Every Breath Brings a Chance

My name is Lindsay Langer and this is my story about why I want to become a yoga instructor. Five years ago I was in a terrible car accident that almost killed me. With the power of yoga I was able to heal myself mentally and physically, and transform myself into a happier, more spiritual person. I have been given a second chance at life, and yoga has allowed me to live in the moment and cherish the movement of life. To be able to teach yoga has become a dream ever since. I can only wait for the day where I get to teach others the art of yoga, and help them to heal and find their inner light to happiness.

When I was 19 years old I was in a car accident that changed my life. I was intoxicated, most likely on my cell phone, speeding, and had run a stop sign in the back of my neighborhood. I ended up rear ending an illegally parked flat bed tractor trailer and pushed it about 20 feet, with my 2001 Saturn L400. This resulted in my car going under the trailer, the engine coming towards me in the drivers seat, crushing my legs, and trapping me in the car. When the fire fighters arrived on the scene, they said that I was 3 inches from being decapitated had I not been wearing my seat belt. As they began to use the “Jaws of Life” to cut me out of my car, the EMT’s had me hooked up to an IV. Fifty minutes later they successfully were able to get me out of the vehicle by cutting the top of my car off. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I spent the next three and half weeks for my recovery.

The first three days they did not know if I was going to live. I had suffered a closed head injury from the collision, and thankfully did not have an internal damage. The doctors, however, had to induce a five day coma in order to repair all my external injuries. I had a compound fracture in both femurs (thigh bones), which meant I had cut off the circulation of blood flow to my lower legs. This required them to perform a fasciotomy on both calves, where they made an incision down the sides of my legs in order for them to bleed out while they repaired my femurs by putting titanium rods in each leg. Without this surgery I would have been paralyzed from the waist down.

Next they had to wire together my right knee that I had shattered, place a screw in my left elbow that I had ruptured, and stitch up my arm where I had severe wounds, one which required a skin graft from my left thigh. After I came out of anesthesia I kicked my leg and pulled my knee apart again, causing them to have to reassemble my knee once more. This time they placed a splint on the leg so I would not do this again. However, after not moving my knee for two weeks this caused my bone to freeze up where it would not move past 15 degrees. This meant another surgery 6 months later, where they had to shave down the frozen bone above my knee cap, cut out a ¼ of my quadriceps that had died from lack of blood flow and manipulate my knee so I could use it without limping.

The next year was constant physical therapy, and had it not been for yoga since then I would not be the person I am today. The doctor told me I would never run again, but with patience and practice of yoga I completed a 5k run for fun two years ago, and finished my first biathlon this past September, finishing 34th out of almost 300 women. I have full mobility of my legs, knee, and arm and a big part of this is due to yoga. I can run, bike, swim, hike, snowboard, wakeboard, surf, and do anything I had done before.

Yoga has not only helped me physically recover, but has also helped me mentally deal with the life changing event of being in such a traumatic car accident. It has helped me get through many surgeries and tough times with the tools of breathing I have learned, and has also helped me experience minimum pain in my joints from practicing the asana poses regularly. Practicing various types of yoga from bikram, to Kundalini (my new favorite), I have been able to open my mind to the endless possibilities I have in life. It has taught me how powerful the mind is and the powerful idea of mind over matter in any situation.

My practice of yoga has mainly consisted of learning from yoga DVD’s, since it is a bit costly to take a class. However, I have tried a free week of Bikram Yoga in Boulder, Colorado, as well as taken a few classes at the University of Colorado in Boulder’s recreation center, when I attended class there. In the summer/fall of 2008 I was given the gift of taking a semester long yoga class in Washington, D.C. at Willow Street Yoga from my cousin. It was here where I was introduced to a women whose has become my favorite yoga teacher, AJ McIntyre. She inspired me greatly to be adventurous and active more than ever, as she would talk about her days as a dancer, and many kayaking adventures. I remember her once saying this, which I absolutely love, “You always can spot the Yogis in an airport, because they will be the ones shaking their head up and down, with a big smile on their face, being like yeah! Because they are living in the moment and happy to be taking it all in, and be where they are.”

Since then it has been my dream to one day teach yoga and eventually open my own yoga studio. I am currently finishing up my degree in Business Administration at the University of Illinois in Springfield to help with the latter, but need your help to start my first of many yoga certifications as I believe it will be a constant, and ongoing learning process of yoga. Please vote for me so I can begin my dream of helping others learn the power of yoga, and inspire people to realize that nothing is impossible in life.

