Nomadic Yogi Seeks the Help Of the Internet to Receive More Yoga Training

nomadic yogiWhen asked why I want to become a yoga teacher, my response might be a little different than many other people. It’s not why I want to be one, but rather why I want to be a better one. I completed my first yoga teacher training a few years ago in San Francisco, California.  As I went through the process of attaining a deeper yoga foundation I found myself at a crossroads of sorts. I decided to quit my job and travel in order to explore more of the world and myself. While traveling, I have been teaching yoga, in Mongolia, China, Vietnam, and currently as a teacher in Laos. But during my teaching I have realized that there is a need within me to learn more …  a lot more.  I now have the desire to go back to school and dive into deeper yoga education.

However as amazing as my experience teaching yoga abroad has been, it has not paid very well. This is due, in part, to the time I donated to teach free classes for the community in Mongolia.  The students had the opportunity to donate money for each class, which was given to local charities.  In addition, as a yoga teacher in Laos, I currently donate a percentage of the money I earn to various charities and causes around town.  After traveling through Asia for 19 months, I now find myself without the funds necessary to further my yoga education. This is the reason that I am now asking for your generosity to help further my studies in yoga.

I’ve been fortunate to have studied with many great teachers, and have taken little bits from each of them.  Some of these teachers are well-known in the yoga community, like Dharma Mittra, whose classes always filled me with the most amazing warmth.  I would leave his classes feeling blessed to have been near this karmic man and his indescribable energy. Or my time spent with instructors Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi, where I received my 200hr yoga teacher training (RYT) credentials.  More than anything, they taught me to have fun in class and in life.

Dana’s infectious laugh always seemed to fill the entire class with a radiant love and happiness. I have also studied with teachers you have likely never heard of, but who inspired me nonetheless. It is because of them that I want to teach more. I want to be like those teachers. I hope to share my yoga practice with the world. When students come to a class, whether as newbies or as experienced yogis, and leave with that blissful happy look on their faces and in their hearts, I get a great satisfaction as a teacher.  If I can share what I have learned and make other people feel great, or motivate them to pursue yoga more seriously and study with some of the great yoga masters that have inspired me along the way, than I will feel like I am part of the process.  If it were not for these teachers, then there would be a lot less yogi’s in the world and I think that would be a terrible thing.

I teach Vinyasa with hints of Iyengar, Yin, and even some restorative yoga.  But, I have always had a love for and desire to teach Ashtanga. Ashtanga gives me a way to focus my energy. I can follow a text and teach the Ashantga series, but I really would not understand it. I hope to train with It’s Yoga Thailand to learn more about Ashtanga. It’s Yoga was originally founded in San Francisco, a place I hold close to my heart.  I feel connected with the studio there even though I have never actually been inside it.  Once I complete my Ashtanga yoga training, I hope to teach yoga in prisons. I believe that people in prison can use the Ashtanga yoga system to help focus their energy and any anger they possess.  It is my hope to help people who are incarcerated get themselves on a better and healthier life path.

I am a very passionate and caring person who gives so much of himself in his classes.  I now hope, with your help, to obtain more yoga knowledge and skill in order to help make a positive difference in people’s lives all over the world. Satyam and namaste. :)

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Andrew Rosenstock

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  1. adr says:

    Please comment or like or tweet. I’d be greatly appreciatory and you can know that you’re helping out someone in need.

    many thanks

  2. Kim says:

    Andrew is one of the kindest persons I have ever met. His life is an act of devotion. Good luck!

  3. leah says:

    bringing yoga to under-served populations is where its at!

  4. bill keiser says:

    Yoga is a positive force.

  5. Haiku says:


    by Michael Peter Magoski

    serve without ego
    give with no expectations
    embrace your true self

    let go of your strength
    remove your mark
    see your fear
    rise like a pheonix

    like moths to a flame
    onto my knees I descend
    heaven’s lofty gates

    leave thy pedestal
    crows, gypsies, tramps and silence
    out here we’re all dust

    to evolve you must
    leave behind expectation
    embrace the unknown

    lust and seduction
    promise pleasure but not joy
    All paths deviate

    treasure time alone
    with thought
    setting sun
    feel your honor (hunger)

    like a seed sprouted
    thirsting for the gift of life
    and equivalents

    Like a sprouting seed

    (Burner’s Lament of What could’ve Been
    of Mighthave should
    of Maybestill)

  6. mgr says:

    Best of luck with your training, Andrew. Connectedness leads to a world that works for everyone. Keep it up.

