Yoga For Every Body

I want to become a yoga teacher because my own personal experience has been that yoga helped me to make changes in my life for the better. Since beginning to practice yoga I have learnt to let go of destructive habits and embrace healthy ones and take better care of myself and those around me.

Many people in the modern world are living with so much tension and aggression and I think that yoga can help slacken the stress that day to day life causes. I would love to share the wonderful benefits of yoga with as many different people as possible. I feel that yoga can be a doorway into positive change for everybody – regardless of their age, shape or background. I believe that yoga has the power to change the world one person at a time.

I am a big fan of a yoga teacher called Yogi Ashokananda. When I met him he had just arrived in London from India and was as overwhelmed by the madness of London as I was overwhelmed by the madness of India upon my first trip. His classes were tough and uncompromising but when he smiled, we all knew he didn’t really mean it. I will never forget his yoga catch phrase, said in heavily accented Indian English, “no violence to the physical body” and always have it in mind when I am struggling or straining my body in during yoga classes.

He once told me over tea that he wanted to help humanity with a dead seriousness in the eyes that was uncommon in my circle of ironic art student friends. I had never met anyone before with such a commitment to helping humanity. As an English person I grew up surrounded by sarcasm and a jokey distance from life and others. I learnt from Yogi Ashokananda to plug into my heart and connect with my genuine desire to work for the benefit of others and to speak it out without shyness or self-doubt.

I have chosen to study at the Rainbow Family and Community Yoga – 200 hour Teacher Training because I want to teach yoga in the community and make yoga available to as many different people as possible regardless of their age, shape, size or physical ability. I live in an area with lots of social deprivation and there are many people here who would never think of doing yoga or have access to it. Studying at this school would give me the knowledge and expertise to teach yoga to children who otherwise may never have a chance to do it.

I hope that my impact upon the world through yoga will be by empowering individuals to delve deeply into themselves so that they can speak, act and create from their own basic goodness. Encouraging them to “become the change they want to see in the world”*. I feel that yoga can enable individuals to choose their own path and take their place on this earth making their own impact upon the world from a yoga opened heart.

*Mahatma Gandhi Ji.


2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Kaye Martindale

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  1. camila valenzuela says:

    I love the passion that u have for yoga and I hope u can tranlate it to the community as u want. I have similar feelings about yoga. It’s very helpful for self understanding and keeping peace with oneself. Luck

  2. kaye says:

    well done me!

  3. Marj says:

    Very nice, good luck.
    a hug

  4. mark owens says:

    Nice video kaye and I like the dog
    much love

  5. VickyWalker says:

    Kaye for winning….i love your natural smiley video, gorgeous. You look so beautiful xxxxx

  6. gill atkinson says:

    Kaye has such a wonderful calming persona. She has a really positive outlook on life. I’ve been to her yoga classes and come away feeling calm, relaxed and my spirit has been uplifted. She would be the perfect person to teach children and people from all walks of life. She does not judge and is selfless in her aim to make this world a better place. Gillxx

  7. Sam Eastwood says:

    What a lovely piece of writing, the passion you have for the subject shines through. Keep up the good work. One day I do hope to attend one of your classes. Good luck.

  8. Samantha Martindale says:

    well done Kaye for this truly inspiring piece of writing and the passion you have for yoga. wishing you all the luck in the world with it. x

  9. leanne says:

    lovely video kaye – very pared down and natural. x

  10. Amira Chamy Paillaman says:

    Kaye lives such a wonderful process as she is gaining years that, I am sure she will be able to share this tuned balance through her yoga teaching.

  11. Emanuel says:

    Kaye, you are a great yoga teacher already, and I love what you have written above. It expresses your innate character and how you do what you do already in life, and as a yoga teacher.

    The yoga we did in India was memorable and valuable.

    Keep up the great work of your heart.

    Loving light. xx

  12. Craig O'Reilly says:

    Well done Kaye and good luck. I have just taken up yoga myself as my body felt like it was seizing up the older I was getting and I have noticed a massive difference. Great video. Now I know anyone can do yoga anywhere and in any type of clothes, I will try it with wellies on next time!

  13. Tara Amrita says:

    So beautiful Kaye…keep shining your yogic light on all!

  14. christina says:


  15. Oliver Sullivan says:

    Good luck Kaye, you’ll be great x.

  16. Fausto says:

    Great will Kaye!!

    Yoga and nature environments fit together smoothly. What I can´t take so easily are wellies and outdoor gear?

