It’s Time to Stretch Hearts, Souls and Bodies Throughout Africa

yoga Thank you for this opportunity. I am already a yoga teacher and have given formal classes since 1998 but have done yoga since the age of 15 when I bought my first books and could not get enough of the practice. Yoga never leaves you but it got set aside with life, only to return years later to become what I am today – a yoga teacher and facilitator, supported by my beloved yogins and yoginis even though I have no formal certification and because I love what I do – it’s the one with the annoying flashing advert because it’s a free site and explains more fully what I do.

Through much hardship and hard work I’ve managed to not only keep my home but extend onto it to build a room which is ideal for educational needs, underprivileged children and for my people who have nothing. The studio was built with the intention of supporting me to raise two daughters and is ideal for yoga practice and workshops. On my wish list is a projector to put up programs not only here but in school halls or any suitable venue. At present, I am merely surviving as a yoga teacher, as yoga in South Africa is very often seen as ‘evil’ due to some firmly held beliefs of outdated Roman/Dutch religious systems. This is changing but requires more education since yoga has no need to prescribe to anyone, or in any way affect a current belief.

I do not have a favourite yoga teacher as there are so many truly skilled teachers and each has merit. I like yoga which teaches movement, breath, and an inspired way to live. I can always learn from another teacher; that is yoga. I have also added other forms of movement to my classes, as movement (and pause), creates change in our bodies.

I will bring to a yoga instructor training everything I have inside as I have for so long wanted to fulfill this dream – to afford an accredited training, despite my being highly acceptable to those I have taught here – that would be so good. To be able to teach others in a similar manner, that would be even better!!! With an accreditation I would be able to teach and offer scholarships to grow this wonderful practice and way of life here in South Africa. I will also bring laughter, as we have much laughter here. I am aware that your training offered is only for the yoga training but am determined to ensure that I am eligible for the Ashtanga training offered in Thailand by It’s Yoga Thailand

Regarding how I would impact the world, I humbly believe that I’ve already made an impact on the few students I have here as I offer yoga, counsel and laughter. If you teach, you are in service. I want to take this further and bigger.

\ Yoga rules! /

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Marian Lydon

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