The Resplendent Journey

yogaA career in teaching yoga is something I very much want to manifest in my life. However, it is more than a mere desire; teaching yoga is my calling, if you will. Along the journey of self-discovery, there exist the kind of paths that wind their way to you, as if sent straight from the heavens, and ask simply that you take that first step. And so was my fate with the path of yoga. The sojourn began with a tender knock of providence upon the door to my latent destiny. In the many years since our love affair began, my personal yoga practice has exquisitely transformed every aspect of my being.

In the meantime, I have become a teacher by trade. Albeit, my students are of the academic kind and my classroom is not the yoga studio- not yet anyways. Teaching and tutoring high school students is another engagement born out of the fertility of circumstances in my life. It turns out, however, that I love to teach and my students consistently reward me with their enthusiasm, dedication, growth, and gratitude. These two paths have been gradually merging beneath my feet and all signs now point in the direction of the gift which this scholarship may grant- teaching yoga. Everyone deserves to experience the healing gifts of yoga! As a teacher, it would be my great honor to be part of the vessel that transports others to a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

My aunt, Suzanne Marlow is not only my favorite yoga teacher, but my goddess of inspiration and guidance as well. Her daily life, on and off the yoga mat, is infused with contemplative self-inquiry and expansion of self, joyful adventure, profound appreciation, and enriching relationships. She offers her wisdom, compassion, and radiance to all whom cross her path. I have been blessed with her presence in my life, and feel incredibly grateful to receive her many gifts. She teaches a yin style slow Vinyasa flow that, in her words, “is designed to enhance our awareness, and to discover conditioned patterns held in the body and mind that prevent us from realizing the truth of who we are”.

This slow flow allows for sustained connection to breath and facilitates the patience and fortitude we can use to go deeper. Her gentle and loving messages saturate every class with profound insight and mindfulness. She intuits exactly what her students need on any given day and begins each class with a meditation to set an intention rooted in authenticity of self. She harnesses that focused energy and carries it throughout each class. When she speaks, the wisdom of the universe flows through her. As if without any effort at all, she freezes illusion in its tracks and melts it with her words.

One of my first true yoga teachers, and, to a certain degree, the man who set it all in motion, Kishan Shah, studied under Shiva Rea at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement. My experience as a student under Kishan led me to choose this same training for myself. Kishan has a palpable passion for yoga and a steadfast conviction in its ability to transform. My spirit instantaneously connected to his yogic style and my body began to thank me for accessing unrealized potential. His classes exemplify the balance of yin and yang, lunar and solar, feminine and masculine.

Immersing myself in the dynamic sequence of asanas, or Prana flow, as Shiva calls it, felt like coming home. It became not only a physically challenging exercise in my life, but a means of transcending the limiting messages of the mind to reach new levels of aliveness and strength. I appreciate the depth of this training beyond the physical asanas it teaches, to include the spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and psychological spheres. Shiva’s training is immersed in the ancient Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda, a holistic medicine that I am very attracted to and have explored deeply through my travels to India. In addition to my curiosity for Ayurveda, I am especially interested in the teachings of Mystic Studies and Sacred Activism offered in this training.

As a yoga teacher, my purpose will be to help others come home to themselves. Through teaching, I hope to expand the community of mindful beings and foster connectivity to self and others. Beginning and ending each class with a short meditation, I will gently guide my students back to their breath, to a level of awareness where they can find the freedom to access and embody their truest intentions. In the studio, I will aim to create a space for self-reflection and discovery, removal of stress, and sanctification of mind, body, and spirit. This serene and safe, yet invigorating and empowering environment will allow my students to let go, transcend the captivity of self-limiting beliefs, find clarity, and experience the pure joy of existence. If my students walk away with a smile gracing their faces, I will have done my job well.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Hannah Fries

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  1. Justin Flint says:


    of course you have my vote and when the opportuntiy presents itself I’ll take your class. You help keep this world healthy and glowing.

  2. Kelsey Taylor Weireter says:

    you exude power and light- and so deserving of this scholarship. I can’t think of anyone I’d like to lead me in a yoga journey than you.


  3. Chloe Fries says:

    Great job fluff! Hope you get it :) wuvv youuuu

  4. Megan Jensen says:

    Oh Hannah, I think your aunt would agree that you’ve got a bit of that worldly wisdom in you too! You ignite inner awareness and interconnection, and becoming a yoga teacher would simply allow you to light the world on an even bigger scale.