    It´s just my own prejudice, you are doing well working on things you love.

    Hope you got a bit of luck with your things!!

    Take care

  17. Paul Read says:

    I met Kaye quite a few years ago now in Thailand as I was unloading my stuff out of the taxi from the airport. Ended up traveling with her for some time…her kindness stood out a mile (hobbling around with her ankle in plaster). Good luck Kaye, I know you’re amazing at this x

  18. Marie Mastracci says:

    God Bless!

  19. katie says:

    kaye, you are such a shiny and wonderful lady.
    good luck

  20. Azzam says:

    That was brilliant! All the best kaye!

  21. rachel says:

    nice video kaye. good luck ^.^

  22. David and Daniela says:

    We met Kaye almost 3 years ago in India, she was teaching us yoga private classes :-) we were absolutly beginners and Kaye was really great, we loved her positive charism and her stunning enthusiasm! Good luck Kaye, we`re thinking about u:-)

  23. Kate Robinson says:

    This is so inspiring, well done for taking steps to make a dream a reality! I try to live by the Gandhi quote too- keep going and good luck.

  24. Sharon K. & Ronny L. says:

    Dear Kay,
    I wish you were here and we could all learn Yoga from you. You are wonderful in everything you do.

    Sharon & Ronny

  25. Adrienne Hamm says:

    Beautiful video Kaye, really cute 😉

  26. Ross Scott-Buccleuch says:

    Go Kaye! Go Yoga! Good luck with this!

  27. Stephanie Wild says:

    i love the video! yoga in wellie boots! 😀
    i once had the chance to have one-on-one yoga training with kaye and found her to be a patient, caring and super enthusiastic teacher! go kaye!

  28. mike dee says:

    great vid kaye, best of luck xxx

  29. BEA TINSLEY says:

    Well done Kaye, loved the vidio. Good luck, an best wishes. x

  30. Elizabeth Helen Howcroft says:

    Kaye, you are an inspiration. I love your yoga classes.

  31. Mercedes says:

    Kaye, lo que has escrito es precioso. Te deseo toda la suerte del mundo y te mando toda mi energía. Me alegro mucho de que hayas tomado esta decisión, estoy segura de que además ayudarás a muchas personas. El bosque del vídeo también es precioso 😉 Besos y espero ir algún día a una de tus clases de yoga. :)

  32. carol mclean says:

    Kaye Martindale – bringing culture and spirituality to Westhoughton. Well done, Kaye

  33. Jo C says:

    Beautifully written. Kaye is one of the only people in the world who managed to persuade me to do yoga! We practiced in the park in the centre of Barcelona in the morning sun and it was inspiring. Go Kaye!

  34. philip says:

    thats proper ace!! and loverly

  35. Ovidio Manteiga says:

    Kaye taught me some English in Cambridge a few years ago. I remember those classes with her as very good moments. Despite they weren’t yoga classes, Kaye used to create a peaceful, pleasant and funny atmosphere where we felt comfortable to share some stories while we practiced English. I think she will be an excellent yoga teacher. Thank you, Kaye. Best wishes, Ovidio.

  36. Carol says:

    Good luck & Besy Wishes

  37. Meredith says:

    What an inspiring piece of writing, I wish I had the chance to be part of your yoga class! Much love x

  38. Sonja Divo says:

    You are going for this with a bright and full open heart, i wish you a lot of luck and GO GIRL GO! i am so happy you have chosen this way!and fantastic essay! enjoyed reading it! with love x S

  39. Chris Baldock says:

    This is a really good idea. Underprivileged areas, like many in Manchester where I grew up, can suffer due to people being understandably frustrated with their circumstances. If done well, this could make in impact in many people’s lives, and not just those practicing yoga.

  40. Kate Moore says:

    I was lucky enough to experience yoga with Kaye when she was in Barcelona, and although she’s not here anymore, I’m still practising yoga!! Good luck Kaye and lots of love xxx

  41. stevie weenie says:

    “no violence to the physical body” –> that’s a great thing to remember, thank you for passing it on. See? you just taught somebody something useful about yoga already!!

    I just got up from stretching on the floor. great start to the day. now I’m eating a pear.

    -stevie weenie

  42. Jay says:

    Nice moves Kaye :-) hope you’re well.