  7. tovia says:

    sounds good to me

  8. Butterman says:

    Good Luck Andrew!

  9. Ranger Bender says:

    A much deserving candidate for a greater good for all. This Ranger gets my vote.

  10. Flight Attendant says:

    Cool stuff, Phister!

  11. mrsheeena says:

    I feel Andrew is a great candidate for this scholarship.

  12. pharmer-cakes says:

    I liked this article and want ‘her’ to win a teacher training. namaste, hippie.

  13. Fez Monkey says:

    You have my vote!

  14. Steven M says:

    As Andrew’s yoga buddy, he can say that he really lives the spirit of yoga and would be a great recipient of this scholarship! Love and light, Steven

  15. password says:

    go get em champ

  16. mlb says:

    Good luck, it’ll go to great use!

  17. Heather says:

    Ranger Love! I support your training :)

  18. Foofurr says:

    Here’s my vote!

  19. KhaKai says:

    Thanks for all your classes so far… follow that vision Andy, I hope you get this.

  20. Jester says:

    Your mom’s a yoga teacher.

  21. Emily says:

    One more vote!

  22. vieng says:

    Cheer for you Andy,you deserve it

  23. Ranger Moxie says:

    Good Luck!

  24. Anfernee | My Positive Change says:

    Spreading passion, caring and love through yoga – love your work Andy!

  25. phister says:

    andy rocks!

  26. FriendOfJester says:

    Jester told me to!

    Go forth and learn!


  27. Kiote says:

    Much love

  28. sourinda says:

    Andrew is a very good yoga teacher and he has a good heart. he has a strong energy. . so he deserves it :)

  29. fahrmer says:

    give the itinerant yogi what he wants and i promise i won’t kill you

  30. fahrmer says:

    seriously tho he really deserves this

  31. Fiona says:

    The nicest person this could happen to!

  32. leah says:

    more ranger love

  33. Curry says:

    Best of luck to you! Venture on!

  34. Fiona says:

    and still deserves it!

  35. Paula says:

    What an amazing story Andrew has shared. You deserve this!

  36. Reframe says:

    I’m all for Rangers broadening and deepening all of their skillsets. Go rock that Ashtanga =)

  37. Daddy James says:

    Good luck in all you’re up to!

  38. Steve Rosenstock says:

    Is incarceration required for your students?

  39. Steve Rosenstock says:

    Way to go

  40. Steve Rosenstock says:

    You are a wonder to all.

  41. k heb says:

    bummed andrew’s not around to teach here cuz id totally sign up!! rock on with the yoga!

  42. Mary Beth Briggs says:

    I have been following Andrew’s adventures through his Dad. It appears to me that Andrew is a wonderful human being with a kind soul and good heart that makes it easy for him to invite the world in. I can think of no one that deserves this opportunity more. Best of luck to you.

  43. Paul says:

    Andrew, go for your dreams.

  44. Jester says:


    ‘Cause I seem to recall you farting a lot when you did that.

  45. Dks says:

    Hope you get it!

  46. Julie Wall says:

    Best of luck!

  47. Treeva says:

    aim for the stars!

  48. Sundancer says:

    Looks like you’re off and running!

  49. Carol says:

    Good luck!

  50. Vieng says:

    One more vote for you

  51. yoxa says:

    Good luck Andy! You could use more training… 555! just joking – love your classes!!

  52. Ira David says:

    Another vote. Good luck.

  53. Beth Barnett says:

    Good Luck!

  54. Sherri Noon says:

    Good Luck

  55. Jessica says:

    Go Andrew!!! You got my vote!

