How To Open, Market, and Build A Successful Yoga Studio

Learn How To Open and Build A Successful Yoga Studio

how to start a yoga studioSo you’ve done a few yoga teacher trainings, kick butt as a yoga teacher, and are now curious about how to build and open a successful yoga. I have to say that right off the bat I love this article not only because I absolutely believe that having a successful yoga business is all about the details, but because you as a yogi will understand this philosophy more then anyone else.

Why Will You Understand This Philosophy On How To Open A Successful Yoga Studio?

Because creating a strong yoga business is all about respecting each detail in the same way you have to honor each aspect of your yoga practice: each pose; each breath you take; each subtle movement; each feeling that you have. Yoga is all about the details and so is your business. While it is absolutely impossible to cover everything on how to open a successful yoga studio here, I will do my best to cover some main points:

1. Start slow and breathe: If you are just starting off with your yoga studio marketing and business (or are considering to start one), just remember that every strategy you implement and everything thing you do to build your business, to pay attention to each detail.  Make sure you are breathing and enjoying each aspect. Even if its “mundane” stuff like researching the web. Figure out how you can make every aspect fun and pleasurable while doing it from a centered and calm space. Remember, the process is the goal so enjoy yourself! Many yoga teachers I speak with tend to be in a rush or stressed out. They are thinking of all the things they need to do and then rush through the process. “What happened to your yoga practice?” is what I think when I speak with my clients. The whole idea of yoga is to integrate the calm and centered place you cultivate on the mat into the world. Never rush what you are doing. Make sure that if you decide to launch a specific project, campaign, or strategy that you execute it with all your heart just like you do with each pose. Make sure that your integrity is in every little detail of what you put forth in your yoga business. I guarantee you that energy will come across in your business and people will feel it.

2. Have a plan: It is so important to have a business plan and actually forecast your numbers and projections. I know its no fun to do this but you need to have a measuring stick if you are going to open and build a successful yoga studio. How will you know if certain approaches are working if you don’t have a plan? So many of my clients just jump in with pure enthusiasm which is great, but then they are left six months later like a chicken with its head cut off. Do yourself a favor (and those who are involved with you) and spend the time on crunching some numbers.

3. Marketing Strategy – Of course yoga studio marketing is always going to be something that is evolving. But you should have at least five approaches or tactics that you are going to highly focus on. As time goes on you can change things. But its very important that you have a focus. A few things that you are going to put a lot of energy into. If you click on the yoga studio marketing link this will take you to a page on this site where I outline the top five approaches I feel every studio should use.

Yoga Studio Marketing: Earning Students Trust

As you go out into the world and open and build a yoga studio, something you should keep in mind is that your number one hurdle will be: earning the trust of new students. So many teachers and business owners forget that many people don’t know you and you will need to be sensitive to their needs. First impressions are everything!

  1. The first time they view your website
  2. The first time they call your studio
  3. The first time they enter the door
  4. The first class they have
  5. The first goodbye from your front of house people

These first impressions make or break the rest of your relationship. Marketing is not just about getting new students through the door. More importantly, it is about retaining the ones who do come. Marketing and business is not just about specific strategies and tactics, it starts with the simplest “touches” of how people first interact with you. This is where trust is established.

What is marketing?

Simply put, marketing is the ability to effectively communicate your business to your audience in ANY method.


What is marketing for a yoga teacher or studio?

The ability to earn a new students trust via your marketing materials.


Your biggest hurdle: Earning a new students trust

Your biggest challenge when you launch, open, and build your yoga studio is earning a new students trust. As students search out new studios and teachers to practice with, they are handing over their well being to you. They are basically saying, “Ok, here is my mind, body, and soul. It’s all yours lets see where you can guide me.”

All your marketing is an extension of you. You need to view your website, flyers, brochures, logo, etc…as if it were you speaking directly to your potential students. If your materials look messy, sloppy, or all over the place, this is the “feeling” your potential new yoga student will get from your yoga business and will more then likely not want to take your class or hire you for a private instruction. This is the reason big companies spend so much on “focus groups” because they know how valuable it is to learn before they launch a campaign to see how people “feel” when they see an advertisement or specific marketing campaign.

Your student’s perspective

Remember, if a student is seeking out a yoga class or new studio, more then likely they are doing so to feel better. They may not be in great shape or not feeling very healthy and are looking to you to help them get back on path. So show empathy.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

A. What message and feeling do I want a potential new student to get when they look at my materials?

B. What are your potential students biggest concerns? Why are they seeking yoga?

So as you start to work on your marketing materials and open a successful yoga studio, practice empathy and think about what students are looking for from you and how will your marketing materials be an extension of you and help you gain a new students trust.


The Yogi Coach (Sergio DiazGranados) works with many yoga businesses and entrepreneurs supporting them with marketing, web design, yoga SEO, and business strategies. Working with Gaiam for 3 years and in the wellness industry for 8, Sergio is well versed in this genre and loves to help yogi’s along their business journey. Visit to learn more.


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