  43. lee says:

    love the video ! look hard to do it with boots .. i never did yoga with kaye (because i live in Israel) but i herd lots of good thing about your teaching!
    good luck :)

  44. Trevor says:

    very true, well done x

  45. Elaine Kerr says:

    I really hope you get the opportunity to do something you clearly feel so passionate about. Good luck! xx

  46. Stella says:

    Good luck Kaye loved the video.

  47. Ana says:

    I hope you can help others to connect with themselves in the same way you’ve done.
    I wish you all the best.

  48. Giorgio says:

    Go Kaye! I’ll be your pupil :-)

  49. Alfredo says:

    What a wonderful video!
    I wish you good luck!

  50. Catherine says:

    I had one hour of Yoga with Kaye, and it was so good that I’ve been doing Yoga ever since! Good Luck!

  51. Ian says:

    i do yoga every day since kaye showed me the light. she the bestest

  52. Brett says:

    Go Kaye Go!

    Spread your kind light all over the place. You deserve to win!

  53. Paula says:

    good luck Kaye! 😀

  54. jane robinson says:

    I have known Kaye for quite a few years as she is a good friend of my daughter with whom she went to Indonesia with 10 yra ago approx. She is a lovely, calm and kind person and would be the perfect person to teach other people the benefits of yoga. I wish her the very best of luck in all that she does now and in the future. Good luck Kaye!! XXX

  55. Chris O'Reilly says:

    Good Look

  56. Helen Croke says:

    Good luck with this kaye !! :)) if anyone deserves to win this its you! Kaye is a fantastic yoga teacher !! Xxx

  57. Aamna says:

    Kaye is the most caring and considerate person i have ever met!!!! I have seen her passion for yoga and i know how much she wants to help everyone through it, getting this course will be the best thing for kaye and the trainers will be lucky to have such a gem as their student and later kaye’s students will be the luckiest to stay healthy and fresh under the learning of such a person. BEST OF LUCK KAYEEE!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! MUCH LOVE <3

  58. Jackie Heighway says:

    Having known Kaye for a while i have found her to be a very dedicated person to what ever tasks she takes on. She lives for Yoga and i honestly hope that she can achieve this course and i know that she will prove her worthiness to everyone. Good luck Kaye i,m rooting for you xxx

  59. Joseph alford says:

    Good luck, kaye. Not that you’ve ever needed luck. X

  60. sana khan says:

    its AWESOME =D

  61. Gooders says:

    Well done Kaye! Great stuff.

  62. Janet Martindale says:

    Kaye deserves to win!!!!

  63. Kerenor says:

    Let beautiful Kaye share the love in her heart with the world!

  64. Kimberly Janssens says:

    I hope my cousin Kaye wins. . .good luck from the United States!

  65. cretakano says:

    it’s yours, it’s yours! best x

  66. Adam Wensor says:

    Hi Kaye! Love your form :) After not seeing you for so many years, it brings a smile to my face reading about where your life road has taken you. Keep it up and keep shining :) Adam

  67. Steve Riley says:

    I wish yo every success in this venture.

  68. cheryl round says:

    good luck kaye!!!

  69. Loopy Lou says:

    Kaye has worked wonders with my girls at school..I could not think if a more worthy recipitent! Go Kaye!! :) X

  70. Jen Riley says:

    I can’t think of a more passionate, kind natured person to do this than yourself Kaye. I hope the opportunity comes your way, its should!

  71. bushra says:

    Good Luck to you Kaye :-) lots of love !

  72. Maria says:

    Kaye is a wonderful yoga instructor. She’s warm, attentive and very helpful. Hope you get it Kaye!

  73. Fernando Florit says:

    A Yoga teacher should be a bridge of connection between oneself and the universe. I’ve met few people with your conditions, with your emotional structure to be this bridge. Best!!!

  74. Sara hughes says:

    Good luck lady! Beautiful article! Hopefully will be able to experience one of your classes soon xxx

  75. Andrea says:

    You are an inspiring yoga-teacher!!! Mach weiter so!! Wish you all the best, big hug from Germany

  76. Ian Calloway says:

    Good luck, Kaye!

  77. Lucy Baird says:

    I met Kaye in Barcelona and trained with her in the park and on a lovely roof garden, then I saw her after a few years when she had delved deeply into yoga and I was touched with how incredipble and heartfelt her teaching had become.. I love you Kaye!