    You are such a wonder. :)

  5. Lisa Littel says:

    Go Hannah! You have my vote all the way. Best of luck! Xx

  6. Alex Cantillon says:

    Hannah should win!

    She is a wonderful person and would make a fabulous teacher. She is patient, kind, nurturing, athletic, and imaginative – all qualities I believe are essential when you’re in training.

    Vote for Hannah, she deserves it!

  7. Linda Collier says:

    Hannah you are most deserving of this opportunity since you always give 150% to whatever you do! The Yoga Teacher Training should be honored to have you enrolled in their program.

  8. Ryan Luz says:

    Hannah Fries, you absolutely deserve this. I hope you get it and that this vote helps.

  9. Lauren says:

    I think Hannah is made fore this. Her presence, physical or otherwise, is constant in its patience and serenity.

  10. Chuck Fries says:

    Great all around!

  11. Madeline Cantillon says:

    Hannah is one of the most kind, generous, spiritual, gentle, humble, young women I know. I have struggled somewhat with yoga and know that if I were to have Hannah as a teacher, it would all come together for me as it is clear she incorporates the physical with the spiritual and mental in her practice. Hooray for Hannah!

  12. dfries says:

    Hannah is a true healer. Her words resonate with me at a very deep level for she exudes beauty and grace in all that she aspires to achieve. She so deserves this opportunity as she has so much to offer.

  13. Sinei Moreno-Botana says:

    Hannah is amazing!
    She shines with love, beauty, and positivity! She deserves this scholarship!

  14. fredde duke says:

    I think Hannah Fries deserves this and everyone will be blessed to have her as a teacher!!!!

  15. Leeroy McHassalhoff says:

    A yogi and a scholar. float on momma

  16. Diane Sherry says:

    A big Wow on the essay. Hannah will make a splendid teacher, and I can’t wait to take one of her classes!

  17. amelia says:

    Sounds like the best idea yet haha…LOVE THIS HANNAH…Please teach me! :)

  18. suzanne marlow says:

    Hannah lives with an intuitive sense like no other. She has taught me so much about how to love and take care of our surroundings with our intentions and actions. I am so glad that Hannah has opened the door to teaching yoga, and I would agree that when we listen the path unfolds itself so clearly. I am looking forward to having Hannah be my teacher.

  19. Robert Theofanis says:

    Go Hannah!

  20. Bev says:

    Amazing! I hope you get this scholarship, you deserve it!

  21. Paul Clay says:

    Good luck!

  22. Lisa Pine says:

    Hannah you have a brilliant gift for expressing yourself, and at the same time the capacity to share your knowledge and kindness. You will be an exemplary Yoga teacher.

  23. Damian says:

    Clearly born for it 😉

  24. natalie says:

    may your hopes manifest*
    send my lBP love to your mom

  25. Caitlin Howard says:

    I wonderful essay. I think you would be an incredible yoga teacher.

  26. Linda Collier says:

    You are the best.

  27. Jeffreyscollier says:

    Nice. You yoga girl!

  28. Kate Maternowski says:

    My vote’s for Hannah.

  29. Beth Bardovi says:

    Hannah I hope you win this scholarship… I would love to be in your class!

  30. Wendy Barels says:

    I am inspired by your essay, Hannah. So beautifully written! Good luck to you in applying for this scholarship. You certainly deserve it and will be an extraordinary yoga teacher!

  31. jb says:

    Hannah does many things well, as her thoughtful and “resplendent” essay shows. I am certain that she would be an appreciated and productive member of this yoga teacher’s program. I vote for Hannah! as she takes yet another step on her path to amazingness.

  32. Suzannah says:

    Yay, Hannah! Beautiful essay. Hannah + Yoga = <3

  33. Mae says:

    Of course, you, more than anyone I know, should be teaching yoga! Your gentle, kind, and thought-filled grace are exceptional skills for such a career. Your ability to connect mind and body to everyone you teach is a gift. Your essay imparts wisdom, Hannah, and creates an extension of the beauty that lives in you.

  34. Jackie says:

    This fits in perfectly with your other passions… I look forward to taking your class someday, Hannah!