  56. Susan T says:

    Your goals and commitment are very admirable. I hope you are able to take this training to further your education in a field I believe in strongly..Best of luck, Andrew

  57. Mary Beth Briggs says:

    Good luck Andrew!!!

  58. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Wishing you success

  59. Paula says:

    Vote for DREW!

  60. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Do you have to limber up for this competition?

  61. Steven Rosenstock says:

    We are all pulling for you.

  62. Phyllis Reisner says:

    You have my vote!

  63. Carol says:

    One more vote!

  64. Carol says:

    you have my vote!

  65. luz says:

    Andrews eagerness to engage with his surroundings is true to his nature. good luck and keep spreading the joy.:)

  66. Jeroen says:

    Don’t know anything about Yoga but someone who seems so passionate about it deserves my vote :)

  67. Fiona says:

    A vote for Andy.

  68. Carol says:

    another vote for Andrew!

  69. Carol says:

    way to go!

  70. Kase says:

    A vote for Andy.

  71. Richard says:

    Good Luck with winning.

  72. Ira says:

    And another

  73. Julie says:

    Andrew you RULE I wish I could go to Laos and take a class from yoouuuuuuuu!
    peace out from Buenos Aires

  74. harriet says:

    Nameste and good luck in your venture.

  75. Mira says:


  76. Vieng says:

    You are a good teacher

  77. Carol says:

    good luck

  78. Carol says:

    one more vote, but your numbers are not changing

  79. Vieng says:

    Wish you win

  80. Carol says:

    Good luck…….

  81. Paula says:

    Go drew!

  82. Gillian says:

    vote for uncle drew!

  83. Faith says:

    Best of luck Andrew.

  84. Lara Arnott says:

    You’ll reach your goal – I can’t think of a better way to work and live!

  85. Feldman says:

    Of course I want you to be a better yogi! Good luck, buddy.

  86. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Go to it stretch.

  87. Steven Rosenstock says:

    I’ll vote for you.

  88. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Me Too.

  89. Bermuda says:

    You are an inspiration and I wish you the best of luck with your studies. I hope to take a class of yours one day when we next meet.

    • Katie Bachner says:

      Andrew has a great energy and it is no surprise that this is the path he has chosen to take. I wish him all the best. He has my vote.

  90. Faith says:

    a vote for Andrew

  91. Faith says:

    hope it works out for you

  92. Richard says:

    Hope you win the scholarship

  93. Fiona says:

    One more vote for Andy

  94. Faith says:

    good luck,hope you get it

  95. Nick says:

    Another vote for my mate!

  96. Carol says:

    Hope you win!

  97. Faith says:

    hope things are going well

  98. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Another vote for Andrew

  99. Steven Rosenstock says:

    and another vote for Andrew

  100. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Yeah Andrew.

  101. Vieng says:

    one more vote Andrew

  102. roberta says:

    good luck

  103. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Another vote for Andrew

  104. phister says:

    rock on man

  105. Richard says:

    You have my vote.

  106. Chester says:

    Keep living your dream Rosie!

  107. Carol Rosenstock says:

    good luck!

  108. adr says:

    getting my bum kicked but still holding on to win!

  109. Faith says:

    let’s be hopeful

  110. jocool says:

    wicked awesome

  111. Tyra says:

    Very inspiring!

  112. Faith says:

    keep going!

  113. adr says:

    i need lots of help here!

  114. Vieng says:

    Cheer for you Andy

  115. Laung says:

    One vote for you Andy

  116. stephanie says:

    Go Andy Go!

  117. Faith says:

    Here’s a vote for Andrew

  118. fahrrmer says:

    up down prana yama ding ding

  119. fahrrmer says:

    cha cha cha chaaaataranga

  120. fahrrmer says:

    rip it up

  121. fahrrmer says:

    ever notice how people can sleep on their backs in shivasana, but not at home in bed?

  122. fahrrmer says:

    I love site traffic contests

  123. fahrrmer says:

    moar votes

  124. fahrrmer says:

    you will win one way or another

  125. fahrrmer says:


  126. yoxa says:

    go andy go!

