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yogaSometime ago, had I needed to pick one word to describe myself,  “runner” would have been it. A runner was who I was, and running, no pun intended, ran my life.  Whenever life grew more complicated, as it sometimes does, my daily runs got longer. Last year, my life became hard to handle, I had moved to Los Angeles, I had no job, my boyfriend and I were stuck in the movie “War of the Roses”, and my mother who lives in South America, was diagnosed with cancer.

I was constantly running for almost two hours per day during this time of pain until one day I woke up and couldn’t move my legs. “Polio” was my first thought but an MRI revealed I had fractured a spinal disc (L5) and had to stay away from running for at least a year. Five weeks of bed rest took a huge toll on me on top of everything that was going on,  and when I could finally move, I was so sad and depressed, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t run to feel good and I didn’t know how to feel good without running.

One Saturday Morning I ended up at Runyon Canyon, which had free Yoga classes daily. I wasn’t crazy about “doing” Yoga, I wanted to run, I always thought Yoga was geared toward people who couldn’t push themselves, who weren’t strong athletes like me, I thought of it as very boring, but the Doctor had recommended it for my injury, and since Yoga was going to get me back to running I had no choice but to DO it.

Class started at 10:30 am, the place was packed. The Yoga Instructor was a loud, tough looking, military sounding, fear inspiring guy, the total opposite of what you, (meaning me) would imagine a Yoga teacher is like. The class started with the basic warm ups, followed by sun salutations. I couldn’t help but feel bored, but within the first 5 minutes of practice I realized this wasn’t the Yoga I had practiced before, this was hard Yoga, and I was barely following it, this Yoga Instructor wasn’t perpetuating any of my Yoga stereotypes. “I”, runner extraordinaire was out of breath.

Yoga became my daily ritual, taking up to three classes per day sometimes. I visited and took classes in as many studios as I could, and, continuing to frequent Runyon as well. My practice became a serious part of my life, setting intentions, focusing, meditating. I didn’t know it at the time, but something inside of me was changing. I figured most Yoga and/or Yoga Instructors aren’t born equal, while some focus on meditation, others focused on breathing, some tend to physical aspect but no matter which class I took I found that in all practices the goal was to achieve a certain unity of the soul, mind and body, something I didn’t know to be possible.

I learned the difference between Yoga and running, who I was as a runner and who I am as a Yogi. Running allowed me to think a million things at a time, the sadder, angrier, frustrated I was, the better my run was. With Yoga I learned to be still, to focus inwardly, to introspect, to meditate, the idea of being in the moment, of not fighting anything was something new to me, and while I hadn’t opted against the moment, I never really did anything to embrace it either.

I had learned something so very evident about myself, running had become a coping mechanism and it became a metaphor to who I was, and how I was living. All this time, instead of being present and experiencing life in the moment, I had decided to run from it, away, from whatever was going on.

I had also learned that while I loved training like an athlete, I hadn’t been taking care of my body, my soul or my mind for that matter. With my Yoga practice I learned to start loving my body instead of using it to escape my own feelings and fears.

The military sounding instructor? It’s Yogi Steve, my favorite, he is the man responsible for bringing the gift of free Yoga at Runyon Canyon for the past 10 + years, also the man I hold responsible for my spiritual awakening, has given so much to this great Yoga community inspiring so much to so many, just like me.

I understand now that my present life is precious. I had spent most of my life running, mostly in solitude, managing my anger and frustrations. In an age of egoism and selfishness I found myself in despair, and Yoga gave me a sense of accomplishment, devotion, things I hadn’t had before, and I have found myself craving for more knowledge to grow as a human being and to give back this amazing gift that this Universe had granted me.

I dream of inspiring others into finding what I have found, to one day know that my practice will bring peace to someone else, and when looking into Yoga Studios I could train, I chose ‘Yoga Den” because of it’s focus on a multitude of disciplines, including yoga practices from Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini , touching on Ayurvedic healing and diet as well as cleansing and Raw food preparation.

I want to start sharing this gift to impact our world, one Yoga class at a time. This amazing present has brought me such abundance in spirit and love, to be happy through it and to inspire someone like me who was running away from or to something, but never really getting anywhere.

I am no longer a runner. I am a human being at peace now, someone open to change without fear. I no longer log miles, I now mentally log positive thoughts, I measure my days on whether I was good to myself and to others, and throughout this journey I have found an immense amount of love all around me, and most importantly, within, me.  Namaste.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Almudena Alcazar

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  1. Gino Cabanas says:

    I believe Almudena will be a GREAT TEACHER
    I have seen her at Runyon Canyon Yoga and
    She is the Best one in every class
    She will be an INCREDIBLE YOGI!!!!

  2. Michael says:

    I enjoyed your profile and would study
    Yoga with you when you become a teacher
    Very pretty !!!

  3. Javier says:

    Great story you have my vote… Go Almudena

  4. Julia says:

    I am a runner and am now inspired to try yoga
    After reading your article
    I had mixed feelings but now I am going to
    Give it a try thanks for sharing your story

  5. Willy says:

    Thanks for Sharing your story
    Made me want to try Yoga

  6. Lisa says:

    I hope you win I read all the articles and
    Thought you had the best one good luck

  7. Mark says:

    Great article makes me want to try yoga
    I have been looking for a new form of exercise
    The Steve guy sounds cool

  8. Mariela Orue says:

    Beautiful Almu, que bien escribes. Blessings.

  9. Vero says:

    Almudena has all it takes to become a great yoga instructor. She inspires!

  10. Scotty Walton says:

    If ever there was a person who sincerely would benefit from this training is Almudena! She is passionate about anything she puts her mind too! She is gifted with one desire, working very hard on challenges she may face. Almudena’s essay speaks volumes regarding her perverance to not only face a challenge but overcome adversity. She deserves this opportunity. She’ll make a Good Yoga Teacher!

  11. dee owens says:

    you story is inspiring almudena, thank you for your honesty and for following your heart, every action is a ripple and yours feel passionate. namaste.

  12. Barry Gross says:

    I know Al for a few years and had the pleasure of working with her. She is intelligent, steadfast, meaning honest direct and trustworthy. Al is a human being that doesn’t give up and strives for the common good. she would be a wonderful teacher because she has compassion and empathy. It doesn’t get better than that.

  13. Stephanie Miller says:

    You will make a wonderful teacher! Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. Susana says:

    Impresionante, escritora tb tenes que ser!!!!! Te voto!

  15. virginia rojas holden says:


  16. Amanda Dixon says:

    Almu, this is an amazing essay. Thank you for sharing these parts of your life with all of us. You have always been an incredible person since I’ve known you and you are right, I even identified you as a runner having known you all those years in Miami. You’ve always had a spiritual side and I’m happy to hear that you’ve turned more inward. I remember us saying one of the Brazilian traditional chants one time when we were swimming in the ocean and talking about how water purifies our souls. You are a passionate, special and unique person and I would be honored to have you be my yoga instructor. I agree with all the comments above, you are truly gifted and what a blessing you are to our lives!

  17. S. Ross Browne says:

    Word up Almudena! You are the butterfly that has risen from the chrysalis anew. Too many people don’t realize that now is all we have and to be at peace in this moment is to be at peace. It is because of your insight about shedding your ego as a false self and your desire to not only be inspired yourself but to share that inspiration that I know with certainty that you will be and excellent Yogi. We often don’t realize that, as branch is of tree, we are of our spiritual source and therefore not separate from that source of all inspiration. It warms my heart to see you on that path. You definitely get my vote. Much love, and Namaste.