Without yoga, I would not be the positive, active person I am today. With my story and yoga teaching degree I hope to spread the word about how powerful yoga can be and that we must always have something to fall back on just in case the worst may happen unexpectedly. With yoga I believe you will never grow old and with the flexibility it creates you can stay active and young for your entire life. With my busy schedule of school, it has been my dream to do an immersion yoga certification program, but these are usually the most costly and distant ones.

With all my school bills I still have to pay off, I do not see myself being able to afford yoga certification for a few years. So please help me to win this scholarship to Bali, Indonesia in the summer of 2012 by voting for me! You can like me on Facebook, tweet about me on Twitter, and leave a comment, so I hope you will do all three! These three votes will bring me closer to taking part in an 18 day yoga teacher certification course at Yandara Yoga Institute in Bali, Indonesia, on July 5 to July 23. Help me start achieving my dreams now, so that I may spread my passion for life and yoga to the world! Namaste^_^

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2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Lindsay Langer

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  1. Emily Scannura says:

    I am voting for Lindsay because she is a great yoga instructor and deserves this training! She is great at making sure her clients are comfortable and will work one on one with them. Lindsay is professional and is very accommodating with her classes 😉 you get my vote!!

  2. Alison Stein says:

    Lindsay Langer was born to be a yoga instructor. She has always been incredibly disciplined and enthusiastic about yoga. Yoga helped her recover from an awful car accident both physically and mentally. She is a role model to all in the yoga world and her story is very inspiring. Of all people, Lindsay deserves the chance to make her dreams of becoming a yoga instructor come true!

  3. Leo Zappa says:

    Lindsay is a wonderful young woman who has fought adversity and leads life with a positive attitude . A great video!

  4. Josh says:

    Has more heart for Yoga than I have ever seen in someone. It has basically changed her life and wouldn’t be we’re she is today if it wasnt for it.

  5. Lindsay Langer says:

    :-) thanks so much for everybody’s help!

  6. Mary Kate says:

    Lindsay is a very strong woman and I am very proud of how far she has come since that horrific night. I wish her the best and hope she can continue to follow her dreams! She truly deserves this chance.

  7. Colleen Langer says:

    Hope you win. You deserve this. Good luck

  8. Jodie Vice says:

    Best of luck, you deserve to win!

  9. Madelyne Contri says:

    Good luck, Lindsay! You have my 100% vote! You deserve it!!!! :)

  10. Kelsey says:

    Your story is inspiring, Lindsay. I hope that you are able to receive this chance and fulfill your dreams! Good luck to you.

  11. Amy Langer says:

    Please help our niece, Lindsay Langer, achieve her goal of becoming a yoga instructor~

  12. Jill Singh says:

    Lindsay will make a wonderful yoga instructor! She has the spirit to inspire others!

  13. Caroline Suhadolnik says:

    Best of luck to you! I think you would be a great instructor, especially seeing your dedication in the gym day in and out. Good luck! =)

  14. lou says:

    incredibly passionate about yoga and truly helped her through road to recovery!

  15. Angela says:

    I’m voting for Lindsay because she is very motivated, and her story is inspiring.

  16. meg says:

    you’ve got my vote

  17. nancy kerr says:

    What a wonderful way to turn a tragedy into a life’s mission. Good luck to you Lindsay!

  18. Jon Perkins says:

    Good Luck!

  19. Joy Lloyd says:

    Lindsay with what you have been through and your determination you will live your dream and deserve it.

  20. Kyle Kluzek says:

    The least I could do for a fellow classmate and friend! Wish all the best for you, Good Luck Lindsay!

  21. Tom says:

    Good luck, Lindsay, you deserve this!

  22. Coach Jacki Ralph says:

    Lindsay is one of my former Cross Country and Track athletes. She was on one of the first high school teams I ever coached ten years ago. She is an amazing young lady with so much to offer the world. I would definitely vote for her. She was kept here for a reason to touch the lives of so many others much love to you Linds!

  23. janiece Anderson says:

    I completely vote for LindsayGood luck girl!!! Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this chance! I really hope you get it!

  24. Mike McNicholas says:

    Lindsay is a walking billboard for the benefits of Yoga. There will not be a better instructor than her. I could not think of a more deserving recepient for your scholarship.

