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do yogaMy main reason for doing yoga was to get to know my own energy and what I can do with that. When I explored it on a deeper level, I realized what an amazing tool it is. The tool that can change your life and make you happy. Now I want to share this knowledge and light with everyone. I want to make world better from inside of everyone of us. Because each of us defines the happiness of the world and people just need to realize how powerful they really are. How many hidden beautiful qualities they still have to discover.

I like all teachers I meet on my path because I am grateful to them for what they are doing to the world already, that they devoted their lives to this uneasy path. One of my favorite teachers are Mehtab and Siri Bahadur. I love Mehtab for how easy he explains difficult thing to students. He is doing it through humor, sharp mind and high intuition. I love Siri Bahadur for his limitless devotion to the practice, for his love to people and depth of knowledge. And I appreciate Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) for his caliber and courage, for his humor and sharp mind. He was not afraid to come to USA and starting from 0 inspire and teach so many people, heal from addictions and bring people back to life. He changed their lives and now they are sharing this light with everyone. Yogi Bhajan inspired me to learn more and more from the moment I saw his first video. Mehtab always poked, provoked and elevated me and bugged me to go and teach. I would probably never teach if he didn’t ask me, when I was going to start it every time I saw him. And Siri Bahadur always inspired me by example.

I chose Yandara Yoga Institute training because they teach pranayama in depth, as well as meditation, yama and niyama. These are keystones for every yogi and every person. They are actual life-changers, by knowingly using of which, someone’s life can be totally healed from any hidden agenda and subconscious issues, bringing happiness and prosperity (by living in Dharma) into someone’s life.

I am going to heal and help the world starting with teaching with more depth in studios and helping those who are in the most need for that: with my charity organization, called ONE (Organization of Natural Education), where I will be working with mentally challenged children. We are focusing on homeless children and children from orphanages. These humans need special attention and special love in the world and society. Meditation and breathing techniques are essential to understand where their challenges are coming from and how to heal them.

So this is my vision. I see our future bright and happy. Now I just need to learn more how to do it in practice!

With love and gratitude,

Natalya Meyer (Gianjot Kaur)

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Natalya Meyer

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