Blending Yoga Into My Life

Yoga has helped me to grow and to find a deeper understanding of life which I had been seeking for so long.  My personal experience made teaching yoga a natural progression on this journey, and I completed my first 200-hour yoga teacher training this past spring of 2011.   I see teaching yoga as a way to grow peace in the world – supporting others to connect with their souls on a deep level, connecting with an unparalleled inner peace that is transformative, grounded, and real.    It’s an honor to share the teachings of yoga and am equally honored to learn from the yogis in my classes.

There are many teachers who have touched my life. Guru Rattan Kaur (Terri Cletro) is one such teacher who has made a significant impact on me.  When I first experienced Terrie during my “Y.O.G.A. for Youth” training, her style deeply resonated with me.  It transformed my relationship to yoga and what it means to be a teacher.  She shared yogic knowledge fused with truisms – which went straight to my heart.  She demonstrated so succinctly the human side of a yogi while bringing forth the spiritual teacher within the yogi who can wholeheartedly draw out the love, laughter, nobility, grace, intelligence, and sense of trust and surrender within a class.

I want to deepen my understanding of yoga and strengthen my teaching abilities with the addition of a hatha yoga foundation. Yoga Blend matches my goal and is in-tune with my Path which I have come to understand includes being a bridge for seemingly different perspectives, having a non-dogmatic approach, and shedding light where common vision exists.  I hope to integrate the Yoga Blend  training with my kundalini yoga background and other interests- to enhance my practice and to offer a more profound and creative experience for anyone who attends my sessions, and to create opportunities for more people to experience yoga’s benefits.

I hope to eloquently converge yoga with healing, art, and community.   As I walk this path, I know that what I learn is assuredly brought back into service. Over the past decade I have utilized my skills to directly organize across various personal/social/global issues as an organizer and advocate for human rights, in the labor movement, and through art activism.  Since practicing kundalini yoga and focusing on energy healing, I have drastically shifted my pace and directed my energy to support deep, individual transformation.  Yoga and meditation is now part of my everyday life.

I’ve learned that as I grow through my personal practice, additional studies/trainings, and through my teaching, I can create a reserve of energy to draw from and a wisdom anchored in my experience and personal truth to share with others.  I am resolved to impact the world by bringing my yogic consciousness wherever I am – whether that is in a classroom, in a women’s circle, at a picket line, at an art event, or simply walking down the street in the community where I live.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Liza Camba

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  1. Alicia Mathewson says:

    Go Sat Akal! I believe in you and feel the world will be better with you as a more integrated teacher. You already embody so much of the teachings – love all, serve all! May all you dream come true with ease and grace. love love love!

  2. charmaine says:

    liza! i’m so excited for you. i just took my first prenatal kundalini class at GB and it was incredible! i wish you all the best on this journey :)

  3. Lupe says:


    I know this experience has transformed you and I can see the happiness and peace it has brought into your life. I wish you all the best and I hope you continue to grow!

  4. johanna says:

    Hooray! Spirit is definitely guiding you in wonderful ways! You’ve taught me so much already, that I know this is a great opportunity for you. Sat nam!

    Through Love & Light <3

  5. Pamita says:

    I know that you will continue to share your gift and be in service always! You elevate the vibration of the world!

  6. Doug De Stefano says:

    I have watched you grow and offer you gifts and teaching over the years I am glad to see your expanding even more…Blessings!

  7. Najia Kaddoura says:

    Liza embodys a radiant spirit, who’s thoughtful generosity exemplifies living in the overflow. Her eternal quest for transformation is a deep source of inspiration. May this scholarship bless her journey, as she continues to bless all her relations.

  8. Laurie says:

    Liza is on her path which embraces peaceful, tranquil, and loving life which radiates from within and shines on those around her.

  9. Brent says:

    Good luck Liza! All the best for your continuing education. Wahe guru

  10. Lori Rubenstein says:

    May you be gifted on your golden path of Kundalini Yoga Teaching

  11. Constancia! says:

    Best of luck dear Sat Akal as you continue your journey spreading light in the Universe!

  12. SuzE Q says:

    Sat Nam! I am so happy that you feel called to learn & share these wonderful teachings. May your path be lit by the glow of your soul, showing you each step of the way!
    -SuzE Q-

  13. Kristine Futalan says:

    Best yogi ever!

