Time to Give Back

yoga blendOne and a half years ago, the sky was blue and so was I. I could barely get out of bed. The world was caving in on me, not knowing how to make it stop or how I could feel anything but pain. I was suffering. Emotionally and physically, feeling like my soul was dying. All I could do was sob. My marriage was doing a downward spiral; my 58 year old menopausal body was feeling the effects from aging and I ached all over. The hot flashes were ongoing and almost unbearable. Every little bit of passion I had ever felt in my life was dying. I felt helpless and hopeless.

As I was driving to work, I saw a sign; literally. It was a yoga studio that I had passed several times, but had never seen it. That day I saw it. When I got to work and looked it up and thought “why not”? The price was right so I decided to give it a shot. After all, I needed exercise and thought this might work better than a gym for me. So it was decided. After work I went to check it out.

I walked through the door and saw this sweet angelic face sitting behind the desk who greeted me with the most loving smile. I almost thought she was smiling at someone behind me. I had never been there before but all of a sudden I felt like I was home. I was scooped up by loving yoga arms and a sense of peace fell over me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I signed up for the introductory special at Yoga Blend and then it changed my life.

Why do I want to teach yoga? The answer is simple. I want to be able to help ease someone else’s pain and suffering as my teachers have eased mine. I want to be able to show other people, especially woman my age going through all the changes that I am experiencing, that we don’t need to suffer. By aligning our breath and movement together we can reduce physical and emotional pain. That life is not close to being over, but that it is close to really beginning. That a happy life is a choice we can make and that 58 years old is not too old to reinvent yourself and become the person we have always been deep down inside. To be who we truly are at the core of our being no matter what our age or stage of life.

It’s really hard to say which of my teachers has inspired me the most as I learn something different from all of them. But Bekah Finch Turner at Yoga Blend was the first voice to lead me to my inner self. I never tire of listening to her stories that seem to touch my very core. To this day, no matter how I feel, when I hear her voice I move to that place of bliss and peace. Christy Marsden (owner and teacher at Yoga Blend) has taught me what community is and has helped me push through some very difficult pain to get to the other side. I am still working through it all and will the rest of my life, with the help of Yoga. But now, I know I can. My home is at Yoga Blend and I would so love to have my teachers continue to share their love and knowledge of teaching with me.

I believe that no matter what we do in this life time, we should always act from a place of love and send that energy back into the world. I believe that it is our responsibility to give back what we have been blessed with. If I can make an impact on the world it would be to help others learn the most essential part of growth and balance. To help others know that they are loved, one down dog at a time!

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Debbie Lowe

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  1. Deanna says:

    Very Inspiring Debbie! I hope you the best of times and know you will lead people to the same peace of mind you have found.

  2. Annalese says:

    I’ve seen the changes in you my friend and have already benefited from your newly found grace and passion. You are so ready to follow this new dream of yours, you will find a way to get the training you need to become a teacher. I have all the faith in the world in you. xo

  3. Erica Y says:

    It’s extremely important to stay active no matter what age you are; there’s something for everyone. It’s inspiring to hear your story Debbie, and thrills me that despite through rough times, you where able to find something suitable to help you rise above it all. Exercising promotes a healthy way of living both internally and externally. I hope you win this scholarship to continue inspiring others. Best Wishes.

    -Erica Y

  4. Claudia says:

    I have known Debbie for two-thirds of my life and who she is now, a woman who deeply loves without reservation, who surrenders to peace and walks through her pain to connect to her innate joy — strong and vital and connected to source — this is a new way of being in the world for her, and I am overjoyed to experience it through her. I am deeply touched by how yoga has changed her life. I envision her bringing this grace to others as a teacher.

  5. Sara says:

    I have known Debbie Lowe for 6 years. Last year, her entire out look on life changed. She has always loved helping people. She helped me find my true singing voice and power.
    I believe that Debbie will make an excellent teacher. She will be able to help those of us who feel beyond help, because she’s been there, and worked through it.
    Please give her the training class. Bringing Yoga to our community out by home would help Debbie, and everyone else in the community.

  6. Eliana Crema says:

    Debbie – I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Love, ~Eliana

  7. Maya Wilson says:


  8. Amanda Katz says:

    Debbie deserves this more than anyone. I have seen the transformation she has made into a more peaceful, happier life. I know her love for Yoga and how badly she wants to become a teacher and enrich other peoples lives the way her mentors have enriched hers. She is very dedicated and I know could make an impact on every life she touches for the better.

  9. Zahida says:

    I don’t know anyone who could deserve this more!!

  10. Kathryn says:

    You will be an amazing teacher!