  25. Madeline Seifert says:

    Lindsay, you deserve this chance. You’ve overcome so much! You have my vote!

  26. Keri Clemmer says:

    I am voting for Lindsay Langer, she has been through so much and has had life altering changes in her life at such a young age. Where most would be bitter she is not, she picked herself up and continued on in such a positive light that will inspire anyone she teaches. She’s a great person and deserves to have her dream.

  27. Ryan says:

    Good Luck !

  28. Amanda Jo says:

    Lindsay! You go girl! I’ll be your first client when you open your own Yoga Stuio. :) Good luck babe!~

  29. Neil Warren says:

    What an amazing story Lindsey. No one deserves this
    Chance more than you. You are a inspiration to us all

  30. Jess says:

    Lindsay rocks!! She’ll do wonders…

  31. scott says:

    Good luck linds! Hope you get toa fulfill your dreams!

  32. JC Bland says:

    Very inspiring story. You’ve got my vote. Good luck.

  33. Alissa Henderson says:

    You have such a powerful, inspiring story Lindsay! You are definitely most deserving of this scholarship, and I hope you get it so your dream can come true! You have always been such a positive, friendly person to me every since I met you at Cardinal Fitness, and I hope you can share that with the whole world. :) good luck!!

  34. Barbi Nordvall says:

    Wow Lindsay! I am truley blessed to be able to work with you in advertising! You deserve the best!

  35. Sarah Blechacz says:

    Lindsay is amazing. I’ve known her since I was a little girl and she is a wonderful person. Definitely deserves it. Good luck! :)

  36. Jordan Roszhart says:

    Good luck Lindsay! I remember working at MMC when your horrible accident happened. You have overcome so much amd deserve this amazing opportunity.
    Best wishes.

  37. David Kavish says:

    I have done yoga for about 3 years and even got some of the other football guys to go to work on flexibility. Great story and good luck!

  38. Katie Contri says:

    Good luck, Lindsay! You have my vote!

  39. Crystal C. says:

    Very inspiring words. You’ll make an artful teacher.

  40. Paul Wiss says:

    No one deserves this more than LL.

  41. Josh says:

    I sincerely hope you get this. You have my vote. All the best.!

  42. Matt K says:

    Great read. You have my vote. Good luck!

  43. ryan mazrim says:

    I support anything that helps someone so dramatically after such a horrific accident. You have my vote!

  44. Dane says:

    Good luck Lindsey. You will do great!

  45. Simon Cory says:

    I knew Lindsay before her accident when she was a student at Sacred Heart – Griffin High School. It is wonderful to see how she is continuing to grow into one of God’s blessings to us all. Good Luck and God Bless

  46. Chris Cain Rakin says:

    What determination & discipline it took for you to turn your accident & injuries around through yoga. You deserve the scholarship–you will pay it forward and help others do the same.

  47. Gerianne says:

    Although i do not know this young lady, i was touched by her story and was truly inspired. I vote for Lindsay, and pray for her future endeavors and success! Thank you for sharing!

  48. sam says:

    Good luck Lindsay, You would be a great Yoga Instructor! Namaste

  49. sue collins says:

    you have my vote..good luck!

  50. Maurice says:

    Job well done. I hope you nothing but the best!!

  51. Chris says:

    Inspiring story. Good luck!

  52. Kyle Peebles says:

    You deserve this opportunity Lindsay. You are an inspiration to a lot of people. Most people that have gone through something as traumatic as you would have given up on themselves but you challenged yourself and would not settle for the diagnosis given to you. It is truly amazing that yoga could help you achieve so much and you deserve this opportunity to pursue a passion that saved your life keeps you going day in and day out. Other people need to be able to experience your will to live and zest for life. I hope you win!

  53. Val Contri says:

    Good Luck Lindsay!

  54. katie says:

    how inspiring!

  55. John Anderson says:

    Good Luck Lindsay!!

  56. Cassie Gurnsey says:

    Linds- your essay brought tears to my eyes! It truly is amazing everything you have over came!! You have my vote! Good luck

  57. Kelsey says:

    What a great story! Good Luck!

  58. andrew says:

    Good luck lindsey !

  59. Gwen Bowman says:

    Good luck!

  60. rich langer says:

    go lindsay go. GREAT Story….I vote for you

  61. Gerry says:

    Good Luck Lindsay, great story and hope you win.

