Ricardo Of Its Yoga Thailand On Teaching Yoga

What is yoga to you?

Yoga as a medicine for me, Medicine for the body and the mind. It is an inner path, in which you will start to know your self better, improving the relationship with your self and with others. Yoga is connection or union, first step we work on realize about the inner connection then from this point we will realize the connection with everything around you with naturally and effortless. This inner connection created more balance and harmony in your life, because body, mind, and soul will become one and connect with the beauty of present moment.

How do you see yoga evolving in the next 5 – 10 years?

The evolution of yoga in the next 5, 10, any years will depend on every person. Every single human being have a different mind so the evolution of yoga can take as different ways as mind exist on earth. For example if your approach to yoga is only physical, your strength will reach higher levels, more than any level you can imagine. If your approach to yoga is more spiritual yoga can help you to reconnect your self with your inner being.

The evolution of yoga in the next years will depend in your intention and your approach when you practice, and who fast this evolution is going to happen will depend in the consistency and the intensity of your yoga practice

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher and with whom have you done your trainings?

What inspire me to become yoga teacher is to have the opportunity to share the passion and the love I feel when I practice. Instead of yoga teacher just for a moment we will call this movement facilitator, so as a movement facilitator our task is facilitate in others, through their own capacities, a deep and inner search or inner connection. I did my teacher training with Larry Schultz at It’s Yoga School in San Francisco.

What have been some of the biggest challenges in developing your teaching career and how did you overcome them.

Let go the Ego and ambition as a teacher… yoga classes is about the students not the teacher at all. I overcome this in my own practice… over the mat is the moment when I can face my ego and ambitions and also is a great opportunity to learn how to observe them and let it go, when I do this I learn through my own experience how to deal with…  so I bring to my classes an to my life what I learn over the mat.

“Teach what you practice and practice what you teach”

Larry Schultz

What do you feel is unique about your yoga teacher training programs versus other schools? Please tell us about your program.

Something make It’s Yoga Unique is in It’s yoga we will help you to find your inner voice as a teacher and develop your own script from your own experience (personal practice), so your script will come from your heart not from a book. You will realize how powerful your voice and actions can be when you teach from your heart from your own truth.

In It’s Yoga everybody is at the same level (students and teachers). We will stimulate on you to awake the inner teacher, that voice inside of you who always support you and guide you  and silence the inner critic, the counter part who is always judge you and put you down.

What type of students would best fit your programs? 

Any student is welcome to our program. We understand this, everybody is different and also your approach and understanding to the practice, so instead of force your body type to do any advance posture we will offer you many variations and modifications. The main idea is to respect and acknowledge your bodies capacities, accept the moment and modified your practice until your body can fit in to the practice and not force your body to fit in any posture.

Is be a teacher is your dream or just go deeper into your practice, is our pleasure to help you in any way we can

What qualities do you feel make a good yoga teacher?

Be open in your mind to understand and respect all the different people to decide to join your class. Let the ambition out of your practice and your teaching. Always give your self the opportunity to adapt your script and your teaching technique to any level of practitioner.

Considerer your self as guide and not as the ultimately rule… and the most important one always remember to your class to keep breathing and listen to their own bodies

Is there any advice you would offer to aspiring yoga teachers?

Keep your practice regular, always following your heart, be honest with your self and others, believe in your self and live your dream.

You have the capacity to do anything you want, the first step and the hardest one is believe in your own potential to do whatever you want, when you support your self in your ideas… the opportunities will be endless.

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