  18. Mari says:

    Almudena is a talented person with a
    Giant heart
    I have seen her in class and she always
    Strives to help others
    She also speaks several languages and
    Will be a fantastic teacher
    She carries the light for sure

  19. Bianca says:

    I read and enjoyed your profile
    You seem to be a very positive
    Person with a good outlook on

  20. Bobby B says:

    Hello exrunner LOVED YOUR article
    It was articulate and funny
    You seem to have a great spirit
    And are easy on the eyes:)!!

  21. Dave says:

    You have my vote
    Good job

  22. Nathan says:

    I have seen Almudena in yoga class
    And she is always leading the way
    For our poses
    She also loves to help others and
    Often times stays after class and
    Helps others with their practice
    She will make a great teacher

  23. Patrizia Milano says:

    Al, such a moving story. I love seeing you in my classes and totally vouch for you and your desire to become a yoga instructor. I know it will happen 🙂

  24. Lauren Auerbach says:

    I have practiced with Al at Runyan and she is a brave, loving, compassionate soul who has found relief from physical pain and renewed passion for life in her yoga practice. She’s be an excellent scholarship recipient and make a wonderful instructor! She has my vote.

  25. Marianne L.Santos says:

    My Dear Almudena,

    You becoming a Yogi is wonderful. In all the years I have known you, I always remember your big smile, a smile that matches your heart. You are an inspiration.
    You deserve this.


  26. Stefan Pinto says:

    Your journey is admirable. You are admirable. Namaste.

  27. Martin C says:

    Here is my vote to you. TQM.

  28. bill says:

    You will be a great teacher
    I loved reading your words
    good luck

  29. alan says:

    Almudena is a wonderful person and is very dedicated to
    all that she does, she is very inspiring and always tries
    to help others.

  30. adam says:

    I have seen almudena at yoga class, she is always pushing
    herself to be the best. she will be a wonderful teacher.

  31. adam says:

    I have seen almudena at yoga class, she is always pushing
    herself to be the best.

  32. jeff says:

    I think your words are very important and your honesty rings true.
    Hope you have success on the journey towards being a teacher.

  33. Valencio says:

    Almu you are a lovely woman and I wish you the best, you deserve it.

  34. tim says:

    Thank you for striving to be a teacher, the world needs more! With
    your talent and drive you will succeed.

  35. ryder says:

    I just read your article,great job. I wish the world will come to know
    what a great inspiration you are to the rest of us. Keep shining!!

  36. tom says:

    Almudena thank you for opening up in your letter and sharing

  37. VONKA says:

    Bless your path, you are the best….namaste

  38. Maya says:

    May all the heavens continue to support the blessings you have
    bestowed already. I always watch you in class as someone I aspire
    to be like…

  39. wassim says:

    Good luck, you are very good at yoga..

  40. WILL says:

    Almudena I loved your profile and hope you get the chance to teach.
    You are in great shape and are always friendly to me. Thanks.

  41. tes says:

    Dr Tes here and I appreciate you sending me your heartfelt profile,
    with your dedication I am sure you will do great, take care.

  42. dean says:

    Good luck Almudena if the contest is judged on looks you already won:))!!!

  43. Sandy says:

    You are a shining example of perfection, I truly feel you will
    be a great teacher, Thank you for taking the time to share “MY
    PRESENT MOMENT”. It sounds like a book title.

  44. MIKE says:

    Hope you WIN….loved your writing.

  45. CHERI says:


  46. BOB says:

    I have just read your profile and applaud the sincerity, it seems
    like you a very honest person and would like to attend your class
    once you become a teacher.

  47. lovan says:


  48. Michi says:

    Hello Almudena, you have what it takes to be a scientist, doctor,
    or yogi, I wish you well on this spiritual journey. It takes courage
    to be honest so kudos to you.

  49. Barbara says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, you have
    overcome a ton of obstacles and will continue to do so.
    You will make an amazing teacher, you are someone others
    respect and look up to already.

  50. IVAN says:

    You will make strong teacher, good luck.

  51. Jackie says:

    I always follow you in class, you have great form and give your
    all on every pose. I know you will make an excellent teacher.
    Keep up the good work.

  52. Marisol Avalos says:

    Muy bien Almu!!! I vote for you. Do I get a free class? 😉

  53. Walker says:

    No one deserves this more than Almudena, I have known her for a few years and she has always been very active and positive. SHE has a glow
    about her to the point you can not take your eyes off of her. Everyone
    in class loves her….

  54. Jacosta says:

    She is a wonderful human being who loves others, thank you for
    wanting to make the world a better place.

  55. Bianca Marques says:

    Muita sorte menina. To votando por voçë. Beijos.

  56. Intilly Sanchez says:

    Almu how wonderful for you, I wish you the best, you are
    a very special person.

  57. Alan Acorn says:

    May your days continue to be filled with bliss, your story
    is very touching and inspiring. I know you have a great drive
    to do well and are a very intense and intelligent woman. Your
    students will love you..

  58. Howie Berns says:


  59. Lia Patia says:

    You are a bright light that will pave the way out of darkness
    for many others, the way you are heading is the right way, may
    truth and peace guide the path towards your continued spiritual

  60. fred johnson says:

    Like a bee to honey you will be a great yogi. You are a very
    special flower and I look forward to taking your class and having
    you bust my …..

  61. Frank Tang says:

    much love and respect to Almudena! You will always do well cause
    you always care for others, you are a very dear friend and Have my
    utmost confidence.

  62. russ doyle says:


  63. FRED WHITE says:

    Almudena is a very professional individual with integrity and
    class, she is courteous and very organized. I commend her effort
    to become a yoga instructor.

  64. dubin says:


  65. WODDY says:

    Congrads ALMUDENA…You deserve it…

  66. Red Gonzalo says:

    You rock Almu…best of luck.

  67. laurie says:

    Bueno Almu, you are fantastico…

  68. carl freedman says:

    To the winner ALMUDENA!!

  69. Marla says:

    You are a good person and I wish you the best.

  70. gar Mans says:

    I loved your story, may you continue to bless others:)

  71. Jose torres says:

    What an INSPIRING STORY, The world needs more ALMUDENAS…

  72. GABE GALVEZ says:

    good luck Almu.

  73. ally kraus says:

    I know you will do well, you have my support, you are
    always good to others, I will never forget the time
    you helped to save my life:)

  74. alejandro says:

    May your journey bring you joy and happiness.

  75. felicia fox says:

    Good luck Almudena.:)!!!

  76. Gail Lewis says:

    You have my vote keep up the good work Almudena.

  77. Sally Messer says:

    Good Luck Almudena, you are the best.

  78. briana rogers says:


  79. beka danvers says:

    Good Luck Al.

  80. Jan Stansfield says:

    I know Almudena for ten years and she is a very good heart-ed
    person. She is very determined in every thing she does, always
    trying to help other people, she will feed homeless in the
    rain, walk elderly across the street and gives away her clothes
    to others.

  81. Ken Lake says:

    Good luck!

  82. Bianca Suarez says:


  83. Craig says:

    Keep the dream alive

  84. A Gonzalo says:

    I admire your story, good luck.

  85. Benny says:

    You found your calling!

  86. Jose says:

    Beautiful Story you will do well!

  87. Davis says:


  88. Edith says:

    Perfecto Almudena
    You will be a great

  89. Adam says:


  90. Paul Marina says:

    Way to go Almudena good luck!

  91. rachel m says:


  92. Dawn Bateman says:

    The universe is knocking and ALMUDENA is answering.
    Good job lovely.

  93. A Herzkovic says:

    With insight and nerve you shall go far. Nice Words Almu.

