Yoga In Berkeley CA

Yoga In Berkeley CA

The following are a list of yoga studios and classes in Berkeley CA.

Name: Yoga Kula

Style: Anusara Yoga, Pilates

Address: 1700 Shattuck Ave. 2nd Floor, Berkeley, CA 947009

Phone: 510-486-0264

Description: Yoga Kula yoga classes in Berkeley CA are oriented toward helping people to attain an overall healthy and rewarding life. Yoga Kula mainly works on the style of Anusara yoga and Pilates, catering to participants of all age group. Building physical and psychological blocks through development of body control mechanism is given adequate attention. The instructors are highly trained in all levels of yoga and Pilates, ranging from slow and steady forms for the beginners to rigorous work outs for the advanced learners. Classes are offered seven days a week, at various times from morning till evening. The price range is from $17 for a single class of one and half hour, to $240 for 20 classes. Monthly classes are also there for $150. Private classes are $75 for single class to $650 for 10 classes.

To learn more visit Yoga Kula.


Name: Berkeley Yoga Center

Style: Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Nia Technique, Pre & Post-Natal Yoga, Shadow Yoga, Yin/Yang Yoga, Vinyasa, Vini Yoga,  Restorative Yoga.


  • 1250 Addison Street – Studio 209
  • 2121 Bonar Street – Studio C, Berkeley, CA 94702

Phone: 510-843-8784

Description:  The yoga classes in Berkeley CA, work toward attainment of the holistic harmony, development, and coordination of body, mind, and soul through increase in the energy and stamina, reducing the stress as well as calming the mind.  Berkeley Yoga Center has classes for everyone with various levels and styles, which would suit the individuals.  While the range of yoga courses is extensive, various fusion versions offering restorative and other benefits is also practiced. The classes are is open for all beginners to start their lessons in yoga and the advanced learners for more vigorous practice of exercises. There are restorative classes too.  Classes at the Berkeley Yoga Center are held all throughout the week from morning till evening.

To learn more visit Berkeley Yoga Center.

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