Tribe Yoga 200-Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa

tribe yoga teacher training

School: Tribe

Date: Feb 12 – March 10th, 2012

Style: Ashtanga, Vinyasa  &  mixed styles

Series: 200-hour

Location: India

Cost: 1500 Euros

Tell us a little bit about your school:

Tribe is a collective of independent yoga practitioners who devote their life to conscious living. Teachers that you meet through Tribe share a common school of thought that yoga is a lifestyle, an attitude and an ever present guide to a richer and fuller experience of oneself and the world one lives in.

Yoga teachings are presented in a modern and accessible to all approach.  The emphasis is not ‘what you are doing’ but ‘how you are doing it’.  The focus is how one can integrate the yoga teachings into daily living so life can become a more effortless and enjoyable flow.

Tell us a little bit about the teachers leading the teacher training?

Our International teachers are all dedicated practitioners who have been living yogic & alternative lifestyles for many years.   All senior teachers have practiced and studied different styles of yoga so collectively they share a broad range of techniques, skills and disciplines with students.

Delivering authentic yogic teachings in modern and digestible way the tribe teachers have a light and easy going approach yoga helping students to find a balance between studying hard and enjoying their yoga journey.

What can a student expect to learn from the upcoming training?

Tribe trainings offer both theoretical and practical studies in yoga.  You can expect to deepen your self practice and learn the basic teaching skills that will allow you to teach others. At the end of the training all trainees are able to teach a 90 minute class that includes asana, pranayama and meditation.

Yoga is presented as a tool that can help you to make the changes you want in your life.  It is a safe and supportive space for self exploration, personal transformation and spiritual evolution.

What types of students does this training best suit?

This training is for students who have a serious interest to study yoga at more than just the physical level.  Open to all levels it is best suited to students who wish to develop or deepen their self practice and explore their spiritual self.

Anyone aspiring to become a yoga teacher is most welcome to attend.

We also invite teachers wishing to improve their teaching skills or learn a new style to come and train with us.

What is a typical day like during this training?

The schedule is intensive and requires a lot of commitment and focus from all who participate.

6.30 – 10am Morning practice of asana, pranayama & meditation

10 am we have breakfast together

11-1pm (sometimes 2pm) Morning  lecture

1- 3.30pm Midday break

3.30pm – 6pm teaching skills and practice

6pm – 7pm chanting or self study

To learn more visit Tribe Yoga

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