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I grew up in suburbia. I grew up in the ordinary, stereotypical suburban family. I was like all my other classmates in school. I was the Billy. I was the Jane, the plain-Jane as a matter of fact. I was cast from a mold of consumer-industry society. That was me.

Now, I am.  I am eccentric, playful, exciting, peaceful, jubilant, queer, courageous, curious, creative, independent, intuitive, blessed. I am a scientist, a friend, a jokester, a lover, a university-graduate, a son, a brother, a yogi, but above all, a student of life. I am Christian Eaton. I love learning, sunsets, music, bicycling, languages, skiing, spontaneity, traveling, friendships, backpacking, stargazing, photography, deserts, gardening, hiking, yoga, and the color green (among plenty of other things). I love life.

Yoga helped me get here. My yoga practice helps me balance and align both my body and mind. I wove yoga into my life and it enthralls me to continue to integrate with it. It now plays a larger role now than it ever did.

Everybody has a storybook. Here, I tell one of my chapters. All within the same week at the start of August, my father suddenly died, I graduated from university, and I moved away from my college town losing a room of my own to call home. I had been dealt three huge blows to my familiar life, changing it forever. My life suddenly seemed so foreign to me. I lost parts of my map in new territory, and didn’t know where to go. In seemingly an instant, my life turned belly up.

At a time in my life of low stability, my yoga practice easily slipped away. A few weeks later I seriously asked myself, “How am I going to begin to change it?” I turned to yoga to nourish my life with consistent helpings of stability. With daily practice, I am bringing all the great positive benefits of yoga back into my life…and it feels great. By setting aside time to breathe and connect with my emotions and thoughts, yoga is one of the few ways that I have been able to connect with my father since his death. I am ecstatic to further develop my connection with yoga and bring it to a deeper level. I can do this by attending a yoga instructor training.

I chose to apply to – and hope to attend – Tribe Yoga’s teacher training in North Thailand. I know that I want to attend a teacher training in Asia, simply for a different experience, so I am able to choose between only a handful of schools. Ultimately, I decided to apply for the Tribe Yoga training because of its structure, past testimonials, communal feel, and the instructors in the program.

I wouldn’t be able to point my finger at any one yoga teacher as a favorite, but I can attempt to illustrate that special something in certain yoga teachers that I admire. Have you been in a class where you immediately connect to the teacher? Was it that smile they gave to you when you first walked in, or just their glow? Do you remember a time when a yoga teacher connected with you and inspired you to get into that difficult yoga posture…the same asana that you have tried many times over but this was your first time actually getting it?

It happened for me with wheel, crow, and plow. I remember the very first time my toes actually touched the ground in plow; the first time my feet became airborne in crow; the first time my back arched over my mat and I was looking upside down in full wheel; and the feelings are indescribable. The characteristics of connection and inspiration to deepen and reach higher levels are my favorite qualities in a yoga teacher. Deepening into and achieving a full posture for the first time inspires me to continue this practice. This inspiration pervades and suggests depth to every other posture. It has been all of these teachers, all of my previous yogi guides, those motivational beings who inspire me to deepen my practice and share yoga with those around me.

I travel the world. I attend music & art festivals. I lead small groups into the backcountry on backpacking trips. I want to bring yoga to all these unconventional places where I am. In the next few years, I will be serving abroad in the Peace Corps while concurrently earning a graduate degree. I wish to bring a skill with me that I can share with all the villagers when I am there. I have thought of no better skill to bring than the ability to skillfully share yoga with others. I want to be that breath of inspiration, the same inspiration that was handed to me by my teachers.

I will bring my yoga teacher training to my Peace Corps assignment, and to those I serve. I will bring it with me to those music & arts festivals. I will bring it with me on my vagabonding experiences. I will bring it into the backcountry with me. All the while, I will share it with everybody around me, inspiring them in ways that may never have been exposed to them. Even though many have never heard of it, or at least had the opportunity to explore it, everybody can benefit from the positive effects of yoga practice. I want to be a part of breaking the barriers. I want as many people as possible to be exposed to the practice.

Aren’t we blessed to be afforded an opportunity to experience the beauty of life?! Rather than an exclusive privilege, yoga is a universal method that helps beauty emerge through us. Let’s keep breaking the privilege barriers and bring yoga to the world, blessing all walks with the opportunity to explore life through yoga. It is so incredibly beautiful. Please help me attend a yoga teacher training – it would be one of the greatest gifts, and make me profoundly grateful and honored!



2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Christian Eaton

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  1. Tony Constantine says:

    Christian, I know your Father would be very proud of you for wanting to pursue this endeavor. I am impressed with your video.
    Tony Constantine

  2. Alissa says:

    Good luck on your journey!!

    • Christian Eaton says:

      A million thanks Alissa! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! Thanks for class!

      ☮ Christian ☺

      • Christian Eaton says:

        A million thanks Alissa! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! ☮ Christian ☺ PS: Thanks for class!

  3. Jessica says:

    Yoga Rocks! Good luck!

    • Christian Eaton says:

      A million thanks Jessica! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! ☮ Christian ☺

  4. Sara says:

    Good luck!

    • Christian Eaton says:

      A million thanks Sara! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! ☮ Christian ☺

  5. Maria says:

    Christian ROCKS!!!

    • Christian Eaton says:

      A million thanks Maria! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! ☮ Christian ☺

  6. Heather K says:

    You have a beautiful practice. May you find your dreams and help others find theirs.