  127. yoxa says:

    sorry, someone already said that! go get ’em boy!

  128. Paula says:

    Drew rules!

  129. Julia L says:

    Stock rocks! This is great and I 100% support his mission.

  130. Richard says:

    Stay well

  131. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Isn’t this a bit of a stretch?

  132. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Keep the faith.

  133. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Go Andy Go

  134. Oswego says:

    Tag, you’re commented!

  135. fahrrmer says:

    i’m starting to doubt that this is even a real pr0n site at all

  136. fahrrmer says:

    every time, same picture.

  137. fahrrmer says:

    o rly?

  138. Atticus says:

    Good luck Andy!

  139. Faith says:

    Keep on plugging!

  140. fahrrmer says:

    ~800 responses on the highest one??? wha? we all have to write ten more responses right now.

  141. fahrrmer says:


  142. fahrrmer says:

    up to 11

  143. fahrrmer says:

    dammm the current second place person has a video of a nipple-squeezing woman in tight pants!
    evidently, yes you do need to step it up to something more pr0n-y
    less namaste, more…


  144. fahrrmer says:


  145. fahrrmer says:

    and despite that she’s still only in second place!

    i dunno i’m thinking if some of these ppl have time to make a nice video they are clearly not spending enough time meditating.

    yes i have already started the sour grapes tack

  146. Carol says:

    Go Andrew!

  147. Vieng says:

    Keep going

  148. Faith says:

    let’s keep trying

  149. astock says:

    getting my but kicked. come on world, help me out

  150. Fiona says:

    extra vote

  151. Carol Rosenstock says:

    let’s go and vote for Andy.

  152. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Here’s another vote….

  153. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Another vote!

  154. Carol Rosenstock says:

    yea Andrew!

  155. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Good luck and hop you win!

  156. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Good luck and hope you win!

  157. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Wishing you success

  158. Carol Rosenstock says:

    can this happen? you deserve to win!

  159. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Go Andrew! Can this happen?

  160. Faith says:

    vote for Andrew

  161. A Rosen says:

    Go get em, Stock! And also come home soon, but not too soon.

  162. A Rosen says:

    And a Happy yogannukah!

  163. michelle says:

    a vote for Andy

  164. Tiggy says:

    Andrew, sending my blessings, and hopes that you win {:O) x

  165. Tracy Marrs says:

    I hate yoga, but I’d learn if Andy was my teacher!

  166. Emily says:

    a vote for Mr. Rosenstock.

  167. Dave says:

    Andy is A ok

  168. ariele says:

    Go andy!

  169. Sundancer says:

    All of us stateside wish you the best of luck!

  170. Courtney McNeese says:

    Hope you win Andy! Love following your adventures in asia

  171. Gomez says:

    Go Andy, best of luck to you!

  172. Joe says:

    He is clearly on a path! I hope he is able to learn and understand all the yogic paths he desires.

  173. T's mom says:

    Come back and teach us all some Ashtanga!

  174. greg says:

    come on tiger

  175. Steven Mih says:

    Good luck Andy

  176. Renee says:

    Good luck, and cheers to you for following your dream!

  177. Steven Rosenstock says:

    May your winter be a peaceful one.

  178. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Looking forward to good news from you prior to 2012.

  179. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Hopefully the spirits will smile on you in this quest.

  180. Carol Rosenstock says:


    Keeping fingers crossed for you!

  181. Carol Rosenstock says:

    We hope the votes come in. You deserve to win…..

  182. ALLAN says:

    Andrew is the ONE. He has dedicated himself to teach, train, help, lead, and inspire those folks who really need a guiding light to help them. Who better to assume this lofty goal – Andrew – a kind hearted, dedicated and wise LEADER!!!

    If the main objective of this program is to teach and train people to represent your program to a wide spectrum of people, and future graduates, Andrew is definitely the person for your group to select and award the scholarship.

  183. brad says:

    Another vote for Andrew

  184. CONRAD says:

    Miss you! Doing this on my phone at the casino.

