Transformation Through Tantric Yoga

tantric yogaThe thing about drugs is you don’t really realise you have messed up until it’s too late.  It starts with a pill on the occasional Saturday night, and before you know it you’re going through half your wages, mixing potentially lethal cocktails in constant pursuit of the perfect high, alienating yourself from virtually everyone you know, and making yourself ill (either physically or mentally or both).

In my case, I actually nearly killed myself; and even after I recovered, I was back out partying again, chasing the dream of feeling safe and happy inside my own skin.  It did not cross my mind that there might be a safer, non-chemical route to happiness; and I did not go looking for such a route until things got so messy with the drugs I had no choice but to acknowledge that the drugs were no longer working, that they were actually causing me harm.

In October 2008 I went to Dhanakosa (a Buddhist meditation retreat centre in Scotland) to do a week of yoga and meditation.  My yoga teacher on that retreat, *Angelika Grohman, was an inspiration.  She made me see the true power of yoga, as a tool of transformation.  Previously, I had only thought of it as a method of staying fit and flexible.  I did not consider that there might be more to it than that.

Over that week I had my eyes, my mind and my heart opened.  Hearing Angelika’s personal story of her journey from misery and isolation to joy and purpose through yoga filled me with the hope that I too might be able to make such a transformative journey.

My journey started quite hesitantly, with me having to force myself to do 20 minutes of yoga every morning, but over the following year – especially during a six month trip to India – my enthusiasm for yoga grew.

In 2010, after having tried many different styles of yoga, I discovered Agama Yoga – a tantric yoga school with branches in India & Thailand.  In Dharamsala, India I did Agama’s first month intensive course and was introduced to the theory and philosophy of tantric yoga, as well as to a more meditative approach to asana practice.

I had numerous mini epiphanies during that month, especially regarding yamas and niyamas; realising that if I wanted to change my life I would need to stretch more than just my body.  Especially impressed by the lecture on Ahimsa and the showing of the documentary, “Earthlings” I took a vow and became a vegetarian.  After being introduced to the Agama version of Uddiyana Banda I became determined that my then current attempt at quitting cigarettes would be my last.

I was so impressed with my introduction to Agama yoga I decided to go to Thailand and continue my studies at their main headquarters on Ko Pha Ngan.  I stayed there for four months in 2010, and after a trip home to Scotland, I returned in 2011 and studied for a further six months.  During that time I became acquainted with some of the more profound and esoteric tantric yoga teachings and deepened my personal practice.

On the surface, there are observable changes in me – for instance, as well as becoming a vegetarian and non-smoker I no longer take drugs or drink alcohol – but it is, I believe, the less tangible changes that matter most, such as my ongoing efforts to observe all the yamas and niyamas.

When I look back upon my old self, from only three years ago, I cannot believe the extent of the changes in me.  I have gone from being a drug-addled mess to being centred, balanced and focussed.  It is a transformation my old self could not possibly have imagined.

What I have received through yoga I should like to share with others.  This is the reason I want to become a yoga teacher.  There are so many people out there looking for an answer, looking for a way to transform their lives.  Many of them take the wrong road, just as I did, and are seduced by the initial glitter and glamour of drug-taking.  I believe, as an ex-user, I would be able to reach these people and help them as they make the journey to rehabilitation.  It is my experience that the yogic teachings, philosophy and practices that Agama Yoga offer are especially helpful on that journey.   I believe these techniques would also be beneficial for people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression and could help prevent them from sinking into a spiral of drug or alcohol abuse.  It is my intention that once I have qualified as a yoga teacher and earned my stripes I will return to Scotland and dedicate myself to helping people find a holistic approach to solving their problems through yoga.