  94. Julio Contreras says:

    Amazing description of your transformation from Runner
    to Yoga, the psychology you describe has me in tingles.

  95. Roberto says:

    You will change LIVES.
    Go for the dream Almu.

  96. Allen Fuller says:

    Wish you the best.

  97. Ziad says:

    The essay was well written and has a nice spirit. Hope
    all your desires are fulfilled.

  98. Lamas says:


    • Ayesha Mojoli says:

      Almu, we never had a lot of chances to talk but your words touched my soul. As your cousin I am cheering for you…as a woman who has been running for the past 18 years I wish you the best…I would love it if I could stop running too!

  99. Tony Keir says:

    Downdog is what came to mind when I saw
    your essay and PHOTO:) Good luck although
    is does not appear you need any!

  100. Romano says:

    Good job and best to you.

  101. Alan says:

    to the dream comes the dreamer.

  102. Rosey says:

    You have done a great essay, and to think you could
    teach yoga in FIVE LANGUAGES. Best of luck.

  103. B Watson says:

    Save the Planet Almudena, we need new leaders. Actually we

  104. Knaus says:

    Count me as a future student.

  105. ALEX says:

    You are an Artist and will do great things in this lifetime.
    You are really hitting your stride.

  106. Joaquin says:

    Bella Almu, good job too.

  107. Slaven Steven says:

    You are very creative and I LOVED the essay, seems
    like you have made a smooth transformation to Yoga
    from Running. from pounding to expanding.

  108. George says:

    With grace and effort I salute you.

  109. Cano says:


  110. Alfred Gonzalo says:

    You have my vote.

  111. Ben Mohamed says:

    Have a great contest, good luck.

  112. Nancy says:


  113. Doug Karr says:


  114. Mare Banks says:

    Runner no more, you have made my day with this essay.

  115. Wendy Alexs says:


  116. Harry says:

    You deserve to win, good luck.

  117. Sara P says:

    Much Love Almudena, I can not think of someone more
    deserving. Ciao.

  118. ARNOLD says:


  119. Sinclair says:

    Hello Almudena, I loved the essay, I have been
    wanting to try Yoga and your words have inspired
    me to try it and seek the peace you describe.

  120. Fabiana says:

    Almudena is a great example of resilience and strength. I am sure she will make the most of her learning experience and share with the world what she has learned.

  121. Alice says:

    Great MESSAGE, good luck honey.

  122. tricia long says:

    You rock Al, I will take your class..

  123. Rob Dutch says:


  124. Marsha says:


  125. Alvaro G says:


  126. Amanda Khan says:

    Did you hear who won?

    Best wishes.

  127. Silvio says:

    Essay was well written and Inspiring.
    I hope all your dreams come true Almu.
    best of luck

  128. Manny says:

    You are a good person. good luck.

  129. RAFI says:


  130. Tarcy Danver says:


  131. GRISELA says:

    I am happy to call you a friend.

  132. Phillip Rogers says:

    To BE a Yoga Instructor
    or NOT to be.

    Almudena will be.

  133. Stan Keebler says:

    Go all the way Al
    Ypu can do it
    great essay

  134. Berto Suarez says:

    Good luck, you wrote a nice essay.
    You are making a difference.
    Teaching is the best.

  135. Chase says:

    Good luck

  136. billy says:


  137. Sullivan says:

    You have my vote.

  138. Amber says:

    Loved your essay, hope you get the teaching job.

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    Good message Almudena.

  140. Sam adler says:


  141. Peter Jay says:

    Your letter put a smile on my face.
    I have been running for 20 years and
    now want to take yoga.

  142. Chung says:

    great message wish you well

  143. Fumero says:

    Inspiring Words of breathing.

  144. Fassbender says:

    You have your heart on the right track.
    Good luck on your journey.

  145. Tony Mecilli says:

    Almudena I enjoyed your profile.
    Hope you win.

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    Where do I sign up
    for your class.?

  147. Amy says:

    You are so smart and pretty doesn’t seem

    good luck honey.

  148. Paula Pirovamo says:

    Fuerza Almu. Yo estoy segura vas a ganar.

  149. says:

    Almudena, you deserve the teacher training and we deserve to have you as a teacher!

  150. Victor Navarro says:

    I would like to vote for Almudena. I have known her for years, and she is as determined as she is compassionate. Blessings.

  151. Ron Foster says:

    I vote for you beautiful.

  152. augusto ravelo says:

    Wow, you write well girlfriend. Love it. Voted.

  153. Ana S. says:

    Vamos Brasil, brasileira. Yes, I vote.

  154. Rodrigo says:

    From heart, not from mind. Well done.

  155. Danny Garcia says:

    I truly believe Almudena will be a great yoga instructor and would sign up for one of her classes at the drop of a hat.

  156. Lucas A. says:

    Beautiful. My votes to you.

  157. Horacio says:

    You inspired me to try yoga. I have similar issues and frustration and my wife advised me to try yoga. However, I tell her that I am fat and yoga is not for me. Well, your words convinced me otherwise. Time for yoga!!!

  158. Rose Marie says:

    Go Almu!!!

  159. Gordon says:


  160. JUAN GARCIA says:

    good luck amu:)

  161. Andy says:

    Love your essay. Very nice.

  162. Bently says:

    You have my vote, you are a good person.

  163. Milo says:

    I want to take yoga after reading your essay.

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    You have written a great story
    Best wishes on your journey

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  166. Matthew says:

    Beautiful story i WISH YOU ALL THE BEST

  167. ANDREA SOLAR says:

    I really enjoyed the story I found it to
    be from the heart
    just what I expect from Almudena

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    go teach yoga:)

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    it is you. much love almu

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    You have been a good friend for a long time.
    I think the world of you.
    best of luck

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    cool piece al

  177. Mitchell says:


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    go girl

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    From Runner to breathing
    loves you mucho

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  184. FATIMA says:


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    hard you work and always give
    your all…..

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    U have my vote

  189. GERRY says:

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  201. Claudia says:

    A beautifull story that touches your heart. You are a winner Almu. TQM

  202. Becky Collins says:

    Great story and good luck! Ive also entered the competition but have really enjoyed your journey so I wish you well xx

  203. maria adela vargas peña apezteguìa says:

    Cualquier comentario mio puede ser tomado como si fuese d tu madre!

  204. mila says:

    fuerza almu,estoy segura de que vas a ganar. besos

  205. emilio r. vargas vander schraft says:

    Considero que tienes Almudena el conocimiento suficiente de la relación cuerpo,alma y mente. Ademas toda persona que ha pasado su vida por un sin número de dificultades llega a tener un temple para enfrentar las adversidades y poner en equilibrio el cuerpo la mente y el alma. Mi voto es para tí.

    • emilio says:

      Quiero hacer una aclaración con referencia a la elección de Almudena , donde dice que dicha persona ha pasado en su vida por un sin número de dificultades y logra templar su persona , está en condiciones de equilibrar el cuerpo, mente, y el alma.

  206. Claudia says:

    Almu!!! You r the best…Congratulation CHE BOLU.. 🙂

  207. Fabiana says:

    love youuuuuu!!! thanks for the inspiring story =))

  208. Javier B. says:

    Inspiring story. Definitely a natural born yoga instructor.