    • Christian Eaton says:

      A million thanks Heather! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! ☮ Christian ☺

  7. Jolene H says:

    Good Luck Christian!

    • Christian Eaton says:

      A million thanks Jolene! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! ☮ Christian ☺

  8. Nicole Glassman says:

    Good luck!!

    • Christian Eaton says:

      A million thanks Nicole! Your support is very appreciated! Check out my comment below to help me out even more! ☮ Christian ☺

  9. Christian Eaton says:


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your votes!!! It sincerely means SOOOOOOOOOO much to me to have all your support! IF YOU BELIEVE IN ME, please make sure you click the Facebook “like” & Twitter “Tweet” buttons just below my photo on here. IF YOU SUPER-DUPER BELIEVE IN ME, have everybody in your house do it plus two friends!!! I am so incredibly honored to have all your support!!!

    Namasté and Love,
    Christian Eaton

  10. TJ says:

    Good luck!

  11. Mr.Smith says:

    CLPers UNITE.
    Christian follow the path to victory!

  12. jeffrey says:

    Blessings for the best! Namaste

  13. Caroline says:

    Sending you good vibes :)

  14. Audra Caravas says:

    Great video and article! You are such an inspiration and I am so happy to know you! Good luck in your training and travels! I can’t wait to take one of your classes, Inshallah! :)

  15. Jeana says:

    Love! So much good luck to you! I want to see you in Thailand with all the other beautiful people! (Mir, Laura, Ruby, Kody!)

  16. Michael Bancroft says:

    Great essay, Christian! I think you’re a truly awesome person & I think this sounds like an amazing opportunity for you.

  17. jack sparks says:

    I did yoga once. Kicked my butt. If you can teach, then go get em!

  18. Jennifer Alberts says:

    I love you, my love. Good Luck. You DESERVE it. And you are WORTH it. xo, J

  19. Amanda G says:

    this guy is the best!

  20. Laura says:

    I can’t think of anyone else who would grow and prosper in such a wonderful environment. Best of luck Christian!

  21. chloe stein says:

    I love you Christian! You deserve this :) big hugs! HUGE. Good luck! :)

  22. chloe stein says:

    I love you Christian! :) you deserve this. Big hugs! HUGE. GOOD LUCK! :)

  23. Alvin Zhen says:

    Good luck Christian! Hope you get it!

  24. caroline says:


  25. Marian Hale says:

    Good luck Christian! You deserve this. :)

  26. Colin Oakley says:

    We’re rooting for you! (Woooo!)

  27. Eva Adler says:

    Oh man this is amazing!!!! Best of luck to you! :)

  28. Ryan says:

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and great job with the video :)

  29. Morgan says:

    Good luck!

  30. colby says:

    oooh! lots of love lots of luck your way!

  31. Dalton Roseberry says:

    Very Awesome, Exactly what the world needs is more yoga! And you are a very great candidate to spread the benefits yoga can bring to people! I Support this 100% You truly deserve this scholarship! And would not let a piece of it go to waste!

  32. Meghan Chancy Ledington says:

    I love seeing such a passion – of course you got my 3 votes! Good Luck! :)

  33. Dionne Ybarra says:

    Christian…We shared possibly a once in a lifetime experience together at the Full Eclipse. I remember meeting your father. Your spirit resonated with mine at that time which is why I have been happy that we have stayed in touch. You are so blessed to experience tragedy and move that experience to its highest calling that will bring you closer to your truest nature as well as inspire others to do the same. My best to you as you move into the next chapter of your life. Many many blessings Dear One.

  34. Michelle Roseberry says:

    Dalton told me about this!, Amazing! GOOD LUCK

  35. Tom Tinman says:

    Good luck old buddy!! You have a great energy and I’m sure that you will excel in your endeavors.

  36. Richa says:

    You deserve this, Christian :)

  37. Liam says:

    Good luck!

  38. Daniel Simmons says:

    I hope you get to train in Thailand, Christian. All the best!

  39. Nick says:

    Get it buddy.

  40. Matt Sylvester says:

    You the man! Good luck to you my friend

  41. Nick says:

    Get it done!

  42. Elizabeth says:

    Good luck Christian! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

  43. Justin says:

    Good luckkk!!!!!!

  44. Pam says:

    Good Luck to you!!

  45. Leslie Beery says:

    I am very impressed and it is such a breath of fresh air to see someone pursuing their dream with such absolute passion. It shows that you have a true connection with what you are doing, I truly believe you should receive any type scholarship or assistance to pursue this dream of yours. Who would NOT want someone like you involved in their product/cause/mission?
    Good luck and stay inspired!
    Leslie Beery

  46. Tipper says:

    I believe in u and believe u will make it in life. Keep your head up and just keep on a trucking you’ll get everything you ever wanted :) good luck and I hope you het what your trying for .

    Good luck!!!

    Tiff M.

  47. Jimmy says:

    This is awesome, looks like a lot of fun! You’re a great person Christian, Good luck man!

  48. Jordan says:

    You know what makes for good pre yoga instructor training? Bike riding… I read it somewhere… true story.

  49. Cynthia Fensterseifer says:

    Christian, you inspire me, you are an amazing person, hope you get it.

  50. Laurianne says:

    What a beautiful essay! Namaste’

  51. Johnny Alexander says:

    If anybody deserves this, it’s you!

  52. Joshua Meriwether says:

    Follow your dreams and never give up. Good luck to you and your endeavors and hope you win.