  35. Nora says:

    A born teacher, a devoted yogi, a perfect marriage.

  36. liz kramer says:

    What a wonderful essay and so heartfelt…good luck you deserve it.

  37. Teri says:

    I think you’d be an amazing yoga teacher in every way! I hope you get the scholarship and send you manifesting energy. What is meant to be flows to you effortlessly.

  38. Erin Blakely says:

    Best wishes, Hannah. I know you will be an amazing yoga teacher!

  39. Katie Hampton says:

    This girl would be an incredible yoga teacher! I’m all in!

  40. Barbara says:

    A splendid essay! My vote is for Hannah!

  41. Clara says:

    Amazing, Hannah! Good luck.

  42. jiggatheFM says:

    You are capable of putting your legs behind your head, while smiling, as well as, composing a beautiful essay. Yet all of this only offers a small look inside the most beautiful spirit of anyone I’ve ever known, Hannah Elizabeth Fries.

  43. Summer Corrie says:

    Shine on Hannah! This is very exciting, for you, but for me and everyone else too :) Your light shines and shines and shines! Yoga is about to get even better! Woohoo!

  44. Helen Graham says:

    Best wishes in all of your endeavors Hannah. You’ll be a great yoga teacher! Take care.

  45. skip howard says:

    Hannah Fries is an inspiration,you go Hannah!

  46. Daniel Bahena says:

    You got this, Hannah!! You’ll get that scholarship in no time. Yoga is awesome, keep it up and let me know how it goes!

  47. Marc Esplugas says:

    Hannah, mucha suerte!

  48. Risa Gruberger says:

    What a fantastic opportunity! You have my vote.

  49. Molly R says:

    Good Luck Hannah!

  50. Amanda Chambers says:

    Hannah, you would make an absolutely amazing yoga teacher. You have my vote!

  51. Glenne Christiaansen says:

    Amazing essay, wishing you the best of luck! And hopefully take a class from you soon xoxx

  52. Karen Share says:

    I’m sure Hannah will be a wonderful yoga teacher.

  53. Natasha Marlow says:

    Vote for Hannah! She is awesome. Good Luck!

  54. Chanelle says:

    Hannah is an amazing teacher! She should definitely win

  55. Raquel Gonzalez says:

    Hannah… so nice to see you follow something you love, your essay was beautifully written. Cant wait to take your class!

  56. Julia Tomassetti says:

    Good luck Hannah!!!!

  57. gnes says:

    Talk about passion!

  58. greg cargill says:

    vote, in. i know you will be great.

  59. Laura Isham says:

    Woohoo, Hannah!! You can do it!! I’d love to take your class. Big big hugs. — Laura

  60. Zack Greenwald says:

    Hannah, you have my vote, my love, and my support.

  61. Kenny says:

    Awesome Hannah, good luck!

  62. Nathan says:

    Hannah leaves an impression with all the life and energy she is beaming with. She would be perfect as a yoga instructor!

  63. Spencer Kelly says:

    You have my vote Hannah! I hope hope hope you win!

  64. Trey S. says:

    As you can see by her beautifully-written, inspiring essay, Hannah is more than deserving of this scholarship. Now hurry up and give it to her so we can all start taking yoga classes from her.

  65. Ali Elowitz says:

    Of course you have my vote! Your passion for this path is inspiring, and I can not think of a person more deserving of a scholarship!

  66. Brooke says:

    Hannah – your thoughtful and gorgeously written essay exemplifies what I love about you and your life’s path: you are constantly striving to become your highest self and are fully invested in bringing others with you on this journey. You inspire me and remind me of who I want to be as a human being: fully realized in order to always be of service. I can’t wait for you to be a yoga teacher and to be able to reach class-fuls of students with your gentle, wise teachings and probably a little humor and silliness, too. I know that our healing paths are destined to be closely intertwined and I look forward to watching it all unfold.

  67. Ali Kamen says:

    Beautifully written Hannah.Best of luck to you on your journey… Om Shanti,

    Ali (friend of your cousin Josh)

  68. Ediggity says:

    The trees need water, the sun needs the moon and sand needs the beach…AND the Hannah needs the yoga. I won’t sleep until you win (it helps since I’m not sleeping much anyway). xoxo!

  69. Elizabeth says:

    Always inspiring, look forward to hearing more about your journey:)

  70. Tyler says:

    Splendidly written. Good luck Hannah!

