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Learn How To Approach Yoga Studios & Get Hired

Getting hired as a yoga teacherAfter you have completed your yoga teacher training and are now ready to start teaching professionally, you might wonder what is the best approach for getting hired as a yoga teacher by a yoga studio? And because there are so many studios (over one thousand in the US alone) this answer will of course vary. However, one common theme you will find in most studios is that “We hire from within”

What this generally means is that they like to hire teachers who were students of their yoga certification program. But does this mean there is no way in for other teachers? Absolutely not since studios seek the best teachers for their school whether they took their training or another schools program. However, there is something to be said about “being in” with the school. So if you are interested in getting hired as a yoga teacher, then lets take a closer look at how you can approach a yoga studio.

It’s All About Who You Know

If you are familiar with the corporate world and “climbing the corporate ladder” then you will know that it’s all about whom you know. And in the yoga teaching business, it works in a very similar manner (hopefully with less ass kissing.) The truth of the matter is that this all boils down to two key components:

1. Them having trust in you as a yoga teacher

2. Do you fit the schools flavor?

Lets take a look at each one of these a littler closer:

Earning The Studio’s Trust

Your biggest hurdle as a new teacher is earning everyone’s trust: both your boss (the studio owner) and your students. The more “established” a teacher is really just means that he or she has a lot of people who trust them. Business is all about trust and as you create your career path, everything is going to boil down to earning everyone’s trust. And this comes with time, relationship building, and demonstration in your work ethic and practice.

Getting To Know The Schools Flavor

A schools flavor and how they do things (call it their style or branding) is very important to that school. It is how they differentiate themselves from other schools and is imperative to their business objective. This means that you as a teacher will need to “fit” into what it is they are doing. Obviously if you resonate more with students who are interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga but are applying at studio that is more focused on just the asana and physical practice, then you probably won’t fit their flavor. As the saying goes “like attracts like” and so it is important that you are approaching a school that fits your style.

So How Should A New Teacher Approach A Studio?

Since you main objective is to earn a studios trust and see if you fit their flavor, then the best way to approach a new studio is by going to their school and taking their classes (if you are not already) Take the time to learn about who they are and what they want to accomplish. See things from their perspective rather then yours. Ask yourself “What can I add to this studio that will make it better?” If you are sincere about getting hired as a yoga teacher then take the time to learn about how they do things. See if there are any missing pieces in their business that you feel you can fill.

But I Just Want To Teach?

It’s understandable that most new teachers just want to teach and that is fine. But what we are talking about here is approaching a school from their needs and not just yours. If you do it in this way (and are authentic about it) then you will be able to teach. More importantly, the job will last longer because you will be the right “fit”

Most teachers are so caught up in their own needs that they forget about the schools needs. Getting hired as a yoga instructor and finding the right teaching job is about building a long-term relationship with someone and making sure that both pieces fit so that everyone equally serves the relationship. This way give and take is happening at a natural and equal perspective. By you taking the time to learn about the studios business and flavor, this will go a long way with the studio owner because they will see that you have taken the time to learn their business and are able to offer real value rather then just coming to them from a “me, me, me” angle.

Studios want to see that a teacher not only knows how to teach, but that they have a sense of how the business works as well. In many ways you are going to be partnering with a studio and helping them run their business. Try not to think of your role as a teacher (and if you do, then you will quickly see that those teachers who did take this approach are going to excel and be more in demand)

So as you start your path of becoming a yoga teacher and are interested in getting hired as a yoga teacher, then take the time to learn about the studio you are approaching and ask yourself, “What can I bring to the table that will add value to their school?” I promise if you come at it from this perspective the studio you are approaching will be much more receptive to speaking with you.


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