  53. Christina says:

    May you find your great spiritual journey fulfilling and may you find whatever leads you to eternal peace. I do not know you personally but my good friend Dalton asked me to help out. So good luck to you in whatever life brings

  54. Matt says:

    Great work. I hope you achieve your dreams! Good luck in your future endeavors.

  55. kevin says:

    Good luck Christian, you deserve this. :)

  56. Samuel Lange says:

    Nice work, Christian. It seems you have found your niche. Run with it.

  57. Travis Pence says:

    Good luck Christian! This looks like an amazing opportunity.

  58. Celine says:

    YES! Christian! I love and miss you, I whole heartedly wish this for you and all that you do!
    Love Love Love Celine

  59. Liz says:

    Very inspiring!! I’m rooting for you!!

  60. Julie Bourgeois says:

    I vote for you, Christian! Good luck in your journey. Namaste

  61. Felice says:

    Break a leg! errr….is that the right thing to say in this instance?

  62. Britney Weller says:

    Good luck!! I hope Thailand is amazing!!

  63. Jessi Kwak says:

    You are a wonderful person Christian, and you deserve this! Follow your dreams and make yourself happy!! Good luck!!!!!!

  64. Seth Dennis says:

    Good luck

  65. Kassie says:

    Happy Trails, Christian! Amazing opportunity for an outstanding person, your story moves.

  66. Molly says:

    Beautiful! An awesome adventure for one of the most lovely and deserving people I know :)

  67. Monica Datta says:

    Yay Christian. This would be perfect for you <3

  68. SarahDawn says:

    Darlin’, how lovely to see you thriving, what a joy you are! With love…

  69. Alex says:

    Christian, this is perfect for you!

  70. Amanda says:

    Beautiful picture! I just started getting into Yoga and I love it!! You deserve this and will thrive!

  71. Andrea says:

    This is a wonderful piece Christian! I can relate with it and I hope you get this scholarship… You really deserve it!

  72. Conor says:

    Go for it Christian! I hope you get it.

  73. Bruce Silvey says:

    Go get em!

  74. Andy Szekeres says:

    Could not think of a more worthy recipient

  75. Kallie Barnes says:

    Christian, this is so awesome! I Love everything you have done here. I am so glad you decided to participate and come to the Climate Conference in Silverton, I don’t think we would have met otherwise. Best of luck buddy :)

  76. Dylan says:

    Good luck Christian!!

  77. dani says:

    high hopes for you!

  78. Sara Luer says:

    Good luck with all your yoga endeavors… count this as a vote ! :)

  79. Lauren Malmo says:

    Good luck Christian!!!! I believe in you :)

  80. Nate says:

    All the best! Namaste.

  81. Zach Taylor says:

    Good luck Christian!

  82. Alex says:

    You deserve to win!!! Good LUCK!!!

  83. Tori says:

    This is awesome Christian! I am glad you are blessed with such an opportunity! Good luck!

  84. Jasmine says:

    Shoot for the stars Christian! 😀

  85. Leandra Branch says:

    Your amazing! GOOD LUCK!!!! xoxo

  86. Karen Jones says:

    Great article! Good Luck!

  87. Laura says:

    Good luck cousin!!! Sounds like a great path you have chosen for yourself!

  88. Ryan says:

    Good luck Christian!

  89. Lauren says:

    Beautiful story, good luck! I really hope you get to have this amazing experience.

  90. Cody Smith says:

    You have my vote man. Best of luck to you!!!

  91. Kyle says:

    Go Christian!

  92. Jeri says:

    Woot! Good luck!! :)

  93. Joel Kramer says:

    Go for it Christian! I wish you the best!

  94. Mike says:

    Very impressive, great job sir!

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    Good luck!!! You deserve it = )

  96. Kevin says:

    Here’s to hoping for ya!

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    Good Luck bud

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    Christian, you are my yoga inspiration!

  99. Michelle says:

    LOVE Yoga, Goodluck C!!!!!

  100. S. Kramer says:

    Fantastic! Yoga does amazing things for people, good luck!!

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    Best of luck to you Christian! What a fulfilling adventure this shall be for you!

  102. Jenny says:

    Good luck! This is amazing!

  103. Mikey says:

    Nobody deserves this more than you Christian! Good luck.

  104. Monica Datta says:

    Christian, remember when you convinced me to go to yoga with you at sonic bloom… ahhh, it was soo good.

  105. reina says:

    Hi! 😀 Dalton sent me the link. Very very inspirational. Good luck!!!

  106. bobbi says:

    Good Luck Christian! This is a great story, so inspirational.

  107. Fritz Bauman says:

    Yoga opens doors to both the mind and soul, enjoy the journey!

  108. Max says:

    Christian slays yoga and makes it his bitch of AWESOMENESSSSS!!!!! GO CHRISTIAN!!!!

  109. Max says:

    Christian slays yoga…

  110. Travis says:

    Good luck! Hope you get it.

  111. Will says:

    Go Christian!

  112. Annie says:

    Good luck! Christian is wonderful.

  113. Sierra Brashear says:

    Christian, you are amazing and beautiful! This is PERFECT for you… Good luck!!

  114. Foster Brashear says:

    Good luck Christian!

  115. Sarah says:

    Yoga came into my life a few months before I met you, and I think it changed my life. Good luck winning this contest my friend, it would be a great way to continue and empower you along your path.

