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be a yoga teacher

What Does It Mean To Be A Yoga Teacher?

In today’s modern world, the meaning of yoga means so many things to so many people. As an aspiring yoga teacher, we look to our mentors and teachers for guidance so that we can gain perspective and use this to draw upon. Of course as we develop the “teacher within,” we come up with our own answers. We asked some of the head instructors of the yoga teacher training programs about what they believe it means to be a yoga teacher and here is what they said…

“Being a yoga teacher is more than just presenting yoga asana and reading spiritual books.  Teaching yoga today – is a sacred path to assist in creating precise and conscious awareness, for all of life. In today’s society many are confused, stressed out and afraid, although relief is close at hand – Yoga Helps.” – Doug Swenson of Sadhana Yoga Chi

“To be a yoga teacher these days is to encourage people to recognize that their physical yoga practice, when directed with awareness and through the breath, can take them through the path of self awareness and transformation. We encourage people to experience transformation from within, through their bodies and their breath. We guide them in discovering that it is through the breath that we can link with our higher Self and thus realizing our inner most potential unfolding intuitively, naturally and effortlessly.” – Larry Schultz of It’s Yoga Thailand

“To teach is to learn. My students have led me on a journey I could have never imagined. To see a student feel empowered by their ability to care for themselves, body, mind and spirit, is the greatest gift.” – Susan Hopkins of Etowah Valley School of Yoga

“For Rainbow Kids Yoga being a Yoga teacher means to bring fun, joy and freedom to this serious and over pretentious world… including the Yoga world. It also means to connect people not just to themselves, but also to each other and to encourage a sense of community and togetherness.” – Gopala Rainbow Kids Yoga

‘Teaching Yoga is like a spiritual mission; helping the body to find its own inner resources and harmony, guiding the heart in revealing its innate wisdom, determining the mind to rest into the one-ness, discovering yourself and the world altogether. This makes a Yoga teacher in the same time a body awareness couch, a compassionate soul healer and a spiritual guide. Teaching Yoga becomes therefore a privilege, a passion, and an integral part of one’s own personal transformational path.” – Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc, Founding Member of Agama Yoga

“A great yoga teacher assists students along a transformational journey.  The transformation can be big or small.  It might be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  As teachers, it is not our role to demand transformation from our students.  It is our role to allow yoga to transform the students on every level which they choose to engage. The more we can love and support the student, the more engaged they become and the greater the transformation.” – Craig & Shane Perkins Yandara Yoga Institute, Baja, Mexico

“Yoga is a Science and Teaching is an Art” and to be a yoga teacher is to be a Boss, Coach, Best friend, Spiritual Adviser, Confidant, Guru, Priest, Rabbi, Cheerleader, Quarterback, Choreographer and humble servant to those who grace your classes with their presence.- Philip Christodoulou of Anuttara Yoga Shala

“As yoga teachers, our role is to create a space for people to connect with their inner teachers.  We are responsible to show up 100% each time we enter the room by sharing our love and passion of yoga.  We are comitted to being fully present and aware for everyone we interact with each day. By focusing our efforts on others, it allows people to realize their amazing potential to make transformation happen in their lives.”  – Sean Conley of Amazing Yoga

“I started teaching yoga because I wanted to be a part of changing peoples lives. I imagined helping people to transform in a way that made them kinder and more patient with their kids, that made them stop gossiping and complaining about friends or family or political figures. I imagined helping people to see the beauty of humanity and become overwhelmed with gratitude for all the things we typically take for granted. I am now living that dream, and I couldn’t ask to play a more fulfilling role in this life.” -Cori Martinez, Asha Yoga

“As a yoga teacher in the modern world I find it important to help people see beyond the popular view of yoga.  So much more then fancy outfits in high-end studios, sculpting physical bodies, yoga has the power to help students really connect; to themselves and to the infinite.  As a teacher to people with this view it is a delicate process, shedding the light of yoga’s truth”. – Mandy Lawson Anamaya Resort

