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yoga instructorThe key to happiness is inner peace.  The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness. This is one of my favorite quotes by His Holiness Dalai Lama.
I am blessed to say that today; I know what inner peace feels like.  I began taking yoga classes in 2003 in search of peace but was too distracted by my own suffering to stick with it.  After many years of suffering from fear, anger, self-destructive behavior and an eating disorder that nearly left me dead, in March of 2006 I walked through the doors of a 12 step recovery group and asked for help.   Within weeks, I found a sponsor who lovingly took me through the Big Books Program of Action also referred to as the 12 Steps of Recovery.  It was a life changing experience; one that will take too many pages to recount for this essay.  In 2008, I returned to yoga and it was like a cosmic bang.  It has inspired me so much that I want to share my story with others by teaching yoga in a recovery setting.  I want to be able to help those in recovery make the connection that Yoga and the 12 steps compliment one another.   Most people in recovery who follow the program of action outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous are in essence practicing yoga.  For example, Raja Yoga (Science of Physical and Mental Control) the Eight Limbs’, Yamas (universal morality) and Niyamas (personal observances) can be compared to the Big Book’s program of action Step 10, which suggests a daily inventory of one’s behavior, thoughts and actions and when wrong to promptly take corrective action thereby cultivating honesty, truthfulness and the habit of being accountable of ones actions.    This is preceded by a vigorous moral inventory and “house cleaning” as directed in Steps 4 – 9 which suggests a thorough sex inventory and the clearing away of wreckage of the past by making amends where appropriate and becoming willing to have God remove their defects of character.  These principles are to be practiced in all affairs in the pursuit of a path of spiritual progress to bring the persons awareness of self to a deeper level.

Karma Yoga (path of selfless service) can be compared to Step 12 which suggests daily service work and acts of kindness.  This step brings awareness to how much we seek comfort for ourselves, and how we must begin to “get out of self” and help others freely, becoming part of our communities and providing service work where needed.  This step cultivates the sense of “universal responsibility” necessary to experience inner peace. Bhakti Yoga (path of devotion) can be compared to Step 3 which suggests making a decision of turning our life and our will over to the care of a God of our understanding, and Step 11 which suggests daily prayer and meditation.  These practices help to develop a relationship and dependency on a power greater than ourselves.  The idea is to develop God Consciousness at all times thereby attributing all aspects of life to God while minimizing our reliance on our egos.  It also leads the person to give up the idea that they are the “doer”.  Jnana Yoga (Yoga of Knowledge or Wisdom) can be compared to the Big Books suggestion to continue on a path of Spiritual Progress not perfection and their principle of “to thine own self be true”.  This entails choosing authenticity as a daily practice, being truthful with oneself in order to be truthful with others, setting boundaries, acting with compassion and working towards self-realization.  Satsanga (company of the wise) can be compared to the fellowship and meetings, where we come together to learn how to share our experience, strength and hope for the benefit of others.   The Guru (dispeller of darkness) is our sponsor, one who assists newcomers to recovery in understanding the program of action.  This instills the sense of compassion and responsibility for caring for the wellbeing of others, again working towards the sense of “universal responsibility”.  We are to practice these principles in all our affairs, in essence to live Yoga!

If we can make this connection for people in recovery programs, and encourage them to add Asana (practice of postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Savasana (proper relaxation), Proper Diet (vegetarian), Pratyahara (practice of removal of the senses), and Dharana (concentration), they will eventually reach Samadhi (super conscious state) and it will help them conquer their disease.

Yogic philosophy states that disease is due to Spiritual Ignorance and the program of recovery attributes disease to a Spiritual Malady. I believe the secret to calming a drunken monkey mind and harnessing the energy of restlessness, irritability and discontentment into constructive channels is by developing a continuous practice in the path of prayer, meditation and yoga.   It will bring calmness and tranquility to prepare the mind for absolute unqualified self-surrender to God.

Who your favorite yoga teacher is and how did they inspire you?

