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yoga teacherI’ve always had a desire to provide valuable information to those around me, to be a resource and to have something meaningful to add to the greater conversation.  My first career was media—broadcast communications, public relations–for 13 years, and as a result I could write thoughtfully and speak succinctly, delivering news and information to a broad audience. That work satisfied my desire to share information with others. But ultimately, the work I now do in yoga.

I was inspired to become a yoga teacher by Rebekkah LaDyne, an amazing yogini, now based in California, who taught such peacefully inspired classes that I turned the corner from casual student to ardent practitioner.

Rebekkah taught a class called Yin, Flow & Meditation, which helped me open up my tight spots and then engage in ways I’d never explored.  Even though the class was intense and strenuous in parts, I never felt pushed beyond my boundaries.  The meditations were difficult for my unpracticed mind but helped to quiet me and ease my anxiety in amazing ways.  This was the kind of yoga that inspired me to become a yoga instructor.

I teach yoga at several locations, my studio, the local junior college and the YMCA.  Teaching yoga is my method of connecting to the vast consciousness.   I believe that by being a yoga teacher I have the opportunity to make large contribution to bringing peace into my community.  Here I should reveal that I don’t live in one of the west coast’s larger, urban markets but a small city outside Seattle where the majority of residents are enrolled in the military or working in military administration.

This population is largely blue collar and generally unaware of stress reduction techniques. Yoga is often viewed as a threatening and fringe practice. That thinking is SLOWLY changing as more mainstream medical research increasingly supports yoga’s benefits.  The studio I own is positioned to help skeptics make an a-ha connection.  I would like to receive advanced training to make myself further prepared for those who discover this amazing practice.

I would like to attend the ParaYoga School and the Guru Parampara: Empowering the Teacher Program with Rod Stryker.  I first saw Rod Stryker in a video he did with Kathy Smith.  So when he came to my area in 2008 to teach a workshop I was intrigued.  Star value?  Perhaps.  Who I met was a deeply knowledgeable yogi, passionate about his practice and how it could profoundly change people.  Both my mind and body were startled by his intensity, yet I still came away with more than I ever expected.  I’ve since taught hundreds of yoga classes, read numerous yogic texts and studied with a variety of teachers.  His teachings continued to percolate through my classes.

I’ve been brought to my destiny in ways I didn’t anticipate.  In 2010 I was lucky enough to receive a grant to attend one of Rod’s ParaYoga teacher trainings.  The five-day training was extensive.  He expounded on concepts and techniques I’d only experienced in the abstract, through reading.  Each day humbled me and brought me a bigger sense of wonder.  I was left with the feeling of “THIS is what I want to show my community.”  This additional training will help me more fully embody these ancient teachings so I can continue the transmission to those in my community.  I can’t help but want to share this powerful modality of peace and inner strength.  When I see student’s epiphanies, I feel that all the mat work, all the meditation and workshops I’ve attended have come full circle.  I feel CONNECTED and it is beyond good.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Cynthia Land

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  1. Carla says:

    I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of this opportunity than Cynthia Land.

  2. Kathleen Sheets says:

    I’ve know Cynthia for five years as both a colleague and friend. We’ve had opportunities to attend workshops and trainings together. Cynthia is one the most enthusiastic and dedicated yoga teachers I know. She has been waiting for the right opportunity to present itself and I think she has found it.

  3. Joanne Duncan says:

    I think Cynthia is an outstanding instructor. I started taking classes with her this past June, an ongoing hunt to help with my lower back and neck problems. Cynthia’s instructions has helped in releaving my pain and stress. She has a gift and I truly hope she is given the opportunity to expand her knowledge.

  4. Jenn says:

    I love Cynthia! She is an amazing yoga teacher & I love taking her classes!

  5. Ed Hamilton says:

    Cynthia, as a student of your for years (yeah, I think it’s been that long!) I cannot think of anyone who embraces and embodies the idea of a yogini better than you. I hope you are able to take your learning further. I will look forward to seeing the results in my own practice. Ed

  6. Ariel Pavic says:

    Cynthia and I have known each other since first exploring the path on the way to becoming a Yoga Teacher in 2001, when we studied together for a month on the West Coast of Canada. She is passionate about what she does and so dedicated. Many would give up where Cynthia has persisted. She is well deserving of this scholarship. Good luck Cynthia!

  7. Anthea says:

    I’ve know Cynthia for a few years and she is an amazing person. She most certainly deserves this opportunity.

  8. Dr. Sean Joseph says:

    Bar none, Cynthia has a incredible level of skill, knowledge and professionalism that is necessary in a successful Yoga studio – which she and her partner have. Expansions Yoga has been an added benefit for my patients.

  9. Ralph Duncan says:

    I have been participating in Tai Chi for a number of years and recently added a yoga into my routine. I have also started with Cynthia. I think she would be an excellent candidate for this opportunity and I look forward to gorwing with her.