*I have been taught yoga by very many fine yoga teachers over the last three years and it is all but impossible to choose a favourite, but if I had not had the good fortune to be taught by Angelika Grohman I might never have been inspired to take the journey down this amazing path; and for that reason alone I would choose her.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Dee Sunshine

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  1. Sissel says:

    I loved reading your amazing story Dee!! I wish you the best of luck in receiving the scholarship, you will be inspiration to many people as an agama yoga teacher :-)
    You have already been inspiring many people by your amazing transformation and dedication!!

    All the best

    • Amanda says:

      The yogic path is about transformation. To transform from addictive behaviours, to inner calm and joy is to really experience yoga. There is a great need in Scotland for teachers, like Dee, to show how spiritual and emotional problems can be solved through spiritual practise. I hope the opportunity is given to Dee to do this Teacher Training course and to inspire the Scottish people. Good luck Dee

  2. elaine says:

    I’ll certainly vote for Dee Sunshine, he has achieved something truly great and is an inspitation to those who can identify with what he is saying here. I would hope that when he becomes a teacher that he will travel to Ireland and introduce us here to his ideas and practices of this holistic approach to solving problems through yoga… i’ve a few potential clients lining up allready. good luck Dee!

  3. Daniel says:

    Beautiful brother, i’m with you.

  4. david miller says:

    this entitles me to one free yoga class taught by dee sunshine 😉

  5. deborah cumming says:

    Well done to You Dee, Your enthusiasm and drive has been an inspiration to me. I hope You get the opportunity to use Your knowledge and experience to help others transform themselves, their lives, and the lives of those that love them.

  6. Adelaide says:

    Wow Dee! I had no idea of the journey that you have been on since I met you at the Dhanakosa in 2008. Seems so long ago now. Angelika was an inspiration and you were memorable!

    I enjoyed reading your reasons for going on to teach yoga. It was an inspirational read and I admire your tenacity in your pursuit of personal change.

    I hope to come to one of your classes when you are qualified. Keep me updated.

    Love from your Dhanakosa friend


  7. David Graham Scott says:

    I am very impressed that Dee has changed his life around so significantly and is so intent on sharing his knowledge and new-found awareness with others.
    This man is truly an inspiration to us all and certainly deserves this scholarship!

    DGS x

  8. aleksandra says:

    After having read the article I´m totally convinced Dee is the best candidate for the scholarhip.As a yoga teacher , a person like him, can really help people transform their lives.

  9. Andre says:

    Dee you are an inspiration and I hope you get the scholarship.


  10. Ryan Wright says:

    An amazing and inspiring story. His motivation is simple, to be better able to benefit other living beings.. I’m not sure totally how this works, but after reading this story, Dee has my vote.

  11. Leora says:

    Good luck Dee.

  12. Amitashuri says:

    I love seeing and hearing how you are changing your life Dee and feel inspired by your determination to deepen the effects of that by sharing and contributing to others’ change and well-being.
    It is for those reasons that you have my vote and I wish you well to win a yoga teacher training scholarship!

  13. Simon Noble says:

    What a wonderful inspiration Dee has become. The journey that he has been through is a very common one, people lost in a vicious cycle of self harm and in their often misplaced and misaligned points of view about the world. To manage to drag yourself off the floor and find focus, understanding and peace is a wonderful achievement, and through yoga Dee has done this.

    Upmost respect to the man, and I wish him nothing but success on the path that he has chosen to follow.

  14. Lucas Lundström says:

    Having met and done yoga with Dee in Thailand I sincerely hope that he will get the free yoga teacher education. His development and transformation is an inspiration to many and with a yoga trainer certificate he can have an even greater impact on many more that he will meet, teach and train with over the coming years.

  15. colin neil says:

    dee is a very warm and kind hearted person who would make an amazing teacher pls help him realise his potential thanks …colin

  16. Geof Brownbridge says:

    Such a journey you have taken and I know you are able to inspire others from your experiences. Go Dee!

  17. markandaya says:

    well done dee!!! that story sounds familia to me 😉
    om namah sivaya!!!!

  18. norman j. olson says:

    dee is one of the great artists and great human beings of our age and there is much wisdom in this essay…

  19. Philipp says:

    +1 for Mr. Sunshine!