  185. Julie says:

    Yeah speaking of mass emails….whoops on that reply all to LL08. guess I really wanted to share that with everyone, argh! Feliz Navidad from Buenos Aires!

  186. mrsheeena says:

    Vote for Andrew

  187. mrsheeena says:

    Happy Hanukkah!

  188. aaronudler says:

    good luck andrew. i know you definetely deserve this. keep on working hard and keep up the good work

  189. lois c says:

    Good Luck Andrew

  190. Fiona says:

    i wote for Andy – he deserves it

  191. Fiona says:

    Andy needs this

  192. Fiona says:

    i vote for andy

  193. Fiona says:

    vote for Andy

  194. Ronald Allan Mutuc says:

    I know you can make it. Just think positive.
    Good Luck Dude. 😉
    Ron Mutuc

  195. Julie Moksim says:

    I took a class with Andy while traveling through Luang Prabang this year. He is a wonderful and caring teacher. He is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and most of all, a genuine person. Good luck Andy!!

  196. liz wg says:

    Yoga makes my life better! Good luck!

  197. amanda says:

    win nyan!

  198. Marisa says:

    Anything for my old NYC roommate! Best of luck with everything! It’s wonderful to hear about your experiences. :)

  199. Megan says:

    I vote for Andy, too!

  200. Susan T says:

    Wishing you lots of votes

  201. Sarah Sprayregen says:

    Andy Rosenstock deserves the best. He’s not been my teacher, but I know he’d be the best. UVM conferred the UVM Distinguished Service Award to him because of all his service to his alma mater….. he’d do his best for the next level of yoga training and his students. Sarah Sprayregen

  202. robyn says:

    Best of luck, Andy!

  203. Carolyn C says:

    GO ANDY!!!!!

  204. Carol Rosenstock says:

    There is still time to win…….

  205. Carol Rosenstock says:

    If anyone deserves to win it is Andrew.

  206. Carol Rosenstock says:

    One more vote…..keep them coming for a good guy

  207. Paula says:

    Go Uncle Drew!

  208. Steven M says:

    +1 for ANDY

  209. Miriam U says:

    I vote for Andrew!! All the people in his yoga classes are very lucky to have such a great teacher.

  210. Mims says:

    This guy deserves to win!!

  211. Marcy Lynn Cail says:

    Andy! All the best! I fully support you following your dreams and passion!
    Good luck!

  212. Lynn Welsh says:

    Andy’s classes in Luang Prabang are a welcome light for locals and travelers like me. Really made my trip! He will shine and spread yoga joy wherever he goes.

  213. stephanie says:


  214. Faith says:

    Hoping you’ll win

  215. Whittle says:

    Go for it Andy!!

  216. Fiona says:

    Andy must teach

  217. Fiona says:

    Vote Andy

  218. Fiona says:

    Yes Andy!!

  219. Carolyn Chan says:

    I heartily endorse your wanderlust!

  220. Richard says:

    Good luck

  221. indigo stray says:

    Andy, how you have blossomed, and continue to blossom. Best of luck!!

  222. Jocelyn says:

    Hey Andy,
    I had no idea.. but am super excited for you. Make your way over to Thailand and tell them I said Hi. I was there a month this past summer and took some yoga classes.. as well as did a full detox AND a reiki course. And today.. while I am the same on the outside, I am different within. So… anyhow, best of luck!!

  223. paul krieger says:

    andy! you’ve come a long way from 1330. great to hear from you and that you are doing well. wishing you only good things. paul and christine

  224. Michael G. says:

    You are an inspiration to us all.

  225. Jamie says:

    Andrew is terrific!

  226. Jon D says:

    Good luck Andrew!

  227. Marcy Lynn Cail says:


  228. Narisaraporn Piensakul says:

    Andy is a good heart person. He can make yoga class enjoyable for different ages and different types of persons. Teaching in prison is a good idea. Yoga is not only for exercise, it’s also help a person to practice his mind and be calm.

  229. Jamie says:

    Go Andrew!!

  230. Amanda Brondy says:

    Best of luck!!

