When Knowing Is Enough

Two years ago I moved from North Miami to a northern city which although I’m beginning to enjoy more every day, I must admit was not my favorite city in South Florida when I first moved. I moved in to be closer to by boyfriend who lovingly reminds me to be grateful for everything I have. So, everyday, I practiced gratitude and gently shifted my focus from “eh, it’s soooo boring here” to “huh, there’s a really cool vibe here”. I must confess, one of the reasons I’ve grown to like it more is that the Shala is within walking distance. I’ve been to several yoga studio’s and schools in the area, and somehow
Anuttara Yoga Shala has given me something different. Something delicate, and gentle that was new for me.

When I first received the information for this scholarship, it arrived in the form of newsletter from the shala where I recently began attending and practicing my yoga again. It was only about 8-9 months ago that I found the Shala and that was by “accident”. My sister who was staying with us for a short while- found the school and although I had seen it a few times driving home, she inspired me to visit and I am abundantly grateful I did. I have always had an interest in studying the practice of yoga but found it challenging to do on my own. The meditation, the quietness, the softness of just stillness- was TOO much for Me. Not ME, I can’t be STILL, I can’t be Quiet!!! I have TOOO Much TO DO. And then I did Raja, WoW!!! 1 hour of stillness and breathwork. WoW!!! I couldn’t believe how I enjoyed it, and how much I needed that class.

It was Amazing, energizing and cleansing. Everytime I do yoga now, I feel like someone takes a Brush and cleans my insides. Literally scrubs me from the inside out. Whether it’s fast movement or slow movement- it’s transformed me and reminded me to bring that same peace and flow into my daily life.  I don’t do it as often as I’d love to, but hence that’s where this hopeful scholarship comes in:)

From the 1st time I did yoga, at the gym in Maryland over 15 years ago, I’ve known there is something special about it, and something special happens to me when I practice yoga. That teacher at the gym I must say was my favorite, 1) because she introduced me to it, 2) because she taught me it’s not about where I do it, it’s about just doing it. Over the years I’ve chosen to stay connected with Yoga focused institutions for my practice since it keeps me more fluid, patient, and deliberate with my environment; but really it can be done anywhere. That teacher inspired me to get better with each session and taught me that as busy as we are, we can always make time for ourselves- in fact, we need to in order to give more to others. When I feel whole and complete with source- I can be that for others and help them be that too. It’s like the ocean, the waves work together, not separately. I might not know all the poses- in fact I only know a few, but that doesn’t matter. Everything, well almost everything can be taught. What matters is that Yoga helps me be cleaner, wholer, peaceful and pure in this sometimes seemingly unclean world. Really the world is clean- it’s we who are not. If we can each continue to find and be those things that make us feel good as individuals- then we can live good together for each other.  My goal is that thru the teaching and care I receive thru Anuttara Yoga Shala, I can learn more about the basics and traditions, as well as the principles of yoga and share that with others. I’m excited to study with Anuttara Shala because not only did they introduce me to this program, they introduced me to my city and a whole new side of my world- physical, and spiritual.

Just like it’s name, the Annuttara Yoga Shala that means “Supreme Yoga” and in life that’s the real lesson I believe, to be in Supreme Alignment with ourselves. The practice I experience is Self-Transformational, and as I continue to nurture myself and grow, I know I will continue to share light with others and help them transform as well. I might not have all the tools today to be a world-renowned teacher, but luckily I don’t need to be just yet. When the time is right- the universe will make that happen. In the meantime, I can better my practice and teach locally as a member of the city I live in, and the community I am part of. I look forward to sharing light with those around me not just as a teacher, but as a student too! Thank you for this gracious opportunity and I appreciate the consideration. May the votes begin:)

yoga essay

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Regena Ozeryansky

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  1. Sherri Frost says:

    Regina, you will be an amazing yoga teacher. Good luck!

  2. Esther says:

    I believe you are wonderful and I think you should win!

  3. Samantha says:

    Regena, I really enjoyed reading your essay and perspective on how yoga makes you feel. I have done yoga on and off for years and whenever I go back to it, I always feel so much better mentally and physically! I hope my comment gets you closer to your goal.

  4. elazar lebellot says:

    You get my vote! my mom was a Yoga instructor and I was born at home with a mid-wife and a yoga teacher! You will be an amazing instructor and good luck!