  116. Mikey Kuss says:

    Good luck Christian, follow your dreams! <3mikey

  117. darshanie sukhu says:

    Your story is very heart-felt. Good luck with your yoga journey. Namaste.

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    Good luck christian! With your friendly and people-loving personality, I think you would be a GREAT yoga instructor.

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    The best of luck to you Christian!!!

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    Yes, I send you lots of good luck your way!

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    Go C-Money!

  123. Rebecca says:

    Balance and alignment: so important in every aspect of life. Good luck balancing the opposing powers in this crazy Universe!

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    Good Luck hope you make it to Thailand!!!!

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  126. Amalia Fernand says:

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    I’m excited for you, Christian! Good luck!

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    Cheering for you! Good luck!

  134. Maddy says:

    You have always been an amazing person and I have always admired you for your personality and perseverance. I know you will go far in what ever you chose to do. I am glad you have found your calling and what you want to do. Good luck and I hope to see you soon :)

  135. Leila says:

    Best of luck!

  136. Garrett says:

    Well, my love, you are on your path towards realization. Whether or not you know it, each step has been placed in front of you and you walk it firmly, joyfully, curiously, eagerly, beautifully and with a modicum of grace 😉 Bless you on your way. May your dreams come true so the world may benefit from your fantastic being and the beautiful loving wholeness you manifest. Kindle the flames of others’ hearts with your burning light, as you do so well, and have done mine. Love

  137. Serena May says:


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    Hey I don’t know ya but it don’t matter. I’m voting. Good Luck and Namaste!

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    yayy Christian I am so proud of you. I have known you so long and its great to see you flourish.

  144. Alex says:

    After being roommates with Christian for a semester it was made very clear that he cares about the IMPORTANT things in life and he wants to share them with the world.

  145. Joey says:

    What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest. -Jalaluddin Rumi (translated by Coleman barks)

  146. Joey says:

    Good luck buddy, you deserve this!

  147. David Haddad says:

    Vote for Christian!

  148. CrazyCarl says:

    Good Luck, Hope you get it

  149. Robert says:

    Best of luck, Christian! Even though we never made it past Facebook friends, it’s been very clear that you’re the real deal.

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    For the record, I never thought you were “plain Jane”. I always thought you were more like Mr. Personality! Good luck with this! You deserve it, old friend!

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    You GO! Do what you love, BE what you love in the world Expand into all the Universe has for you.

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    Go Christian go! This sounds like a great next step for you!!

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    Hey Dalton told me about your goals. :) I really hope you get it. Seems like you have your heart set on something and when that happens people like you deserve their dreams to come true!

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    Dalton told me about what you’re trying to do, and I think it’s wonderful! Going to Thailand would be an incredible experience. I’m currently studying in Japan and I know it’s changed my life. I wish you all the best :) namaste

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  164. Lucas Castonia says:

    This sounds like an incredible opportunity! Good luck Christian, you have my vote.

  165. Andy Richardson says:

    The world is changing quickly, Christian. Embrace the change; it’s perfect and everything is exactly as it should be. Find your center within yourself (and on your mat) and you can never again be blown off your rock.

    With love… godspeed and namasté.


  166. Rhonda Epper says:

    Best wishes, Christian. I hope you win the training.

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    I cannot think of anyone more deserving!

  206. Emily says:

    Good luck!! This will be an incredible opportunity!!

  207. Kevin J says:

    I hope you win the scholarship. Sincerely, friend of Kristin W.

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  211. Callie says:

    Good luck with the scholarship! You have my vote!

  212. nora leccese says:


  213. Cody McLaughlin says:

    When Jenn told me about this I knew I HAD TO vote. This is definitely an experience you deserve. Best of luck and take A LOT of pictures!!

  214. DMulligan says:

    Good luck to you Christian.

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    hope you get it!

  216. Mary McManigle says:

    I wish you for you to find the light, love and peace you are journeying towards. You are walking a blessed path; enjoy each moment. – Mary Mc

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    Good Luck!

  227. Sandra Chervenak says:

    Wow, I completely agree. Yoga has revolutionized my worldview, and I am so grateful for the yoga teachers in my life. I think you, of all people could make a phenomenal yoga instructor and change the world around you. Go for it!

  228. anna joyce says:

    good luck

  229. Nina says:

    Good Luck!

  230. Ian Williams says:

    DO IT! I believe!

  231. Ryan Lassiter says:

    An inspiring essay and video. Your earnestness shines through. Our mutual friend Mike Bancroft sent me this link. Best of luck!

  232. Caroline Jones says:


  233. Dana K says:

    Christian, In finding inspiration you in turn have inspired! Be awesome!!

  234. Glen Robinson says:

    Good luck with your teacher training. Yoga is great and a very important part of my overall health regimen!

  235. Danny B says:

    I hope you find your method to inspire people!

  236. Jerry says:

    Christian, a pleasure meeting you and watching your video…buena suerte!

  237. susan mom says:

    You have my support, go for this! lots of love, mom

  238. Niki Lecander says:

    Good luck Christian!!! You’ll be a great yoga teacher!

  239. Landry Prichard says:


  240. Cynthia Haig says:


    Wishing you all the luck there is. I hope you make it. I am sure you will be a wonderful teacher!

  241. Marie Oskey says:

    Christian that is you Good luck you have my vote!!!

  242. Marie Oskey says:

    Christian that is you Good Luck!!!

  243. Alex says:

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Good luck!

  244. Ethan Jones says:

    Hope this vote pushes you closer to your goal. Good luck and God bless.

