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yoga instructorWhy do you want to become a yoga teacher?

When I was about to graduate from the university, I faced a dilemma like everyone else did: what I wanted to do with my life and what kind of person I wanted to be? I could not decide and finally one day I sat down before the desk and wrote down all the desires and dreams that motivated me on a piece of paper: love, happiness, and harmony. I realized what truly inspired me were to understand more about myself, discover the potential of individuals, and share love with people around me so their mind can be at peace. From my observation, there are a lot of trouble-minded people who have worries and uncertainties that forbid them from seeing the beauty of the world; their heart is not at a peaceful state nor is their life balanced. And it’s then I discovered the purpose of my life: self-help and assist others to feel ultimate happy. I wanted to establish a career on pursuing happiness, to bring out all the good qualities of life and so people can help themselves and also forward the love around.

To reach this goal, I’ve came across many psychological theories to better understand human (and myself). I read topics on self-help, meditation, and so on. Finally, I discovered the answer to all my questions of life in the practice of yoga. It’s a gift of healing. It’s about listening to your own higher self to reach the state of real peace of the heart. Then my next stage of life became clear: I want to become a yoga teacher so I can help the trouble-minded like how I used to be, by observing their real needs, encouraging them, and leading them on to the path of yoga.

Who your favorite yoga teacher is and how did they inspire you?

I was very confused when I began my yoga journey. I tried many yoga lessons in Taiwan and could not find exactly where I belonged. The classes I’d taken focused mostly on weight-loss and yoga seemed to be a way of exercise for ladies to reach the perfect body figure. This wasn’t what I want, so I didn’t stop looking until one day I met Teacher Susan. She had her Sivananda training in India, practiced on Niguma, Jivamukti and Ashtanga. She not only listened to my confusion but also helped me to clarify them by sharing her experience with me. This is how I’m inspired to become someone like her, to become a yoga teacher who really listens and provides help accordingly. I want to become an instructor who touches others’ heart and connects to my students.

Why do you want to take a yoga teacher training with the school you have chosen?

I have chosen Yandara Yoga Institute by reviewing all the yoga schools of the list provided. After looking into the training staff, location, date of the program and so on in details, Yandara Yoga Institute is the perfect match that meets all the requirements I have in mind.

How do you plan to make an impact in the world as a yoga teacher?

I plan to make an impact to the world by listening and guiding my students to reach a balanced state of mind and body, so they can help themselves, forward the love around, and establish a great harmony with the world. I want to show them care in a way that touches their heart, not only through yoga poses but also through understanding of themselves. Therefore, my students can communicate with their higher self when their heart is not at a peace. Instead of focusing on the future and the past, I would like to share with my students the importance of “now.” Yoga is about living in the moment as I believe strongly that each individual has his/her own assignment in the world, and there is always an answer in our heart that guides us to wherever life takes us to.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Wendy Huang

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