  11. Rebecca says:

    What a terrific goal! Go Debbie!

  12. Jessica says:

    As Debbie’s sister I have seen her journey through many of her life experiences. Her spirit, passion and determination have enabled her to be successful in pursuing many of her goals. Since Yoga has entered her life, I have witnessed the incredible evolution of her mind and body. Her ability to use Yoga to transcend emotional and physical challenges is inspiring. Her genuine compassion and efforts to help others in her life make her a perfect candidate for this training and profession. Her own experience of personal transformation will be a powerful example for others. She deserves this opportunity and is ready!

  13. Kess says:

    Good luck! I’m pulling for you, even though I don’t actually know you.

  14. Roberta says:

    I can’t wait for you to become my teacher! I have not done yoga in a long time and it’s time to get back to it. Since I’m going through many of the same challenges that you have, I would love for you to help bring me to where you are today. I love you and wish you best. I hope you win this scholarship because you deserve it!

  15. J M LOWE says:

    an angel in disguise!

  16. J M LOWE says:

    an angel in disguise !

  17. Brigid Conroy says:

    I hope you get this Debbie I think you deserve it! You will be a great teacher.

  18. David Ruckman says:

    I have known Debbie for many years, and have seen a profound change in her since she discovered yoga. She was born to do this. She is a teacher already. Debbie just needs the opportunity to make it official. You won’t regret it! Namaste.

  19. PJ LiBrandi says:

    Debbie would not only LOVE to do this, but would be an inspiration to anyone around her.

  20. Lynsey says:

    Good luck Debbie

  21. Song says:

    Debbie, that was beautiful! You are a wonderful woman inside and out and i’m glad that you have found something that you love to do and makes you happy!! I would totally take a yoga class with you as the teacher!

  22. Tina C says:

    Debbie is such a wonderful and giving person, anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher.

  23. Eddie Lowenstein says:

    I have known Debbie for a very very long time and there is no one more deserving of a scholarship than her. She is a wonderful woman and with her experience and personality could make others lives more meaningful and full. She has my 45 votes.

  24. bel adler says:

    Beautiful essay with lovely, warm, inspiring thoughts.

  25. Kristy Wallach says:

    Good luck I hope you win because you deserve it :)

  26. Meredith Reno says:

    I have known Debbie since we were little girls together and I have never seen her as calm, peaceful and spiritually healthy as she now is. I live on the other side of the continent, but was blessed by Debbie taking me to one of her yoga classes when I was out for a visit. I have since begun taking yoga. Debbie has worked hard for everything she has attained in her life and has a plethora of experiences to share w/ others that will help them find their own healing path. She is an inspiration to me and I can only hope that my continued sending of positive, affirmative energy and love will bring her the scholarship that she so deserves to fulfill her life’s role as a spiritual yoga teacher.

  27. Marty says:

    I hope when (notice I say when not if) you become a teacher you will hold classes for all of us here at the theatre. We need that balance more than ever! Such a beautiful person, you would be a great teacher and giver. Good luck.

  28. Mario Alarez says:

    I can tell you by experience that Debbie one of the most caring and kind hearted people that I’ve ever met. I first met Debbie almost 10 years ago working for a post production company as her assistant. She took me under her wings and showed me the ropes. She is a great mentor and if wasn’t for her I wouldn’t ne where I am today. Good luck Debbie, we love you!

  29. Mario Alvarez says:

    I can tell you by experience that Debbie is one of the most caring and kind hearted people that I’ve ever met. I first met Debbie almost 10 years ago working for a post production company as her assistant. She took me under her wings and showed me the ropes. She is a great mentor and if wasn’t for her I wouldn’t ne where I am today. Good luck Debbie, we love you!

  30. Mels de Zeeuw says:

    Inspring Debbie. You deserve it! Good luck. :)

  31. Chris says:

    Good luck…

  32. Deb J says:

    Thanks for sharing your essay, Debbie. I am so proud to know you! You inspire me!

  33. Heather Bond says:


    This is so inspirational!! I myself have been in such a funk!! Yoga has been in my mind as a solution. Your article shows me that no matter how down we get mentally, spritually and physically we can make changes for the better. I definatley believe that Mind Body Spirit are designed to work together and you really validate that. I would love to talk with you more about getting into yoga as a solution to so many problems.
    I love you, thank you for posting. You would be an excellent and compassionate Yoga Instructor!

  34. Reid G says:

    A lovely essay from a lovely person. Thank you for sharing, Debbie.

  35. Angela says:

    You are an amazing woman and I don’t know that anyone deserves this as much as you do.

    Love you Debbie!!