I went to a Yoga of Recovery certification course at the Sivananda Ashram in the Catskills, NY in July 2011 and met the instructor Durga Leela for the first time.   I was immediately inspired by her vision and desire to help those in recovery.  She saw a connection and a need and filled the gap by creating Yoga of Recovery (YoR).  I knew she was onto something quite special when I first read the flyer for the certificate course.  I remembered how I felt when I began taking Yoga classes three years ago and how it had helped to deepen my prayer and meditation practice.  Adding asana to my daily practice opened a doorway, a portal, and very much like Alice in Wonderland, it seemed as if I was in a strange place that seemed oddly familiar.  I had previous experience with yoga asana and pranayama, but wanted to go deeper and I’m glad I did.  Three years later all of this was galvanized when I found Durga’s information about Yoga and Recovery; a good example of the expression “the teacher will appear when the student is ready”!  After completing a 100 hour certification with Durga, I was ready to carry this message to those in need.  I will be taking my first teacher training at the Sivananda Vedanta Center in February 2012.

Why do you want to take a yoga teacher training with the school you have chosen?

I chose Sadhana Yoga Chi with Doug Swenson for many reasons.  Doug is a master yogi with over 40 years of experience, teaching Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Power and Restorative Yoga.  At a very young age Doug taught his 13 year old brother Dave yoga.  He opened the door for his younger brother who is now a world renowned Ashtanga teacher.   It would be an honor to learn yoga from someone with so much knowledge and passion and is a great example of what it means to live yoga.  Also, Doug offers a 500 hour TTC, has training available in May 2012 and is easily accessible in sunny California.

How do you plan to make an impact in the world as a yoga teacher?

In the recovery community word travels fast and is easily spread.  One of their motto’s is that recovery is a “we” program and at the core it is “Unity, Service, Recovery”.  Although anonymous, they really know one another and treat each other as long time friends even after just one meeting.  They extend a helping hand and are not afraid to welcome others with a big hug.  After completing my 100 hour YoR certification, I presented a Yoga of Recovery workshop to a group of 23 women in recovery and was successful at making the connection for them.  Several of them came prepared with yoga mats even though my flyer said it was a workshop on the link between Yoga, Ayurveda and the 12 Steps.  They saw Yoga in the title and were prepared to take that next step.  In order to drive home the message, it would be beneficial to offer them asana, meditation and pranayama during the workshops and as an RYT, I would be able to do just that.  I would offer these workshops to all communities and respectful of all recovery paths; whether at treatment centers, halfway houses, 12 step meeting halls, recovery retreats, etc.  It would provide them with one more tool for their “recovery toolbox”.  I can only hope that I can make an impact on the world as a yoga teacher.  I find comfort in knowing that I can make an impact on my community, and the world is just one more step away.


2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Alicia Ortiz

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    Great article – please pass it on!!

  2. Emery says:

    way to go alicia! :) i hope you win girl

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  4. Leslie Griesmer says:

    Wonderful article! I really enjoyed it, especially learning about the connections between 12 step programs and yoga teachings.

  5. Mary says:

    Alicia Ortiz deserves to win the yoga teacher training. Her life experiences, compassion, devotion, intelligence and strength will enable her to be one of the best yoga teachers in the world of recovery!

  6. Lynda Ferrara says:

    I also completed the “Yoga of Recovery” course this past July with Alicia. She is a special soul who eminates Light and Love whereever she goes! Her willingness to be of service to this world is and will continue to be a priceless gift.

    Lynda Ferrara, RYT

  7. Krystin Hicks says:

    Alicia is one of the most beautiful people I’ve met in my spiritual path in the Yoga world and in the recovery world. Her writing is as articulate, honest, and beautiful as she is in real life. Hope she gets it!

  8. Pam Straeter says:

    Ms. Ortiz has captured the essence of inner peace in her essay. What a perfect connection for recovery of the body, soul and mind by bringing yoga and the spirit together for complete healing.

  9. roberto ortiz says:

    I think this essay was an amazing piece of writing and inspiring to me. You would be great example to other people who would like to learn and teach yoga. Because you have come so far and you give people interest and momentum to learn yoga.

  10. Angela Cali says:

    I loved Alicia Ortiz’ article, and think that she will be able to more fully share her knowledge and vision of peace and inner happiness with the yoga teacher training. I hope you offer this to her.
    Angela Cali

  11. Dan Beyfuss says:

    There is no one I can think of that is more qualified to assist in making people feel at peace with themselves in a non-judgmental and understanding way. Alicia accepts people for who (or what) they are, provided they aren’t malicious. And for the not-malicious, the good at heart, she is supportive, caring and kind.

  12. Sonia Decker says:

    Alicia has embodied and lives the deeper teachings and it is an absolute joy to be in her presence.