  14. Jessica says:

    You go, Sat Akal! I know you are a radiant light for your students now and to come!

  15. Siri Deva says:

    Sat Nam Liza!
    Share the love, share the light!

  16. Manavjeet Kaur says:

    Lovely as always, Sweet and Divine Yogini!! Thank you so much for sharing this… you are such an inspiration!! Looking forward to our next sadhana and class together…

  17. Mark Futalan says:

    So proud of you and your journey in finding your passion! Wish you continued success in your yoga teachings!

  18. Melissa R says:

    Liza, you deserve all the best including this scholarship. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

  19. Christina Hirose says:

    I love that you want to expand your Kundalini yoga with hatha yoga and create something new. Thank you for anchoring and spreading light.

  20. Rev Victoria J Thomas says:

    I know the love and light that emanates in and through Liza will up lift all her students!

  21. Louie Guan says:

    Best wishes on your endeavors!

  22. Lauren O'Malley says:

    What a gift it is teach and to spread comfort in personal growth to the world. I’m excited for you and this possibility! Good luck!

  23. Nick Mather says:

    Best of luck Liza! You certainly deserve this opportunity.

  24. Roya says:

    Sat Akal is commited to the practice of yoga and bringing the gift of yoga to others! I have taken several classes of Kundalini yoga with Sat Akal and she has deepened the practice of yoga in my life. Sat Nam!!

  25. Cheryl Villamor says:

    Good luck, Manay Lalay!!!!

  26. jaclyn gelb says:

    Sat Akal is the very essence of yoga – this is the consciousness she brings and holds. What a beautiful gift she is to the world!!

  27. Lisa Wedgeworth says:

    You’ve got my vote! Do your thang, Sat Akal!!

    Mucho peace n’ love,

  28. The Yogi Tree says:

    Sat Akal you are lovely and radiant, and a gift to all you teach. Good luck with your scholarship!

  29. Tara says:

    Sat Akal is a bright and beautiful Light in this world! Not only a Yogini of great caliber, she is a Teacher through and through. Please consider her for this scholarship! Love you, Sat Akal!

  30. Adam Diaz says:

    Much love, keep up the good work!!!

  31. Anna Bautista says:

    Thanks for all that you do!

  32. bsmiley says:

    Do it Sister! Art activisim perseveres – you are a beacon we are grateful for! xx

  33. Ariel F. says:

    Best of luck with the scholarship, Liza.

  34. Chris Fabian says:

    Best wishes Sat Akal! You’ve got my support!!! =)

  35. Aracelly says:

    Wish you the best! Can’t wait to take your class!!!

  36. Barbara says:

    Best of luck and may you share your enlightenment with all those who may cross your path

  37. claire says:

    Go Liza! I am so happy that you have found your passion…and am sending winning thoughts your way!

  38. Christina says:

    Sat Akal is a divine spiritual sister who has always made it her priority to help spread the light to this world. She is fearless and full of grace and compassion! We need more yoga teachers like her in this world!

  39. Apollo says:

    Peace. Best of luck!

  40. Seanah says:

    She is amzing and you would be very lucky to have her!!

  41. bao says:

    You got it!

  42. Veena says:

    Good luck Liza! Sending you lots of positive vibes your way!

  43. Rhoda says:

    Good luck! The best for you!

  44. Ryth says:

    Love you Liza!

  45. Patti Goodall says:

    I met Sat Akal at Bhakti Fest 2011 and it was apparent immediately that she is a deeply devoted yogini. She expressed enthusiasm and interest in learning more about Svaroopa style of yoga which I practice. In fact, my daughter and I taught her the “Magic Four” poses of Svaroopa, and in turn she gave us a “mini-introductory” Kundalini yoga session, my first! She is a gifted teacher and the opportunity for her to gain a greater breadth of knowledge by learning to teach another style of yoga would be wonderful! Sat Akal is a sincere person who is committed to a deeper path – and wonderfully deserving of free teacher training. She will return it to the world twenty-fold! Best wishes and keep me posted! Sat Nam. Patti

  46. Cora Heredia says:

    Blessed love Liza! May you continue to forward in time with peace and your uplifing visions!

  47. Liza Sat Akal Camba says:

    THANKYOU Everyone for your support and kind words! Happy Holidays!

  48. Danielle says:

    Beautiful Sat Akal! As you are, as your path is, as all that you share! xoxo

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