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yogaMy first experience with yoga is what inspired me to become an instructor. The world of Yoga was first introduced to me as a sleepy kid in the 2nd grade. My mom was taking classes at a local studio, and in order for me to make it to school on time, I went along with her. Stepping into the bare room with instrumental music and relaxing scents for the first time surrounded by genuinely smiley faces was a feeling I will never forget.

With one look around the room I was hooked. I had never been in a place so tranquil- and it wasn’t the physical environment I was in- but the people I was with. I remember immediately recognizing the yoga teacher just by her gentle but commanding presence. The dim light escaping the closed blinds of the room seemed to gravitate towards her, and the way she beamed about the room was awesome. I never got to really get to know her, as my mother and I moved away from that area shortly after going to that first class. However the impact had already been made.

I want to become a yoga instructor to inspire those around me to find themselves. As a teenager, it saddens me to see peers in such a state of self-criticism. Yoga is a way of escape for me. I can forget about my school, sport, and family worries and gain a sense of cosmic perspective. Only after I had a mental breakdown from stress did I realize I had to do yoga regularly. Starting my busy morning with just 20 minutes of morning salutations gives me a level-headed perspective to realize that my problems are in fact NOT life-ruining and are actually magnificently miniscule in the grand scheme of the universe.

So many people get caught up in the minutes and hours and don’t find time for the calm of life. I want to bring change to the way my generation perceives the would around us, and I want to do that though yoga. Having a yoga certification would give me confidence in my legitimacy to follow my dreams.

Van is the most inspirational person to me in this world. To fully understand my respect for him, one must know his personal history. During WWII, his town, along with everyone he knew was imprisoned in concentration camps. He spent days on a merchant boat to reach America-his land of opportunity. He has overcome enough hurdles and challenges in his life to make any man (or women) resentful and full of anguish. Yet, he is the most peaceful person I have ever spoken to. He teaches Akido and yoga to people of all ages. He is willing to help anyone learn, and turkey believes in his art. He is the most genuine, kind, and happy person I have ever met.

My dream school and yoga training session is to be at Leela Mata Peaceful Valley Ashram’s Youth Yoga Teachers Training Course for ages 16-21. My heart beats faster thinking about attending this school. The course description cites “managing stress and anxiety in everyday life” as a lesson for their class, the main reason for my yoga studies! I’m in love with this school because of their location. I prefer lush green expanses of trees to sandy tropical areas. Money is also tight, so having a place in the US makes travel expenses less of an issue. I think having a class of students closer to my own age will also make it easier to relate to each other, and become friends with one another.

As a varsity athlete in my city’s junior rowing team, I can see the physical toll our hard training does on the body. I have seen many rowers become injured and quit because of back, shoulder, or knee injuries, including myself. After going to Junior Rowing Nationals, I suffered from a lower back and hip nerve displacement. I thought I would never be able to row again. I became depressed an unenthusiastic about life in general. I eventually healed after a regime of acupuncture and physical therapy, which included yoga.

While my club takes pride in our exercise, the recovery and injury prevention routines just aren’t up to par. I want to provide free yoga classes to those rowers at my boathouse, from college athletes to high school students, and provide a way to ensure their physical peace. In addition, I want to create a Meditation Club at my school that would meet every week during lunch in which we could meditate between classes and prepare out minds to absorb our lessons as well as relax from stressful assignments and deadlines. If I could make a difference in just one rower or student’s life, I would be satisfied with my career in yoga.

About Me: My name is Violet Victoria, and my two of my passions in life are rowing and yoga. I row for my city’s junior team, and compete with other rowers from across the country. Balancing all of my hobbies in addition to my academics is no easy feat, and before yoga was in my life I was a miserable, grumpy, stress out teenager. Now I believe my personality transcends my age, and I have come to peace with my stress.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Violet Victoria

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  1. darshanie sukhu says:

    I wish you all the best. You have so much potential. You are so lucky to have discovered yoga at such a young age. Namaste.

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