  209. cristina harrison says:

    Fuerza Almudena, desde Py te apoyamos. Carinos y que estes bien

  210. Pilar Vargas Peña A. says:

    Fuerza Almu!!! besos

  211. Luis Alcazar says:

    Admirable. In the times of our lives we sometimes are not aware of the the world and people tha surrounds us and ar part of ourselves. Sometimes we need something or somebody to awaken us and realize the wonderful world full of people and lives that are at the reach of our souls. You, Almudena found that in Yoga and thats amazing because you realize now what a wonderful person you have ALWAYS been. Welcome to the rest of you life, a 100 years give or take.
    Love you

  212. Bia Marques says:

    Hope all your dreams come true.

  213. Alvaro Diaz de Vivar says:

    Almu: Very good essay. I believe you should get the scholarship as you have demonstrated with actions and with words that YOGA is a passion for you. I will expect lessons on relaxation and coping with my anxieties if you win this contest!!! Good luck Almu. Alvaro

  214. Belen says:

    Great essay. Very inspiring. Feel like trying yoga myself!

  215. Janett says:

    I know Almu will make an excellent teacher. By nature she’s motivational no matter what mood she’s in. The essay is inspirational and I wish her the very best, I know she’d be a terrific instructor. So if you were a runner and I was a sleeper what the hell was I doing? I need to do some Yoga to figure out my coping mechanism. It’s cool to know that all Yoga is not the same while the the goal is. Something I definitely should look into. Good luck to you! Janett

  216. Regina Quevedo says:

    Very inspiring.
    I hope yo get it Almu, you’re gonna be a great teacher

  217. Nettie says:


  218. Gigi says:

    Beautiful story Almu:)

  219. Daniel m says:

    Glad you have chosen a NON VIOLENT

  220. Julio Chavez says:

    Peace be with you ALMUDENA

  221. Bunuel says:

    You seem very calm and grounded!!

  222. Alfred h says:

    Light n love to a peaceful

  223. Toni says:

    She is a fantastic yogi
    Good luck

  224. Lejeune says:

    To a splendid person with a ton
    Of humanity
    She would never hurt a fly
    A very good soul

  225. Gilbert says:

    She is an intelligent and amazing
    Inspiration to a mere mortal like
    Beautiful and brilliant
    Giving and talented
    Special and caring
    The heart of an angel
    The mind of a scientist
    The one and only ALMUDENA

  226. Giomar Casas says:


  227. Grace says:

    If anyone deserves this teacher training, it is Almudeña! Such a dedicated, disciplined, and inspiring Yogini! I didn’t know how much of an impact Yogi Steve had on your practice and wanting to become a teacher! And after reading this eloquently written essay, I feel like I know you so much better! What a remarkable transition from runner to Yogi! You will make a phenomenal teacher! I wish you the best of luck! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend/student!

  228. beli says:

    love the story! wish you the best luck in the world in this.

  229. annalisa verdun says:

    Almudena your story is inspirational and I hope you get it. B

  230. Beverly says:

    How beautiful!!!!

  231. Maria Pirovano says:

    Can’t think in someone better than Almu to teach Yoga. She feels life, she is strong she is passion, she is a challange woman and she callenged the rough moments of her life with yoga. I hope she can teach other how to do it!

  232. Nelly Martinez says:

    I vote for Almu! Done.

  233. ximena says:

    How beatufiull !!!! Buena suerte !!!!! I hope you win the scholarship !!

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  236. Hernan VP says:

    Go for it Almu!!

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  241. Camila S. says:

    Bien Almudena. Muchas Felicidades por tus logros.

  242. Maria Gonzalez says:

    I feel Almudena’s pain, I haven’t been able to run in almost a year and I can totally relate to her story.I think her personal journey to the place where she now stands is unique and only enriches her as a human being and enhances her awareness and sharpens her instincts. I truly beleive she will become a great yoga teacher. She’s very inspiring as a person and her spirit is contagious and soothing.

  243. Bianca Valdez says:

    Great essay, what a wonderfully written story. You have my blessings

  244. tomas aquino says:

    Very good Almu, my hope is that you win and you get to teach me. You have inspired me. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. NAMASTE!!!

  245. Mariajo says:

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  246. carolina escobar says:


  247. Denise says:

    Best of Luck to you!! and many blessings!!

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    I would like to extend my vote to an extraordinary human being that has been always there to help others. Her heart is wide open, and her smile can light up a room. She has my vote.

  250. Ale says:

    Fantastic and Honest.

  251. Gustavo Landivar says:

    Los mejores deseos Almudena..

  252. Astrid says:

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  253. Erik says:

    Glad to see you have found something you really enjoy. You will make an amazing teacher and spiritual guide. Namaste.

  254. Shelly says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that you continue to inspire all of us. I remember you running during lunch time, every day, no matter what…I’m sure you will do a great job with that great smile of yours. Keep it up Almudena.

  255. Lelia says:

    Fuerza Almu !!! Me emocionó tu testimonio.. y me encanta que estés tan bien…! Hope to see you soon …

  256. Fabiana says:

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  257. Roco says:

    Very Good, you have my vote.

  258. Warner says:

    Almudena is a wonderful spirit and very giving person.
    We have worked together in production and she was always
    making everyone laugh and worked very hard. My thoughts
    and prayers are with her, peace and light. Warner

  259. Emmy says:

    I would like to make a clarification with reference to the choice of Almudena , where this person has past a number of difficulties and is able to balance the body, mind, and soul.

  260. Tony says:

    I think you have the sufficient knowledge of the relationship Almudena to body, soul and mind. Also anyone who has spent their life with number of difficulties comes to have a temple to face adversity and put the body in balance the mind and soul. My vote is for you.

  261. Grammie says:

    I am sure you are going to win.

  262. Goldy Globe says:

    Force almu !!! I was really touched by your testimony … and i am delighted that you are doing so well…seems like you have really
    put all the pieces together..

  263. Danny says:

    Te mando saludos y mucha suerte Almudena.

  264. A.S. says:

    Bella anima! Auguri Bella.

  265. Andre Barreiro says:

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  266. Alejandro says:

    Almudena? definitely a great teacher, charisma, sympathy, personality and smart.

  267. Mary Gevens says:

    You have the gift to inspire and you have done that. I wish you the best of luck with this contest and all of your future endeavors. Please keep me posted. I would love to hear you won this. You are a gem.

  268. Meli Rockhold says:

    Almudena is an ideal candidate ! She is determined and disciplined and has the ability to reach others.

  269. Inho says:


  270. Celia Duarte says:

    Arriba y Fuerza, because you can do it. Eres una luz que siempre brilla fuerte. Felicitaciones Almudena!

  271. Hugh says:

    Hola nena… in your journey you have found an immense amount of love… love conquers all baby… can’t wait to take lessons with you… all the very best… the Universe is conspiring to grant your wish… Hugh

  272. Diego Ramirez Ugarte says:

    I am also a “runner” unable to “run” right know because of overweight. Almudena’s essay inspired me to seek Yoga, and for MORE reasons than just being a process of “trying to get back to runnin”.
    Hope Almudena becomes a Yoga teacher, for she will sure become a GREAT ONE!

  273. MARIA JOSE PEÑA says:

    Great essay!!! straightforward!

  274. Renata Cunningham says:

    I’ve known Almudena for almost 25 years now and I am very proud to have her as friend….Her courage, determination and strengh should be an example for everyone!!! Love you girl…

  275. Michael Cunningham says:

    Almudena…there is no question in my mind that you will bring great inspiration to many….I can feel your passion…you will be a great teacher….nothing can prevent this from happening….no matter what happens with this scholarship…you have already won….

  276. Michael says:

    Here comes the sun…It’s Almu.

  277. Lourdes says:

    I’ve known Almu for about 8 years, she is honest, brave, and you can count on her. I love her essay and her spirit, she is a true warrior that will disarm you with her smile. I’m sure she will make a great Yoga Teacher. Kudos Almu.

