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Body Therapies.

Address:  310 Happ Rd., Suite 216, Northfield, IL 60093

Phone: 847-784-8844

Description: North Shore Yoga classes in Northfield IL are set with a mission to create a avenue and help every individual reach his full potential physically as well as spiritually. It offers challenging and careful practices to participants at all levels.  North Shore Yoga studio teaches yoga forms, pranayam, meditation techniques, chanting, readings, nutrition guidance, and Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching aimed at providing a strong body and a pure and controlled mind. Instructors at the studio encourage yoga as a way of life for a healthy, mindful, and balanced living. While traditional yoga practices help detoxify your body, improve digestion, gain more energy, new styles offering healthy weight and improve mental clarity are also taught. North Shore Yoga Northfield IL is dedicated to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable experience with our health and healing therapies ensuring a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

To learn more visit North Shore Yoga.

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