  245. jen says:

    Good luck! Im passing your card around to all of my friends and family. Hope it helps!

  246. Tina says:

    Good luck to you and your journey that lies ahead!

  247. Molly says:

    Good luck Christian! You definitely deserve it!

  248. Mike says:

    Good luck Christian

  249. Blair says:

    Good Luck Christian!!!

  250. Joshua Kossman says:

    Best of Luck on your quest! Stretch for your goal! And so on.

  251. lucy says:

    Good luck on your journey!
    Susan & Lucy

  252. Boulder Musicians for Christian! says:

    Best of luck Christian, congrats on all you do, you got my vote! Keep up the great work. :)

  253. Brittany Finch says:

    You gave me your card on Pearl Street. Hope you get what you want.

  254. Kathy says:

    christian you inspire me! hope you get it and good luck with all your travels <3

  255. Deb Andres says:

    Good luck

  256. Kate says:

    Good luck!!

  257. Annie Redmond says:

    Hi Christian,
    Thank you for sharing your story. May God bless you on this journey and bring you peace and joy in your life!

  258. Lindsey says:

    Good Luck Christian!

  259. Joshua A. says:

    Best od luck to you.

  260. Larry Denmark says:

    Good luck and peaceful journeys to you sir!

  261. Laura P. says:

    Congratulations on your personal progress!

  262. Jeric Castano says:

    hello christian!

    i hope you realize your dream :)
    to be able to do something you feel so strongly about and hopes to be the best at it, it’s inspiring

    i wish you all the best

  263. Tari says:

    Thank you for sharing, great story

  264. Antonio says:

    Good luck!

  265. Kevin Fo says:

    Good Luck – You deserve to win!

  266. Renae says:

    You deserve to win this 100% :)

  267. Kelli says:


  268. Vero says:

    Good luck

  269. gia pepper says:

    good luck!

  270. lars says:

    good luck!

  271. Amanda says:

    Good luck Christian! Namaste.

  272. Shelley says:

    An exciting opportunity! I can’t think of another person better suited to be awarded this opportunity and to make the absolute most of it.

  273. Mallory Hyatt says:

    Good seeing you yesterday, good luck!!!

  274. Bethany Hyatt says:

    Good luck Christian!

  275. Ashlee says:

    Good luck!

  276. Brooke says:

    good luck!

  277. Michael Warner says:

    Good luck Christian! You can totally do this.

  278. Brian K. says:

    Good Luck!

  279. doug simon says:

    good luck

  280. Stacey says:

    Good luck!!

  281. Katie says:

    Chin you’re beautiful :) You’d be an amazing teacher!

  282. the Melody says:

    Christian is a great person. He deserves to win.

  283. roseanne says:

    Good luck!

  284. Adam Gilbert says:

    I think this counts as a vote

  285. Adam Harmon says:

    This is Awesome!! Good luck Christian!

  286. Kate says:

    Christian, I’m so happy for you! This sounds perfect.. I can’t wait to practice with you. Woo ho0!!

  287. David Wellendorf says:

    Good luck Christain!!!!!!

  288. Eric says:

    So inspiring Christian! Best of luck :)

  289. Mary Gavin says:

    Good luck Christian!! I’m nowhere close to winning this thing so my support is going in your direction! Yeah Colorado!! :)

  290. Stacy Kemper Alfano says:

    Good luck!

  291. Cass Burke says:

    I know you are perfect for this!

  292. Barb Tacker says:

    I support you Christian. I have been involved with yoga for over 10 years and believe it cha ges lives and helps support our life missions.
    Good Luck!

  293. Mary ann griffin says:

    Way to go, christian. So glad to hear you going after your dreams. Good luck

  294. Barb T says:

    Good luck Christian. I am a firm believer that yoga supports life missions and brings peace to individuals and ultimately the world .

  295. kirk says:

    Good Luck

  296. Mary Ann griffin says:

    Good luck Christian!

  297. Jenn says:

    Good luck!

  298. Brooke says:

    Best to you! Namaste!

  299. Rachel says:

    Christian, your story is inspiring, never stop- Namaste

  300. Rachel says:

    Good luck! :)

  301. Adriana says:

    Best of luck Christian!!

  302. Andreas Fuchs says:

    Good Luck Christian, looks like this is for you!

  303. Stephanie La Plante says:

    Best of luck to you

  304. Barb Sullan says:

    Good Luck Christian!

  305. Sébastien Muller says:

    A teacher training will be one of the big steps in your life. Go Christian!

  306. Mary McKibben says:

    Great Inspiration! Best of luck.

  307. Alex King says:


  308. Jessica Saba says:

    Have fun in Thailand yoga baby.

  309. Justine Smith says:

    Christian, this is all you brother!

  310. Richard says:

    Sawadee krap! Eat lots of sum tum and cow neow for me!

  311. Joni Hyatt says:

    Hope you win!

  312. Rozella Mullen says:

    Good luck

  313. Steven Hyatt says:

    Best wishes!

  314. Christian Hyatt says:

    Good luck to you.

  315. Farrin says:

    Good luck Chin! Send me a postcard :)

  316. Melissa Keller says:

    Good luck, hope you win!

  317. Chad says:

    good luck

  318. Kathi Hurst says:

    The essay is impressive! Good luck to you.

  319. Haile Hurst says:

    Good Luck, Christian!

  320. Chelsea Cook says:

    A friend of Justine: I wish you nothing but the best on your endeavors! Yoga is the best!

