Someday It Will Come True

teach yogaI want to become a yoga teacher because it is the best job in the world and it makes me happy when my students are happy and to see them relax and their eyes shine. The experience of giving to them all the thing that I feel in my personal practice of meditation, pranayama or asanas put a smile on my face and I feel motivated to learn more about me and giving to them only what I feel and learned and I’m honest with me and with them.

When I was practicing during my second year in a classroom doing down dog one thought came to me and told me you got to teach yoga, eight years of practice and four years teaching now. My teacher was amazing, I was a very good student and still I am, never missed a class, always being the first to put the mat on shala and I always took exactly the instructions that my teacher said, he is right now teaching in NYC with Dharma Mittra.

My favorite yoga teacher is Kino Macgregor, I´m an Ashtanga yoga student, its my practice since 2008 and she inspires me not only with her disciplines and the loves that she puts on a yoga class she inspires me to me to go to my yoga mat and practice, practice and practice, putting off frustrations or ego out off my mat.

I have the dream of doing a yoga instructor training in India since eight years ago. I know this dream will come true someday and that will be the perfect time when it happens since there is no rush. I am just dreaming and wishing for now. I chose Tribe Yoga for my yoga teacher scholarship entry because the places are beautiful, the environment looks exactly what I was looking for, the methods they teach it’s the one that I practice and the one I truly love and I chose Tribe because its in Goa India. india is my dream place I feel it calls me to go every day.

I don’t want to be famous or anything, i just want to teach yoga class to all the people who are chasing peace for their life. Im living the now and my goal is to teach yoga for the rest of my life. Yoga is the medicine of these crazy times, people sometimes said: “Oh yoga its fashion right now, I don’t like that.” My answer is that it is better to be the fashion or cool thing to do then taking drugs, war, hate or sadness. So it’s the path for this world that is lost, my aim is to give yoga to all and help make their life better.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Melissa Pereira

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  1. Pedro Luis Otero says:

    Yes! She is a good teacher!!!

  2. Rosana Fernandez says:

    If I want to express what I think about Melissa as my Yoga Teacher, thousand of thoughts came to my mind. She is just an amazing person in all senses. As a Teacher she has an special feeling with people that goes more far away that just teach Yoga in her classes. She is very professional, but she really cares about her yoga students more than just how to learn the best practices of Yoga . She has an special aura that lights the room. After my yoga class I feel an incredible sense of peace thank to Melissa. her voice, her patience, her sweetness makes you feel rally good.
    She inspires you and make you feel committed with the Yoga Classes and also about Yoga culture.
    Since I met her, my life has changed, she is best teacher and a great person, always thinking how o make you feel better.
    She send us emails, about Yoga , Meditation, messages just to know how you feel o if you need more classes to feel better. She just care about us.
    I think this Yoga Scholarship should be for her as she just born for that and teach others.
    She really deserves this opportunity more than anyone for many many reasons.

    Yours sincerely


  3. Nelson Jardim says:

    Ella es una Dura en Yoga y merece ser Mejor… EXITO…!

  4. Alastair says:

    Melissa is passionate and an inspiration to be around. Everyone around her is better for her presence. A perfect quality for a teacher of any sort.

  5. griselda says:

    Melissa is a great teacher!!!

  6. Lina Graffeo says:

    Melissa is a very very good teacher, and her students loves her so much!!!

  7. Yesika says:

    Very good….Lucky….

  8. Erika Acosta says:

    Mucho éxito! Espero que logres todas tus metas! Que el mundo conspire para que todos tus sueños se cumplan!!

  9. rima says:

    A wonderful, inspiring teacher. She pushes you to keep trying whilst at the same time urging you to listen to your body and respect it. Such a wonderful balance. classes are a dream, and i feel lucky to have found a caring yoga teacher full of love. I hope you can fullfill your dream soon Melissa!

  10. Jaro says:

    The best teacher I have ever met :).

  11. Melissa says:

    Mi prima bella es la mejor sincesarante es una dura en el Yoga asi que voten por ella Wiiiii

  12. Miguel says:

    My life changed when I met her. I love her as a person, I admire her as a yoga practitioner and she is the one to look up to as a yoga teacher. No one deserves this more than she.

  13. Maria says:

    Melissa; tem vontade e é dedicada. Merece esta oportunidade para evoluir e aperfeiçoar as suas técnicas no ioga.
    Voto por ela.

  14. Luis Fernando says:


  15. Pati says:

    Melissa is a great teacher. By listening her nice voice and great exercise series I am learning a lot about yoga practise and culture. Thanks Melissa all the best for you!

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