  78. Christine Martindale says:

    If anyone deserves this scholarship then look no further than my niece Kaye Martindale. She is a beautiful, warmhearted, peacefull and inspirational young lady and would be a credit to your organisation. Good luck in your application Kaye. Aunty Christine

  79. debbie hardy says:

    I hope you win Kaye, when I joined your class I didnt know what to expect, but your lovely relaxed way makes me feel lucky to have found you.

  80. Emma Rimmer says:

    Fantastic article written from the heart good luck
    Fingers crossed

  81. Greg Bowers says:

    Kaye all the way, haha. What a beautiful article. I can confidently say that Kaye epitomized the articles sentiments when she was my yoga instructor. I have yet to find another instructor that matches

  82. danny says:

    Kaye rocks and would be an awesome Yoga teacher!!!

  83. Geoff says:

    What a lovely sentiment, you encourage others to find their own great qualities. Kaye is the embodiment of yoga functioning as a tool to bring community together.

  84. Toby says:

    All the best from Toby and Becky – we really liked the insight you gave us into Yoga back in 2008 and we believe you will do an amazing job!

  85. Karen Hon says:

    You obviously show a great love and passion for Yoga and would make and excellent Yoga teacher! Good luck!

  86. Samantha says:

    Kaye would be a great Yoga teacher! You go girl!!!

  87. Jennifer Sparks says:

    I know just what Kaye means in being moved beyond ironic art student mindset-ism, having been one myself! (and still struggle sometimes :)
    I reckon Kaye’s always had this in her anyway and I believe she would be a great teacher, which is a big job in the case of yoga…one she is big enough to embrace. I really admire her compassion for this wonky culture and I imagine her facing it all with a smile. Enjoyed reading this essay and well, to put it shortly how I feel about Kaye’s mission – YES!

  88. Chrissy Crowther says:

    Great article so inspiring Kaye I actually fancy taking up yoga myself now never thought much about it before. I wish you all the luck in the world, with your passion your sure to succeed.

  89. Mark says:

    Great video and workout super, check this out

  90. Colleen says:

    I hope you get this, you deserve it and have such a positive attitude. Good luck

  91. Katie Hazard says:

    yay, go kaye! i remember how much you enjoyed doing yoga on the roof at deer park… i just returned from a yoga retreat (at kripaul, in the US) ~ hopefully some day our paths will cross again & i can take a class with you :)

  92. Maddi Aldir says:

    ‎Kaye Martindale your reasons for wanting to do this course are inspirational. I know you´ll be an amazing teacher with all your patience, calm and passion. lots of love xxx

  93. Emma says:

    Love the focus on community – best of luck!

  94. Lorna says:

    Kaye! I really hope you get a chance to do this course! Keep your wings open and your vision wide!

  95. barbara says:


  96. Szilv says:

    …yoga has helped me, has helped you Kaye and with your help my lovely “little” lady, lots of people will benefit from it! Get into this course and make our world even better. Lots of love and best of luck!!

  97. Wendy Jones says:

    Kaye is a kind, compassionate and friendly person. She lives her yoga and has the ability to teach others from all walks of life. I enjoyed watching Kaye’s video – a beautiful down to earth approach showing us that yoga can be practiced wherever you are whatever you are dressed in! Best wishes Wendy

  98. gavriel says:

    Kaye is one of the sweetest, strongest and most humble humans I know her light most truly shines forth when she’s teaching yoga!

  99. Michelle says:

    Good luck hun xxxxx

  100. Seamus says:

    I love your video and most of all your enthusiasm. It’s a shame Keira doesn’t take yoga seriously, I am sure it would make her a happier more relaxed dog…:)


  101. matias says:

    congratulations (felicitaciones)!

  102. Maija says:

    Good luck Kaye!!!!!

  103. Maya says:

    All the best Kaye, I do hope you can study at this school and send you lots of light and energy for it .
    It is inspiring to see how committed and passionate you are about passing and teaching Yoga to others, specially the youngest ones with no access to it.
    Beautiful piece of writing. Loved the video too. Thank you.
    Big hugs!

  104. dawn heaps says:

    good luck x

  105. Jean Bannister says:

    Good luck Kaye. Love Grandma.

  106. Felipe De Ruyt Jara says:

    Very nice and so inspiring. Thank you!

  107. Kath Hill says:

    Good luck Kaye, hope you win, got everything crossed for you!!!!
    You are truly inspiring as a yoga teacher xxxx

  108. Jill says:

    You have the passion and the temperament to make the perfect yoga teacher. Good luck.

  109. Mairi says:

    Best of luck Kaye

  110. Elizabeth Helen Howcroft says:

    Great work Kaye keep it going.