  36. Betty Lowe says:

    After reading your wonderful essay, how could I vote for anyone but you, Deb. (So I won’t)

  37. Karl Maschek says:

    Wonderful essay Debbie! I’m very happy that our paths have crossed!

  38. james william sinclair says:

    Yes, Debbie would be an incredible yoga teacher. Namaste!

  39. Elaine S. says:

    After reading this essay, I am totally inspired to take a yoga class. I can’t think of anyone more nurturing and motivating than Debbie!

  40. chrissy+sadie says:

    go, debbie!

  41. Linda says:

    Debbie would be our winner for any kind of contest! eg; best singer, friend, actress or most passionate person we know. Love you.

  42. Debbie Smith says:

    Thank you all for the support! I am blessed to have you in my life!

  43. Gary Richards says:

    That was very well put, Debbie. You inspired me. I wish nothing but the best for you.

  44. Dave Dolnick says:

    Nice essay Debbie. I’m glad you found Yoga. I have been practicing Yoga for over a decade. It took me about two years to be able to breathe correctly (inhale completely during upward salute, pause, and exhale completely during forward fold). Once I learned how to breathe and became comfortable in the poses, it became a form of moving meditation. I have a home practice and attend classes twice a week. There’s a different energy when you practice Yoga with a group. I have a wonderful instructor who is Indian so we get the full eastern feel during our classes. It sounds like you have grasped what Yoga really is. I’m sure you would be a terrific instructor. Best wishes to you going forward. Namaste.

  45. Pamela Spencer says:

    If ever there was a soul who was meant to teach Yoga, it is Debbie. Through her own struggles not only has she embraced Yoga, it has taken her to a place of completeness, wholeness, oneness. She now naturally shares this with others in her healing, peaceful way with amazing ease and love. Yoga lives in Debbie’s core. It is as important to her life as breath itself. She is deserving of this scholarship on every level. I am excited for her future students as they will learn from a woman who is knowledgable, compassionate, loving and passionate about sharing the gift of Yoga. I am also excited for Debbie’s continued learning.

  46. Rebecca Smith says:

    Debbie – What a beautiful essay. You are a wonderful writer and I know that who ever you teach will be so lucky. Good luck!

  47. Linda Miller says:

    It is good to see you so calm and centered. This was a wonderful testimonial for yoga and your teachers. I believe this is really something you would be good at! Good luck! I hope you get the scholarship so that you can help others learn things that have helped you get through a difficult time. xoxox!

  48. Melissa Ferrante says:

    Awesome Debbie! Enjoy the ride :)

  49. Alicia says:

    This is beautifully spoken, Debbie! Best of luck in your practice and transformation. You are an inspiration to us all, old and young!

  50. Sylvie Madore says:

    Heartfelt and relatable. A perfect start to a great teaching career!

  51. Michelle Friedman says:

    I cannot think of anyone who is more suited to being a yoga instructor then Debbie. Over the years, I have seen her soar and excel through out her spiritual journey. She seems to be enjoying every minute of it. Any one lucky enough to encounter her vibration would learn that she will bring a sense of calmness and peace to any yoga class.

  52. Tom Farr says:

    Good Luck Debbie!!

  53. rudy ayala says:

    What a great story, Debbie! Your inner peace was always there, you just needed to find it, and be aware when help was there in front of you! You are a very lucky person, or maybe it was something besides luck? If the light of peace was looking for a place to nest, it doesn’t surprise me that it found that place in you. You have always been a special and beautiful woman…now spread that gift with as many as you can! Good Luck!….peace & love, rudy

  54. Liz de Poorter says:

    Done.Good luck!!

  55. Melissa says:

    Follow your bliss, Debbie! Best wishes!

  56. Mark says:

    I have seeb Deb’s journey towards many goals. Being in a play, Having the lead in a play etc. I have seen how she has changed over the years.
    She certainly inspires whoever she is around

  57. Sandra says:

    I met Debbie years ago. She has always been a ray of light in my life. Good luck, hon. I feel so honored to know you.

  58. Jeanine says:

    You SO deserve this Debbie!! You’re an inspiration, truly! Love ya! :)

  59. Ellen Brooks says:

    Debbie, I can’t think of a more deserving soul who should have this opportunity to share and teach your beautiful inner light and outer glow ( and no I am not referring to your hotflashes). You are not my cousin, but my long lost sister, who came into my world when I needed a comforting soul more than ever. During my Dad’s sickness and eventually loss of life, you were the one who was there for me with unconditional love, strength and an exhuberant amount of beautiful energy. without you in my life, my energy would have been very dimm, but your positive connection to yoga, stars and earth, has enabled me to see much more than here on earth. I love you with all my soul, and if you don’t win, they are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to have you as a part of their team. Best of Luck

  60. Cecelia says:

    Great essay Debbie. Good luck!