  20. Josh Coleman says:

    Great piece brother. With your life experience, personal volition, and higher drive for transformation, I am positive you would be a fantastic teacher.

  21. Mirjam says:

    Dee would make a great yoga-teacher!

  22. Bart Kant says:

    GO Dee, you have my support, go become an amazing yoga teacher!

  23. Laurie Kain says:

    Dedicated yourself to inspiring the people around you – this is something Dee’s done for a long time through his music, his art, and especially through his writing. (One particular recent photo series based on the travels of a pink ukelele as a vehicle for human connection was unbelievably moving, and went viral here in my mountain town in the Pacific Northwest!) In some ways, Dee describes his journey and awakening as something recent. The way I see it, inspiring people has been something he’s tried to do all along. He’s just found a really powerful vehicle within which to do – sharing yoga as a tool for transformation with others. Please consider this a wildly enthusiastic vote!

  24. Adam Schamroth says:

    Good luck Dee.. You’ll make an amazing teacher x x

  25. Hema Devi says:

    I met Dee Sunshine in Tiruvannamalai, where he still was a heavy chain-smoker… : ) The dedication to do yoga was present already then. He was up early, I wasn’t! Later he went to do Agama yoga, and by following his trails’n tracks (Facebook & mails), it amazes me how much a person can change “bad” habits and “everything” in such a short time. A friend (Anita) told me he was glowing!! But above all I see his 100% dedication – and that is very inspiring indeed! and I’m sure Dee will be a great store-house of knowledge and inspiration for his future students. Surely!! Love, Hema

  26. Janelle says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story Dee, its inspiring to see a person find their path. I think you will be a great teacher, you have my vote!

  27. Leslie Fish says:

    I vote for Dee for scholarship!

  28. Deborah McCarron says:

    An amazing transformation Dee. I hope you get awarded the scholarship. Blessings. Deb

  29. stella says:

    good luck!

  30. Louise Allen says:

    Go Dee…I vote for you!

  31. Gary Cummiskey says:

    Dee, you definitely have my vote!

  32. Margaret says:

    Wow. I knew Dee a very long time ago at the start of his search and am very humbled to read his story. I am profoundly glad he has found his place and purpose in this life and am grateful to be able to add my vote.

    The levels of alcohol and drug abuse in Scotland are shameful and the recovery options for those who are addicted are pitifully few. I love that you want to pass your gift on. Roll on your return to Scotland :)

  33. clare says:

    Thanks for reaching out, exposing your human vulnerability by describing your journey towards your own healing, and your ultimate wish to use this for the greater good. Isn’t that what a life well lived is all about ? Yoga therapy is the way to go – addictions and pharmaceuticals are not the only way to get us out of the thinking mind , and this way gives the mind clarity rather than confusion by focussing on the body. I totally support your application for a scholarship , and look forward to coming along to one of your classes in Scotland !!

  34. Angelique Anderson says:

    Good luck Mr Sunshine xxx

  35. Lily says:

    i can relate to Dee’s story and look forward to attending Dee’s classes.

  36. Jane Gwaltney says:

    Beautiful, Dee. I can relate to much of your chaotic search for answers. I hope this reply serves as a vote for scholarship because your experience and results can literally save lives.

  37. Andrew M says:

    Here’s to your scholarship! Cheers!

  38. Renee Wright says:

    Love and Light Dee! xo

  39. Steph says:

    beautifully summed up Dee, you put into words a journey that many of us have experienced. Good luck & I hope you get the scholarship!

  40. Karen Campbell says:

    Beautiful Dee. So glad that yoga is what is leading you. You absolutely deserve that scholarship.

  41. Luiza says:

    You so deserve this! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. xxx

  42. Roy Higginbottom says:

    A story with heart my man, good to see you have found your path and I wish you profoundly good luck in travelling it.