  111. Ollie says:

    Good luck xxx

  112. Granny Gregs says:

    I love the video! Even when I am in my 70’s I will still want to do Yoga with you, you are an inspiration to us all. Good luck I hope you win, you deserve it. xxx

  113. Kathy Rudd says:

    Good luck Kaye, you deserve this oppourtunity as you have a wonderful calming persona with a great understanding and patience.

  114. nicola redden says:

    Good luck Kaye! You so deserve this x

  115. deb mason says:

    Well done and good luck :)

  116. Nicola Martindale says:

    good luck Kaye :) xxx

  117. claire holden says:

    Well done n good Luck x

  118. marion says:

    superb video kaye, wish you every success

  119. clifford says:

    new take on a walk in the park,hope you win, best of luck

  120. leanne says:

    kaye….you deserve it all and more!

    miss you


  121. Caitlin Young says:

    Kaye, you are beautiful inside and out, let your light shine!

  122. Andrew says:

    You have all the things you need to be an inspirational teacher

  123. Mary Black says:

    Kaye, if you can change lifes the way you have described your life has been changed with yoga then that would be wonderful, everyone can benefit from being stress free. Good Luck

  124. Sarah says:

    I really do hope you win this, Kaye! :)

  125. Anne Caughey says:

    Good luck Kaye! You are the most sincere and calm person I have met and a wonderful Yoga teacher.

  126. sammy says:

    hope you win, you deserve it!

  127. Helen R says:

    Looks good! Good Luck! x

  128. Gill Andrew says:

    Good luck, hope you achieve your goal.

  129. marissa says:

    I vote for Kaye!! (Friend of Lucia Rose)

  130. Emma says:

    I really like the video Kaye…i hope you win! xx

  131. Suzie says:

    Hi Kaye, what a great project, I wish you all the success in the world!
    Love from Suzie (Emma Robinson’s sister….if you remember?)

  132. Nicola morton says:

    I hope you win! Good luck

  133. Les says:

    Good Luck.

  134. David says:

    Good luck. I hope you win.

  135. Balu says:

    U did really great job..!!
    i wish u to get win. good luck..Kaye!!

  136. Debbie Hodgkiss says:

    You’re doing a great job with my girls. Thank you so much. Love Debbie.

  137. katie lamb says:

    I think yoga is a lovely way of practising to be peaceful.

  138. steven says:

    Hi Kaye. Best of luck.

  139. claire says:

    I’ve seen Kaye with the children at work and she’s brilliant. I vote for Kaye!!!

  140. olivia says:

    I hope you win – then we can do a sports exchange.

  141. Amit says:

    Dear Kaye, im sure if you got this opportunity, it will benefit the community around you. Wish you all the very best. Love.

  142. Terence says:

    Nice page and vid!

  143. carole says:

    Dear Kaye. I wish you the best of luck.

  144. nicola says:

    your a lovely girl. you deserve to win.

  145. Kirsty says:

    We vote for you.

  146. owen says:

    Much luck to you. A hug Owen.

  147. brian says:

    Good luck from Debbies husband.

  148. louise says:

    I wish i could do yoga with you.

  149. Helen says:

    very lovely video – just like you

  150. Peter says:

    We hope you get to teach our year 10 students. Peter.

  151. Dan says:

    Good Luck Kaye.

  152. Paul says:

    I think it’s great that you’re teaching yoga at school. It’s a good option for those who aren’t motivated in PE.

  153. Joanne unsworth says:

    An amazing person who teaches with passion and inspires others. Good luck x

  154. Rebecca says:

    buena suerte guapa!

  155. Alan Ball says:

    All the best with this project and good luck.

  156. Elaine says:

    Good luck Kaye you certainly are patient and understanding when trying to teach unlikely body shapes to get into postions they never thought posssible.

  157. Sharon says:

    Good Luck!!!

  158. Tim says:

    Good luck hope you get it! :-) x

  159. marianne carr says:

    Good Luck!!! :)

  160. martin says:

    Good Luck Kaye !!

  161. Chus says:

    An inspiration of a person, down to earth and amazing positive energy, if some one deserves this is you. All the best.

  162. Jean says:

    Such a deserving person good luck in all you do.

  163. Hayley says:

    Kaye is brill! Good luck 😉

  164. Robert Levey says:

    I’ve known Kay all her life. She’s a cracker and not just at Christmas!