  321. Ramone says:

    You got this bro! Good luck in Thailand! Bring back some food for me lol.

  322. Gregg says:

    keep it up :)

  323. alyssa says:

    You should win!

  324. Jessie says:

    Best of luck to you! What a wonderful opportunity!! :)

  325. Joe Ayoub says:

    Here is to your personal legend. Let us know what happens.

  326. Sarah Petersen (Miller) says:

    You got my vote Christian. Yoga is always an appreciated skill among Lake Powell Pirates. Yarrrr

  327. Rosalyn says:

    Good luck Christian!!

  328. Joanna says:

    Good luck to you!

  329. Vanessa Nuechterlein says:

    Good Luck Christian!!

  330. Derick says:

    Good Luck…I’m pulling for you!

  331. Ron King says:

    Good luck Christian. You have always been a special person.

  332. Alana says:

    Good Luck Christian!

  333. Natosha Herrera says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  334. Valerie says:

    Good luck, Christian! Sounds like an amazing opportunity :)

  335. Kyle Baker says:

    Peace and love bradda

  336. Celine says:

    Yay Christian! xxoxoxoxoxoxo Lets stretch!

  337. Max Taffet says:

    Best of luck! Very impressive!

  338. Siobhan says:

    Christian! I wish you all the best and hope you get this wonderful opportunity. Miss you – enjoy the holidays and stay well.

  339. Shawna Jamison says:

    Good luck Christian!

  340. Krissy Nowakowski says:

    Christian! Your video and article were both very insipiring. Best of luck! I hope we can hang out soon!

  341. Sean O'Grady says:


  342. Bessie says:

    good luck christian ill be sending the white light :)

  343. Krissy Nowakowski says:

    This is awesome Christian! Your video and essay were both so inspiring. I really hope you win!

  344. Ed von Bleichert says:

    Good luck, Christian!!

  345. T. Quick says:

    Awesome! Good luck Christian

  346. Paige says:

    We all have hopes and dreams. I’m happy to help you go after yours.

  347. jenny giudice says:

    Good luck chinny chin!

  348. sarah bernier says:

    Good luck!

  349. kevin magee says:

    That’s the way to how to be!

  350. Aiden Tan says:

    Good luck! :)

  351. Hannah Fields says:

    Best of luck, Christian! I hope that your journey continues to inspire you. The world awaits :)

  352. Sara Fairchild says:

    Best of luck to you Christian! That does sound pretty sweet!

  353. Derek Boriack says:

    Good Luck!

  354. andrea west says:

    Good luck!

  355. Kiki L says:

    Best of luck! I hope you get it!

  356. Shannon says:

    good luck! – cuhc

  357. Beth Hiett says:

    You deserve this opportunity! I wish you nothing but the best.

  358. Ashley Petersen says:

    Good Luck!

  359. mithul says:

    good luck!

  360. Kat Stuart says:

    Yay Christian! Teach me when you get back please :)

  361. Jackie says:

    Yoga is my four letter word for the fountain of youth. I wish you the best of luck in your training. Namaste.

  362. Claire says:


  363. Shannon Katsos says:

    Christian! I was in CU GOLD with you last spring, and I was really excited to learn about this opportunity you have through CUHC. Best of luck!

  364. Emily Wiechec says:

    Christian! What a lovely surprise your article was to me.

  365. barbara Wilson says:

    Good luck. You seem to have a very positive approach to your future, and I’m sure this training would benefit not only you, but scores of people you’ll encounter in your personal and career life.

  366. Merritt says:

    Good luck!

  367. Beth Purta says:

    Best of luck Christian, with your determination, you can do it!
    Namaste from California!

  368. Ashley King says:

    Awesome Christian!! Pulling for you!

  369. Gary Sawkins says:

    May this bring focus and peace to your life

  370. Jessica Bloise says:

    You have my vote: GOOD LUCK!

  371. Bill says:

    good luck Grasshopper; you would make a world-class instructor.

  372. Jon Hammond says:

    Great essay dude, cheers and good luck in Thailand, I’m sure you’ll get it

  373. B p says:

    Nice work and to your future!

  374. Marelle Davey says:

    Good Luck!

  375. mike greene says:

    get it christian! you’re the man

  376. Bob says:

    Best of luck

  377. Claire says:

    Go get ’em, Christian. Doing yoga teacher training abroad was one of the best things I ever did for my life.

  378. Lauren says:

    Best of luck

  379. Deb Kinzie says:

    What a wonderful essay, Christian. This sounds like a great opportunity — good luck!

  380. RCol2007 says:

    Best of luck!

  381. Ban says:

    best wishes

  382. rmw says:

    good recruiting votes on Pearl Street Boulder. good luck

  383. Jessica says:

    Amazing video! Goodluck! I wish you the best!!!

  384. Kirsten says:

    Yay Christian! Whatever the outcome of this competition, I know you will always find strength in yoga. Good Luck!

  385. Alison says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration as well as your personal life details, the groundwork of your motivation and commitment to yoga as a way of life. I think it’s exciting that you will take yoga with you everywhere you go as an adventurous young man with a purpose. The best of luck to you; I hope you win the scholarship, which I know you will earn and return with every yogic breath you take… You have my vote, hugs from you cousin and “sister” yoga teacher, Alison P.S. I’ll be eager to hear about your experiences in Thailand if indeed you go, and I hope you’ll write a blog to keep us all posted :)

  386. Debi says:


    Good luck with your Yoga endeavor. I know that with your persistence and ingenuity you will be a great candidate for this Yoga Scholarship and will do well!