  278. Marcelo Turnes says:

    Namaste Almudena, keep the spirit. You have already won.

  279. Juan Pablo says:

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  281. Sabrina says:

    Buenisimo< suerte

  282. Lynne Dee says:

    Almudena thank you for sharing! You articulate your story beautifully. It is very inspiring. I am one of those yogis who like you has found a community of souls that make living in L.A. a pleasure. I look forward to seeing you at Yoga. (-:

  283. Abimael Linares says:

    Almudena, you inspire me. I know you have been trough a lot in the passed few years and I’m happy to see you doing so much better. I used to feel the same way about yoga, but I’m starting myself as soon as i get back to LA.

  284. Ana Sofia says:

    Buenisimo Sister, mil besos.

  285. Paulinha says:

    Fuerza Almu!

  286. Aurelio Teixeira says:


  287. Jose Eduardo Alcazar says:

    Kukinha! Aqui esta o meu voto. Beijos.

  288. Ramiro V.P. says:

    Tienes mi apoyo también, felicito tu éxito.. FUERZA!!!!

  289. Claudia says:

    Tudo de bom e mil beijos. Te adoro bonitona.

  290. Betania Santiago says:

    What I read was beautiful, it made me feel like when bad things can happen to people, if they work hard and find a way to get better, things can be allright. And I would like to vote for Almu because she will be a great teacher. Thank you for shering.

  291. Teresa Maria de Gomez says:

    Muchas Felicidades Almudena. Yo voto por vos.

  292. Katia D. says:

    So clearly written truth about human aspirations to do something we love and live while doing it! Wonderful, it relates to all of us with our own favorite activities and dreams in life.

  293. S.P. says:

    beautiful almu!! so proud of you and the journey you have been (going) through to make amazing changes. hope i get to see you soon! love you xxx

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  295. Daniel González Alcazár says:

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  296. JAVIER RESTREPO says:


  297. JAV says:

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  298. Paola says:

    Anotada desde ya para clases de yoga cuando estes por Asu !!!

  299. Selena Holden says:

    Tu historia me ha inspirado. Gracias. Que Dios te bendiga.

  300. Jimena Zavala says:

    Great story, great essay!! very INSPIRING!
    You will make it! all the best.

  301. Eliana says:

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    Congratulations Almudena. My best wishes for you.

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  309. VIVIANA says:

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  312. J.D.Boss says:

    You are the “present” in this moment. Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on…YOGA! In good times, and bad times, YOGA will be on your side forever more, that’s what YOGA’s for 😉

  313. Nati says:

    Buena Nena. Dale Almu, dale Almu. Fuerza Almu, dale Almu, fuerza, fuerza!

  314. Donatello y Rafael says:

    Dos de las tortugas ninjas ya han votado, las otras haciendo KAWABANGA!!! muy linda tu historia, y te deseo lo mejor, porque has sobrellevado bastantes obstaculos, y haz seguido en el buen camino. Sos un ser humano sin igual.

  315. Jin says:

    I believe in you almu!

  316. Alejandro Ramos says:

    Valeu. Torcendo. Beijos.

  317. claudia says:

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  318. CYNTHIA MEYER says:


  319. vivi says:

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  320. Angeles Quevedo Vargas Peña says:

    Prima, te deseo toda la suerte del mundo, estamos contigo!

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  322. Maria Luz Encina says:

    Estamos todos con vos. Mucha suerte y mucha fuerza!!!!!

  323. Rafael V says:

    Tu escrito me ha inspirado mucho de verdad. Saber que has podido salir de una situación difícil, no solamente en la cuestión física, pero en el sentido espiritual, nos dá a todo ser humano una luz de esperanza, al saber que todo se soluciona en este mundo, y que has logrado meritoriamente encontrar tu luz interior para así también poder inspirar a tantos a lograr la paz espiritual que tanto anelamos todos. Mi voto va para Almudena, por su coraje, y perseverancia, por su honestidad. Te deseo mucha suerte.

  324. Pili Nogues says:

    Aqui esta mi voto Almu.

  325. Paulo Vaz says:

    Estamos todos torcendo p voce Almu.

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  327. Teresa Nieto says:

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  328. Jennifer Esparza says:

    Almudena your essay moved me. It is very inspiring, thank you for sharing it with us. I am quite sure you will become to a great yoga instructor and I am happy for you for finding enlightment and inner peace.

  329. Rosa E. Maso Isea says:

    Mucho exito y sigue adelante!!! Un abrazo!!!

  330. Regina says:

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  331. Leticia De Gasperi says:

    Me encanto tu historia y creo que todos debemos buscar lo que vos lograste encontrar con el YOGA. Te felicito y me alegro mucho por vos!! Fuerza Almu, mi voto va contigo!!!

  332. Ingrid says:

    Fuerza Almu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  333. gonzalo says:

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  339. Arnaldo Duarte says:

    Deseo que se te cumplan todos tus deseos.

  340. Alex Borroni says:

    I’m leaving a comment 😉 Good luck!!!

  341. Bobby says:

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  342. Kevin says:

    Good job Al, all the best to you.

  343. Ramona M. says:

    Good job Almudena.

  344. D.S. says:

    You have to win Al..ger 🙂 All my love, and then some.

  345. Albert says:

    This is what my vote looks like, and yes, I got your messages, thanx for reminding me to vote 😉

  346. Jennifer F. says:

    To Whom it May Concern, Almudena HAS EARNED THIS!!!!!!

  347. Caro says:

    Al will make a great Yoga Instructor. Good Luck.

  348. Maribel Costa says:

    I wish you were in Miami to teach yoga. I’d love you as my yoga instructor. You’ve got the best personality and would be the dream teacher for any yoga student. You deserve this!

  349. Violet says:

    Way to go Almudena. I loved the essay, it’s touching and inspirational. I know you will do a great job teaching Yoga.

  350. Nelly says:

    Bien Almu! Persigue siempre tus sueños! No hay otra manera de vivir lo que somos!! Te quiero mucho!

  351. RINA says:

    Almudena is great. Dedicated and passionate.
    Deserving of this award.

  352. Rick says:

    Wonderfully expressed.

  353. Hellen says:

    Well put and much deserved. Thank you for opening yourself, it is only when we open ourselves that true healing can occur. I wish the best for you.

  354. Celeste Rivas says:

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  355. Ignacio says:

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  365. Carli says:

    Almu – knowing you is loving you! I think it’s remarkable that you have found your new muse. I celebrate your efforts to share your beautiful spirit with your future students. Thank you for sharing your story, as I know it’s just the beginning of your Yogi journey. Namaste my friend – Lots of love, Carli

  366. jennifer pastiloff says:

    Good for you. Bravo on following your bliss. Keep putting yourself out there! Love, jen

  367. Marcos says:

    Fuerza Almu.

  368. Mariana says:

    Aqui esta mi voto querida Almudena! Besotes

  369. Namir says:

    An amazing journey. Thank you for sharing it.

  370. Barbara says:

    Muito bom Almu. Beijos.

  371. Ines says:


  372. Elena Gomez S. says:

    Here is my vote. Good luck to you!!

  373. Sam says:

    Felicitaciones, has expresado algo muy real. Mucha suerte.

  374. Ruth says:

    Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  375. Alejandro says:

    Keep it up, you are almost…there 😉

  376. Maria Luisa says:

    Que sigas con todos tus logros, llegaras muy lejos mi querida Almudena. Tu historia me ha emocionado de sobremanera. Besos, que estes bien.

  377. Amy says:

    You go girl.