  62. Adam says:

    Good Luck, you deserve it

  63. Christine Seifert Cavender says:

    Lots of prayers for you to win!

  64. Jana says:

    Good Luck!

  65. Nick Palazzolo says:

    Better not be any hanging chads…..

  66. Abby says:

    Good luck Lindsay!! =)

  67. Stephen Newell says:

    Wonderfully inspiring. Add my vote.

  68. Rachel says:

    Best of luck Lindsay!

  69. Bob says:

    Best of luck.

  70. Krisitn says:

    Good Luck Lindsay, you will be a great teacher!

  71. Aaron says:

    Good luck.

  72. B. Lloyd says:

    Lindsay, I have known you all of your life. I’ve been there during your highest and at your lowest moments. The strength and wisdom for life that you have attained is truly inspirational. I wish only the best for you in your quest to become a Yoga instructor.

  73. Tammy says:

    Good luck Lindsay!!!

  74. Kevin Lloyd says:

    I love you cousin! I hope you win this, I know it would make you so happy to be able to teach this to other’s!

  75. sue says:

    Thursday… vote

  76. John oder says:

    Good luck lindsay!

  77. Sharmaine Sampson says:

    Best of luck with the scholarship to Bali. Your passion for yoga is admirable. I hope to be in one of your classes someday! ~Namaste

  78. Allison says:

    Some of my best Track memories in high school was watching Lindsay run and competing against her. It wasn’t always competition, she had the ablility to bring out the best in everyone before the race began, and I remember how much our coaches hated us for talking before a race. Lindsay was an athlete I looked upto and a person I admire today. You have a great story, and I know you will be a great instructor.

  79. alexa res says:

    Good Luck Lindsay! You will be an awesome instructor.

  80. AJ Sheehan says:

    You got my vote! Good luck, Lindsay!

  81. Lindsay Meece says:

    You are a very truthful and lucky girl. Wishing great things for you. Starting with you winning this scholarship.

  82. amber samuelson says:

    Good luck Lindsay!

  83. Dan Roach says:

    Best of luck to you!

  84. Gloria Hoehn says:

    Good luck, Lindsay!!

  85. Amy says:

    Lindsay is truly an amazing person! She deserves this more than anyone! Good luck Lindsay! =)

  86. Linz says:

    Lindsay for the win!

  87. A.Parr says:

    LL Rocks! =)

  88. Lauren says:


  89. Kelsi Willis says:

    Good luck Lindsay!

  90. Maddy says:

    You seem like the perfect fit for this opportunity. Your story is really inspiring and you could have a chance to share it with others this way. I hope you wiN!

  91. sande kelley says:

    I want to be your student when you become a yoga teacher! Go Lindsey you deserve this opportunity!

  92. rob lloyd says:

    Follow your dreams, Lindsay! Love, your cuz

  93. Lindsay says:

    Thanks all for the nice words and support! This experience has been so amazing and I am so thankful to be given this opportunity!

  94. Chuck Underwood says:

    Lindsay is an amazing person, she lives and breathes yoga. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for 2 years now and I consider her a good friend. I hope you win Lindsay!

  95. Jamie Severns says:

    Good Luck Lindsay!! <3

  96. Lori Oaks says:

    Good luck. Hope u win.

  97. Ryan Richter says:

    I am voting for Lindsay for the amazing hard work and dedication that it took for her to be where she is today. Good luck and god bless!

  98. Lindsey says:

    You deserve this girl! Hope you win!

  99. Wendy says:

    Amazing story Lindsay! Good Luck!

  100. Wendy says:

    Vote for Lindsay:-)

  101. Wade says:

    Good luck Lindsay!

  102. sande kelley says:

    go Lindsey…you can do it!

  103. Mary McClernon says:

    Wow Lindsay. What an inspirational story! You have overcome so much and I only wish the best for you. Good luck!!!

  104. Theresa Franklin says:

    Good luck, Lindsay. You are already a great teacher!

  105. Maggie Young says:

    Good luck Lindsay :)

  106. Kari McClernon says:

    Good luck Lindsay!

  107. Austen says:

    Good luck Lindsay! Bali is gonna love their new student

  108. Lauren says:

    Wow such an inspiring story! You have my vote:-)

  109. Nathan Rose says:

    Go Lindsey!

  110. Nate says:

    Hope you win!

  111. kristin says:

    So inspiring Lindsay! Good luck!

  112. Michael says:

    Good luck!