  71. Hope Lash Gothelf says:

    What a fabulous person you are, just like you wonderful mother and sisters. You inspire people to be the best they can be. I truly hope you win this, I will send the messages to all of my friends.
    Good luck on this new journey.

  72. Eddie says:

    Go Hannah go! Much love!

  73. Pamela Tuttle says:

    Hannah is indeed a leader and healer. As students at UCLA she worked to green the campus and heal the earth, she also was very involved in yoga classes there. She has my vote.

  74. Ann says:

    Great article Hannah….best of luck! You’ve got my vote!!

  75. Allison Young says:

    Go Hannah! As a Yogini myself, I wholeheartedly endorse you as candidate for this scholarship!

  76. Deidre Ericksen says:

    Wonderful essay, Hannah. I hope you receive the scholarship!

  77. Cristi Ulrich says:

    I hope you get it!! Great paper. You MUST GET IT!!! :)

  78. Jannel Buckley says:

    you have my vote Hannah!!!! good luck!

  79. Hannah Fries says:

    How lucky am I to be connected to such beautiful, enthusiastic, supportive souls?!! Thank you everyone for your kind words- they warm the heart :) I can’t wait to see you all in class one day! xoxo, hannah

  80. Kelly says:

    Hannah will be an amazing yoga teacher!! One way or another I know you will achieve your dream. You have our vote!!

  81. Julie H says:

    Hannah should win this!!!

  82. Debbie says:

    Eloquent essay. It os very clear Hannah thay you have already mastered an understaning of many of the benefits of yoga. I’m sure you’ll be an outstanding teacher. Good to see you going for your dream.

  83. Luke says:

    Good luck Hannah!!

  84. Michele Yahe says:

    Good luck Hannah

  85. ginger martin says:

    Good luck my darling girl! xoxo

  86. Alison says:

    You might have to come to Bend! Im in desperate need of a yoga class I truly enjoy. I know you will make a great teacher!

  87. Rinat Ahdoot says:

    Awe inspiring! With you as my teacher I may actually get into yoga :)

  88. Gemma says:

    Awesome!!! I hope you get it!

  89. Denny Schmevans says:

    Good luck, Hannah!

  90. Shilla says:

    Good luck!

  91. Danielle says:

    Best of luck Hannah!

  92. Kylie says:

    Beautiful, Hannah! From one yoga teacher to another, I wish you much metta, a lifetime of balance and strength, and lots of yummy yoga bliss! I know you’ll bring peace, gentleness and wisdom to your future students. Om shanti, and enjoy the journey! Kylie xoxoxo

  93. Peter says:

    Good Luck!

  94. Erin says:

    Go Hannah! I read this because I know Brooke. I love that you talk about taking it OFF THE MAT. This is one of the most important pieces to live in alignment with your true values. I wish you the best luck in making your dreams come true.

  95. Connie Howard says:

    You are inspiring and thoughtful; a beautiful soul others must meet in their journey through life. Besides, you have to get this so that you can teach me when I get home. xo

  96. Robert Martinez says:

    I know Brooke from PCOM, and obviously, quality people run in her family. May your journey as a guide and teacher be a long and fruitful one. Also, inasmuch as yoga is union with the divine and a form of dharma, may your dharma-children make the world in turn an ever more beautiful place.

  97. Robert Ahdoot says:

    Hannah, this is a true inspiration. To a lifetime of the yogic balance of yin and yang, lunar and solar, feminine and masculine.

  98. Diane Escalante Gilkenson says:

    You’re a beautiful writer and a beautiful girl. May this be your first step to a deeper spiritual life. God bless you!

  99. Beverly Morse says:

    Your beauty, soul and intention shine through your eloquent and authentic words. Your writing in itself is very impressive as well as the message that you reveal. Good luck to you on this adventure and you surely have my vote.

  100. Debbie says:

    Best of luck. You’ve got my vote.

  101. JJ Rauchwarger says:

    Good luck Hannah. I’m sure you will make an awesome yoga instructor!

  102. Kelsey Orens says:

    Good luck Hannah! :)

  103. Emily says:

    Amazing essay! good luck :)

  104. Zack says:

    You definitely have my vote. It makes me very happy to see someone going for their dream!

  105. sean says:

    Go for it hannah!!!