    “It matters not what a man does, only that he does it compleatly with all his being”

    Be good to see you sometime brother,


  43. Christoph says:

    Dee, that is a great story!!! I kind’o envy you for your courage to follow what feels right for you. You deserve it. Do some more good for the world!

  44. duncan robertson says:

    good luck dee

  45. rod says:

    All the best Dee, I hope it comes together for you.

  46. will pastore says:

    Dee-lighted to give a one up for you my friend..

  47. andrea grout says:

    Go for it Dee, I so hope you get the scholarship. You will be an inspiration for many of us out there. Best of luck!


  48. Tracy says:

    I think Dee deserves this yoga training place because he has dedicated the past three years to transforming himself into a physically and mentally healthy and happy person who now wants to help make other people healthy and happy too.

  49. Bex says:

    Brilliant xxxxx

  50. r t says:

    i fully support Dee !

  51. sheree says:

    Very inspiring Dee, I am sure your legacy will be one that you help many people transform…

  52. TG says:

    I’m continually amazed at the wonders of yoga! Best of luck Dee!

  53. Joel Goble says:

    Illusory people run around in an illusory burning (crack) house. Save the world my holographic brother, blessings.

  54. marcia says:

    Great Dee! Really inspiring x

  55. Audrey says:

    Good luck in the future

  56. Salome says:

    Wow Dee, I’m really impressed. I wish I’d get the chance to study yoga with you as my teacher. And I’m curious to hear about the particularities of Agama Yoga! I don’t know it. I’m determined to really start yoga sometime soon. I’ve given it a couple tries, and I always liked it a lot, but somehow I was never able to follow a class regularily due to my ever changing daily routine.
    All the best!!

  57. Joey Henderson says:

    Best of luck, Dee…and just think….if you have transformed this much in 3 years….where will you be in another 3? Amazing :) you have my vote.

  58. elise says:

    Love it! Good luck! Hugs

  59. Natalia says:

    HI Dee!
    Of course,want you to win,as you deserve your dreams!I am sorry i am no on facebook anymore or twitter otherwise i would do the same there…I am wishing you all the best and often remember us sitting in Ramana ashram and you wanting to leave :) Thanks also for sending emails about yoru journeys ,i am reading them all .ALl love from Mahaganga -Natalia,God Bless

  60. Eliza says:

    Dee love. Your heart and intention are lights. I raise an etheric glass of the good golden stuff to you winning the scholarship 😉 <3 Much love be you.

  61. Lisa Henry says:

    Dear Dee, the very best of luck to you and I fully support you on this amazing undertaking. Everything’s crossed… eagle pose! xx

  62. Toni says:

    I know that if anyone deserves this scholarship it is you. YOu have such a light, and a hunger to seek knowledge that I know that you will imbue your students with your sweet passion. I hope you win, you could do so much with this opportunity

  63. Keren Assouline says:

    Dee being a yoga teacher is another step for a better world :)

  64. Emma Carruthers says:

    Mr Sunshine, you brought light into my life every day that I spent with you at Agama Yoga last year. I am so happy to hear that you will be guiding others along this path next year as a yoga teacher. I look forward to calling you my teacher some day soon. Love on.

  65. moran says:

    what an inspiration!
    way 2 go!

  66. Upekshapriya says:

    Good luck with the scholarship :-)

  67. Eskimo Pie says:

    Dee is a very talented artist and poet. He is one of the few who is truly living the spiritual life. Many of us have had the pleasure of following his physical and mental journey through Asia and other parts of the world as he has shared his experiences on FB. He has studied with the masters in their spiritual homes and he has much to teach all of us.

  68. Nancy Edwards says:

    Best of luck with your teacher training!

  69. Vanessa Cousins says:

    My vote is for Dee!

  70. Claudia says:

    Good luck Dee- you deserve it!

  71. eyal now says:

    inspiring story.
    good luck Dee !

  72. Sara Macdonald says:

    Great work Dee, I’m really heatened by your journey to recovery – you have my vote.