  10. Kathryn Payne says:

    Cynthia as always been a dedicated student and resourceful teacher in her community. I hear students speak of her in a positive light. She would be an assent to the training!

  11. Amy says:

    Cynthia is a wonderful instructor! I have had the joy of taking many of her classes and have found her to be patient and informative without losing her sense of humor. Go Cynthia!!

  12. karole johnson says:

    Cynthia Land is the perfect candidate for this opportunity.

  13. Maura says:

    Cynthia’s calm, reflective classes are such a gift to my practice. I always look forward to the mind-body-world connection she presents in class. She is a wonderful candidate for this opportunity.

  14. Shelley Kneip says:

    Cynthia is a fabulous teacher. I started yoga w/ her a few years ago to address post-cancer treatment issues. not only has her teaching helped me physically, but also helped me w/ addressing stress and life in general.

  15. Cathy Wickwire says:

    Cynthia was a great instructor from the very beginning and is entirely deserving of furthering her education in this way.

  16. Dan King says:

    Cynthia is an amazing inspiration and is dedicated to making a difference in our world.

  17. Rayme Marcozzi says:

    Cythnia would definately use this class well to take her on to the next level; not only for herself but for her students, friends & family as well.

  18. Don Knotts says:

    Excellent type of contest!

  19. Dan says:

    Cannot think of anyone more deserving than Cynthia, who will then use this knowledge to help others.

  20. Al;ice Brown says:

    Anyone wishing to expand their education and become better equipped to help others, deserves a little help doing so!

  21. Dionne J. says:

    Cynthia: Silverdale’s finest yoga instructor–and a beautiful person.

  22. Darcy says:

    Cynthia’s desire and ability to help students and others is true and beautiful. I do hope she is given the opportunity to complete this training.

  23. Christina Law says:

    Cynthia embodies the principles and outcomes of yoga. She would be the most worthy recipient of this scholarship as she would give back to her community and beyond everything she received.

  24. Eileen Schmalle says:

    I have been practicing yoga for about fifteen years and I have to say that Cynthia Land is one of the most inspirational yoga instructors I’ve experienced. She always brings new ideas into her teaching keeping her classes inspirational, fun, and educational. I’ve learned so much from her teachings! Cynthia gives so much to our community through her yoga benefiting all who take her classes and I can’t think of anyone who deserves to receive this scholarship more than her. -Namaste

  25. Tony Lane says:

    Vote for Cynthia. Four More Years!

  26. Tracy says:

    Go Cynthia! You deserve it. :-)

  27. Ellen Newberg says:

    Yoga has been a part of my life off and on for nearly forty years. Since I retired, my yoga practice includes two classes a week, one with Cynthia Land, as well as working on a few poses at home. Cynthia is already a skilled and inspirational yoga teacher. There is always something new to look forward to in her classes. She always addresses the basics, but varies poses and approaches to keep the classes interesting as well as challenging. She is a bright ray of sunshine in our Pacific Northwest winter gloom, and will appropriately share what she learns in the ParaYoga School. You won’t find a teacher with more dedication and integrity.

  28. Shayna says:

    Cynthia is so deserving of this awesome opportunity!

  29. Kitty says:

    I had the exact same response to my first training with Yogarupa. That “This is what I’ve been searching for ” feeling. Good luck!

  30. Terry says:

    Cynthia so deserves this scholarship!

  31. Diana Zegers says:

    Cynthia is the most wonderful, knowledgable yoga teacher! She is a gift to Kitsap County!

  32. jeannie says:

    From what I know, Cynthia has always been a dedicated student who gives at least 100% to learning and then again at least 100% in translating her education into her profession. She is very worth investing in!!!

  33. roger walco says:

    agreed! om kriya babaji nama aum/

  34. malka packer says:

    yaaa whoooo eeeee!! cynthia is incredible!!

  35. steve says:

    Very impressive Very knowledgeable This is her passion She loves to teach.

  36. Pam says:

    Thank you for bringing yoga to our little corner of the world!

  37. Jerry says:

    Cynthia has healing energy, she truly resonates helpfulness and positivity. Her commitment to the welfare of others comes through strong.

  38. Marcela says:

    Very inspiring and knowledgeable. All the best to you Cynthia!

  39. Emily says:

    Cynthia is a blessing to her community and would thrive with this opportunity, as would all the people she teaches and comes into contact with.

  40. Michelle Wambold says:

    My first yoga experience was with Cynthia and after all these years, she still teaches me something at every class! I am indebted forever!

  41. Emily says:

    Great essay! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

  42. Sheree Mullen says:

    Go for it !

  43. Candice says:

    Best wishes to you Cynthia!

  44. Lisa J. Ballou says:

    Cynthia has always been dedication to continuing professional development in the field of yoga. Whatever she learns, she implements at the studio. Because of her commitment to sharing her knowledge with her students, I can’t think of a more worthy recipent of this scholarship.