“Being a Yoga teacher allows us to observe our own and our students physical and emotional armour and provide a safe space for the layers of tension to unwind…so the Spirit can truly shine. As teachers, we are called upon to outwardly lead and inspire, as well as to create a nurturing environment for the inward journey. It’s a challenging, creative and fulfilling life.” – Rachel Hull Shakti Spirit

“To practice yoga is to see each moment of our lives as a chance to grown in wisdom and compassion.  To teach yoga, is to create the opportunity for another to live into that understanding.”  Rolf Gates, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher + Author

“To be a Yoga teacher is truly an honor that allows you the experience of remembering your most true authentic self “Love”, and Love is of God, it is what we are made up of. From this comes compassion, oneness, brother hood, to bring balance to life and the opportunity of to be inspired again and again.” Leeza Villagomez advocate for raising the consciousness.” Leeza Villagomez Yoga Den

“Everything in life is in relationship to something else.  Teaching yoga is a chance to help people create better relationships in all areas of their lives. It starts at the outer layer with a understanding of our relationship to our physical body.  We then begin to penetrate deeper into the physiology or the breath.  Through those more conscious relationships, we begin to understand the more subtle realms of the mind.  As we move deeper, we start to understand our emotions and ultimately we realize the ever present relationship to our true Self as well as our natural ability to reflect the light inside of us out into the world.”  Christy Marsden, owner & teacher, Yoga Blend

“Yoga is a way of life, since I grew up in an ashram it’s all I’ve known. To be able to share this ancient wisdom with the world is my purpose (dharma). I’m so happy to see the world moving in a direction of expanded consciousness and I’m happy to be a part of it as a teacher of Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Vedanta Philosophy. What this means to me is everything, as I’m able to serve in a way that is natural and authentic.” – Chitra Sukhu @ Leela Mata and New Age Kids

“Being a yoga teachers is a form of karma yoga. we act as vessels for the teachings of para vidya (higher knowledge). Our hope is to facilitate transformation, development and evolution of individual and global consciousness. Our methods are of sensitivity, awareness and Love.” – Tribe Yoga

“Being a yoga teacher in this modern time means being a life coach, a compassionate friend, a mentor, a healer and a person who lives from their heart, with conscious awareness of every thought and action. In a world where there is great suffering, yoga provides relief, healing, empowerment and a safe nurturing community of support during good times and challenges. Great yoga teachers grow to be great leaders, offering a beacon of light and inspiration to others as we all walk our unique paths in life together, with a common purpose toward Oneness, wholeness and happiness.” ~Dashama Gordon, Founder Pranashama Yoga Institute, Author of Journey to Joyful and 11 Yoga Instructional DVDs.

“There is a difference between being a professional Yoga instructor and being a Yogi who teaches yoga professionally. The difference between the two can be sensed by the glow in a teachers eye and their command of a room.  Once we have a steady practice and are a Yogi or Yogini, then being a Yoga teachers means an ability to transfer that frequency of equanimity and peace within the context of a very safe and yet challenging Asana class that includes a closing meditation.” – Fred Busch Power Yoga

“Being a yoga teacher is a big responsibility – it is challenging, but rewarding and fun. Seeing yourself evolve is great, no doubt, but helping others do the same, see their bodies transform, spirits awaken and lives change – is just awesome, especially when a student can master something you could not, providing you can get you ego under control, of course! ;)” – Kosta  Vikasa Yoga

Yoga is about waking up from the dream of the separate i-sense and realizing unity with cosmic consciousness. One can only teach this with real depth when one has, through consistent and steady effort, glimpsed this Truth for oneself and surrendered one’s heart and mind to expressing it. A true Yoga teacher endeavors to inspire others by demonstrating the ability to surf skillfully through the swells and dips of life with grace, passion, courage, humor and above all profound humility. – Vidya Heisel, Frog Lotus Yoga International

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