  106. Alexe Liss says:

    Great essay, good luck Hannah. You have my vote.

  107. Briana says:

    you got it!!! =]

  108. Alyson Jensen says:

    Go Hannah Go! You have always inspired me to stretch and grow in life off the yoga mat, so it only makes sense to take that talent into the yoga studio as well. Good luck!

  109. Eyde Reilly says:

    Good Luck Hannah! from Brian, Daniel and Zack Reilly’s Mom

  110. Kristie T says:

    Good Luck Hannah!!!

  111. Jennifer Grand says:

    Go Hannah!

  112. Kishan Shah says:

    Hannah’s love and desire to dive into the ocean depths of Yoga’s offerings was clear to me from the first quarter of classes she enrolled in with me at UCLA. I knew right away that not only would she pursue this path further, but also that she would become a teacher of Yoga. I highly recommend her to your scholarship offering. She will shine through your program…

    In light,

  113. Alex Fries says:

    I really think Hannah needs to win this – pass it along people!

  114. Lorna Block says:

    Hannah, your essay was wonderful and I hope you win. Good luck.

  115. Chris Chespak says:

    You’ll be great Hannah!

  116. Edward J. Dietrich says:

    I support Hannah.

  117. Brianna Mandell says:

    Of course you have my vote! You will make an amazing teacher!

  118. Jessica Lipps says:

    One truly beautiful essay by a special person indeed. I hope you get this, Hannah! May you always enjoy living a life of your dreams!

  119. Jordan Anderson says:

    Good luck Hannah!! You have my vote!

  120. Winnie Wuest says:

    Namaste :)

  121. EJ Levin says:

    What a beautifully written essay! Good luck Hannah, you deserve this! :)

  122. Allyson Fischlin says:

    Good Luck!

  123. Kristin Lind says:

    Best of luck to you! I hope it all works out.

  124. Rachel says:

    Good Luck!!

  125. Jeff says:

    Hannah–Your words show your passion. You have my vote.

  126. Janet Mitchell says:

    Good luck Hannah!!!! You will be a fantastic yoga teacher!

  127. elizabeth says:

    Go Hannah!

  128. Twinzs says:

    Go Hannah!

  129. gurulover69 says:

    guru lover would love Hannah to win! #winning

  130. brad halstead says:

    yes. yoga me.

  131. jeannie halsteadjh says:

    Hannah, how lucky your future student will be! good luck.

  132. Lori Deschene says:

    Best of luck Hannah!

  133. Stew McGugan says:

    Go Hannah!!! You deserve this! Wish you the best

  134. Kbuch01 says:

    Just win Baby!

  135. Debbie Rauch says:


  136. Laura Pittman says:

    Cannot wait for this to become reality!! I need you to teach me how to reclaim my breath. Love you Hannabell.

  137. Barbara says:

    beautiful essay hannah! you would be a wonderful and insightful yoga instructor!

    best of luck!

  138. holly says:

    good luck hannah!!

  139. Cynthia says:

    The gal wants to follow her dreams. Help her out and give her that schlorship…

  140. dfries says:

    Beautiful light, shining bright teaching us yoga day and night!

  141. Hailey Yeager says:

    Voting! Good luck Hannah! So happy to hear that you found what truly makes you happy in life. So proud that you’re going for it. xoxo

  142. Drorit Rudin says:

    Beautiful essay Hannah. You are about to embark on one of the most rewarding journeys, good luck to you<3

  143. sarah newman says:

    yay Hannah! good luck xoxo

  144. Justin DeShields says:

    Good luck Hannah. I’m only voting for you because I had a crush on you in high school.

  145. Tess Wilkofft says:

    I am inspired by Hannah’s essay and support her receiving this scholarship! I cannot imagine a more deserving, gifted yoga teacher in the making!!! She is of pure intention and compassionate heart who will incorporate and integrate the beautiful philosophy of yoga into her life and the training of others. Please grant her the scholarship!

  146. Johnna Dawn says:

    My vote is for Hannah!!!! 😀

  147. Lauren M. says:

    Kelsey passed this along to me and I definitely wanted to help out :) My sister just got certified in Yoga, what an incredible gift of healing & restoration for body, mind & soul. Best wishes Hannah!

  148. Kelly says:

    excited for you, Hannah!

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