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A Guide To Yoga Instructor Training Schools In Austin Texas

Searching the right school who offers yoga teacher training in Austin Texas? Many yoga students assume that the best schools are off in places like Los Angeles, Costa Rica, or New York yet fail to realize that you can get the same education in your own region. Some of the top yoga instructors have traveled the world to study with some of the most profound training programs and have dedicated their lives to bringing yoga to their own backyard. On this page you will find a list of yoga schools offering yoga instructor training in Austin along with some resources and tips on becoming a yoga teacher.

Living Yoga Project Austin Teacher Training

Based in Austin, Texas, Living Yoga Project is not a yoga studio, but a business that runs a 200 Hr training course. Charles MacInnery, who teaches a blend of Iyengar and a routine from the Himalayan institute, and Ellen B. Smith, who holds certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa, and restorative flow, own and operate the program. Several other qualified teachers assist with the training, and have a wide range of credentials from massage to yoga therapy.

Living Yoga Project differs from many schools in the United States because it offers two tracks: the Yoga Alliance Track and the Yoga Register Track. The Yoga Alliance track is, as its name implies, registered through Yoga Alliance and graduates are eligible to apply for membership. This program is completed through five modules: nine day intensive, yoga-specific anatomy class with Living Yoga Project instructors, three day yoga retreat, three day intensive, and 20 hours of self-study. With this track, you can switch to the other without losing any credits. This track is more expensive because it involves more on-site time with Living Yoga project teachers and includes meals and lodging for the intensives.

Yoga Register, where the second track gets its inspiration, is based out of England and not yet well known in the United States. The Yoga Register Track is similar in a few ways to the Yoga Alliance Track, but only has four modules. The first module is exactly the same. The second module requires the same amount of anatomy training, but it can be completed online, or past courses can fulfill the requirement. The third module consists of independent practice and critique, and the fourth module is 30 hours of self-study. This Track is significantly less expensive because there is not as much on-site time required.

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Not the school you are looking for? Then visit our Yoga School Directory which offers a list of some of the top program taking place all over the US and the world. If you would like to browse our list of resources of how to become a yoga teacher, then please visit our home page. You can also check back later as we continue to update this page on yoga teacher training in Austin.

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