Yoga In Milwaukee WI

Yoga In Milwaukee WI

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in Milwaukee WI.

Name: Bikram Yoga Milwaukee

Style: Bikram Yoga

Address:  2084 N. Commerce St., Milwaukee, WI

Phone: 414-264-9642

Description: Try the best ever yoga classes in Milwaukee WI at Bikram Yoga Milwaukee, which promises to offer you complete rejuvenation, strength, flexibility, and balance. Here the yoga rooms are brimming with fresh warm air to help increase your blood circulation. Each of the classes at the yoga studio spans 90 minutes, and everybody is advised to reach in time, since our doors lock before the class begins. If you are a first timer, please arrive 20 minutes before the class starts. Classes begin early in the morning at 6 am and go on until 7:30 pm. The studio is open all seven days of the week, from Monday to Sunday. It does not allow gum or eateries in the yoga room and expect its students to practice restraint from bringing the same to the state-of-the-art energy efficient facility. The studio boasts spacious changing rooms, flushable toilets, and multiple showers.

To learn more visit Bikram Yoga Milwaukee.


Name: Milwaukee Yoga Center

Style: Iyengar Yoga, Pranayama

Address:  3514 N. Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53211

Phone: +1 414.332.3551

Description: Dedicated to Iyengar Yoga, the Milwaukee Yoga Center tries to make sure that every individual gains the intended benefit at its yoga classes in Milwaukee WI. The studio focuses on using correct alignment and props to make sure age or physical condition does not inhibit somebody from practicing yoga.  The Milwaukee Yoga Center has two fully equipped yoga studios, where our 11 instructors take beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. It also offers classes for women, athletes, and individuals suffering from Parkinson’s. Its 90-minute-long classes for beginners help them learn how to develop posture, stamina, strength, stability, and concentration. The yoga center has partnered with the UWM Dance Department to offer the perfect ambience for UWM students to learn Iyengar Yoga in a dedicated yoga studio. Internationally renowned Iyengar gurus are also invited as guest trainers during weekend workshops at the Milwaukee Yoga Center.

To learn more visit Milwaukee Yoga Center.

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