Yoga Supporting People Affected By Armed Conflict In the Third World

yoga third worldHi all.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my message.

Through my yoga teacher training I hope to make this world a more peaceful place.

I live and work in Aid and Development in the Third World and thus have very infrequent access to yoga teachers. Hence I rely heavily on my self- practice. Yoga has provided me with mental and physical health and strength that is very much required working in what at times can be very challenging conditions. I feel my self-practice would hugely benefit from one month of working with experienced teachers of all aspects of yoga. However, I am not only hoping to further deepen my own practice but also to gain skills that will allow me to share my love and commitment for yoga with other people. I feel yoga can be beneficial for people from all walks of life and would like to work on making yoga accessible to disadvantaged people that would otherwise be marginalized.  I am particularly thinking of people affected by armed conflict in the Third World.

I have been deeply inspired by my original teachers, who have generously agreed to share their vast knowledge simply out of the depth of their heart, without any financial remuneration. This has provided my with a solid foundation from which I have been able to build six years of predominantly self-practice. I now feel ready to develop skills that allow me to make yoga accessible to other people, preferably people that wouldn’t otherwise have access to yoga.

Professionally, I am particularly interested in Aid and Development in armed conflict situations and am currently enhancing my skills through completing a university degree by correspondence from the Third World. The teacher training I have selected is offered in my region and during my semester break from university studies. Being currently a full time student I would very much appreciate some financial support to attend the yoga instructor certification. I am working on my last semester of my academic studies and am hoping that by mid-next year my formal education, combined with my work experience and my yoga teacher training will allow me to start working on my ambitious plans. I am hoping to use my skills to manage projects in conflict areas of the Third World offering yoga to people affected by armed conflict. Having researched similar projects in Africa, I would like to offer yoga for reintegration of former combatants, trauma relief as well as for healing physical wounds in conflict or post-conflict contexts in Asia.

I am unsure about winning this competition, as all my friends on facebook are friends in real life too, hence their rather humble number. While I would be absolutely thrilled to win this scholarship, I also highly value your opinions and comments. I appreciate every insight I can get and winning this contest in the process would be an absolute bonus. Please note that I don’t tweet, but that every facebook “comment” and “like” counts as one vote towards my scholarship application. So feel free to “like” AND “comment” as you go along. Also if you have friends that I haven’t had a chance to meet that would like to contribute, please feel free to inform them about my article. Thank you.

My yoga journey has been an amazing one so far and I am looking forward to deepen my understanding every day.  Your comments and ideas will greatly support me in my pursuit. I feel this world would be a safer place if there were more balanced and nurtured people and am hoping to contribute to peace through supporting disadvantaged and marginalized people affected by armed conflict in the Third World.


2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Lisa Luginbuhl

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  1. Isabelle says:

    great article!!!

  2. david stead says:

    I met Lisa a few months ago and although she is not yet a fully trained yoga instructor she has introduced me to the basics which have helped me relax. If she won the scholarship she no doubt would be able to realise her dream bring and the joy of yoga to many in need.

  3. Gouttelette says:

    Bravo Lisa ! This is a GREAT project !

  4. bgay:) says:

    Lisa has always been supportive, dynamic and regenerative in her good spirits and calming attitude. Her perseverance and strength in situations of disaster, conflict and post-conflict, make her an ideal candidate to train as a yoga instructor that will, in turn, be applicable in her continued field experience. She will be invaluable wherever she makes her community, especially if it is to help in the recovery and rehabilitation process in a crisis-affected area.

  5. Sajuth says:

    I know yoga is an important part of your life. Anyone who knows you can surely say that betting on you will be worth the investment.

  6. Bee says:

    This project looks very interesting and accurate for countries like Sri lanka. Lisa seems to have the perfect mixed knowledge/ skills of yoga and humanitarian action .
    I would love to see this project take place with her carrying it , especially as I know that she is the right person to do so and that she would do a great job..

  7. juliah says:

    Although I don’t share your fascination about yoga, I can fully understand the idea that is the basis of your essay and I think its worth trying. Hope you will win the scholarship and/or find a supportive sponsor for those ambitious plans!

  8. Daniel says:

    great stuff!

  9. Bérénice says:

    What a beautiful idea.
    Practising quite much myself (through classes in a school), I had never thought how much privileged I am and people in the Thirld World (except India) are not when it comes to access to yoga. I believe your project would be a great input in many wounded lives and bodies and I REALLY hope you get the scholarship and that one day I’ll come practise with you and your students somewhere in a wounded place.
    Namaste and best of luck!

  10. Agathe says:

    bravo!!… et bonne chance :-)

  11. Lisa Luginbuhl says:

    Hi all

    thanks you for your great support and valuable comments. Im truly moved by how many people have been mobilized for this cause in such a short time.

    xxx Lisa

  12. johannes says:

    All the best!! Nice idea

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