Baltimore Yoga Teacher Training

baltimore yoga teacher training

A Guide To Yoga Instructor Training In Baltimore MD

Looking for a yoga teacher training in Baltimore? While many students think that the best schools are in major areas or far off regions like India, little do they know that they have some gems right in their backyard. The reason why is because many of the schools in your area have traveled the world to train with some of the best teachers. Now they want to bring their experience to your community. Below is a list of yoga instructor training programs in Baltimore.

Yama Studio Baltimore Yoga Teacher Training

Yama Studio offers yoga teacher training in Baltimore Maryland, with another location in Westminster as well. Their teacher trainings are offered in both Maryland studios and Morristown, NJ. The studio accommodates students of all levels and seeks to create a thriving environment for teacher trainees. All members of the Teacher Training staff are trained in Therapeutic Yoga as well as nationally accredited teachers. Studio owner Diane Finlayson, ERYT-500, has a 1000 Hr certificate from Integrative Yoga Therapy, is a training program instructor and heads the Yama therapeutics Yoga Therapy Training program.

The 200 Hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training program is offered in three non-residential formats:  a weekday program that meets Wednesday evenings, one weekend a month for nine months, or an intensive that meets several weekends a month over a five-month period. Trainings are limited to eighteen students per training. In addition to the actual training, the program includes eighteen asana classes, access to the on-line classroom and manual, the Integrative Yoga Therapy Tool kit, and a graduation yoga retreat.

The 500 Hr training is not only an advanced yoga training, but also a beginning yoga therapy program. The website explains,  “If your primary interest in pursuing an advanced yoga certificate is to move into extreme asana, and your primary focus is to “fix” the physical body, this program is not for you. If you are interested in understanding the full range of tools available in traditional Yoga, and you are interested in energetics, philosophy, pranayama and a full understanding of the human experience, you will be well suited to this program.” The program is for instructors who want to utilize yoga’s entire spectrum of potential.

Yama Studio also offers the Yama therapeutics Yoga Therapy certificate for those students who complete the 500 Hr teacher training in addition to two other 250 Hr trainings for a total of 1000 Hrs. Students can transfer in after completing another 200 Hr basic training if they complete Yama therapeutics Yoga Therapy.

To learn more visit Yama Studio

Please check back regularly as we continue to update this page on yoga teacher training in Baltimore. Or, you can also visit our Yoga School Directory which provides a full list of yoga schools around the country and world.

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