  231. Faith says:

    Best of luck Andrew

  232. indigo stray says:

    Hip hop hooray for andy

  233. Ju-Lin says:

    Go Andy! This sounds like a perfect thing for you to do!

  234. Faith says:

    we’re rooting for you

  235. Rebecca says:

    Good luck Andy!

  236. Meng says:

    I vote you Andrew
    Sok Dee Der :)

  237. Fiona says:

    Good luck!

  238. Fiona says:

    a vote for Andy

  239. Fiona says:

    a vote for you.

  240. gavin says:

    Good luck ya big beast you!

  241. crisle says:

    Good Luck Andy!

  242. Marcy Lynn Cail says:


  243. Stephanie Ciancio says:


  244. Kelly Rendek says:

    Hope you get there Andy!

  245. Jamie says:

    Good luck Andrew!

  246. Jim Pyle says:

    Good Luck!

  247. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Glad to see you have pulled out of last place. Keep up the good work.

  248. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Oh boy is this a stretch,

  249. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Looking forward to your participation in this worthwhile endeavor.

  250. Steven Rosenstock says:

    Hope this works for you.

  251. CSer says:

    Good luck!

  252. Carol Rosenstock says:

    a new day and another vote.

  253. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Oh my goodness – the votes are coming in.

  254. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Yea Andrew! You deserve to win.

  255. Fiona says:

    hope you win andy

  256. Fiona says:

    andy must win

  257. Fiona says:

    go andrew

  258. anthony says:

    hope it works out well for you Andy.

  259. Marcy Lynn Cail says:

    Go go go Andy!

  260. Donna Mulroy says:

    Good luck, Pandy!

  261. Adam says:

    Andy Rosenstock is the best yoga guy ever!!!

  262. Carol Rosenstock says:

    You deserve to win, Andrew!

  263. Carol Rosenstock says:

    There is no more deserving person than Andrew who is a kind and caring soul.

  264. Carol Rosenstock says:

    Go Andrew! Go Andrew!

  265. Anne says:

    Sok Dee Der!

  266. Noel says:

    Good luck, Andy!

  267. Ameliasta says:

    Go for it Andy… thanks for your compassionate help in getting money to Xang… Your goodness and kindness is unsurpassed! The funds will be in your account tomorrow. Please see that he get it asap! Many thanks …. Sok Di lai lai.

  268. Jamie says:

    Good luck!

  269. Ju-Lin says:

    Go Andy!

  270. Will G says:

    Great essay, I’m rooting for you!

  271. stephanie says:

    killing it!!!

  272. BeerAndPancakes says:

    sweet essay Andy!

  273. Ashley says:

    Go for it, Andy!

  274. Carol Rosenstock says:

    One great person who deserves to win.

  275. Carol says:

    Way to go! Hope you win…..

  276. Carol says:

    Andrew has raised so much money for different charities that it would be so nice to see him receive this free yoga training.

  277. Steve says:

    As the New Year dawns, you have moved beyond your 700th day of this journey

  278. jane says:

    He is an amazing man

  279. jane says:

    Good Luck from FOYM (Friend of your Mom)

  280. Carol says:

    You are following your dreams and winning would be a wonderful conclusion to your travels.

  281. Carol says:

    Whatever the outcome you are a winner in all you do. Keep on being yourself and you will go far.

  282. Carol says:

    Continue to enjoy your journey…

  283. jane says:

    Andrew is the best yoga guy ever!!!

  284. FOYM says:

    Good Luck, you deserve to win!!

  285. HCL says:

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  286. Michael G. says:

    Just do it!

  287. Stephanie says:

    Andy truly lives his yoga. He is real, inspiring and fun as a teacher. I hope he gets this opportunity to spread more of his unique interpretation of yoga to others around the world!

  288. Carol says:

    It all ends soon. Good luck Andrew.

  289. Carol says:

    No one deserves it more than you. You are a terrific person.

  290. Carol says:

    Good luck! It is over tonight.

  291. C_sheetz says:

    Voting for Andrew Rosenstock, best of luck!

  292. Jester says:

    I want to see you bend into a pretzel.

  293. Janine says:

    Good Luck!

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