  13. Joan Junger says:

    It’s obvious that Alicia has learned by doing, which is the best way to become a fabulous teacher. The fact that she wants to give to others in a larger way demonstrates her commitment and desire to really change the world. In the time that I’ve known her, she clearly lives this truth and it’s a beautiful thing!

  14. Durga Leela says:

    A scholarship for Alicia’s yoga training will be such a high ROI for the whole community! So glad to hear Alicia is bringing Yoga of Recovery workshops to the local fellowship
    om shanti

  15. Amanda Cali says:

    Alicia is already a spiritual leader for so many people and her yoga practice is just one example of her discipline and giving to the world. I hope she recieves this opportunity, so she can expand her knowledge and share with others.

  16. Karen says:

    I’m voting for Alicia Ortiz. I’ve worked with her for several years and loved her presence right away. I feel she should be a yoga teacher because she shows in all areas peace, love/caring for all and the knowledge to help others find inner peace through yoga. She would be a great asset to this practice of spiritual inner peace.

  17. Mayra Biczak says:

    Alicia always had peaceful and positive advice for me here at work. I think she would be a bonderful Yoga teacher!!!

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    I have known Alicia since March 2006. She is the epitome of “How It Works”. She is truly an inspiration and role model to me. Choosing her for your program would be a testimony to your commitment to bring this peace and serenity to others suffering as we have.

  19. Beth Ripperger says:

    Fantastic article Alicia! You deserve this award. You put 150% into everything that you

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    Alicia.. you are an inspiration!!!! You never gave up and this is just another step toward your amazing journey…. Thank you for sharing your story.. I truly wish I had your strength… Win girl win!!!!

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    Why Alica would be a good teacher: First, I was impressed by her including the Quates of His Holiness Dalai Lama. I can understand how this profound statment can influnance one to consider Yoga as a way to “inner Peace”.
    Second, Alica expericenes the 12 Steps as a way to recovery. She belives in them, therefore, can teach and lead other who are in need of helpas she was.

  54. D.Tyler says:

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    • Alicia Ortiz says:

      As I am reading all these comments, I am getting tearful by all your kind thoughts and words! I am humbled and truly greatful. Much love and blessings, Alicia

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    All my best,

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    As a co-worker many years ago, I am so pleased that Alicia has found a new place in her life. It takes great strength to gaze into “the looking glass” and decipher what is the delusion in it’s reflection, acknowledge it, and thus search the core of who she is and find her truth. Many of us never reach that enlightenment. I have no doubt she will impart her experience to those of us who need to commence our own search. Good luck.

  266. Mary Noessler says:

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    Great job! Good Luck!

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    alicia ortiz shiningly comes through as a caring and special person. she clearly will be an exceptional asset as a yoga teacher and deserves to win.

  380. Charlene Blacer says:

    Good Luck!

  381. Debra says:

    You are an inspiration to us all!

  382. Victor Rosa says:

    Hi Alicia, like the article. It’s amazing how the universe can become one with an ever loving God. I’m impressed with your journey. Love you always. Victor

  383. daisy says:

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  384. nancy says:

    wish you the best alicea u deserve it i wish for you to win good luck

  385. Jewia Leckey says:

    Hey Alicia, your brilliant light shines through your works
    like always;great atricle from a areat Yoga Teacher in the
    making.Love Jewia

  386. Jorge says:

    Entiendes que atentar escapar el sufrimiento legitmo es la causa principal de enfermedades mentales y del Espiritu.
    Bien hecho, Alicia.

  387. Valerie says:

    Alicia, once again you honor me with the warmth and shine of your beautiful soul. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving.
    Love ya, Val

  388. Chuck says:

    Good Luck!

  389. Denise Kerins says:

    Alicia was the propeller for me to involve myself with yoga.She was helpful to me in my recovery in a way that she made me feel worthy and important. She gave me her hand in friendship. I was very terrified and she noted how much anxiety I had inside. She invited me to a yoga class which for me hurt very much.Since I am older, I decided to keep trying this thing.I found it relaxed me and made me more comfortable with myself and others. I really began to discover I was a nice person and worthy for people to love me. So Alicia introduced me to this and then the place closed, so I persued another yoga studio and it has now been a year and 6 months and am loving every minute of it. I can really relate that the yoga is synonymous with our recovery. The practices and principles relate to a journey where we work on ourselves and I rely greately on its serenity and peace it brings with the sense of well being in self. It has also made me ralize the role I take in the community whether large or small and how I relate in it. All this understanding all started with this one person just reaching out her hand in order to help me in recovery. My life is a testiment to what people like Alicia can do for others and how important the gift of reaching out is. She is a very kind and loving person and would make a great teacher. She has a kind of patience and peacefulness to her along with the brightest smile I have ever seen.