  5. Esther says:

    You’ve got my vote!

  6. David Ladin says:

    great story, best wishes, you deserve it

  7. LovaLova69 says:

    Great video very inspiring..hope you win.!

  8. Bob says:

    Wish you the best Regena. You deserve it.


  9. Nancy says:

    Good luck Regena! I hope you win! :-)

  10. Sandy says:

    Regina, You will make an awesome yoga teacher. I would take your class in a heartbeat. I hope you win the scholarship! -Sandy

  11. Lisanne says:

    Good luck, Regina dear! You are an amazing woman and deserve your heart’s desire in this endeavor; you’ve so much goodness to share with others!

  12. Alena says:

    Good Luck, Regena! I enjoyed reading your article and I think you will make a great teacher! I also would like to do yoga as well. :)

  13. Juzeklia says:

    Wow!!! You go girl- make it happen. I know you will be a wonderful yoga instructor.

  14. David Niyazov says:

    great video good luck

  15. LovaLova69 says:

    You look so good on that video…OMG..I can’t stop watching it..

  16. Marineida says:

    Regena great video…we are all here praying to your victory.!!

  17. Jucilmar says:

    I would love to be one of your students..you look so peaceful..good luck.!

  18. 2011Ninja1000 says:

    Regena you are the chose one..don’t worry you will get it easy..the video rocks.!! you have what it takes..

  19. DeerfieldBoy says:

    Good Luck my friend keep going.!!

  20. Sanja says:

    You can do it!!! So proud of you…

  21. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait to take 1 of your classes….ooossssaaaa

  22. MrRepsol says:

    Reg i have done yoga with so many different teaches..and looking forward to have you as a mentor..and teach me all those especial Russian movements..!!

  23. Bonnie says:

    I can’t wait to hear the good news- I see you teaching all over the country

  24. JenT says:

    great video Reg, you sound great

  25. Lionel says:

    Great essay- sincere

  26. Hank says:

    Wow!!! Good stuff

  27. Jim says:

    very nice girl! keep it going- you can do it

  28. Deanna says:

    May the beauty of your deserved soul and authentic desire to inspire, lead, and shine blessed yogi light onto others, carry you through to the winning spotlight! You’re awesome! Best of luck sweets! 😉

  29. Beth says:

    Regena, I know you will be an amazing yoga teacher. I see it not only in your demeanor, in the way that you speak and explain things, but also in your desire to help others become the best that they can be.

  30. Tamara Chase says:

    I am do proud of you! Follow your dreams!

  31. So proud of you says:

    I can’t wait to hear the good news

  32. Elizabeth says:

    All the best, Regina! You’re a true inspiration!!

  33. Bonnie Dubrow says:

    I met Regina on a women’s retreat and was impressed with her energy, her presence, her ability and willingness to connect. I am a certified yoga teacher (Amrit Yoga and beginners and advanced levels of Kripalu with almost 35 years teaching experience.) I am confident Regina would make a superb teacher and look forward to taking classes from her!

  34. Janet says:

    Follow your dreams! :)

  35. Mariah says:


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  37. MrRepsol says:

    Nice video.!

  38. Helvia says:

    I think you will be a great teacher..hope you win.!

  39. Chunda says:

    Beautiful I wish luck in your true dream. You will will be a great teacher.!

  40. Amanda Silva says:


  41. Alan says:

    Regena, you will be amazing teacher!!! You are great leaders

  42. Joey says:

    Best of luck!!! You will do great:)

  43. Emily says:

    Glad to see you doing what you love.

  44. Henrietta says:

    You go girl!

  45. Jenny says:

    Soo proud of you!

  46. Renee says:

    Can’t wait!!! you will be a terrific teacher

  47. Laurie says:

    The blessing of Yoga is a true gift. Enjoy every moment Reg

  48. Helena says:

    You are a beautiful spirit and will be a wonderful teacher!

  49. Jennifer says:

    Generous programs like these help the world- looking forward to hearing of your success:)

  50. Gisella says:

    Passion of development brought you here- keep going:) You are on the right track.

  51. fendi says:


  52. Jerold says:

    Regena, this is cool- go for it! Hope you win

  53. Kelly says:

    Love it!!!! go get it sister

  54. Bonnetta says:

    I like that you are doing what brings you joy! That’s great

  55. Jerry says:

    Regena, I remember we met in class a few years back- and thought she looks really calm, i like that…now i get it:)

  56. Yolanda says:

    I’m soooo excited for you!