  73. Rachel says:

    Good luck Dee! x

  74. Agnese says:

    GO Dee! Give us a shout once you’re done and I’ll come find your classes.

  75. Jonathan Rowan says:

    Dee loved reading your story. If there is anyone that deserves a scholarship in yoga its you, wishing you all the best,

  76. Beth says:

    Hey Dee,

    So beautiful to read about your journey, especially as where I met you was at that very Dhanakosa retreat. I hope you get this chance to become a teacher, I have a feeling you’d be bloody good at it.


  77. Katie Anne says:

    Hello, Sir. I am also in this scholarship voting. And as much as I want to win. I hope you become a teacher, yourself ! So I voted for you. And I hope you continue to inspire. I would like to “friend” you on fb. I am at

  78. Markandeya says:

    Amazing.. blessings on your yoga journey!!

  79. jeni howland says:

    Dee – you inspired me when we met in Koh Phangan last year and through facebook continue to do so. Love, light and scolarships should absolutely come your way!!

  80. ricky says:

    good luck dee! nothing but love for you man! (but im voting for kirsty too)

  81. Sherri says:

    Good Luck Dee!

  82. liz says:

    I think Dee would make an amazing teacher! He is the one who helped do the shoulder stand, something no one else could make me do.:)

  83. Elizabeth says:

    Hope you win, Dee!:)

  84. Efrat Shaked says:

    Dear Dee, we met in Rishikesh quite a while ago but you are always in my heart. Wishing you a good luch and always be one with your heart. It will take you exactly where you should be…believe in you. love, FiFi.

  85. Dutch says:

    Your commitment to self development is inspirational. Good luck my friend.

  86. shadoe says:

    Hope you will get Scholaship,Good Luck

  87. Pat says:

    Good Luck,Dee

  88. Chihiro says:

    Hey Dee, long time! Reading the great paths you ve been through and are going through soooo excited me ! Surrender! >w< love xxx

  89. Monika says:

    all the best for you dee !!! love monika

  90. michelle says:

    good luck to you, you get my vote :)

  91. Tamarin says:

    Yay Dee, big psychic hugs! xxxccccc

  92. Yi-Wen Chen says:

    Hope we meet again in TTC next year, dear dee~ ^________^ xxxooo

  93. Sankari Ni Bhriain says:

    Proud of you. HUGS

  94. Heather Rose says:

    Beautiful story! Best of luck to you on your path of light, dear brother!

  95. says:

    Dee you deserve it, go pure, go yoga! Love Love Love xxxx

  96. Elizabeth Marton says:

    Dee, you are dedicated and inspirational. You will be an amazing yoga instructor. Please keep it up and may you have all the good things that you want manifest in your life. All the best to you!

  97. Erika Marton says:

    All the best to you Dee!

  98. Jojo says:

    Your amazing,

  99. Gabor says:

    All the best in your yoga Dee

  100. pepper phoenix says:

    You can’t change what you’ve already done but you can change what happens next.Your words were written with such a depth of honesty i had to blink back tears of emotion(and a few escaped)You inspire by all that you do,this scholarship was made for

  101. Agy Merta says:

    Great story Dee, I am with you! You have done great transformation. Hope to see you sometimes. Love x Agy

  102. Rod says:

    It’s lovely to read Dee’s article about his battle with drugs and his realization that drugs are a false spiritual path. i was brought up in the 1960’s and i am sad to see that drugs are even a greater part of young people’s lives now more than ever before. So many are looking for quick fixes to their fears and unhappiness. Good luck Dee and i hope you get your scholarship. Rod

  103. michael six says:

    Good luck.

  104. Ruth says:

    Lovely story, good luck!

