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path of yogaIn the beginning, Yoga was just a form of exercise for me and to increase flexibility. My practice, however, was not consistent and after practicing for a few years, I had not found tejas, the inner light. I felt this big black hole lingering deep inside me. In 2009, I decided to take a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Gaia Flow Yoga to grow my practice and to discover the essence of yoga.

Teacher training had brought me into a different realm, not just from the physical aspect, but spiritually. I learned that the big black hole inside me was the starvation of enlightenment, which is food for the soul. By incorporating Patanjali’s eight limbs path of yoga sutras into my practice, I began to experience changes from the inside out, the deeper knowing of the Self. Since childhood, I had built a wall to protect myself and lock my emotions. As I tore it down brick by brick, I found myself vulnerable but at the same time feeling abundant and liberated. Alas, I can live life and breathe again. Yoga had taught me Self-awareness, compassion and surrender, amongst many others. I become more patient, less fearful and I can practice yoga without fighting my own breath. After teaching yoga for more than 1 year, I found myself enjoying it more every single day. At the end of each class, I have this astral experience with the body – blissful and light. Yoga is healing. This inspires me to be a yoga teacher.

Apart from teaching yoga and continuing my personal practice, I spend time reading books from other yoga gurus and inspirational writers. Some of the books I read are from Gary Kraftsow on Viniyoga for Wellness and Healing and inspirational stories from leading teachers like Rod Stryker. They all are teachers to me and I believe that I can study new things from anyone, even the trees and my dog. Adopting this view allows me to learn with an open mind and life itself is my mentor.

To further my journey, I would like to take the 500 hours teacher training at Tribe Yoga. This one month intensive training allows me to focus in the study of yogic lifestyle without interruption. It concentrates on Vinyasa, traditional Hatha yoga and application of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga. Movement and breath in yoga practices have helped me flow with the pace of life, and I intend to deepen my practice in these disciplines. The curriculum teaches adjustments, asanas refinements and how to assist students which are skills I want to enhance. This will help me to be a better teacher.

Tribe Yoga emphasizes on three important subjects that appeal to me: cleansing, meditating and healing. It teaches the principles of Ayurveda – the science of life, conscious eating, detoxing and fasting. I have never fasted but I believe that body purification is an important aspect of yoga practice. I hope I can gain the ability and support to fast and cleanse the body during my yoga teacher training. Meditation practices using different techniques will also be taught, including mouna – the practice of silence. The meditation takes place in a small village nestled amongst lush greenery and surrounded by mountains, meadows and lakes, making it a perfect spot for meditation. Finally, there are massage and healing workshops to train how to connect with the subtle bodies, chakras and pranic flows to nurture personal energy and relax the body. All these are paths to healing which I hope to bring back and offer to my students.

As a teacher, I not only teach the correct alignment of yoga postures, but more importantly how yoga principles can be used as a tool to face challenges in life and still be grateful and joyful. Through practice and pranayama, I will remind students to be present with the way it is, accept who they are and change nothing. I want to bring compassion into yoga practice, not pushing, clinging, or come into conflicts with reality and to entrust our lives to the divinity of the universe. We live in a world of constant changes and yoga brings awareness to influence our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors for the better.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Megawati Li

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  1. Andi Reinhard says:

    Love your article! Namaste!

  2. Stephanie Wright says:

    I know Meg as a yoga instructor and student and am confident she is very worthy of this scholarship. She is a disciplined and enlightened yogi. I vote YES!!!!

  3. karen says:

    An enlightening article and healing read. Very inspiring, especially in this dog-eat-dog world…:)

  4. Flor says:

    This is an excellent and inspiring article. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Tianhong says:

    It’s a very inspiring article. I love to think Yoga not only enriches your body but your soul. I’m so glad that you find that enlighting path of your life, there is nothing better than that. Hope yoga and your mentoring could bring me and others there too. Love.

  6. Lauren Graves says:

    Meg is an amazing person and yogi. As a fellow instructor, I take her classes regularly and absolutely love them. She would be the perfect person to receive this scholarship!

  7. Linda says:

    Good luck Meg, hope you get the scholarship. :)

  8. Sergio says:

    Meg is the hottest yoga instructor I have ever seen! In addition, the way she lives her life shows the profound effect that Yoga can have on a person. Best luck Meg!!!!

  9. Stephanie Chung says:

    It’s a very inspiring article and gives me a new perspective of yoga. Namaste!

  10. Sally Huang says:

    Very proud of how far Meg has come along and how much she has accomplished. She is a great instructor and I can’t wait for her to share her experience and training with us.

  11. Randi says:

    Beautiful article Meg…for a lovely and fabulous teacher! Best of luck!

  12. Michael Johnson says:

    Meg’s article was from her and her heart. She did a wonderful job of conveying.

  13. Daisy says:

    an inspiring essay!

  14. Rick Yeatts says:

    Meg is a amazing person anyone would be fortunate to have her as a friend and teacher.

  15. Helen says:

    Great article Meg!

  16. Allan G. says:

    Great to hear how yoga has made a positive impact on your life and health. Thanks for sharing and hope you win this scholarship.