  57. Ginger says:

    I know how it feels to want something so much & have it so close you can taste it…really proud of you!

  58. Larry says:

    regena, you will be great! happy to hear what your up to

  59. Dave says:

    You deserve to win!

  60. Hugh says:

    YoU WILL BE GREAT:) Happy to see you doing what you love

  61. Natalie says:

    Regena, you are awesome! :)

  62. Freddy says:

    reg, you will be terrific! i’m proud of you

  63. SherriB says:

    :) Can’t wait- you are already a winner!!!

  64. Genny says:

    Reg- you know everything you need to! You will be great:)

  65. Dean says:

    I think you will be a great teacher!:)

  66. Gladys says:

    I believe that Regina will be a great yogi she is an extraordinary person with a very positive look at life !!!!

  67. Leslie says:

    Regena,I know you will be an extraordinary teacher, you are already a great healer.

  68. Angel says:

    Great to see you soar:) You are growing sooo much as a person is beautiful to watch

  69. Hilda says:

    Beautiful way to begin your journey. I found yoga many years ago…love it! changed my life

  70. Gweneth says:

    i know you will be awesome!!! already are.

  71. Penny says:

    YEAH!!! FOllow your heart Reg- it’s the right path!

  72. Wendy says:

    Regena is terrific! I’m sure she will be a beautiful teacher & help many people

  73. Tiffany says:

    Wow! Reg, you are inspiring- who knew you had so much love:) You can’t bottle that up inside- must be shared with the world

  74. Penny says:

    Reg, you will be great!!! (1st message didn’t go thru- i think) hope you win

  75. Trevor says:

    Yoga is awesome…keep it up

  76. Rita says:

    Reggie, you will do great as a teacher…hope you win the scholarship

  77. Charlie K says:

    i think this is a great fit for you:) way to go…

  78. Yenny says:

    Wow, regena!!! This is really exciting:)

  79. HenryTesh says:

    Go Reggie Go!!!

  80. Alison says:

    I know you will be an Amazing yoga teacher. You inspire and help everyone around you.

  81. Javier Garcia says:

    Reggie!!! How awesome are you? :) This is cool

  82. Patrick Kline says:

    Hey Reg! Good Luck:)

  83. Tishia King says:

    Good Luck Regena!

  84. Sally J says:

    I’m excited for you Regena, you will do great!

  85. Maria lipts says:

    Great video Regina..good luck..!!!

  86. MJ Jean says:

    When did you get so spiritual? I’m happy for you:) Yogi on the mountain!

  87. Elliott says:

    Reggie!!!! wow, this rocks. I remember the day you shared with me your 1st day at the gym yoga- didn’t know it would go this far:)

  88. Robert Twider says:

    Regena, you will be terrific. follow your heart!

  89. BenK says:

    I like your video- you sincere and real.

  90. Kristine Richardson says:

    I know you will do great! You deserve this scholarship!!!

  91. Jeffrey Kane says:

    Yowzer! This is neat opportunity Reg- go for it!

  92. Helvio says:

    Good luck . . . . .I will be your student ! ! !

  93. janna says:

    Fantastic! I already see you as a gifted yoga teacher!

  94. BennyG says:

    Hey You!!! So great:)

  95. Linda Blaine says:

    Congrats !!! I see you as winner already

  96. Antoinette says:

    YEAH!!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!!

  97. Kline Tenny says:

    So neat Regena:) I hope you win

  98. Roger A says:

    Regena, this is really great for you! You’ll do well.

  99. Frederick Bottles says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!

  100. Kent says:

    I’m excited for you!!! Hope you win

  101. James Green says:

    you will win, i feel it:) 😉 i hope my feeling is right

  102. Yemila says:

    Yikes, this is real scholarship eh?

  103. Alice says:

    Good Luck Reg!

  104. Harold F says:

    Good Luck little girl! 😉

  105. Steve says:

    I know you will shine light on those you teach, you already do for us…thanks for being you!

  106. Albert says:

    I always wanted to be a yoga teacher- do it for me…

  107. Felipe says:

    aim for the sky!

