Portland Yoga Teacher Training

portland yoga teacher training

Yoga Instructor Training In Portland

Looking for a yoga teacher training in Portland OR? Many students think they have to travel abroad to find a good school for their studies. But since many of the teachers in the US have already been studying with some of the great masters from around the world, they have now taken these teachings back to their community. Below are a list of schools offering yoga instructor training programs in Portland:

Yoga Pearl Portland Teacher Training

Portland, Oregon’s hip pearl section serves as the location for Pearl Yoga. The class schedule here focuses on Vinyasa (flow and power), but also includes (and is not limited to) classes in Hatha, Ashtanga, and yoga for athletes. Yoga Pearl is home to a vegetarian cafe, where passersby, students, and teacher trainees can grab a nutritious and delicious meal.

Tiffany Cruikshank, who has been featured in Yoga Journal, runs Pearl Yoga’s 200 Hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training. To be accepted into the program, potential trainees must have at least a year of consistent Vinyasa practice, and must practice three to six times a week at the current application time. The program prides itself on its well roundedness, and features an introduction to holistic health in its curriculum.

The training includes two retreats: one in Hawaii, and one just outside of Portland. Airfare for the Hawaii retreat is not included in the price of the teacher training, but meals and lodging are included for both retreats.  The first retreat also includes a detox, and the supplies for this are covered in the overall cost of the training.

Tiffany also runs the 500 Hr teacher training at Pearl Yoga. This training is meant to take place over the course of several years. This program is formatted as many modules, which can be taken in any order. Every module Tiffany offers has a different “hour” count, and those can be added together until you reach 270 hours and have completed 30 hours of a therapeutic yoga case study to earn a 500 Hr level certification. There is no technical beginning or end to the training, so continuation of this program can also lead to completion of a 1000 Hr master yoga teacher certification.

To learn more please visit Yoga Pearl.

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