When I Ask Myself What I Want, I Hear Namaste

I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. I know the proper foot placement for Triangle pose, the importance of the victorious breath, and helpful modifications for beginners. I completed my yoga training feeling like I learned an enormous amount of material and felt transformed mentally, physically, and spiritually. I finished my training almost two years ago, yet I still feel like I am not done. I have only scratched the surface of the yoga world. Ever since, I have been trying to deepen my awareness and experience– attending workshops, reading and writing about yogic topics, experimenting with different backgrounds of yoga, and building a strong personal practice. Somehow, all this still doesn’t scratch the itch I have for more yoga. I was able to gain an indescribable amount of knowledge and experience during my 200 hour yoga training, but I get weak in the knees thinking about what I would feel like if I was blessed with the opportunity of participating in a 500 hour Teacher Training Course with Agama in Thailand.

I have been inspired by my teacher, Larry Schultz, the founder of It’s Yoga, who taught me many valuable yogic lessons: the power of the bandhas, how important it is to remain focused on what is going on on my mat (not others), and to believe and find peace that in time, All is Coming.  Most importantly, he taught me that I have the ability to manifest whatever I truly desire in my life. Myself and everyone in this world hold the power to create the lives we each want. Larry would ask us to answer this question: “What do you want?,” which is how I ended up writing this essay.

What I truly desire is to continue my education in yoga with a comprehensive 500hr course with talented individuals. Larry passed away earlier this year, leaving all of his students with only memories to call on for guidance. The last time I saw him was when the video was taken and to date, it is the best handstand I’ve ever done. This only inspires me more to create the change in my life and believe in what my inner teacher is telling me. The last time I practiced with Larry before he passed I was recovering from a major knee surgery, and I know he would be proud that I have used yoga to heal myself and continue building my practice.

I feel lucky that I am a single woman with no kids or husband to keep me from achieving my dreams. Three months in Thailand sounds wonderful to a lot of people, but my schedule would actually allow it to happen. The program at Agama stands out to me because of its in-depth approach. It is very clear that this TTC is unique- the emphasis on pedagogical theory, esoteric information and mudras separates this training from many others. I feel confident in my knowledge of many asanas, but the emphasis on every part of yoga as a lifestyle is what is most appealing to me. I am looking for an in-depth immersion course where I am able to cut out distraction and surround myself with like-minded people in the yoga world.

I want to do many things in my life- become a wife, mother, and gardener, but also a yogic business woman. I want to open a studio in Michigan where I can spread the yoga love to others who have not been exposed to the practice, mentality, and lifestyle that yoga brings to those who open their heart to the transformation. There is not a yoga studio within at least a 30 mile radius of my hometown. I want my yogic business to open its arms to the community, becoming the third place for people; the place outside of work and home. A place where people gather, practice yoga, meditate, and surround themselves with like-minded people who are open to the changes that can take place when we open our bodies, minds, and hearts to yoga.

certified yoga teacher

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Bridgett Blough

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  1. Bridgett Blough says:

    Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping by…I appreciate all the support!

  2. Tricia Kirkwood says:

    Love this!!! You go girl!!!

  3. Susan Blough says:

    I LOVED the article.
    After reading the article I understand the
    passion you have for yoga.
    It is a good thing.

  4. Mariah says:

    Yes! So very inspiring. I’m so proud of you. Go get em, baby!

  5. Michelle says:

    Way to go Bridgett! I truly hope you get this opportunity to follow your dreams!

  6. carrie vanderzee says:

    You go, Bridgey!

  7. Amanda Hess says:

    Good luck, Bridgett!

  8. Rose says:

    I really hope you get this!!

  9. Susan Blough says:

    If I could vote 100 or 1000 times/day for you, I would.
    Thought your article was great.
    Love, Mom

  10. jennie says:

    Wow B! What a great article! Good luck!!

  11. Aubrey Ann Parker says:

    Very well written. And I love that you want to come back to MICHIGAN…how about you go to Thailand, and then come straight back here? 😉 hooray! Good luck, Bridgett, I’ll try to vote every day!

  12. jordan says:

    I love you!

  13. Dusty says:

    I hope that your wishes come true Honey to show my support I guess I am going to have to start a twitter account right now so I can maximize the amount of votes I can give you each day. LuvYou

  14. Ashley says:

    Yeahh you are so deserving Bridgett and would flourish with this experience!

  15. Stu says:

    Oh, Bridgett talks Thai. Bridgett talks Thai very well!!

  16. Missa says:

    I know you want this B.. I’ll be holding space for you lady. Namaste.

  17. Mariah says:

    Yay for B! Woop Woop!

  18. Aubrey Ann Parker says:

    vote 2, day 2. 😉

  19. Dusty says:

    oh Stu, You so funny…ah ha ha ha ha ha

  20. Mariah says:

    Yeah, Braide!!! Namaste, bitches!

  21. Aubrey Ann Parker says:

    vote day #3.

  22. Audrey Henschell says:

    I love your article, you go sweet sister!

  23. Jeanne Hess says:

    Go Bridgett!!! The teacher in me honor the teacher in you :-)

  24. Dana Loberg says:

    Go Bridgettttttttttttttttttttttt. Upward dog all the way.

  25. Steve Conway says:

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Dusty is recruiting constituents.

  26. Aubrey Ann Parker says:

    vote #4

  27. Jeanne Hess says:

    Happy Dec 6, Bridgett!

  28. Diane says:

    GOO BRIDGEYYY!!! Love you and so proud of you. :)

  29. Audrey Henschell says:

    Aloha from Maui! Sweet love to you!

  30. Mariah says:

    Hi. Heyyy. Hi! Go girl!

  31. Audrey Henschell says:

    I hope you win girl! I love you

  32. Audrey Henschell says:

    I’ll vote everyday for you to accomplish your dreams.
    Thanks for being such great inspiration!

  33. Mariah says:

    yeah braide!! GET IT GIRL!

  34. Missa says:

    Wherever you go .. There you are.. i hope you find yourself in Thailand soaking up some PRANA—-YAMA– BoYEEEEEEEEEE:0) Love you B!!!!
    Utthita Hasta Padangustasana- extend and touch your big toe, YO!

  35. Audrey Henschell says:

    Go bridgey!

  36. Mariah says:

    Namaste braide!! Thailand here you come!!!! xo

  37. Audrey Henschell says:

    I love my sister and I want her to go to Thailand!

  38. Audrey Henschell says:

    I’m going to see you today and I am super excited. Here’s to my hot yoga girl baby sister going to Thailand to further her education and deepen her practice!

  39. Mariah says:

    Thailand baby!!! yaaaas!

  40. Mariah says:

    Go baby go! Thailandia!!

  41. Mariah says:

    Yeah Bridgett!!! go get em babay!

  42. Aubrey Ann Parker says:

    crap, had my tonsils out and completely forgot to keep voting. well, here is vote #5. 😉

  43. Audrey Henschell says:

    Happy solstice Bridgett!

  44. Mariah says:

    Bridgett for Thailand!! Yaaaas! love you!! xoxoxo

  45. G says:

    best of luck Bridghett…Agama is a great school

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