Yoga In Indianapolis IN

Yoga In Indianapolis IN

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in Indianapolis IN.

Name: Inner Peace Yoga

Styles: Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Yoga, Relaxation, Yoga Philosophy and Psychology, Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga

Address:  5038 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46226

Phone:  317-257-9642

Description: Inner Peace Yoga classes in Indianapolis IN are dedicated to help people in developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The yoga studio provides pure and traditional yoga practices through its classes and workshops. A non-profit organization, Inner Peace Yoga makes sure every participant enjoys maximum possible health benefits, reduces stress, and relaxes using its different yoga practices and meditation techniques. With the distinction of being federally approved, this studio is the perfect place in the city to learn yoga thanks to its knowledgeable, experienced, and trained teachers. Swami Rama, the great master and founder of the Himalayan Institute, has always been a great source of inspiration to all the teachers at the center. The studio also has its own library that houses books, audio tapes, and videos on yoga practices, vegetarian food habits, and healthy lifestyle.

To learn more visit Inner Peace Yoga


Name: City Yoga

Style: Hip Opener yoga, Candlelight Partner Yoga, Bring Your Own Baby Yoga, Meditation, Zazen or Zen Yoga, Walking meditation, Candle gazing, Vipassana Yoga, Insight meditation, Listening Meditation, Adaptive Yoga.

Address:  2442 Central Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone:  317.920.YOGA (9642)

Description: City Yoga classes in Indianapolis IN encourage participants to adopt yoga in their lives. With the objective of improving the well-being and value of life, the studio provides yoga classes aimed at the self-development of the individual. It provides programs and services that enhance the health, strengthen the heart, deepen the spirit, increase the natural abilities, and bring positivity. Specialized yoga styles at the studio teach the way to balance the lives in this complex world, which result in better relationship with everyone. It supports the excellence of everyone either who teaches or practices yoga. Aimed at boosting yoga professionally by educating the rich and traditional aspects of yoga, City Yoga studio intend to create a warm and cordial environment for all those who wish to reach their highest physical and psychological potential.

To learn more visit City Yoga.

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