San Antonio Yoga Teacher Training

san antonio yoga teacher training

A Guide To Yoga Instructor Training In San Antonio TX

Interested in applying for a yoga teacher training in San Antonio Texas? The word is out that yoga really does help people with their health and that it can improve their lives in so many ways. Because of this, yoga studios are opening up all over the place like Starbucks. This means that the demand for new yoga teachers will continue to grow. On our site you will find a listing of all the schools around the world offering certification programs along with tips on how to become a yoga teacher. On this page you will find a list of schools offering yoga instructor training in San Antonio.

Yoga Yoga Teacher Training In San Antonio

Yoga Yoga is named as such because the founders found a space that could allow two classes at once—Kundalini and Hatha. Now, Yoga Yoga has several locations sprawled all over Austin and San Antonio, Texas. The studio offers a plethora of different classes from the previously mentioned Kundalini and Hatha to Ashtanga and Vinyasa.

Yoga Yoga was one of the first Yoga Alliance approved schools in the United States to offer both 200 and 500 Hr teacher trainings. They offer several different styles in which to train. The 200 Hr Hatha teacher training can be done as a weekend program or intensive (intensive students are encouraged to work with a mentor after the program is complete), and has an emphasis on strength, flexibility, body awareness, and the fundamentals of a safe and effective practice. Yoga Yoga also offers a 200 Hr Hatha Flow training, which works on the sequencing, language and classroom skills necessary to teach this vigorous, flowing practice.

The 500 Hr teacher training is comprised of several mandatory core courses such as advanced asana, as well as electives such as mudras and mantras. These courses can also be taken independently as personal enrichment courses.

Yoga Yoga also offers Kundalini teacher training. The studio teaches the Kundalini lineage as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The 200 Hr training The is offered on weekend afternoons from 12 to 6 pm at Yoga Yoga Westgate and classes usually meet two weekends a month. Upon completion of the training, trainees are certified as Level 1 KRI certified teachers through the Aquarian Teacher Program. They are also eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. Trainees who complete the 500 Hr training are not only eligible to register with Yoga Alliance, but are also considered Level 2 Kundalini Teachers. There are six sixty-hour modules, all which are available at Yoga Yoga.

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