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throughout my travelsThroughout my travels, I have learned yoga is a way of life which can be taken with me wherever I go. Whether a situation brings me happiness or sadness, I can always rely on my personal yoga routine to balance out the day and bring me back to me. The physical and mental demand of yoga is intertwined with strength and peace which has helped me become stronger inside and out. Becoming a yoga teacher would give me the opportunity to share these amenities with others.

The art of yoga has been passed down for centuries by teachers to students with special charisma. This glowing guidance was first introduced to me during a year I spent in Korea. My teacher, Sujee, was such a stern yet honest soul. Acknowledgment and praise for my mental commitment was recognized, while she continuously questioned my daily physical activities. She made me honest with myself. I thank Sujee for making me see me and helping me become me, which is my inspiration to share yoga with others.

My interest in yoga led me to scout the market for a teacher training program to grow professionally, while maintaining the one-on-one approach. FlorYoga caught my attention for these reasons and on various other levels. I admire a studio that is focused on the quality of their teachings instead of the quantity of students. FlorYoga only accepts ten students per yoga certification program. With the space and quality of instructors in this studio, I found this to be an outstanding program and very appealing environment.  FlorYoga not only guides students towards an efficient and safe yoga practice, but teaches students professionalism in the yoga world. What good are tools and passion if you don’t know how to professionally share this with the community? With the yoga instructor training program at FlorYoga, I genuinely see myself transforming from student to teacher. Upon completion of this program I see myself prospering in various ways in the yoga world.

One primary pursuit would be sharing yoga to other office individuals like myself.  In a generation saturated with individuals stationed behind desks, it becomes easy to ignore the body and mind, depriving oneself from functioning to the fullest. As an office individual, I am able to relate and understand what part of the body and mind lack attention. Outside of the office I also dance. After adding yoga to my daily regime, my dance skills excelled dramatically and my fear of injury diminished. I hope to add a more polished yoga regime at the beginning and end of my dance classes to give my dancers the strength and drive I receive from yoga.

As a well-rounded individual, I feel my contribution to the yoga world would be founded on genuine compassion for others. Given the opportunity to become a certified yoga instructor, I hope to share this way of life with anyone! Knowledge is the key to a sustainable lifestyle, which I have found through yoga. Knowledge should be shared with the world.. with the proper teacher!

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Ashley Elgation

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  1. Bill Yager says:

    Very well written article. I hope you are blessed to receive the training you seek.

  2. Tatianna Morales says:

    As a fellow dancer, my support extends to Ashley b/c i am in her very same shoes and would love to see her express her love & spirit for this practice with others who need it ;-))

  3. tony says:

    ashe is totally involved and committed to this course of action….god bless ya ashe and the article is perfect,Im proud of you.

  4. Tom Robertson says:

    One vote from a fellow St. Petersburg (yoga hotbed) alum.

  5. Sara says:

    Yeah Ashley! Great job! I hope you win!!

  6. Valerie says:

    Would love to see more articles on YOGA and AGING. Keeping a flexible body (and mind) is key to graceful aging. Good Luck!

  7. Marjorie Teague says:

    Beautiful essay! Wishing you much luck Ashley. You have such a passion for life! Peace & Love ~ Marjorie

  8. Homam says:

    You might be already moved by what she wrote ,well wait until you meet her! Ashley is a great person ,smart ,energetic ,exciting ,full with love ,honest and pure. I know for fact that she is the best for this position and beyond and she will make the best Yoga teacher ever. She will not just train and teach people, she will heal them.

  9. Eve says:

    Sara Ru sent me here – I hope you win! Us office dwellers NEED all the good that yoga brings!

  10. Valerie Levine says:

    Go Ashley!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!

  11. Sara says:

    I’m so inspired by you! I think you’ll be an amazing yoga instructor!

  12. alexis says:

    Very well written essay. Ashley you are one of the warmest person I know and I hope you will be granted this opportunity to deepen your knowedge of your passion for yoga.

  13. Ashley says:

    Thanks Sara!!

  14. kelly bedeian says:

    You will make a great teacher! I hope you get this opportunity and I know you wouldn’t waste it!

  15. Jessica says:

    I love yoga, and I think you would be great instructor.

  16. Alanna says:

    You can feel the passion so strongly, that I’m at a loss of words.

  17. mary monzon says:

    You well deserve to win! Good luck.

  18. koyuki says:

    you are the best ashley !!!!

  19. Dave Calderon says:

    You light up a room with your smile and handle yourself with absolute grace. This seems like a natural fit for you! Good Luck!!

  20. Sonya Manjikian says:

    Ashley has the ability to immerse herself into any endeavor she pursues. As she is a naturally talented person who puts time and effort to strengthen her knowledge and abilities, she will truly excell as a Yoga instructor. I hope she wins!!! She is a beautiful person and will impact so many in this role.

  21. Vicki Bedeian says:

    AShley you would make a great teacher! You love what you do! Good luck and we hope you make it! We miss you in Iowa!

  22. sarah says:


  23. Rahul Modi says:

    I am sure you will make a great teacher. Best of Luck.

  24. Ruvie says:

    Ashley has a wonderful spirit that infects and inspires everyone around her. With this opportunity, it is my honest belief that her students will be able to have a teacher who will impart to them her skills, her talents and tenacity. Ashley has a vivacious personality, always quick to help and always wanting to help teach a new stretching move..even in the office! Her passion for the arts and for the power of exercise, rejuvenation and meditation,the ability to use the body as a form of positive release, I believe make her the best candidate for this yoga scholarship. Her heart for to give some of her inner joy to those around her is priceless, this platform will give her the power and access to do just that!
    Good luck Ashley!

  25. raj says:

    as someone stationed behind a desk, its true, i’ve ignored my body and mind for so long… as such, i’ve resolved to take up yoga. thanks ashley, well written and very inspirational!

  26. Tyler says:

    You will make a great teacher, Ashley!

  27. Arvind Mahendru says:

    Very well penned.

    You are well suited for the opportunity as you thrive on challenge, life-long learner and committed to the profession

    You well deserve to win! Good luck.

  28. Gabrielle Rineer says:

    Ashley, you totally deserve this! You’re an awesome person and you’ll be a great instructor! <3

  29. Monica K says:

    Ashley, I think you’ll make an awesome teacher! Really hope you’ll get the training. You have such dedication!

  30. Alison Kurth says:

    Best of luck, Ashley! I hope you get to do the teacher training!! You’ll make an amazing yoga instructor!

  31. Azin Rabiee says:

    Ashley I am sure your all your hard work, passion, positivity and personality will make you the yoga instructor you always wanted to be.

  32. Farideh Jahed says:

    I hope you get enough votes as you deserve this! best of luck

  33. Paul says:

    You certainly have earned this training. Hope you are chosen.

  34. Lauren Street says:

    I vote for Ashley! P Diddy said it best, “vote or die” lol

  35. Rob O says:

    Ashley, I agree that you need to find the right yoga teacher for you. Without the right fit, there will be few benefits.

  36. brinley rogers says:

    ashley is the best! has really taught me alot! i vote ash!!

  37. Sarah says:

    What an inspiring essay! Though I am not voting, I’m cheering you all on and hoping you will get to live all your dreams. Thanks so much for such beautiful writing. Sarah, Director FlorYoga

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