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power yoga teacher trainingA Guide To Power Yoga Teacher Training

If you are interested in taking a Power yoga teacher training, below are a list of schools offering this type of program along with some information about teaching this style of yoga you should be aware of:

Amazing Yoga

Led by master teacher Sean and Karen Conley, they offer a rigorous 100-hour Power yoga teacher training program in both Mexico and Costa Rica. This is a perfect opportunity for students who are interested in exploring the possibility of teaching this style of yoga to do so with veteran instructors in a beautiful setting. The course will cover everything from asana practice, intelligent sequencing, pranyama, meditation, becoming an inspired and authentic teacher, how to prepare for classes, modifications for students at different levels, and much more.

Use this link to learn more about Amazing Yoga.

Fred Busch Power Yoga

Led by master teacher Fred Busch, this Power yoga instructor training program is for those students who are serious and dedicated to their yoga practice. Their programs are held in the US and all over the world including their home base of Miami as well as New York, Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), London, and Malta (Europe.) Their trainings attract students from all over and varied backgrounds and is not only a great way to study this style of yoga, but also an opportunity to network with like minded yogis from all over the world. The training covers everything from asana practice, meditation, pranayam, sequencing, yogic diet, philosophy, anatomy, and much more.

Use this link to learn more about Fred Busch Power Yoga.

Sadhana Yoga Chi Power Yoga Training

The goal of Sadhana Yoga Chi is to create a holistic balance between learning and teaching, power and softness, intellect and fitness. As both students and teachers we embrace a true appreciation for nature, simplicity, integrity, happiness and laughter.

In our program we also offer a balanced approach to – Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga in the mornings and less challenging yoga in evenings. The endurance power program is presented in a balanced format, working each separate area of the body in a holistic manor. This approach will insure quicker results, lasting endurance and better stability in yoga asana. We also offer a special program on avoiding injury in your yoga practice, with specific preventative exercises woven into the routine.

Plus we also offer the highest quality natural and organic food available, which will better fuel the energy for a powerful practice.

To learn more visit Sadhana Yoga Chi

Background Information On Power Yoga

What is the history Power yoga?

Power Yoga is a American method of teaching Ashtanga Yoga. While some in the yoga community may not consider this a traditional way of practicing yoga, it has taken root in the US and become very popular. The name “power yoga” was first coined in the 1990s as a general term to describe a fitness oriented, gym appropriate approach to Ashtanga Yoga. Power Yoga has gradually begun to develop as a style, and three major Power Yoga schools have emerged, one led by Bryan Kest, one by Baron Baptiste, and one by Beryl Bender Birch.

What separates Power yoga from other styles?

What mainly separates Power Yoga from other style is the fact that it is a workout oriented type of practice, making it ideally suited for gyms and fitness centers. It focuses primarily on an intense physical practice rather then a spiritual and yogic lifestyle practice. However, many new teachers and schools are popping up where they are blending the two (a physical and rigorous workout along with the spiritual components) such as Amazing Yoga and Fred Busch Power Yoga.

What percentage of Yoga schools teach Power Yoga?

While Power yoga may not be as widely practiced as Hatha, Ashtanga, or Vinyasa, around 3% of the Yoga Alliance accredited schools teach this style of yoga. As more Americans and Westerners open themselves up to yoga and see the benefits, many will want a more neutral style and approach and Power yoga will suit them better.

How popular is this style in the Yoga community?

Power Yoga has gained popularity for those seeking a vigorous workout rather than more a traditional Yoga experience. Also, because it’s so well suited for gyms, Power Yoga has found considerable popularity in the fitness arena. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are turning to this style of yoga.

What are teacher trainings like in this style?

Power Yoga trainings will vary depending on where you study but be aware this aint no yoga retreat and your yoga mat and yoga pants will get messy!¬†¬†Should you train with Baptiste, who has pioneered the “Yoga teacher bootcamp,” expect a rigorous training that focuses on the physical and not the philosophical; Baptiste’s training are divided into multiple levels and may take some time to complete.

What can I expect if I take a teacher training in this style?

Expect a physically demanding, physically in-depth course of study.

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