  378. Andy says:

    Good Work Almudena, I’m glad you have found inspiration during hardship, you have risen above it. You deserve to win. I wish you the very best, I believe you are on the right track already.

  379. Charles says:

    I met Almudena years ago. First thing that struck me was her smile, she was funny, witty, and as I got to know her, I realized that the most beautiful thing about her other than what she looked like, was the way she was always glowing with happiness, there wasn’t one time when she was not present, and I found that most admirable. To find out what she has endured and how she has come out of it, makes me respect her even more. I have no doubts that she will inspire her students, she will make them laugh, and they will feel loved by a person who does not take any moment for granted. So my vote is to her, for being a beacon of light, happiness and humanity.

  380. Scott says:

    That is a wonderful composition of words. I will most certainly enroll in Yoga now, as I have been suffering from back issues. You sold me on Yoga, are you getting a commission? lol, just kidding. Love that you are doing well, keep me posted, knowing you, you won’t give up til you get this, and that is what makes you truly unique. You have my vote.

  381. Verónica Villalba says:

    Mucha suerte Almu, besos!!!

  382. Ingrid says:

    Bello Almudena! Espero que te salga, besos!

  383. NATALIA ALFONZO says:


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    THE BEST!!!

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  390. Joie Watson says:

    I vote for you!

  391. Carla says:

    Vamos Almudena, tienes que ganar.

  392. Ako says:

    I think you will do really great. Take care and God bless

  393. Alexia says:

    Te deseo mucha suerte. Realmente te lo mereces. Besos, y quiero clases de Yoga ok? 🙂

  394. Leti says:

    Me encanta. Besotes.

  395. Julio Kunzle says:

    Espectacular!!! thank you for sharing this

  396. Veronica Alsina says:

    Well said, Almudena. Much success and endless blessings to you!

  397. Lia says:

    You have my vote Almudena.

  398. Lety Cueto says:

    Good luck Almudena !!

  399. Natasha says:

    Great Job!

  400. David says:

    Good work Al, you deserve to win this.


    Go Almu!!!! You definitely have my vote!!! 🙂

  402. Mauro Max G Friedmann says:

    ALMUDENA the best class in yoga absolutty

  403. Nico says:

    You’ll be a great instructor! hope you win!

  404. Larry Costas says:

    Inspiring story good job

  405. erica says:


  406. DANILLA says:

    I am so Happy for you becoming a teacher

  407. mario says:

    Congratulations Almu!1

  408. Tina Spears says:

    You seem to shine at everything you do…good
    luck Al..

  409. sammy says:

    best of luck

  410. ALICIA PEREZ says:

    Mucha suerte.

  411. TOMAS says:

    Here is my vote. Good luck to you!!

  412. SAPO TOMA says:

    Al will make a great Yoga Instructor.

  413. Bobby T says:

    I have seen her in class, she is always the best.
    I am pulling for you.

  414. darren says:


  415. ROGILIO says:

    Hope all your dreams come true.

  416. TASKA says:


  417. GORDON says:


  418. Davia allen says:


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  420. David Cabanas says:

    My Brother speaks the world of you..
    Best wishes…

  421. Ferraro says:


  422. Ferraro says:


  423. Bernali says:


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    To a fun person who deserves to win..

  425. alex perez says:

    you are a Work of Genius….good luck

  426. wendy says:


  427. Dave says:

    Cool essay…

  428. yello says:

    bueno suerte

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    Very proud of you Al…hope you win

  430. jill rogers says:


  431. GIBBY says:

    I want you to know one thing

  432. CRAIG says:



  433. Dawn Bush says:

    you have LIGHT BEAMING ..

  434. Humphrey says:

    May you find yourself victorious

  435. Jeff says:


  436. Douglass says:

    Te deseo mucha suerte.

  437. liza renn says:


  438. Dacy Freeman says:

    You have such a glow about you

  439. Charlie says:

    You are a very strong
    person with a great moral

    you have my vote for PRESIDENT

  440. BILL says:

    good luck

  441. nellie says:


    HOW DO YOU DO IT??:))

  442. NICK says:

    best to you..

  443. Antonio says:


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  446. Spiro says:

    May the force be with you

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    I was sent this from a friend of yours
    your story is very touching

  448. Andrea says:

    Muy bueno Almudena.

  449. debby says:


  450. BECK says:

    cool essay al.

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  453. Kobe says:

    Go to the top where you belong

  454. Kay anderson says:


  455. Johnny Pena says:

    Hey Al, G sent this to me to
    vote for you…I will send it to
    others as well..Hope you win.!!

  456. Rousilli says:

    You have my vote.

  457. Juan Mendoza says:

    Spreading the word
    hope you win

  458. timmy says:


  459. WILLIAM says:

    best wishes

  460. Jorge says:

    Que Dios te bendiga.

  461. Evelina says:

    Muy Bueno Almudena.

  462. delphina says:

    Yo voto por vos.

  463. Ellen says:


  464. DENISE GALLO says:

    just read your post

  465. Bianca Cabanas says:

    Great to see you on Thanksgiving!
    My dad sent this to me and asked
    me to vote for you!
    You look so you Bianca

  466. Michelle Jubilee says:

    Incredible story and a good example of how we all, in one way or another, find our “escape” to deal with Life. However, to be open to message the universe is giving you so that you can truly heal…that is already the sign of a good yogi…one who is receptive, paying attention, and although there is resistance (as in many things in life), she pushes through and surrenders to falling over the wonderful edge of frustration to the point where “the lesson is learned.” WIshing you much wisdom, harmony, and abundance on the road ahead – I know you’ll do great!!!! 🙂

    Give her a scholarship you guys! 🙂

  467. Carol says:

    Such a wonderful outcome to real hardship. We should all learn from you, and rise above the difficulties that life presents us with. It is truly inspirational and I cannot think of anyone else more deserving than Almudena. She is truly a beautiful human being that touches everyone that has had the pleasure to meet her. Thank you for sharing your most intimate feelings with us. God bless.

  468. Valerie says:

    I Love it Almudena. Thank you for a wonderfully written piece, and best of luck.

  469. Soraya P. says:

    No entiendo muy bien el Ingles, pero lo que entendi me encanto, recibi esto atravez de una amiga, y me encantaria conocerte y tomar clases contigo. Voto por vos, y te deseo mucha suerte. Gracias. Soraya.

  470. Maria Elina says:

    Muy bien!! Te felicito y mi voto va para vos.

  471. Esteban says:


  472. Cristina Souto says:

    Really inspiring!!!! Finished reading your story and I want to try yoga too!!!! Best of luck!!

  473. paola petersen says:

    I wish you all the best. I am sure your experience would help many people

  474. lupe says:

    you are a good person and good friend,see you in Los Angeles! quiero clases de yoga tb ,=) Sat Nam

  475. Riham ElSadany says:

    She is a Special Lady, I vote for her :0)
    Good Luck

  476. Vivi says:

    Almudena rocks… Pick her she will be amazing!

  477. Tim Gaudich says:

    Loved your essay, my vote goes to you, would love to take classes w you 😉 I’m also a runner.

  478. larissa Krisch says:

    I have no doubt that almudena has the ability to become an excellent teacher…

  479. Monica says:

    Buena suerte

  480. larissa Krisch says:

    Fuerza Almuuu!!!!

  481. Romeo says:

    Estamos todos contigo Almu!!!!!!!!!

  482. mk says:

    Loved the essay..

  483. Val Oddone says:


  484. Nico says:

    Great essay! Hope you win!

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    Boa essa!