  105. lorraine taylor says:

    Go Dee! There is no doubt in my mind that you will definitely inspire others to transform themselves. Wishing you all the best in the world with your yoga journey and new career… Love Lorraine Xx

  106. Alal Nina Neter says:

    best of luck!!!!!! i am waitng to hear good news i believe in u (: love and alots of light my dear!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Kadi says:

    I am running against you. Ha! But love that your mom wrote on the yoga teacher training page… couldn’t help but show my support. Go Dee!!

  108. adam divine says:

    your an inspiration brother, the tranformation in you radiates out.
    peaceji x

  109. claire nielson says:

    I think that through your personal experience of suffering, and the mental and physical serenity you have acquired through yoga studies, you will be the perfect subject to train as a yoga teacher.
    All the best, Dee, very good luck!

  110. James Mackintosh says:

    Hi Dee,
    its been quite a journey..a lovely riece of writing too! I hope all of your hard work leads you to where you want and need to be.
    Good luck, amnd lots of love, Jamesx

  111. Michael Levy says:

    Dee is a genuine soul who can make a difference in this world …May she to go from strength to strength in divine bliss

    In Love & Joy
    Michael Levy. Professional Optimist

  112. simon scaddan says:

    A very inspiring essay Dee. You get my vote.

  113. Maggie Fyffe says:

    Hi Dee
    It sounds like an amazing road to be travelling
    with love x

  114. Emma Warmington says:

    Hey Dee, an inspiring story indeed! You get my vote. Good luck!

  115. Helen says:

    Good Luck Dee!
    Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey,
    Peace and Love,
    Helen x

  116. aileen mccauley says:

    Dee deserves a place to go and study and qualify to become a yoga teacher.He has lived his life and,like everyone of us made some wrong life choices along the way.Myself included.Because of this and not in spite of this Dee will be in a very powerful and priviledged place to help teach others how to transform their lives to a better and more harmonious place.He gets my vote.

  117. Megan Morrison says:

    hello i’m ailidh morrison’s daughter and i don’t know you but if that’s what you want to do, here’s my vote!

  118. Magdalena Ball says:

    Hi Dee, wonderful story, and I think many of us can relate to it and to the way that yoga has transformed more than our bodies. Best wishes with this!

  119. hetty says:

    go for it dee and best of luck

  120. Ishy says:

    Hi Dee, best wishes for the scholarship – you get my vote!
    And when you return to set up in Scotland – give me a shout – setting up social enterprises is my gig so if you need anything…..

  121. kris says:

    lovely writing, inspiring story…good luck dee!

  122. Kaela Rowan says:

    Dee, I am right behind you and think you would make a wonderful yoga teacher especially since Ive already experienced a home class from you when youwere back home in Scotland briefly this year and I was really impressed. Definitely get my vote!

  123. Len Fligel says:

    Hi Dee, I wish you all the very best with this, I think you will get lots and lots of votes, you certainly deserve to!!

  124. Tchumbley says:

    All success Dee in whatever you go for.

  125. Anne Sofie Linge Valdal says:

    Here’s my vote to you!

  126. John Sikorski says:

    A very voteworthy cause.

  127. Lynda Benham says:

    Dee has undergone such an inspiring journey which I am sure at times was not easy. It would be a loss to many people that he in turn would be able to inspire if he cannot train as a teacher. He gets my vote!

  128. Sasha Fligel says:

    All the best Dee! XXX Sasha

  129. Corrina Hewat says:

    An inspirational story. All the best to you on your journey, you get my vote!

  130. aykut says:

    One thing I love about Agama is the great diversity of people finding it on their personal paths to self realization and peace and you are a beautiful part of this. I hope you get the scholarship.

  131. Hazel says:

    Good luck x

  132. Evelyn Wright says:

    Good luck with your course – I’m sure you’ll have enough votes Evelyn x

  133. william perry says:

    aw the best!

  134. rick popham says:

    Dee hello, you write a good essay. I wish you all the best in this journey. I could use some of your new found inspiration. Maybe a personal session next time you’re over. All the best. Rick

  135. rick says:

    Excellent. you got my vote; goodluck.