  165. Ruth says:

    What a lovely girl! A delight at all times and very flexible!

  166. jackie murphy says:

    an inspiring colleague…works so hard with our challenging children in school.she makes a difference…and can do so much more given the chance.good luck and positive thoughts.

  167. Dawn Love says:

    Good Luck! An inspiration!

  168. Angela Wilkinson says:

    Good Luck!

  169. Debra Skeer says:

    My daughter has had 5 sessions and is absolutely loving yoga with Kaye. She tells me she has learned to relax and is so keen that she has asked for a tape of Kaye so that she can do more at home!

  170. victoria hargreaves says:

    Good luck!

  171. Emily Booth says:

    Well Done Kaye! Good Luck

  172. Taylor croke says:

    Well done Kaye:) fantastic stuff!

  173. Taylor croke says:

    Well done Kaye , super stuff

  174. Chris Goodwin says:

    Kaye is an inspirational and passionate Yoga teacher and our pupils benefit greatly from her time and hard work with them.

  175. tooba says:

    kaye is the best yoga teacher <3

  176. Sundas says:

    kaye is brilliant! an amazing yoga teacher.

  177. maryam says:

    Kaye is the best yoga teacher … <3

  178. Karen says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting and being taught by Kaye in India. I was so impressed by how heartfelt and attentive her teaching was, as well as her desire for it to be a happy and beneficial experience for everyone, no matter what they’re ability. She was also friendly and inspiring to talk to. She would be an amazing addition to any taeching programme.
    Goodluck Kaye.. You deserve it! xxx

  179. Louisa says:

    Good Luck Kaye x

  180. leanne says:

    fingers crossed kaye

  181. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for all your help with year 7.

  182. clare griffiths says:

    fantastic sessions, great teacher!! Thank you so much :)

  183. clare griffiths says:

    thank you so much, really enjoy these sessions! Fantastic

  184. kathryn atkinson says:

    The kids are loving this! Good luck!

  185. paul atkinson says:

    All the best Kaye

  186. paul atkinson says:

    All the best

  187. kath says:

    Wishing you all the luck in the world Kaye!

  188. Laura says:

    I have seen Kaye work wonders with some of our troublesome boys! Good luck x

  189. Wendy says:

    Good luck Kaye! You have done some amazing work with our pupils, thank you.

  190. Jay says:

    Good luck Kaye!

  191. William says:

    All the best Kaye x

  192. Michael says:

    Hope it all goes well Kaye x

  193. Allan says:

    All the best – good luck!

  194. Alistair dela Hoyde says:

    Pupils seem to really enjoy their yoga classes.

  195. Liz Rothwell says:

    The kids love going to Kaye’s yoga class and I would love to if I was free at the time!

  196. Elizabeth Rothwell says:

    I love going to Kaye’s yoga class in my free period.

  197. Laura Eaves says:

    A fantastic teacher and a fab person. Great to get along with and is always smiling.

  198. Dawn says:

    such a calm lady – good luck.

  199. Jacqueline says:

    Best of luck to you
    in all that you do

  200. carla says:

    Good luck Kaye!

  201. Robyn says:

    good luck kaye <3

  202. Derek says:

    good luck

  203. winnie says:

    Good Luck Kaye Wish You The Best x

  204. wilson says:

    good luck

  205. wilson says:

    good luck and hope u win

  206. Gopala Amir Yaffa says:

    Awesome! Good Luck Kaye! You deserve to win!

  207. Anne says:

    Good Luck :)

  208. jav patel says:

    wow excellent, impressive good luck and well done once again.

  209. Jean Balderstone says:

    Good luck Kaye

  210. David Chesney says:

    Hope it goes for you Kaye

  211. Keith Duxbury says:

    Rooting for you Kaye

  212. Naf asmal says:

    Good luck. Hope u win, u deserve it.

  213. Joe Tuckett says:

    Good luck hope you get it Kaye

  214. Alex Morrison says:

    Best wishes Kaye.
    You are a brilliant yoga teacher and deserve this scholarship!
    See you soon,

  215. Geoff says:

    Good luck sweety. You will always be my teacher!

  216. Fariha says:

    Go for it!

  217. Chloe turner says:

    All the best!

  218. Kristiaan says:

    All the best

  219. james gurr says:

    awsome. go get em

  220. Dora says:

    good luck!

  221. John Mandy says:

    Hey – great video!

    Never tried yoga but always wanted to!

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