  108. AndrewCentor says:

    Reggie! You are great already. good luck

  109. Angie B says:

    Halaluah!!! Let the girl teach already.

  110. Hector says:

    Good Luck regena- you deserve this program- cool it is offered!

  111. Gigi Gasc says:

    Living in the present a true YOU!!!

  112. JackieTess says:

    Wow!!! Good luck Reg

  113. JackieTess says:

    Wow!!! Good luck Regina

  114. Taftra says:

    Regena, this is yours. Own it baby!

  115. Gregory says:

    200class is how it all starts!

  116. Yuri says:

    Dedication to your dreams

  117. Kim says:

    Finding your voice in yoga- how cool:)

  118. Tiffany says:

    Ready, set, go!!!

  119. Renzo says:

    Life is the adventure- have fun reg

  120. EricV says:

    Reggie, this is totally 4 you- tree hugger

  121. Veleria says:

    family of life- yoga

  122. Theodore says:

    Congrats honey- you won already in book

  123. Irene Hohn says:

    Regena, this is beautiful, I wish you great success in all you do.

  124. ThelmaKatz says:

    Passion is everything- teach with passion, you’ll do well

  125. ThelmaKatz says:

    Passion is everything- teach with passion good luck

  126. Hedrick Jones says:

    Regena, you will do well. Good luck with your scholarship- great essay

  127. Shaniah K says:

    OMG- your video is awesome! love it

  128. Fred P says:

    Yes, you rock Reg- show them who’s boss

  129. Antonia says:

    greetings beauty- good luck

  130. Latoya says:

    go girl- you can win you have it in you

  131. Craig Lions says:

    I say wrote 5 essays- :) good stuff

  132. Hilena says:

    regena, I saw you the day @ park- was beautiful…happy to see you still practicing

  133. Leyla Hental says:

    i like your video- it’s really sweet

  134. Peter says:

    I know you will do well, you are a kind, gentle person

  135. Jeff G says:

    i love yoga too

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    Well, you won’t be rich but you’ll be happy. Yoga is great!

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    Regena, your great. good luck

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    Regena, this will be great for you…natural leader & healer. Proud to see you living your dream

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    Would love to take a class from you!

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    Genise way to get more teachers….maybe they should do this with school system

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    Hey Reg, this is so perfect for you- I always saw you doing some kind of teaching & when I saw you growing in spirit- i thought …hmmmm maybe yoga:) here goes your chance

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    Reggie! You rock…good luck

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    You will be the best yoga teacher!!!

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    Genuine beauty- love your essay

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    May the Long time Sun of Yoga shine on you and enhance your already-beautiful way of radiating love and joy!

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    good luck girlie!

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    Hey Girl!!! I love yoga- so happy for you

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    regena, we don’t know each other well…but good luck

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    I wish you great journey Regena, enjoy the experience.

  153. WilliamBrown says:

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  163. WILLIE says:


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    Regena, I wish you great success in all you do. May you find beauty, love, health, wealth & light in all things:)

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    Regena, You have what it takes! You are pure, you are light, you are inspirational, you are real. I wholly support you in all endeavors you wish to pursue. I believe your desire to study yoga is source-inspired, and I see you winning this scholarship so that you may continue on your path. Namaste.

  175. Tally says:

    I believe in miracles- and you are #1- you get that scholarship girl:)

  176. Yilema Utani says:

    I am proud of you for entering….i bet many people interested but didn’t do all the steps to get in, sometimes that is the hardest part- making the decision

  177. Omar says:

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    Dear Yoga Gods,

    Regena Rocks- please let her get this scholarship!!! 😉

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  216. Quincy says:

    Choosing the right school is like choosing the right college- it’s all about your teachers. all the best

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  225. Manifest says:

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  226. Johnnie! says:

    Go 4 the gold Regena!

  227. Robin Taylor says:

    You breathe life into everything that you do, and have extended to me a sweet and gentle friendship that in itself provides me with a calm peaceful feeling whenever we are together. There are students out there waiting to experience that very feeling, and ready to learn and grow with your guidance. You are the right choice… you are the BEST choice.

  228. Shannon Burnett says:

    I am so honored to know you and be in your life!!! I couldn’t think of anyone better to win. You are such a light for sharing resources and tools…you will be perfect. Hey…we could probably have you teach one morning at the women’s retreat :) LOVE YOU

  229. Felicia Chheta says:

    Regena, you are amazing and know one deserves this as much as you do :)

  230. Cindy Abraham says:

    Regena, I’m glad to see you are doing what you love to do. You deserve all the best!

