Yoga In New York City NY

Yoga In New York City NY

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in New York City NY.

Name: Jiva Mukti Yoga

Style: Hatha Yoga, Jiva Mukti, Acupuncture, Vinayasa, Bakasana, Dvanda Gorakasana, Natrajasana

Address:  841 Broadway, 2nd floor

New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 353-0214

(800) 295-6814

Description: Jiva Mukti Yoga school opens the doors to the infinite through its enlightened yoga classes in New York City NY, where students not only learn the theory and practice of yoga, but also feel spiritual enlightenment practicing them.  The yoga school is precisely known for its month-long rigorous teacher training program for advanced-level and intermediate students, helping them learn how to incorporate physical, spiritual, psychological, mystical, and spiritual aspects of yoga into modern life. The school also offers special workshops and yoga sessions, such as integrated yoga therapy sessions, corporate classes, acupuncture, massage, and in-class private. Beginners can start with a four-week intensive course, which teaches fundamentals of yoga.

To learn more visit Jiva Mukti Yoga School.


Name: OM Yoga

Style: Mindfulness, Vinayasa Yoga

Address:  826 Broadway at 12th St., 6th floor, New York City, NY 10003

Phone: 212.254.YOGA (9642)

Description: OM Yoga studio is proud to be one of the largest dedicated centers offering yoga classes in New York City, NY.  The yoga center is a great place to relax, make friends, and take yoga teacher training. It offers more than 10,000 square feet of space for students to practice the various yoga asanas and feel comfortable doing so. With more than 70 well-trained and highly experienced yoga instructors, the studio was voted the best by New York Magazine. OM Yoga studio is known for imparting teacher training in workshops to all those instructors and students interested in honing their skills in yoga. The studio boasts bright, spacious changing rooms with showers.

To learn more visit OM Yoga.


Name: New York Yoga

Style: Hot Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative, Vinayasa Yoga

Address:  Yorkville Studio @ 1629 York Ave @ 86th Street, New York City, NY 10028

Hot Yoga @132 E 85th off Lexington Ave

Phone: 212.717.9642 (YORK)

212.439.9642 (HOT)

Description: New York Yoga classes in New York City NY are offered for people of all ages, gender, and backgrounds. The studio offers Yogi’s Choice for those that cannot afford to pay for yoga training membership. These donation-based classes range from 60 to 90 minutes. The studio hosts training classes and workshops for students and teachers that are interested in expanding their theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga. Prenatal yoga training is a specialty at New York Yoga, where expectant mothers learn how yoga can help you prepare for labor and delivery. Pregnant women learn how to stay calm and at peace within for a safe and happy motherhood.

To learn more visit New York Yoga.


Name: Kula Yoga

Style: Acro Yoga

Address:  28 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007

Phone: (212) 945-4460

Description: Kula Yoga offers yoga classes in New York NY for all those interested in learning yoga, including students and instructors. The studio believes yoga is for all and must reach every home. It holds different workshops for teachers and dedicated practitioners, such as the conscious embodiment series. The instructors at the yoga studio are highly skilled and trained in their particular styles and guide their students throughout each step carefully. The studio is known as being warm and joyful, with talented teachers, who bring a different lineage and vibe to the class, making the classes more interesting. The studio offers an introductory deal for $30 for three classes for anybody interested in learning the practice of yoga and its restorative benefits.

To learn more visit Kula Yoga.

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