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    Really inspiring

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  488. Massi Furlan says:

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  490. Sergio Murdoch says:

    I like so much fantastic!!

  491. benja says:

    she is the number one

  492. benja says:

    she is best teacher

  493. Brian Hyman says:

    Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha…

    If this is truly the path you choose, may it be free from obstacles and may you find all you seek and much more.

    I will dedicate my next class toward your noble aspirations to enlighten others with your inspired practice.

    Blessings, namaste ~


  494. Paul says:

    most beautiful women of Paraguay. now lives in Los Angeles

  495. Carlos Del Rosario says:

    Congratulations Almudena, im so happy for you!

  496. Niema Hulin says:

    Vote for Almudena!!! She would be an awesome teacher! EVERYBODY VOTE!!!

  497. Omar Kellawan says:

    Congrats Almundena! This is a wonderful journey you have begun. Best wishes! I hope you win!

  498. Sue Silva says:

    Hola Almu,

    Soy amiga de Vero y tambien soy una fanatica de yoga, te felicito y ojala ganes el consurso. Namaste!

  499. Juana says:

    I hope you win!! I love yoga and running!!! Way to go!!!

  500. Alma Vasquez says:

    Amazing journey & very inspiring & helpful. Great introspection

  501. sandra says:


  502. SMK says:


  503. Gisela Iribas says:

    my vote is 4 the best one Almudena of course

  504. Mauricio friedmann says:

    I vote for you almudena
    Good luck

  505. Almudena Gonzalez says:

    Mi voto es por Almudena, que tengas suerte y ganes

  506. Victor H Cabanas says:

    My vote is for Almudena 🙂

  507. Fabiana says:

    Muy bien seguí con fe que vas a recibir tu recompensa

  508. Meire Ramoos says:

    She is the best.

  509. Nene Airaldi says:

    A Almudena la. Conozco de muy niña. Siempre fue muy atleta y siempre tuvo un caracter muy definido y una personalidad arrolladora. Creo que haría de una muy buena profesaora de yoga.

  510. Stephen Zeigler says:

    Our stories run quite parallel. I used to run when depressed or confused also. Then I found Yoga and EVERYTHING changed. I look forward to taking a class with you. Compassion is the greatest tool a yoga teacher can have and I can tell that you have it in spades. Namaste & blessings

  511. Tom says:

    Almudena – congratulations on your spiritual accomplishment. You will a very successful yogi.

  512. Carol Alcázar says:

    Prima, tenho certeza que você vai se tornar uma ótima professora de yoga! Você merece muito ganhar e todas essas pessoas aqui concordam comigo! Um beijo! 🙂

  513. eduardo says:

    Amiga: seguro lograras todo lo que te propongas; Saludos

  514. Leticia Alcazar says:

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    What an incredible yoga teacher you will be. Your dedicated to running was incredible. I can’t imagine how awesome you will be as a yogi. Good luck.

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  518. Vanessa says:

    Talentes teacher And poet

  519. Susan says:

    Best wishes Almudena in this quest!

  520. Peggy says:

    Here is my vote to you! Lots of luv xx

  521. Sandra says:

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  522. bethany says:

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  523. Valerie says:

    My vote is for Almudena!!! I love what you wrote!! really inspiring!!! Good luck!!!

  524. Fallon Burner says:

    Wow Al, WOW. I can’t believe all that you’ve gone through since the last time I saw you! I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your discovery of life 🙂 <3

  525. Katia says:

    Go Almudena!!!! I hope you get this!!! You would be wonderful at this! xoxox Katia

  526. Dilma Loes says:

    The wonderful and unique work of Almudena will help to change several lives for better showing that competency + love to others is a power capable to transform the world. Almudena has my vote!

  527. Rafael Alfaro says:

    Love it Almu, Beautiful writing, best wishes…

  528. Luiz Paulo Alcázar says:


  529. Lori says:

    Best of luck Almudena! =)

  530. Orietta Quevedo Vargas Peña says:

    Almudena, I sincerely hope you win, you deserve it

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    nice,,,,good lucky……

  535. sheilah says:

    duh, i tweeted this out the 1st time but didnt post down here! almu, super proud of you and you finding your new calling! heart ya twin~ xxx

  536. Fernando says:

    Loved the article, congrats on all you have accomplished. .. I would strongly reccomend you as a yoga instructor to all my clients .. Once again thank you for sharing your story .

  537. Alma says:

    Best of Luck! Almu. Namaste

  538. analia says:

    Almudena good luck!!!!!!

  539. Pacita says:

    I have known Almudena since she was a child. I am sure she has all the abilities and potential to be a great instructor.

  540. Daniel says:

    Nice Story Almudena, looking forward to attend one of your classes.
    Go wellness!
    Good luck!

  541. Julie says:

    Beautiful Story! I started yoga for a similar reason — a car accident in high school took away my track scholarship and yoga was the only thing that was able to rehabilitate both my body and mind. Good luck and thanks for sharing 🙂

  542. Fernando says:

    Great essay, funny how just one little Lumbar vertebrae can change your life.

  543. Jack says:

    That is a really great story. I am also into raw foods.

  544. Beto Barsotti says:

    I vote for Almudena by his life story is incredible. A beautiful young woman, with so many problems, has managed to survive and adapt to the times, with a balance of feelings and reason, can and should serve as an inspiration to many people. The important thing he has discovered that running does not get you anywhere. And now you know, you’re aware. Almudena my vote is yours.

  545. Luis Moro says:

    Keep stretching them alive. Good luck Almudena.

  546. Michael Santiago says:

    Great energy!

  547. Richard Hines says:

    You write very well Almudena, I’m proud to have been one of your teachers.

  548. Nailah says:

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  549. Di Maggio M J says:

    She is the best…..

  550. domin says:

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  551. domingo says:

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  553. ximena says:

    espero que ganes la beca !! mucha fuerza y tenes el apoyo de la flia !

  554. Sergio Tenace says:

    Almudena the best !!

  555. Astrid says:

    If anyone deserves this teacher training, it is Almudena! I know her since almost 30 years! And I can say she has great talent to teach!!
    Talks from her heart!! Genuine person, love you lots!

  556. reni says:

    This was a very inspirational essay. Thanks for sharing!

  557. Debbi says:

    I wish you all the luck!

  558. Verónica Ferrario Peña says:

    Suerte Almudena, vas a lograrlo!!

  559. Fernanda Alcázar says:

    Vai arrasar Almu!!!!! Bjão!!!

  560. Eduardo says:

    No better person to win the Training Scholarship.
    She is just full of light.

  561. Olga says:

    I loved your essay and share that approach to yoga as a “many splendoured thing”, with each type of practice helping us deal with a different part of our lives¡ You´re going to be an awsome instructor¡

  562. carlos zarca says:

    amazing almudena!!!!
    buenisimo !!

  563. Jorge Yambay says:

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  565. Vale G. says:

    I loved your essay. It was really inspiring and reminded me of a friend of mine… who was also a runner, and after a knee injury discovered Yoga!

  566. susana says:

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  568. hanib Nunez says:


  569. jennifer elise williamson says:

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  576. Chris says:

    I hope you win!

  577. amit says:

    all the best

  578. Marlena De Fabrizio says:

    Am very pleased that you asked me to sign your petition. My best wishes that you win. I cannot think of a greater person to know and study with than Leeza!!! Marlena!!

  579. Swapnil says:

    Wish you all the Best

  580. Rocio says:

    Best Wishes and Good Luck, Almudena! Hope to take one of your classes soon 🙂

  581. Lou Cambruzzi says:

    Great essay!
    I see a lot of Yoga Den in it.
    The fight and drive to get to a goal.
    My best wishes to you. Leeza is a dear person.