  61. Jeremy Miller says:

    Vote for Deb!! Good luck Debbie, I know how much Yoga has meant for you, and how well you can bring that same benefit to other people, really hope you win this opportunity!!

  62. Nick says:

    Debbie, you’ve always been an inspiration to me. Hard to imagine someone more deserving.

  63. James C. Guinane says:

    Good luck Debbie I hope you win!

  64. Marriah says:

    Beautifully written, Debbie! You are a strong and inspiring woman with a loving heart. You’ve got my vote and support, dear one! xoxox

  65. Erin Brett says:

    You would make an amazing teacher! Good luck Debbie!

  66. Vicki K says:

    Let’s go Debbie, Let’s go!!!

  67. Marieke van der Schans-de Zeeuw says:

    Debbie, go for it! And good luck!

  68. Yair Halfon says:

    Only someone who is true to himself can find true love which you did Debbie.
    Well done, I was touched by your article and I am sure you will get it (like you won in the cruise :-)

  69. Steve Elder says:

    It’s great to see someone you love turn their life around.

  70. Sandra says:

    yeee hawww

  71. Rosalie Lazar says:

    May you continue on the Path of Happiness stretching, balancing, and beaming Wisdom and Grace within and without.

  72. elizabeth mckenzie says:

    No one would inspire me more than Debbie!

  73. Craig Manhart says:

    You might actually inspire me to take Yoga someday (notice I said might)! You are an inspiration to everyone around you – I’m proud to have you as a friend – and you’d make a great yoga instructor!

  74. Jen B. says:

    Debbie is such a caring person. I am so happy that yoga has done so much for her. It’s great that she wants to pay her happiness forward. She would be a wonderful yoga instructor!

  75. n.benedict says:

    Debbie should continue on this path…she has a way with expressing herself and could help others.

  76. Sherry Lowe says:

    Debbie is full of wonderful energy and great talents. She deserves a chance to shine and be a teacher of Yoga. She has so much to give and channel into a new life for herself and for others. -like a cloud moving on to let the sun shine thru-that’s the possibility here for my sister.

  77. Jen says:

    Debbie, you deserve this more than anyone I know. It’s been wonderful watching you blossom as your practice evolves, and I know you will be an inspiring yogi because you are so kind and caring. Big love from the red corner in the grey room. :-)

  78. Susan says:

    Beautiful essay Debbie ~ I’m grateful to know you & share this journey of teaching yoga. I’m happy you found this path! Love & light to you, best of luck to a most deserving, loving soul xo Susan

  79. Karen Luttenberger says:

    Debbie would be the best addition to your program – period. She is the kindest and most centered person. As one who has practiced yoga for over 30 years and the spouse of a yoga teacher and therapist, I know the benefits of certification – for Debbie and of course, for those who she will teach. PLEASE give her this chance.

  80. John Knowles says:

    It looks like I might need to give up Wine, and check out Yoga

  81. sam salgado says:

    You go on with your bad self, girl!

  82. Dave Wallach says:

    Debbie is more than my cousin, she is what family is all about. Debbie is the original “Timex” she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ No matter the circumstances, all you need to hear is her voice and you are automatically lifted. If there is anyone who is an example of perseverance it is Debbie. Through my dad’s illness and eventual passing, Debbie was always there and continues to be there for my mother, my sister, and myself. Debbie is the only choice for this scholarship. All my love to Deb and remember to breath

  83. Brenda Vincent says:

    One might think that at the age of 58 it is much too late to start looking at a new career, however, I saw on MSN the other day a woman who is 90 years old and still teaching Yoga and has no plans of quitting any time soon. I can see Debbie teaching for years to come, because as she stated, she has found her passion. Passion for life, living and giving to others. It is time to give back what she has received, and I hope she will be given that opportunity. Love you Deb.

  84. Felicia Wong says:

    Debbie, that is beautiful. I am so glad you found Yoga Blend, and I’m honored to be able to practice with you in our wonderful community. Stay strong, and thank you for wanting to spread the love & light of yoga!

  85. Jim Busby says:

    You are a great person I can see why you want to help people you have the soul of an angel. Please keep helping as you do.

  86. Sharon McDowell says:

    Debbie: You are truly amazing! Yoga has changed your life! You will make an exceptional instructor! Then, I’ll come and take classes from you!

  87. Greg Reed says:

    Great essay, Debbie! I think the perspective you bring will make you an excellent instructor. Your commitment to helping others is inspiring.

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