Yoga In Boston MA

Yoga In Boston MA

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in Boston MA.

Name: Backbay Yoga

Styles: Vinyasa Yoga, Core Vinyasa Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, Authentic Flow Yoga, Bakasana Yoga, Root Chakra Flow, Core Anatomy Yoga.

Address: 364 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor, between Arlington and Berkeley Streets, Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 617-375-YOGA (9642)

Description: Backbay Yoga classes in Boston MA offer individual as well as group yoga sessions for participants of all ages. The learning and practicing of various yoga styles in an ambience marked by spirituality, fun, and love for fitness make the studio an appropriate place for all those who love and wish to learn yoga. It makes it easy for those who are new or recovering from previous injuries. Backbay Yoga also offers specialized sessions for pregnant women looking for fitness and avoiding back pain. With a focus on providing a stress-free experience in a homely atmosphere, the studio assists all with personalized attention. Participants joining Backbay Yoga classes feel better and learn yoga under expert supervision and advice of certified instructors. The studio is the place where one can gain the full benefits with consistent yoga practices.

To learn more visit Backbay Yoga.


Name: South Boston Yoga

Styles: Rise and Shine Yoga, Open Practice Yoga, Yoga All Levels, Community Yoga, Hot Yoga, Dharma Punx, Pilates, Yoga Cafe: Acoustic All Levels, Kundalini Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Level 2/3, Meditation, Open Practice Yoga, Core Strength Conditioning, Restorative Yoga, Freedom Joy Yoga, Freedom Joy Yoga, Hot Forrest Yoga, Strengthening Slow Flow, Kirtan.

Address: 36 W Broadway, Boston MA 02127

Phone: (617) 315-7448

Description: South Boston Yoga classes in Boston MA aim at providing health and wellness benefits for all. It is one of the largest and spacious yoga studios in Boston offering an array of classes, training sessions, and yoga workshops. South Boston Yoga has hot and aerial studios along with normal classrooms. Its well-equipped and hygienic facilities offer a perfect ambience where all, from newcomers to advanced learners, can practice yoga. The studio has all the props one need for yoga. Trained instructors recruited by the studio bring variety and intelligence to the classes and are friendly for all who wish to adopt yoga as a way to achieve fitness and wellness of the highest order.

To learn more visit South Boston Yoga.


Name: Sadhana Yoga

Styles: Vinyasa Yoga, Savasana Yoga, Yoga Fundamentals, Kundalini Yoga, Community Yoga Classes, Restorative Yoga, Friday Night Fusion Yoga, Yoga Sadhana, Pranayama, Meditation

Address: Boston Studio: 15 Worcester St. Boston, MA. 02118

Everett Studio: 326 Chelsea Street, Everett, MA 02149

Phone: 617.536.YOGA

Description: Sadhana yoga classes in Boston MA offer the most pleasing ambience to learn this ancient art of wellness. The studio offers a lot of classes for all types of individuals. Classes are categorized as fundamentals, intermediate, all-levels, and many more to name, depending on yoga styles and intensive physical exercises they demand. There are classes for all, from beginners to advanced practitioners, offering a number of contemporary yoga styles. With the aim of helping participants attain harmonization of the body with mind, Sadhana Yoga classes provide an amusing experience which helps release the stress of the hectic week and energizes in a totally new way.

To learn more visit Sadhana Yoga.

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