  136. tim l says:

    Wahoo!!!…go for it! Much Metta.

  137. EncompassIdeas says:

    Go Dee!

    We really hope you get this schoolarship. Your story will definitely inspire your future students!!

    Morgan & Ariadna

  138. lucy says:

    Dearest Dee
    this is so heart felt….i wish you every success.
    my path as yoga teacher has helped transform and direct my life towards the One, there are many ways, but i see your heart has set its course…x

  139. seona robinson says:

    making conscious changes in ones life is challenging and the dedication to share this through teaching is admirable and beautiful. My vote and blessings to you Dee.

  140. Sweep says:

    Very inspirational, you’ve got my vote- good luck!

  141. sarah moshe says:

    Such an incredible transformation. I can see you would be an amazing teacher, I really hope you get it. You speak & write with so much depth, from your heart. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xxx

  142. Magdalena says:

    Wishing you all the very best, Dee! <3

  143. Vicki Goldsberry says:

    Soulful, authentic and inspirational. I wish you luck, Dee!

  144. arlette george says:

    Paint the Sunshine with your Consciousness

  145. Wade Vonasek says:

    Good luck Dee! If you excel at this the way you do in the arts, then you will be one of the best. :)

  146. Nick Prescott says:

    Thanks Dee. I hope you gain this scholarship and are able to continue and help others

  147. lucia kilianova says:

    thank you…wonderful…good luck….

  148. Roni says:

    Good luck Dee!! Your journey is an inspiration :)

  149. Elicia Woodford says:

    You are needed Dee, spread your Light & Love to those looking for a way out of misery. Love & Blessings to you for your teaching path xoxo

  150. Liz Lee says:

    Good luck with training! Namaste. :-)

  151. Peter says:

    Very inspiring!

  152. armelle says:

    good luck to you Dee

  153. Brian Jacobsen says:

    I am going through those changes of yours as we speak, I wish you peace and respect for you on the way and for being!

    Brian aka Homier Pip Doh

  154. henry thompson says:

    Dee its so great to hear that your so clear and inspired om a path of care and healing. I hope to.take a class from you one day! X

  155. Fouzia says:

    You have my vote Dee! I never knew all of your personal story when we met at Agama last year, but it seems as though you have really found your path. Good luck to you! Perhaps I will see you at Agama sometime soon :). xx

  156. Shilpa says:

    Good luck!

  157. Umberto Fracassi says:

    Bravo, Dee, inspiration seems to have permeated you.. I do very much agree that your, say, “hands-on” experience on substances’ abuse is now a most precious tool to unravel some majestic mysteries within one’s self – mysteries that in fact are there to be looked at, with just the appropriate mindset. Keep on, I wish you well for your scholarship..

  158. Calum says:

    Consider yourself voted for

  159. Anni Rantanen says:

    Namaste Dee!

    Loved your story. Really hoping you get the scholarship. Good luck. xxx

  160. Sophie Plowden says:

    You have my vote!

  161. Reene says:

    Best wishes x

  162. Annie says:

    Dee! Well said :) I met you in Thailand and was so impressed with your serenity! Notebook filled with different yoga schedule for every day, always had the time to be present and smile for people. Sometimes people need to go down, way down, before they can go up… Then they rise way up knowing that anything is possible! I believe you would be a healthy teacher for yourself and others, the more yogi’s the better this world will be, PEACE LOVE EVOLUTION, pass it on, love and light, annie ps THIS IS MY VOTE :)

  163. Ula says:

    Dear Dee! It’s an amazing story and i wish i could be so lucky to have you in Scotland and have some inspiration from you. I believe you are a great teacher as you are a wonderful and positive energy person! have my vote for sure :)

  164. G says:

    Best of luck Dee !

  165. lucy mcandrew says:

    All the best to you, Dee. Looking forward to you giving a workshop one day here in the west of Ireland, please…Shanti

  166. Fee says:

    Sunshine always. You get my vote just fine. X

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