  113. Nick says:

    You are gonna be an awesome teacher linz!

  114. Alaina says:

    Unbelievable story! I had no idea you any of this had happen! you are so strong! I vote for you!

  115. Alex says:

    Vote for Lindsay!

  116. Gale Lynn Borders says:

    Good Luck Lindsay … You definitely have come a long way. I wish you all the best in pursuing your dream .. remember to NEVER give up … it will happen! You have my vote!

  117. Elizabeth Hall says:

    Good Luck! :)

  118. sande kelley says:

    You deserve this opportunity Lindsey!

  119. Alyssa says:

    Your story is certainly inspiring. Good Luck.

  120. Laura says:

    Good luck!
    I hope you will get it:)
    Your story is very sad but also hopeful for other people…

  121. kassidy Gietl says:

    best of luck to you!! I hope you win!

  122. David says:

    Amazing story Lindsay! Good Luck.

  123. Danielle hoekzema says:

    Ah I love you Lindsey! your the best babysitter ever! My brothers and sisters love you too! I hope you win. you deserve it !

  124. Kaitlyn Von Behren says:

    Your story is so inspirational! I hope everything goes well for you, you deserve this!

  125. Moe says:

    Get after it!

  126. Michael says:

    Good luck Lindsay! Hope you win!

  127. Rick says:

    Wow! You go girl! Kudos to you!

  128. Kate says:

    Hope you win Lindsay!

  129. Liz says:

    You are such an inspiration Lindsay! You will be an amazing yoga instructor! Good Luck!

  130. Abby says:

    Hope you win Lindsay!

  131. Becca says:

    I vote for you Lindsay! Good Luck!

  132. Lindsey J. says:

    I vote LINDSAY! Has more heart than anyone I know! Love you!

  133. Kelsey says:

    Lindsay good luck, my vote is for you! You deserve this!

  134. Tracy says:

    Go Lindsay!

  135. Rachel says:

    I don’t know you but your story is truly amazing! Good Luck, hope you win!

  136. Rachel says:

    Lindsay for the win!

  137. Libby says:

    Lindsay!!!!! Hope you win! you are amazing!!!!

  138. Ali says:

    Vote for Lindsay<3

  139. Ashley says:

    Wow Lindsay you are amazing you really are going to be a great yoga teacher with your passion, good luck!

  140. Billy says:

    I vote for ya Lindsey!

  141. Andy says:

    Hope you get this!

  142. Andy says:

    Go Lindsay!

  143. Andy says:


  144. Andy says:

    Lindsay rocks!

  145. Abby Ward says:

    I love Lindsay!!!

  146. sande kelley says:

    go Lindsey…we are rooting for you!

  147. Kari kelley says:

    go lindsay!!

  148. mac says:

    Keep working towards your goals.

  149. Josh says:

    Good luck Lindsay, you deserve this!

  150. Kelsey Harris says:

    Good luck! I hope you win!

  151. Marci Sepanski says:

    Lindsay, incredible story! I hope you win!!

  152. Tammy Wharton says:

    Best of Luck Lindsay

  153. Ali Berg says:

    Great job Lindsay, hope you win!

  154. sande kelley says:

    You go for your dreams!

  155. Kemper Younkin says:

    Good luck ! My prayers are with you

  156. Lauren says:

    Good luck lindsay!!! what an inspiring story!!!

  157. Elise says:

    Good Luck Lindsay!

  158. Eli says:

    You got my vote, hope you get it, you deserve it:)

  159. Danielle C. says:

    So inspiring!

  160. Mike S. says:

    I vote for ya Linz! Good Luck!

  161. Mike says:

    Hope you win! you got my voteeee!

  162. Alex R. says:

    You would make an awesome yoga teacher!

  163. Alex says:

    I hope you win, you have my vote Lindsay!

  164. Susan Zappa says:

    Best of luck reaching your goals.. You will go far, what an inspiration to all of us..

  165. Deepa Nagendra says:

    Inspirational story! Good luck!! I hope you win!!

  166. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community will be grateful to you.

  167. Marlowe says:

    I admire your determination. Good luck!

  168. Amanda says:

    Good Luck, Lindsay!

  169. Laura Appelbaum says:

    Best of luck Lindsay, you deserve it!

  170. Pita says:

    Good luck!

  171. Wendi says:

    Good luck Lindsay! Continue to be courageous and an inspiration.

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