  390. karen says:

    Good Luck!

  391. Kathy says:

    Well done, Alicia. Good luck!

  392. Jackie Ryan says:

    Alicia is the one that inspired me to take yoga classes. Just her way of life and the peace that I see in her was a plus for me. I think that she would most definitely be an awesome yoga trainer. She is a definite loving, caring beautiful woman.

  393. Chris Brown says:

    Good luck !

  394. Kathy M says:

    A great message and a beautiful spirit!

  395. Dennis O'Connor says:

    The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and hie recreation, his love and his religion.
    He hardly knows which is which.
    He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.
    To him he is always doing both.

    Zen Buddhist text

  396. debbie says:

    hope u get what u desire your good at health and healing god bless u i hope u win

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  398. Rose Stanislawczyk says:

    Great article!!! Wish you the best

  399. G says:

    Alicia’s article is great. Best of luck.

  400. milena says:

    I love your article ,you are the best person to win.

  401. andrea says:

    wow-great mission! this diverse audience could really benefit from yoga. wishing the best of luck!

  402. Matthew Nienart says:

    Alicia, your essay and mission are truely inspirational! I can’t think of anyone more deserving to win and make a positive impact in our world then you. Godd luck!!

  403. Jean Miller says:

    Alicia’s serenity is a testiment to her being ready to embark on a career in teaching yoga. She will pass on her demeanor to all of her students.

  404. Robb says:

    good luck!

  405. Michele S. says:

    I felt a calmness that I never felt before during my yoga class with Alicia. Her voice was sweet and soft, and I had no problem using the correct arm and/or leg. She went around at times to make sure you were on or in the correct position. NAMASTE.

  406. Hazel says:


  407. Monica Jordan says:

    You deserve it :)

  408. Sally McGeehan says:

    Alicia is a beautiful soul and certainly is an inspiration and support to all. God bless you Alicia (I know He does).

  409. MC says:

    Great article Alicia. Good luck!

  410. Saundra Dunne says:

    Best of luck, Alicia. This sounds like a wonderful thing for you to do.

  411. Carol says:

    What a beautiful read, thanks, Alicia. Best of luck, you deserve to win!!

  412. cathy geier says:

    healthy and positive and well thought out.. good luck

  413. Taylor says:

    Good luck hope you win!!

  414. George Yorke says:

    Alicia has brought out the wonderful point that Yoga and the 12 Step Program have a great many corrsponding points. Great essay!

  415. Gladys says:

    A very inspiring article. Lots of Luck.

  416. Michael Harriss says:

    Alice i loved your article it inspired me to join your
    class when you win , you are a wonderful person and will
    be an excellent teacher cannot wait to get into your class
    AT A TIME. I just loved the article so much i had to print
    and posted it at my job–thanks Alice.

    Michael G Harriss

  417. Denise says:

    Good Luck.

  418. Charles J Stecker Jr says:

    I’m a friend of your Sister Maria’s. The Healing Powers of Yoga are tremendous to Mind, Body and Soul. After reading your Essay I can see NO Reason why you shouldn’t be the Winner. Blessings to You.

  419. Michelle Temple Sandomenico says:

    I’m happy to see you on such a rich and rewarding path. Always hope for nothing but good things for you. Hope you win!

  420. Jodee says:

    Alicia inspired me and rather telepathically reminded me to get back into yoga for myself! Her class is so soothing, relaxing, calming. Such a great instructor!

  421. M.K.Soboleski says:

    When one honors the truth..they are a go girl

  422. Clayton Templar says:

    Very Good Alicia ! Revelational !

  423. cc says:

    hope you win!!

  424. Joanie says:

    Everything you do is wonderful, this included! Hope you win!

  425. Nora says:

    Great article, I can see you truly want this!! Good luck!

  426. Sunnymay says:

    Enlightening article about yoga training including Alicia Ortiz’s how to do it. In this age of stress and hurry, yoga is becoming more relevant along with alternative therapies, Native American Indian and Eastern practices. Exercise practice and mindfulness will take you on a journey where you’ll want to keep on board and on track using intention to propel forward and look ahead.

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