  45. Yong Taik Lee says:

    I have always wanted to try Yoga, the longest period that I did was three month. After that I have faded away from it. Now I do occasionally Pilates….
    But Cynthia has made me think back about Yoga.
    Since my mother has rumatism and arthiris – this is genetical and could come to me when I age.
    Therefore many recommends me to do Yoga rather than heavy work out.
    I hope to receive adivse and help form her in the future.

  46. Margaret says:

    Cynthia is a very special teacher and is so deserving of such an opportunity. I know that I and all Cynthia’s students will benefit from what Cynthia gains from this training.

  47. Jeanette says:

    Cynthia is one of the most insightful and kind human beings I have ever met. She is ever so deserving of such a gift.

  48. Mike Brown says:

    Nice essay, good luck with the scholarship.

  49. Monica says:

    Cynthia’s passion and commitment shine through her and brighten the days of all who meet her. She is so deserving of this!

  50. Katie says:

    Cynthia’s essay has my vote! This training would help her brIng even more to those of us who practice with her.

  51. Lorraine Kohn says:

    Imagine how All of Cynthia’s students will benefit from her continued education- wonderful! I vote for Cynthia!

  52. DV Berkom says:

    Cynthia is a gifted yoga instructor and totally deserves this opportunity!

  53. don says:

    Cynthia is an inspiring teacher and brings a welling of enthusiasm to the teaching of her students.

  54. Michelle Schmick says:

    Cynthia is an incredible teacher and an amazing person! She is very deserving of this opportunity.

  55. Carol says:

    Cynthia has a positive and encouraging way of making people feel successful in their practice. She deserves this scholarship.

  56. Judy Hopkins says:

    Cynthia Land is the yoga instructor who loves to learn and takes great delight in bringing her learnings back into the studio to share with her eager students. I have learned so much through Cynthia’s patient, thoughtful, goal-specific teaching style. She is most deserving of a scholarship.

  57. Marilyn Grindrod says:

    Cynthia is a wonderful candidate for this program. Continuing her education would definately be enhancing her yoga “community”. Everyone would benifit!

  58. Dawn says:

    Cynthia is a very mindful yoga guide, she would flourish even more if awarded this opportunity.

  59. Bill Stuart says:

    I cannot imagine a person more deserving of this scholarship than Cynthia Land. These funds, invested in her, will be of great benefit to many people and to Yoga in general.

  60. Karla Van Eycke says:

    Best wishes Cynthia.

  61. Sandi says:

    My vote is for Cynthia.

  62. Carolyn says:

    Excellent essay, Cynthia. Thanks for your inspiration. You so deserve this gift.

  63. Salvatore Zambito says:

    Nicely, and honestly, said.

  64. Becky says:

    Cynthia is a gift to the yoga community in Kitsap County. She has a unique way of helping yoga students strive to do the best they can do. This training would not only benefit Cynthia but all of us who have the pleasure of attending her classes. Go Cynthia!

  65. Diane L. says:

    Cynthia is a great yoga instructor! My vote is with Cynthia.

  66. mark says:

    Cynthia, the polling numbers are looking good. Keep after it!

  67. Regina says:

    Cynthia’s communication skills are exquisite and sincere both in writing and instructing. She is very, very deserving of this opportunity to expand her instructor skills.

  68. Karen Best says:

    I could not find the yoga I was looking for at the YMCA until I found Cynthia. She is amazing, creating a complete lesson with achievable challenge.

  69. Gary says:

    Cynthia is a loving, caring and gifted yoga instructor. Awarding her this scholarship will immensely enhance the yoga community.

  70. Judy says:

    Cynthia is a wonderful yoga instructor for our area. Her encouragement and gentle guiding has brought more people into the yoga world.

  71. Susan says:

    Since I took my first class from Cynthia at her studio a couple of years ago, I have watched her continually walk the walk of transformation, thereby inspiring me to continue to evolve and transform not only in yoga but in every area of my life. She is one instructor who turns right around and shares/transmits everything she learns to her students through her loving heart and gentle touch. This is why I vote for a scholarship for her. It will touch many for the good.

  72. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. Cynthia would surely use this training to our benefit. Good luck.

  73. katherine says:

    I have been with Cynthia for nine years which puts me in a good position to comment on her continued growth and professionalism. My introduction to yoga began while in a Pilates class; Cynthia was teaching (to the best of my recollection) yoga stretches. I was and still am hooked! She has a calm disposition which carries over into her teaching style. She also has a sense of humor, patience and the utmost respect for her students whatever their level of experience. She is most deserving and has my unequivical vote!

  74. Marilyn says:

    Our community benefits from Cynthia’s dedication to her passion

  75. Michelle says:

    I feel blessed to be CONNECTED to Cynthia. She’s the person who’s instilled in me my passion for yoga. She is very deserving! Great article, Cynthia!

  76. Julie Payzant says:

    Cynthia is a very impressive person and I think she deserves this wonderful opportunity!

  77. Suzanne says:

    Cynthia is an excellent yoga teacher.

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