  387. Mary says:

    Best of luck!

  388. Kim Barber says:

    Good Luck!

  389. Kyle Bundgard says:

    Good Luck! Your very talented.

  390. Alex Rhino says:

    Good Luck Christian!

  391. Psyche says:

    Best of luck to you!

  392. Sarah says:

    Good luck!

  393. Alan says:

    Good luck Christian! Hope for the best!

  394. Callie says:


  395. kodi kassell says:

    Love you Chin! You deserve this!! COME TO THAILAND WITH ME!! It’s amazing here!!!

  396. Charlotte Mankoff says:

    Wishing you an enlightening journey on your desired path…..

  397. celine cooper says:


  398. Robert DeRaad says:

    Christian, Good luck in your endeavors.

  399. Kira says:

    Christian dear, best of luck!I’m voting for YOU, of course. 😉

  400. Shantel says:

    Gotta support someone following their dreams!

  401. Simon Chesterfield says:

    go for the one-fingered handstand, my friend

  402. Sally Hardie says:

    You seem like a really nice guy so I wish you luck and ♥ on your journey.Namaste ♥

  403. Ananda says:

    Om, Yoga is Life. Shanti and Best Wishes

  404. Michael Young, L.Ac. says:

    Good luck!

  405. Kristen says:

    Best of luck Christian! Your motivation is inspiring!

  406. Chris says:

    Hope you win! Best of luck!

  407. Kate says:

    Good luck!

  408. Devon says:

    Incredible story, sir. Never stop learning.

  409. Deena says:

    Christian, you following your dreams is an inspiration. Good luck!

  410. BENG says:

    Good Luck!

  411. Briana says:

    Good luck!! :)

  412. Wilson says:

    Best of luck Christian. Keep following your passion.

  413. Brian Lyke says:

    Good luck good sir! Sending positive thoughts your way

  414. Tara Worley says:

    I love you

  415. Taylor Pence says:

    Hey man I have not met you before, but best of luck! Hope you get it!

  416. adam scarborourgh says:

    Good luck! This would be a lot of fun!

  417. Christina Gosnell says:

    Good Luck Christian!!

  418. Heather says:

    Christian, my husband Brent and I met you the other evening at TopoRanch. In our short time together, it is clear that you are a vibrant force of positivity! We wish you all the best and cheer for you to win this thing!!!

  419. Trish says:

    Kate O’s mom says go for it, best of everything being wished for you in this endeavor

  420. Kirthika says:

    Good luck!

  421. Mary Cooper says:

    Love to see dreams being followed! Much luck, Christian!

  422. Laura says:

    Yoga gods do not often venture to the land of mortals. We are blessed by this exception.

  423. Lauren says:

    Best of luck!

  424. Ben says:

    This is cool.

  425. kiki says:

    you are so deserving of this! good luck young grasshopper!

  426. Bernadette Sietz says:

    Yea Christian….YOu GAtta do this….Good luck

  427. Ellen says:

    You WILL win! Good luck ~!

  428. Melissa says:

    I do not know you but I relate to your story, so I wish you the best, hope you win and accomplish everything that you believe will make you a more wise person at the end of your journey.

  429. Sophia says:

    Go Christian! Wherever this journey leads you will be perfect. You have my vote!

  430. Brian Raitman says:

    It was nice meeting you and Garrett this evening! Go get that scholarship and best of luck!!
    – Brian

  431. Alix Marmulstein says:

    Christian, you are such a beautiful person and would be an excellent yoga teacher I wish you the best of luck on your journey!!

  432. megan mason says:

    I love you!

  433. Imogen Pierce says:

    thailand is fabulous and i really hope you get the opportunity to go!

  434. Lizzy Gould says:

    Many blessings to you on your journey! You have the power and your dreams are on there way to coming alive! Mad love to you Christian! :)

  435. John Aldous Manasjan says:

    Do it!

  436. Debi Hruza says:

    Christian is very motivated, industrious, and inspired and would be a an exceptional student for the yoga program. I hope that he is accepted because I know that he would become an inspiration to others as well! Good luck, Christian!

  437. Justin says:

    Good luck

  438. Jason N says:

    Good luck!

  439. Bryan Pilosi says:

    Yoga Master in the making! Good luck Christian! We are so proud of you.

  440. Carlee Pilosi says:

    You will be everything you strive for, its a pleasure to vote for you!
    You are excellent at yoga! Keep up the great work!

  441. C. Castonia says:

    what a story! I hope you fulfill your journey!

  442. michelle says:

    good luck christian!

  443. Kyle Patrick says:

    go christian

  444. Hayley says:

    How Inspiring! Good Luck Christian!

  445. Caro says:

    I hope you win it, dude!

  446. Kaner says:

    Good Luck!

  447. sage h says:

    This guy has my vote!

  448. Matt says:

    Not sure if my first vote went through but, good luck Christian, hope you win.

  449. AnthonyP says:

    Good luck man!

  450. Viktor says:

    Well I think he must do what he wants and if this is what he wants let`s support him with this yoga. I hope he will manage.

  451. shiva says:

    Good Luck.

  452. Steve B says:

    Good luck my friend

  453. Mike says:

    Good luck on your yoga journey!!


  454. sibo says:

    Good Luck!!

