Bali Yoga Teacher Training

bali yoga teacher training

Looking For A Yoga Instructor Training In Bali?

If you are interested in taking your yoga teacher training in Bali, then there are many options for you to choose from. Bali has become one of the new exotic destination points for yoga along with Costa Rica, Thailand, and Mexico. With so many people from all over the world leaving their native homes to become “expats”, Bali is now considered one of the premier places to set up a studio and offer a yoga certification program.

Yandara Bali Yoga Teacher Training

yoga certification baliThe Yandara Yoga Institute offers three Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour yoga teacher training programs in Bali every year. Led by instructors Shane Perkins and Kate Moll, this 18-day yoga certification course will not only teach you everything you need to know about how to teach yoga effectively, it will also be a very healthy and restful experience as the location at Shangri La Retreat Center is quaintly nestled away from any city havoc.

The Bali yoga teacher training covers everything from how to plan a class, establishing yourself as a confident yoga teacher, how to correct your students postures, how to effectively communicate and speak in front of others, and much more. Along with teaching asanas effectively, the course will cover anatomy, philosophy, Yogic theory, meditation, pranayama, and much more.

To learn more about rates, dates, and how to register visit their page at Yandara Yoga Institute.

Shakti Spirit Bali Yoga Teacher Training

bali yoga trainingAnother great school in Bali offering a yoga instructor certification program is Shakti Spirit. Led by master teacher Rachel Hull, the Yoga Alliance certified program is known for assisting students to become well rounded teachers by not only teaching the basic skills such as asana practice, anatomy and yogic philosophy; they also offer an Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy course. Located in Ubud Bali at the Santra Putra venue, this program is perfect for those aspiring teachers looking to immerse themselves in the Yogic and Ayurvedic way of living. Some programs and meals are supported by Ayurvedic Doctor Sujatha along with her associates.

There are two Bali yoga teacher trainings being offered by this school that include both a 200-hour and advanced 500-hour series. If you have already taken a 200-hour teacher training and are ready to advance then you can sign up for their 500-hour program. And if you are just starting out then you can sign up for their 200-hour program. The trainings are led by master teachers including: Rachel Hull, James Newman, Emil Wendel, Anna Smallwood and Fela Adibiyi.

To learn more about their upcoming dates, rates, and pre-requisites please visit their page at Shakti Spirit.

Frog Lotus Yoga International

yoga in baliLocated in Ubud Bali at the lovely Ananda Cottages, Frog Lotus Yoga International holds its 200-hour yoga teacher training lead by Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (at the 500-hour level) Vidya Jacqueline Heisel. This Bali yoga certification program will cover everything from 100 poses, applied anatomy (taught in a way that you will enjoy and understand!), the yogic lifestyle, pranayama, meditation, diet, yoga business, chanting and much more. As part of your training, lead teacher Vidya will also offer an ongoing mentorship program where she will still be accessible should you need further assistance.

To learn more please visit Frog Lotus Yoga International.

Or if you would like a full list of yoga schools please visit this page Yoga Teacher Training Schools

Travel & Preparing For Your Bali Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you are just looking to deepen your practice, get away and relax, or further your goal of becoming a yoga teacher, the yoga teacher trainings being offered in Bali can help you accomplish your goal. However, before you plan your trip there are some things you should be aware of before you go:

Getting There – Depending on your location you will probably have to land in Thailand, Japan, or Australia. We would recommend Thai Airways as they offer a nice flight at an affordable price. But definitely check Kayak. Also if you are coming from the US, Europe, Canada, or Australia then they have a Visa on arrival line which means you just pay $25 to enter. If you are coming from another country you should check with an agent to see what is required.

Mosquitoes – Taking a yoga teacher training in Bali can go sour if mosquitoes eat you. If you are easily bitten and they just happen to really enjoy your blood, then Bali can be troublesome as their moist air is a perfect place for these critters. As much as it would be nice if the “natural” stuff works, it just doesn’t unless you are ok with spraying it on you every ten minutes or so. We would recommend getting the hard stuff and that means a repellent with deet. However this is only at night time when you need to be concerned. Also, make sure you ask for a bed with netting and that your room has a fan. The mosquitoes don’t like the strong wind from the fan and the netting keeps them out by 90%

Scooters and Motorbikes – Most of the locals get around by scooters. You will see them all over the place. While this might seem like a lot of fun, there are many people who have gotten seriously injured because of this. If you can afford it then just use a taxi. They are very inexpensive especially if you are coming from a Western country. You can even hire your own driver for the day for around $30.

Dogs – We hope you like dogs because they are all over the place. They are friendly for the most part so there is no need to be concerned, just aware that they are all over.

Ubud – When in Bali make sure you check out Ubud and the art culture there, as it is a real renaissance taking place in our time. As you walk the main streets you will see some of the most beautiful and inspired art.

Massage & Spas – One of the best things about Bali is that you can spend a full day of treatments at the spa and only have spent around $30 – $40 US. We’re talking massage, facial, mani/pedi and so much more. This is the breeding ground of spa lifestyle and you will be in heaven. They are all over so just look left or right and you can’t go wrong.

Internet – There are many cafes with internet but the connection is not that great. Hopefully you will be in a different mindset for your yoga teacher training in Bali and not too concerned about the spotty access.

Gilli Islands – If you have the time definitely check out the Gilli Islands as it is a great opportunity to truly get away and be secluded. There are three main islands and on the big one is a bit of a scene with parties and nightlife. But you can hop over to the other two that are very secluded and have great snorkeling and scuba diving. There is also some great surf there as well. You will have to take a speed boat to get there from Bali and it is only about a 45-minute ride. Make sure to book your ticikets in advance as the boats fill up fast. You can try Gilli Fast Boats or Gilli Islands Travel for arrangements.

This should be a great start for you to learn everything you need to know about becoming a yoga teacher and taking a Bali yoga teacher training. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact form and send us an email as we would be more then happy to assist you in your travel endeavors.

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Bali Spirit – This site is a great resource for all things happening in Bali including retreats, local yoga studios, spas, organic food, events, and much more.

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