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thailand yoga teacher training certification

A Guide To Thailand Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Taking a yoga teacher training in Thailand can be one of the most exciting things you ever do. Lets face it; Thailand is known for having some of the most exotic beaches and the art of yoga has really evolved in many ways there. Because of their tropical atmosphere, it makes practicing yoga so much more pleasurable since your body can just naturally let go into each pose. And since yoga is still new there, there seems to be a lot of potential for new teachers to really establish their yoga teaching career.

Whether you are just looking to deepen your practice or learn how become a yoga instructor as a profession, here are two very strong schools that offer yoga instructor certification programs in Thailand:

It’s Yoga Thailand Teacher Training

It’s Yoga Thailand actually originated in the United States (San Francisco to be exact) in 1989 and was founded by Larry Schultz who followed in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition as intended by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore India. It’s Yoga is very well-known around the world as offering high quality programs that help students achieve optimal health.

It’s Yoga Thailand teacher training programs have certified more then two thousand teachers in both the 200-hour yoga teacher training and 500-hour series. They now offer yoga certification programs all over the world including USA, China, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Mexico, and of course Thailand.

If you are interested in taking an Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Thailand, then It’s Yoga offers one of the best programs around. While their program is ensconced in a rich tradition of where yoga has come from, they also embrace a modern approach that is challenging, therapeutic, and supportive. Many students can attest to how their programs have changed their lives.

To learn more visit It’s Yoga Thailand Teacher Training.

Agama Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Agama Yoga is devoted to a more spiritual approach to their yoga where their school first began with the teachings of Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. As a devotee to Kundalini Yoga, Swami is well versed in the ancient traditions of Yoga as taught in India. But rest assured, their perspective of spirituality is well grounded and non new-agey.

Agama yoga teacher training in Thailand is where one can go to truly find themselves and discover yoga as it was intended by the yogis of India. This is definitely not a weekend program for the faint of heart. If you are truly dedicated to the practice of yoga, have committed yourself to a path of spirituality, and want to expand your understandings of how to practice and teach yoga, then Agama Yoga could be the right place for you. With the right blend of esoteric philosophies, tantric wisdom, Tibetan rituals, exploring spiritual dimensions, and truly getting to the source of real health, Agama Yoga offers programs in Thailand that are not to be missed.

To learn more visit Agama Yoga teacher training.

Vikasa Yoga

Led by master teacher Konstantin Miachin in Koh Samui Thailand, Vikasa yoga offers their own approach and style to their teacher training course. Kosta has traveled the world studying with many masters and brings all of his experiences and ancient wisdom to his style of teaching. Guided by the concept “evolution of yoga” and that change is the only constant, Vikasa yoga believes that evolution is humanities primary goal and that yoga helps facilitate this process. They offer a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited certification program that covers such topics as sequencing, self-realization, plyometrics, universal principles of alignment and geometry of asana, pranayama, kriyas, bandhas, business of yoga, the energetic body, how to use your voice for better results, and much more.

The Vikasa yoga school in Thailand has gone to great lengths to give each student the best education as they are passionate about supporting humanity in its evolution and truly believe that yoga teachers act as a conduit and guide for this energy. In their program they offer a detailed course on philosophy and spirit of yoga, anatomy and therapy, and a “yoga in action” module that helps support new students in getting involved in their community.

To learn more please visit Vikasa Yoga

Tips When Visiting Thailand

City Congestion – Depending on where you come from and what airline you travel on, be prepared that when you get to Thailand it is very traffic ridden. The cities are quite congested and it’s not until you get into the outskirts of the city where the true beauty of Thailand comes out. So just be prepared when you get there that it’s a bit hectic.

Airlines – Of course you should definitely check Kayak for the best airfare. But Thai Airways is the main airline that goes to and from Thailand. Their service is very friendly, the plane is quite comfortable, and they offer a wide selection of movies and other media to keep you entertained for your flight.

Mosquitoes – The mosquitoes in Thailand can be quite intense. While its nice to only use the natural stuff, it really does not do the trick. So if you are prone to mosquito bites, you are going to need the hard stuff and that means something with deet.

Visit Bali – Bali is only a couple of hours away from Thailand. If you are going to be in Thailand, see if you can spend some time in Bali. It is quite beautiful and well worth the trip. You can either stay closer to the ocean or go more inland to Ubud. Ubud has a thriving art culture right now and the yoga life there is amazing. You can visit to get some good ideas of what to do while there.

Thailand Yoga – While there, if you can truly ensconce yourself in the yoga culture that would be ideal. This link will take you to a listing of some studios there.

When Visiting Thailand

Here are some useful links before visiting Thailand and taking your yoga teacher training:

Tourist Visa – You will need a visitors visa and this will help you expedite the process.

Thailand Scams – Of course just like anywhere you you travel to there are scams. So just be aware and you should be fine. This link outlines some of the most common scams in Thailand.

Thailand Vaccinations – You might need some vaccinations depending on the time you go and what is going on. Make sure you look into this.

Lonely Planet – They generally have some good info on traveling abroad. This link will take you directly to their Thailand page

Trip Advisor – This page also offers some decent information on traveling to Thailand

Well, this should definitely give you plenty to chew on should you decide to take a yoga teacher training in Thailand. Good luck and enjoy!

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