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yoga teacher salary

So What Is the Average Yoga Instructor Salary?

If you are ready to dive into your yoga certification program and committed to becoming a yoga teacher, then one of the first things you might be wondering is “What is the average salary of a yoga teacher?” A lot of aspiring students see the famous teachers with all their DVD’s, products, and leading classes at major events like Wanderlust and might think, “Hey, that looks good! They must make great money and have fun teaching yoga” So how much money can a yoga teacher make and what is the average yoga teacher salary?

Well the first thing we need to cover is that we hope you have decided to become a yoga teacher because you love the practice of yoga and want to share this with the world. The reason why is because as you start off, you will not be making much. That being said, this is true for any industry you are starting off in (including dentists and doctors). As a new certified yoga teacher, you need to see yourself as a business. You are the product and service all rolled into one. How you teach yoga is the service you are offering and people will only pay you so much in conjunction with how much demand there is for your service.

Starting Out

As you start to work as a yoga teacher, your best bet is to get a job with your local studio. Working as a yoga teacher at a studio allows you to establish yourself and improve your craft. Working at a yoga studio, on average you can make anywhere from $25k – $40k a year depending on how many classes you teach and how popular your classes are.  Since many studios work on a revenue share model (or some might offer incentives or bonuses based upon class turnout), your wage can vary. You could almost compare this position to a waiter or waitress position in that your “tips” are based upon how many people turn out for your class. Or, if you move around and work at different yoga studios, you can expect to make anywhere from $20 – $40 per class.

Established Yoga Teacher Salary

Once you are an established yoga teacher and have a good following and are filling up classes on a regular basis, you can expect to make anywhere from $50k – $75k a year if you are teaching a full schedule of classes. This means you are teaching at least two to three classes a day and they are filled. More importantly, people are asking for you and the studio sees your value and wants to make sure they keep you happy (by paying you more).

Private Instruction

Here is where you can make some great money because one person has decided to hire you to specifically teach and train them. On average you can make $75 – $200 per session (sometimes even more) You should charge on the higher end if you need to travel to them, as they will pay for your travel time. Also, many known athletes hire private instruction and are very particular about only working with the same teacher each time. This means they pay a lot more and it can be very consistent work since they need to stay in tiptop shape.

Corporate Events

Corporate events is another way to make good money as a yoga teacher because this is a custom class you are putting together specifically for them which will take some time on your part to formulate. In this type of environment, not only are you leading the class, but you are also part lecturer in that you really need to engage and lead these people. Note: You really need to be on you’re a game when you do these types of events because the company that hires you is counting on you to help make their event successful. On average you can charge anywhere from $500 – $1000 for an event depending on how much work is involved.

Yoga Retreats

Another great way to make money as a yoga teacher is to have your own series of yoga retreats.  People love to travel, relax, commune with like-minded people, and practice yoga. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that now not only are you a yoga teacher, but you are also a travel agent and there is a lot more responsibility with this. You will be responsible not only for their yoga class, but their entire experience. So be aware of the extra responsibilities this also brings.

Increasing Your Salary As A Yoga Teacher

Just like any industry, your branding and name recognition affects the price of how much you can make. If you are serious about making good money as a yoga teacher, not only do you need to be a really good certified yoga instructor, but you also need to think about your branding. Name recognition plays a big part in how much money you will make. If you are serious about your yoga career and want to brand yourself as a yoga teacher, check out this article on yoga teacher marketing as it outlines some points you will need to consider as you grow your presence in the community.

Getting Sponsored As A Yoga Teacher

Another way to increase your salary as a yoga instructor is to align yourself with a brand or organization and get sponsored by them. Many yoga pants and yoga mat companies are always looking for “ambassadors” or representatives to go out there and help them spread the word about their products. As you reach out into the community you now have access to a lot of people and many yoga and health related companies want to tap into that access. However, it is very important that you remember your integrity and be selective about who you align yourself with. Make sure you truly believe in the company and are willing to talk about them as much as you would yourself.

Making the Big Bucks

Yes, it is true that you can make some good money as a yoga teacher. But this is not a get rich quick scheme. You will need to dedicate yourself to the practice and business side of things. You will go through ups and downs and learning curves. But these types of tribulations have nothing to do with “Yoga”. As mentioned earlier this is true for any industry you are in. You are going to have to commit yourself to learning the “rhythm” of this business so you can get a sense of how you fit and make sure you get what you want. And, never feel bad about making money as a yoga teacher. You have now dedicated your life to this art and there is nothing wrong with making money.

Just remember that no matter what type of work you do, there are going to be some ups and downs and you will have to pay your dues. But as long as you love what you do and execute it with the fullest of integrity, success is always guaranteed especially if you want to learn to teach yoga.

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  2. Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason says:


    In 2021, I became a yoga teacher.
    And as a “blossoming yoga teacher’; I had many a questions for my primary teacher.
    And one day while sipping coffee with my primary teacher, we had the following conversation:

    How long will it be before I make any money from yoga?

    Primary Teacher:
    If you create a “niche” [a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector] It will take 5 years.

    And what niche should I create?

    Primary Teacher:
    Draw from “what you have to offer.”

    Presently, Yes, there have been “some ups and downs,” embarrassing moments, mistakes, failures, successes & “then some,” – but I LOVE WHAT I HAVE BECOME. And, I LOVE WHAT I DO!

    And somehow —-everything is working (smile) …

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