Yoga In Nasheville TN

Yoga In Nasheville TN

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in Nasheville TN.

Name: 12 South Yoga

Style: Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Address:  12South Yoga, 2814 12th Ave South, Nashville, TN 37204

South11 Yoga, 224 South 11th Street, Nashville, TN 37206

Phone: + (615) 385-3600

Description: 12 South Yoga classes in Nashville TN focus on teaching the fundamentals of yoga to beginners and how to develop awareness about breath (pranaya). The 12 South Yoga studio believes in shaping lives through the practice of yoga. The studio holds over 25 classes each week, offering free introductory classes for beginners. The teachers at the yoga studio believe yoga is a way to restore our bodies and minds, stimulate and balance all bodily systems, and promote good health and wellbeing. The yoga studio believes that an individual can easily connect with their soul or inner self through the practice of Hatha Yoga, which creates a healthier and nurturing environment within.

To learn more visit 12 South Yoga.


Name: The Yoga Room

Style: Aerial Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Soul Yoga

Address:  2829 Azalea Place, Nashville TN 37204

Phone: 615.298-4431

Description: The Yoga Room is known for its aerial yoga classes in Nashville TN which is a fun way to practice different postures with the help of a fabric sling. The studio believes in imparting basic yoga training to beginners to encourage them to change their lives forever through yoga. Instructors help students learn to practice the different forms of yoga to achieve a calm and present state. Beginners learn to use props to make postures more accessible and see yoga as a path to happiness. The Yoga Room believes that the gift of yoga should be accessible to everyone. Rates at the Yoga Room begin at $8 for shorter classes, which are no less effective than the longer duration classes.

To learn more visit The Yoga Room.

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