  455. Alex Johnson says:

    I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor, and happy new year! Love, Alex

  456. Sara says:

    Christian- you are already a yoga teacher! You have what it takes. I wish the best for you!

  457. David says:

    All the best, Christian.

  458. Jenny Wilson says:

    Good luck Christian! You are amazing!

  459. marc says:

    Good luck Christian!

  460. melissa weiser says:

    I recently incorporated yoga into my life as well and it is tremendously calming and enriching. Good luck!

  461. Marcy Gannon says:

    I hope you win :)

  462. marisa says:

    this is so good it makes me want to start yoga!

  463. Linda Robinson says:

    I vote for Christian Eaton.

  464. Dan says:

    This is awesome: good luck!

  465. FM says:

    addiction in my family inspired me to do my yoga teacher training this past september. even if you don’t win this, you will find a way to do it! best of luck to you on your journey.

  466. BAJ says:

    Good luck, Christian!

  467. kelley says:

    best of luck!

  468. Alex Cobell says:

    Good luck Christian!

  469. colleen says:

    you’ve got my vote, good luck.

  470. heidy says:

    hope you win!

  471. Bree says:

    You got my vote boo. Good luck!

  472. malkOhm horn says:

    good luck Christian, yoga flow!

  473. Damaris De La Cruz says:

    Hey, i saw this article posted on Keishla’s FB , I Hope you Win 😉
    MY VOTE is For U

  474. Lenore says:

    Best of luck to you!

  475. Satori romaine says:

    You got it!!;)

  476. legs says:

    good luck

  477. Nick says:

    This sounds really cool! Best of luck!

  478. heydave says:

    a thousand pranams at the lotus feet of the lord

    surrender and become one

    you have already won

    and I hope you get to go

  479. sofie says:

    you’ll get it when you believe you got it :-)

  480. Jack Savino says:

    Yoga is truly amazing! I also began practicing yoga off and on just over 2 years ago. Although I took periodic breaks (a particularly long one after back surgery in April of this year), I can confidently say that yoga changed my life and continues to shape me into a better and more balanced human being. My practice is stronger than ever now; and I hope you have the opportunity to strengthen your own practice with this scholarship and that you share your experiences, lessons, light and life with everyone around you. Best wishes to a fellow yogi. Your pursuit is inpirational – I look forward to refining my practice under your guidance one day. [Anjali mudra] Namaste! :)

  481. Stephanie Seavy says:

    You got my vote Christian !

  482. Christina says:

    Good luck Christian! <3

  483. Iris says:

    Good Luck Christian!

  484. c. m. Holland says:

    Don’t know you, but wishing you luck!

  485. kary says:

    It’s a good thing

  486. Daniel Orth says:

    Sounds amazing! Good luck

  487. Susie Wellendorf says:

    I wish you the best, Christian!

  488. sasha says:

    so wonderful to have you in my 1.5 class at core power yoga, boulder last week. you are a beautiful spirit w/an incredible practice and would feel empowered immersing yourself in this teacher training. good luck w/everything and keep me posted along the way.

    deepest blessings,


  489. Michelle says:

    Wishing you all the best!

  490. Dave says:

    Good luck!

  491. Vivian says:

    What an interesting combination – Peace Corps and Yoga. You clearly are developing a non-Western view of life and I congratulate you on that. Training in an Asian setting will help you greatly on your journey. You have my vote and I hope you receive one of the slots.

  492. Tina says:

    Best of luck! Tina :)

  493. Martha Woodard says:

    Beautiful and Inspiring. Wishing you the best! Sending Positive energy your way. Namaste.

  494. Sebastian says:

    Love to see you living your Passion! You will lovingly return people back to themselves which is the greatest gift one can give to another…

  495. Becky says:

    This is so inspirational. I can’t believe how much yoga has impacted your life, and I really admire you for bringing it to all those unconventional places. I really hope you win the training!

  496. Nichole Bellos says:

    Good luck! Namaste.

  497. Daniel Moss says:

    Thanks for your message Christian. Glad to hear I was a part of your journey with our Yoga & Meditation Club @ CU. I hope you win the contest and come back to teach a free class for us at CU 😉

    If you’re getting so into yoga, you should also consider joining us for an Art of Living or yesplus workshop some time so you dive deeper into the yoga of the breath as well! We teach some amazing breathing techniques that can really deepen your yoga and meditation practices. There’s a course coming up in february at cu and Art of Living Courses happen all the time in major cities around the US.

    Wishing you all the best with the contest, and all life’s adventures!

    One Love!!!


  498. Catrina says:

    Yoga is a powerful tool…remember that the asana’s are just the beginning and the world and you in it is the product. The end is up to you. Good luck and blessings on your journey.

  499. Jill G. Roberts says:

    Go forth, Christian! May we all we willing to reach out and find ourselves supported.

  500. eaycow says:

    Best of luck…win it!!

  501. Christine says:

    Christian you’re inspiring! I wish you the best of luck with each chapter of your life :)

  502. Corinne says:

    Many blessing for your journey

  503. Happykap says:

    Hope you win! Lots of luck. Namaste.

  504. Nate Allen says:

    Best of luck!

  505. AitchCS says:

    Good Luck to you and I hope this counts as a vote!

  506. jo says:

    Inspirational story – best wishes along the way.

  507. joyce says:

    Good Luck!

  508. Catherine says:

    Hope you win! Namaste, cathetine

  509. Jo says:

    Thank you for the inspirational story – good luck to you!!

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