  582. Andrea Jiménez says:

    You have my vote…good luck

  583. Natalia Caballero Volta says:

    I agree, Almudena´ll be a great yoga teacher. I like the story.

  584. Roland says:

    Great Almu!
    I am runner too!
    After reading your essay, I am booking a yoga class!
    Thanks !
    You’ll do a great teacher!
    Cheers! Roland

  585. Ana Pimenta says:

    Great essay!! I took my first yoga class this year, and i felt in love too………………I am still a runner, but would love to do Yoga again…………………after i find a job of course! hehe

  586. MONICA FLEITAS says:


  587. Adela Gimenez says:

    After reading her essay, I believe she`ll be a wonderful yoga teacher. Please give her the opportunity she`s looking for.

  588. Edgar Alvarez says:

    Keep it up Almudena!!! 🙂

  589. Magisophienne / i-dare says:

    Almudena’s path and story are a great inspiration.
    At i-dare, we are convinced that she is a tremendous yoga teacher as well.
    We follow and support her.
    As a teacher she will be able, via yoga practice, to shine and touch the many lives who seek inspiration.

    Go go go yoga girl !

    Magisophienne at i-dare

  590. Lisa Fragano says:

    Muchos Exitos en el 2012!!!

  591. ANTONELLA says:

    fuerzas y exitos almuu!!!!

  592. Sandra says:


  593. Elena Alfonsi says:

    Almudena, I never knew you lived all this.
    This is such an amazing essay.
    A very inspiring story and a great example for many.
    I´m sure you´ll be an excellent yoga teacher.

  594. Pulu says:

    Te voto almu éxitos

  595. Dariela says:

    I believe she’s going to be a wonderful yoga teacher! She has my Vote!!

  596. residentas says:

    Inspiracion total tu testimonio

  597. Marce says:

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  598. mario martinez says:

    muy interesante

  599. caro says:

    I think Almudena will be a GREAT TEACHER…!!!
    “the good teacher explains, the great teacher inspires”

    My best wishes…

  600. Tadashi Haranaka says:

    yoga is the best thing you can have in life! good luck dear friends and have a pretty 2012 new year!

  601. Jorge Lopez says:

    She will be a great yoga teacher!!!

  602. Patricia Cabello says:

    she definitely has my vote! I think she will be the best yoga teacher –

  603. katrina miller says:

    good luck on your new journey!

  604. Celeste says:

    All Paraguay is voting for you Almu. Fuerzaaa

  605. alejandra brusquetti says:

    I wish the best!! go for it!!i believe in you:::

  606. Julio Ullón says:

    Fuerza Almudena!

  607. Gisela says:

    My best wishes to you Almudena! Hope you win! Blessings

  608. Ruben Vera G says:

    I vote for you almudena
    Good luck!!!!

  609. Eric Fischer says:

    good luck!!!! Suerte seguro vas a ganar!!

  610. Sonia says:

    Almudena has all that it takes to be a great yogi.

  611. hugo cataldo says:

    Mi voto tambien para Almudena!

  612. mariela says:

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  620. Jihan says:

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    Suerte Almu!!

  621. seba zavala says:

    bien tia!

  622. zuni avila says:


  623. Tito Caro says:

    No me digas más….? y cual es la diferencia entre el pajaro campana y el elefante? 🙂 Boa sorte e tudo de bom, todos torçcendo por voçe. Beijos. We love you!!!!

  624. Gabriela says:


  625. Sonia Torales says:

    Almudena good luck!!!!
    Boa sorte !
    Suerte y exitos!

  626. Lana M says:

    Good luck girl!

  627. annie serrati says:

    I loved your essay, my vote is for “you”

  628. Elena says:

    Suerte Almudena!!

  629. Amadeo says:

    Almu…..Wish you all the Best in everything….

  630. Thomas says:

    Almudena is a special soul, with a special drive to excel and exceed in everything she does….. She is a Winner!

  631. natalia alfonzo says:

    Lei tu essay, best of bests! Sigan votando x almu! Falta 1 dia mas nomas!

  632. viviana arias says:

    Fuerza almuuu!!

  633. Vamsi Ahobila says:

    Great essay, very well thought out. Best of luck! I hope you win 🙂

  634. Embaixador Manuel Maria de F. Alcázar says:

    Tudo de bom minha neta querida. Que Deus te proteja.

  635. Fiorella says:

    Yogi or Runner , Almudena is an amazing human being; someone who has made a real journey throughout self awareness about the truly important part of each human being, the soul. I totally support her efforts and I wish that her wish to get this train come true, because she deserves it. Good luck Almudena!

  636. Juan Pacheco says:

    I really got touched by your story and I wish you the best in the new path of your journey. Open ourselves to new ways in life and BELIEVING is the most beautiful and appreciated treasure of life. Good luck / Happy Life

  637. Cristian Turrini says:

    Great story!!! you have my vote. Good luck!!

  638. Cris says:


  639. gisella bavera says:

    Fuerza almu!

  640. celeste dominguez says:

    La mejor!

  641. ana centu says:


  642. julio mazzoleni says:

    awakening comes in different ways. No doubt you may become the way for others through Yoga.
    Good luck, Almudena.

  643. GIGI says:

    More Than A Woman To Me…..I know that in a Thousand Years…
    I’d fall in Love With You Again….And If I lose your Love..
    I know I would die….Gigi

  644. ALBERT FELIP says:


  645. ALBERTO ALQUINO says:


  646. alicia cacerez says:


  647. pablo cueva says:


  648. sandra arias says:


  649. ARTURO DUARTE says:


  650. NELLY Davalos says:


  651. RUTH CABRERA says:


  652. lourdes bittar says:


  653. Luis Galiano says:

    Fuerrrrzaaaaa y suerte !!!!

  654. Bettina Uribe says:


  655. lurdes nunez says:

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  656. paola constantino says:

    Almu gana!

  657. lurdes nunez says:

    Almu fuerza

  658. ana centu says:

    Almu ganaaaa

  659. Almudena says:

    I would like to cast a vote for myself. I know that for the past month I have been calling, emailing all of my friends and then some, and even when I thought the contest might be over, I couldn´t let myself not believe, that pursuing a dream was worth fighting for. I have read so many beautiful comments, I was touched by the amount of love I felt from each and everyone of you, that you took the time to vote for me, to help me has meant more, and means more that you will ever know. My heart is truly filled with love, and hope that while I have taken steps away from what I want to be at times, from what I truly believe myself to be, all of you reminded me that there is more good in me, in you than I had recently given myself credit for. May I always inspire myself the way you have inspired me. All my love and then some. Almudena

  660. SMK says:


  661. Kitty Bosch says:

    Fuerza Almudena !!!!!

  662. iris says:


  663. denisrubod says:

    muy lindo articulo , mi voto para Almudena Alcazar

  664. Sabrina says:

    All the best!

  665. Gabriela says:

    Good Luck!

  666. Carlos Arancibia says:

    It does not surprise me at all how she has elevated her soul and mind and want to become a Yoga teacher… She certainly fits the correct karma, and energy flow to apply it to perfect body…. My kudos to her for wanting to become this, which I know has fulfill her life.. and now she has the chance to help others accomplish the same.

  667. Melissa Fumero says:

    Best of luck girl!! And congrats! Becoming a teacher is an amazing and selfless act.

  668. Karen Bischoff says:

    Very nice !!!

  669. Norman says:

    Good luck! 😉

  670. Monchi says:

    Almudena., I hope you win this. big kiss

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