  231. BenWinkler says:

    Good Luck!

  232. BrunoChavantes says:

    Like Mr. sheen “Winerrr..” Defeat it’s not an option.!!! Go baby…

  233. Philip Christodoulou says:

    Good Luck Sweetheart. Make it happen!

  234. Johnnie! says:

    Win girl win!!

  235. Annuttara says:

    Make it happen!

  236. Henry Dunne says:

    Rewards are plenty- what you willing to sacrifice?

  237. Bruna Kruna says:

    way to go reg.!!

  238. Don Koury says:

    Nice article and video Regina…..You have my vote!

  239. Nellie says:

    The universe conspires to fulfill your greatest good

  240. Jason Hansra says:

    Good luck Regina! You can do it :)

  241. Laurie says:

    Very nice article. Good luck, Regina!

  242. Anna says:

    Good Luck, Regena!

  243. kelly says:

    Good luck! I hope you get it!

  244. Tamara Zontini says:

    Regina, I wish you much luck and you’ve chosen a very loving and inspiring place to do your teacher training. Namaste

  245. Henry Dunne says:

    Wonderful opportunity!

  246. J P says:

    Way to go!!! keep the comments going- she’s almost there:)

  247. Leonard says:

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    Yoga is best exercise in my opinion

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    Regena, I wish you love, joy, abundance & more yoga!!! I know how much you love to practice

  253. WendyL says:

    I’ve seen how yoga transforms you…

  254. Julie says:

    I see how poweful you are …and always were…now just better:)

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    it’s all about the journey!

  256. alison says:

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  257. Freddy says:

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    The solice I’ve found in yoga helped me be more present with others..amazing!

  259. Dwane says:

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  260. LennyB says:

    Hey Girl!!! this is great- glad you told me what you up to

  261. Blake says:

    Happy to support you Reg…

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    you have what it takes to make a “supreme” teacher!

  263. Vanessa says:

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  264. Dennis says:

    I remember my 1st yoga class- invigorating…and clumsy. Kept going back:)

  265. WendelB says:

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  267. Stephanie says:

    you have my vote

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    Best of luck

  269. Kandi Phillips says:

    You have my vote! You can do, be anything you want, if you truly feel it in your soul. And so it is…

  270. Carlo Mastropolo says:

    Reg has my vote.

  271. Greg says:

    Good luck, Regena

  272. Judy says:

    Amazing story about your yoga goals. Hope my vote for you helps you win the scholarship.

  273. Don says:

    Stay positive. Good luck during your teacher training course.

  274. Ginny says:

    Voting for you regena:) Go gettem!

  275. alison says:

    Hope you win!!! Good luck!!

  276. Shelli Blair says:


  277. Laurie says:

    I vote for Regena!!

  278. Patty says:

    :) Go Regena~~

  279. Don Koury says:

    Go 4 it Regena!

  280. JK says:

    Best of luck Regena!

  281. Stephanie Brownlow says:

    Another vote for Regina

  282. James says:

    Hope you make it

  283. Stephanie says:

    Good luck!

  284. Jennifer Carter says:

    Good Luck!!!!

  285. Rachael says:

    You Have my vote…

  286. Justin says:

    ********Good Luck *********

  287. Jennifer says:

    Good Luck to you !!!

  288. LovaLova says:


  289. Greg says:

    Good Luck to you !!!

  290. Donald says:

    Go Regena!

  291. Cassie says:

    Yea!!! Go Regena

  292. Francesca says:

    hope you win Reg!

  293. Nick says:

    Good Luck Regena-

  294. Laurie says:

    Go Regena!

  295. Vikky Santana says:


  296. Chris Gressett says:

    keep going

  297. Bailey says:

    go get em

  298. Jai Ma says:

    you can do it

  299. V S says:

    don’t stop

  300. V Gressett says:

    Anuttara is the best place to learn to be a yoga teacher

  301. Alice says:

    Way to go, Regina. Good luck!

  302. Nancy Matthews says:

    Go Regena – you have my vote and I can’t wait to do yoga together!

  303. Jones says:

    Let’s go Reggie!!!

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