Following the Rainbow

yogaToday is the 18th of November, the last and final day I can apply for this Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship. Luckily a time difference of 17 hours means that I actually have until 7 am tomorrow. Wow. That took up another 8 minutes of procrastination to figure out. Maths has never been my strong point. In fact, many things have never been my strong point. Until I discovered yoga I thought the only practical strengths I possessed were ‘my exacting logistical capabilities and confidant manner with people from all walks of life‘.  I had never considered my connection to spirit to be a strength, that is, until I found yoga.

A dissatisfaction was ever present within me, the desire to be creative, to be expressive, to be… happy…took a hold of me as my practice unfolded. I was being released from within, a pathway was lit, and it headed firmly away from the empty life I had constructed from building blocks of ego and achievement. By relinquishing my firm grip on the (apparently) sensible direction of my life, I have moved closer and closer towards a dream whose shape I can not fathom, but whose beauty radiates, guiding me forward.

Experiencing my first full immersion into yoga at a retreat solidified my goals, and I began to follow the rainbow of my heart. As the years go by my practice evolves, and my learning deepens, and my yearning to share this gift with others grows. Each and every teacher I have had has taught me unforgettable lessons, even those who didn’t resonate with me have given me lessons in acceptance, in boundaries, in humor.

However, my hearts’ sense of direction seems to be as circuitous as my navigational ability. The last few years of my life have been led by my quest to listen to my hearts desire, to make decisions based on intuition, trust- absolute trust in my connection to the cosmic consciousness that guides me.

The experience I had with Agama for two months in India was the most challenging, cleansing time of my life. I surrendered completely, and was rewarded with the gift of seeing my years of learning fall into place, a sense of totality filled me. I am a woman of dualities, I oscillate between peace and excitement, my cravings for adventure compete with my desire for stability, and often result in an inability to save towards long-term goals. And so I place my dream in your hands friends, to nurture or ignore as you feel inclined. I don’t think I am able in words to ‘prove’ my spiritual credentials or express all I have learned, so I must simply trust that you have all Seen me for who I am.

The creative potential within me shall finally be released, and all I can hope is to bestow the gift of love that yoga has given me, onto all those who seeks its’ freedom.

In yoga I have found the most eloquent, beautiful, poetic description of my lifelong, ever-evolving understanding of love, life, the universe, and my meaning. Yoga has given me the confidence in my own buddhahood, it has awoken the goddess within me, ignited the flame of adoration for life and given me a language for all that I experience. Within yoga I find my peace, my strength, my motivation and courage. I am constantly learning to trust myself, trust in the universe, trust in others. I am following the rainbow of my heart. So mote it be peeps. So mote it be! Blessed Be.

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Many Thanks, Love, and Light,

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Kirsty Thompson

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  1. mousey brown says:

    fly pretty one…XXX

  2. Sandra says:

    I now you win, you are winner and you’ll be a great Yogateacher! Love & Light

  3. Claire Holmes says:

    Aw Katie amazing to read :) Keep going you magical one! XXXX

  4. Belle says:

    All love and luck to keep following the rainbow of your heart to this teacher training dear friend! xxxxx

  5. bart kant says:

    GO Kirsty! Hee i recognize that rock in the background, good times!!

  6. Amy Hoogenboom says:

    This was made for you …. I mote it be !! xo

  7. Cat Jack says:

    Beautifully written, I want this to happen for you! You deserve it and you should be empowered to spread that love and joy with others. xx

  8. nicci dureau says:

    Good luck Kirsty, I hope you get it! xxx

  9. Emily West-Sadler (@AuthEm) says:

    Happy birthday Kirsty! I have liked. I have tweeted. I am commenting on how I am happy to support you in following your heart and dreams – may you win big! You words are inspiring and encouraging to read :)

    Lots of love and hugs, Emily xx

  10. Lilly Radha says:

    Yoga is true SAT CHIT ANANDA and you since you feel this in your heart, I hope you win this TT. Xo

  11. Kathryn Noell says:

    If I ever take up yoga again, would be with you! You have so many gifts to share … am hoping you get this opportunity to share a few of them. Love and best wishes (and my eyes are crossed to help you out!) LOVE

  12. Miles Noel says:

    I whole heartedly support your dream and know that you will be a fantastic teacher! Finger’s crossed! Shanti x

  13. Eddy Hajas says:

    Its easy to support the dedicated, well connected woman that I witnessed while with Agama in India. Best wishes Kirsty!

  14. Willow Francis says:

    Great article Kirsty, you defiantly are the one for this reward/prize. Best of luck and big love to you from Catherine and I.

  15. jan campbell thompson says:

    Beautifully written my darling. It is an expression of your desire in all its aspects and of your dedication to the Creatrix of all things.

