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catalyst for transformationOn a physical level, yoga tones and strengthens the body. On an emotional level, yoga keeps me balanced, aware, and mindful.  On a spiritual level, yoga has allowed me to feel a connection with the web of life.  It has allowed me to experience life with a more open and loving heart. I have been practicing yoga for 13 years.  I have been doing yoga at home alone for ten years.  My home practice has illustrated an independent dedication to the practice.  It has helped me in extraordinary ways.

I have become a stronger and more loving person through carrying my home practice in the world.  I have also become a wonderful care taker of myself through my consistent commitment to the practice.  I would like to be a yoga teacher to help others use the practice to restore their bodies, as well as assist others in feeling a greater connection to life. I also want to become a yoga teacher because yoga the practice is cathartic and I am devoted to helping myself and others along the path.  I have experienced the power of yoga.  I was experienced it transform my life.  I want to share this gift with others.  I have taught a few yoga courses to close friends.  They said it was the best yogic experience they had ever had.  I need to learn more techniques so I can more effectively guide others through satisfying practices.  I am a school teacher, and I would like to integrate yoga into schools.

I used to be an extremely reactive and emotional person.  Now, I am much more balanced in my responses.  I have been steadily practicing yoga for 13 years.  In this time, I have changed so much.  I have learned to care for myself deeply, as well as open my heart and nurture others.   I am often credited as a trusting and compassionate person.  People open up to me and I enjoy being a confidant.  As a yoga teacher, I can expand upon my ability to connect with others and myself.  I would love to serve as a guide for other people practice so they can experience the wisdom of self-care.

I would like to complete Doug Swenson’s program.  He is eclectic, which compliments my values and interest.  I believe yoga is versatile and one’s practice can change regularly and be experienced in many ways.   Doug is fascinating to watch.  I feel he will help me develop my yoga practice and help me become my best self.  As a teacher, his energy and abilities are an inspiration.  Under Doug’s guidance, I could directly experience his gifts.  This would allow me to share the beauty of his spirit with my students.  I don’t really have one favorite yoga teacher.  Every class I have taken has shown me a new part of myself and a new aspect of the practice.  One teacher I have been inspired by over the years has been Rodney Yee.  I enjoy his books and videos.  I also very much admire one of my first yoga teachers.  Her name is Marni Task and she is trained in the Juvamuki tradition.  She was always very gentle, beautiful, and wise.  Her classes were fun and filled with important yogic teachings that still influence my practice today.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Iris Baron

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