  17. Meg Mathews says:

    So happy for Megawati!!!! What a inspiring essay, I only just took a few classes and see what a phenomenal life experience it can grow to be and have seen the changes in her life. Best Wishes and Luck Meg!!!!

  18. chau says:

    Awesome article Meg! I hope you win the scholarship!

  19. Goma says:

    Beautiful article ! Best Wishes and Luck Meg!!!!

  20. Alexia Isaak says:

    I vote for Meg!! She’s amazing.

  21. Cathy Martin says:

    I vote for Meg

  22. Caryn Bloom says:

    Your love of teaching yoga truly comes out in this article Meg. I hope you receive this scholarship as I know you will on do “great” things with it!

  23. Bisa says:

    Good Luck Meg! I just started yoga and this is very inspirational!

  24. vicki Page says:

    You got my vote Meg! Awesome article!

  25. Lydia says:

    For her unbending dedication to Yoga and her desire to share it for the good of others, Meg should receive the scholarship!

  26. Alex says:

    Great article Meg! You deserve this scholarship!

  27. George says:

    Nice article Meg! Good luck!

  28. Dellon says:

    Good luck on the scholarship!

  29. Heather says:

    I wish you all the best. I hope you get your scholorship! Great story too!!

  30. Stephen Crowley says:

    Meg is an amazing person and yoga instructor, she is definitely deserving of the scholarship, any class would be enlightened by her presence!

  31. Judy P. says:

    Meg’s hard work and spiritual journey are reflected in her yoga classes. She is an amazing teacher and inspiring person!

  32. Daniella ashley says:

    Meg deserves this scholarship because she Influential to others and her yoga path will enlighten others. She is an inspiration to everyone in the yoga community

  33. Jeff Glatz says:

    meg is one of my favorite teachers at gaia flow yoga. i’ve been to her desert classes (my favorite) which is a perfect fit for her style, and her essay reflects the deep, meditative aspect of her practice. awarding the scholarship to her is a sure way to transmit the knowledge she would receive in it’s purest form. well done meg!


  34. Irma K says:

    What an inspiring story. I would like to hear the rest of it.. after you finished with your month-long yoga training..

  35. monica mcalister says:

    Your essay reminds me of why I like yoga. Well written and honest!

  36. Edu says:

    Good luck with the scholarship!!

  37. Luana N. says:

    Very nice article, Meg! You surely deserve the scholarship!!! :-) Good luck! xoxoxo

  38. Madhu says:

    Good luck Meg ! I wish you all the best ! You will make an excellent yoga instructor !

  39. valerie rogers says:

    This is a beautiful article Meg…a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Your heart radiates throughout the room when you teach…your spirit shines…you were meant to share your love for yoga with others. I am happy to know you:-)

  40. Doug Wilson says:

    Good luck Meg!

  41. May says:

    Meg is an awesome yoga teacher who helps me enjoy, yet grow in my weekly practices! Great article!

  42. David & Sinead says:

    Great article. When will you be starting your own studio!

  43. David Sepulveda says:

    Great thoughts Meg, loved it. Wish you best of luck in your voyage. Namaste!

  44. Arif says:

    I’ve known Meg for long time, though I’ve not taken any yoga class from her, but I know for sure, she’s a very focus and discipline type of a person. Nothing would ever stop her doing the things, she put her mind into….good luck!

  45. Van Nguyen says:

    Awesome article Meg!!! Best wishes!!!

  46. Ashiq says:

    Meg inspired me to take yoga classes and she indeed a great teacher. Wishing all the best in her path yoga.

  47. John Carnes says:

    Meg is a very dedicated yoga teacher and shows great discipline in her training.

  48. Paul says:

    Well put. Good luck with the training. It sounds like a place I would like to visit too.

  49. Anna Wueller says:

    Meg is a wonderful instructor!!! Keep voting for her!!!!

  50. Steve Dawkins says:

    Very inspiring!

  51. Robert says:

    Good luck

  52. Vadim Kilshteyn says:

    I’ve known Meg for quite a few years and she has grown tremendously as a person and even more so since she started practicing and teaching yoga.

  53. Susanna Chang says:

    Love the article! Thanks Meg for inspiring me to take yoga class.
    Now, I graduated my 200 hrs yoga teacher training class.
    Namaste, Susanna

  54. Kim Salisbury says:

    Meg is an excellent yoga instructor and amazing soul. I enjoy taking her practice and always learn something new or deepen a pose. She is an inspiration to me as a yoga instructor and she is a beautiful candidate for the 500 hour yoga intensive.

  55. Sanjiv S says:

    Meg will provide great service.

  56. Obed Ho says:

    I am speechless and in awe. An smart girl once I knew with comp sci background now enjoy Yoga and gaining the faith, beauty and the power of nature. Good job and hope to see you soon 😉

  57. Arief Setiawan says:

    All the best Meg!

  58. Sokhay says:

    What a fabulous article!!!! You definitely deserve the scholarship, Meg. Best wishes….

  59. Andy Winrow says:

    Meg, Very enlightening article. Good luck with your yogic journey and nomination.

  60. Lucy Ra says:

    Megawati, I can relate to a lot of points you made in your essay. You are a wonderful teacher, the one who always grows. Wishing you best luck and hope you win this well deserved scholarship! See you in class in a few … :)

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