    Of course I support you – as Billy Connolly said, “Aaall be there besyde ye hen, everry step of the way.”

    You have my vote, but then…you always will.


  16. mai says:

    Joyeux anniversaire Kirsty! you deserve all the best and to live fully your dream! good luck and i hope you win and if nt that writting that essay made you realise how accomplished you are! xxx

  17. Margreet Wiegers says:

    Loved your article Kirsty, I think you’ve found your balance. And I think that the only way to maintain your balance is to sometimes swing a bit too much to one side. Its not a bad thing, just a reminder of where that balance is again. Good luck, hope you get it, you deserve it babe! Margreet

  18. Dons says:

    Gorgeous girl .. Fly fly xx

  19. Rose Grandile says:

    Good luck Kirsty, I loved your essay- you have inspired me to take up yoga again and find my peace within. xxx

  20. mirra says:

    i wish that you could be my very own personal yoga teacher, perhaps one day you will – especially with a yoga teacher scholarship. you will be a fantastic teacher! x mirra

  21. Lucinda Ryan says:

    Follow your bliss! Believe in you all the way! We love you immensely! xoxoxoxox

  22. Jo Dalton says:

    An inspirational essay written by someone who so deserves a reward, best of luck to you xx

  23. Antonella Procopio says:

    You’re perfect for this. Can’t imagine you not making it!
    Lovely essay!
    Good luck!

  24. freya says:

    ‘Let there be Love’ xx

  25. janet paterson says:

    good luck kirsty beautifully written i wish you all the best

  26. Daisy dooks says:


  27. Leslie says:

    well said! good luck!

  28. Benjamin Davies says:

    Good luck Kirsty! Keep doing what you do and you will get there.

  29. Eveline says:

    Beautiful post Kirsty, may all your dreams come true!

  30. Vaelei Walkden-Brown says:

    Oh my beautiful…your words, like your soul and your spirit, are full of wisdom, truth and beauty. Since you left Perth, your journeys have changed…well nurtured the depth of who you truly are…a divine and glorious being. This opportunity will unfold for you, because it IS for you. ALL my love and support…our camping yoga session in the tent while the rain pattered down was one of the most peaceful moments of my life. Your transitions between poses were intuitive, natural and harmonious. You ARE a teacher. And I am honored to be taught by you. LOVE LOVE LOVE…AND ALL THE WORLD’S BLESSINGS….Lei

  31. Michael says:

    live the dream…… good luck

  32. ricky says:

    good luck kirsty! nothing but love for you (but im voting for dee too!)

  33. Annette Kern says:

    May becoming a yoga teacher be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.A little eat,pray,love but I can forgive you for that.
    Best wishes,


  34. elizabeth says:

    I don’t know you Kirsty. I know a dear friend of yours and because of her I offr my support. Good luck

  35. Dani says:

    I hope this is not too late. Sorry, but I really hope you get it, K.

  36. roger wah-shee says:

    I enjoyed your essay, good luck, you can do it!

  37. Alessandro Procopio says:

    …And so it is!!your path,your truth lays ahead of you,shine baby shine!!

  38. Olivia says:

    .. wOw !! much love, Olivia!

  39. johnny fate says:

    hey lovely, wishing you lots of love and joy on your path to ecstasy! and i hope you win! xxx

  40. Danielle says:

    Wishing you all the best on your journey, I hope this helps you on your way… love and light xx

  41. ramsay says:

    Wow, just brilliant ! when people follow their dreams and honour their heart then truly magical things will happen all around them…You are obviously doing both, and seeing all the responses from people who have witnessed this is some of that magic starting to shine…so keep on shining yourself and enjoy your yogic path ! Om Namaha Shivaya xxx

  42. Bryony Buttercup says:

    Wow, you seriously love yoga! I hope your life continues to bloom.

  43. Bryony Buttercup says:


  44. Cara Alexander-Brown says:

    May your life’s passion be continued in this teacher training program. I would love to take a class from you one day. Sending you many blessings from the other side of the globe.

  45. Daniel says:

    Blessings on your journey sister. Love

  46. courtenay stickels says:

    BEAUTIFULLY written girl. What a profound, courageous and utterly important journey you have been on….such a pleasure for my eyes to see it written before me in this way. You are so deserving of this. Big YES from me!!!! xox

  47. Jamie says:

    Give this woman a scholarship Immediately so her hearts sense of direction is not so circuitous! It’s urgent!!

  48. Donovan says:

    Absolutely beautiful soul sister :) Hope you win the the scholarship, you deserve it!! Always sending lots of love xoxox can’t wait to catch up in byron

  49. Mario Procopio says:

    Good luck, I hope you win !!

  50. G says:

    best of luck Kirsty…Agama is a great school

  51. Paul Brooks says:

    Our time at agama together was far too short. You are such a hard worker and so dedicated.

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