Teaching Yoga: I have a Dream

teaching yogaI have a dream.  Those words, made famous by Dr. King so many years ago, had a tremendous impact upon me.  I was just a little girl then, but I took those words into my heart and let them guide me.  I have lived the better part of my own life, with the concept of a dream for one’s life as the single most important part of being alive; that light that guides you forward, each step working towards that dream.  No matter what your individual dream might be, if you don’t try for it, you’ve passed up your chance.  It isn’t that you’ve failed or you’ve missed out, you’ve just passed up on an opportunity to realize whatever your purpose might be.  Sometimes we listen to the inner voices, sometimes we don’t, and it’s not that it’s wrong NOT to listen, it’s that if you DO listen, you may touch heaven.

I’m letting my heart tell me what to write now, as my own dream revolves around teaching yoga.  This particular dream came true over three years ago when I became a Yoga instructor.  Now I want to deepen my studies and go even further and complete a course for further yoga certification.  For me, Yoga unifies all the areas of my life and always seems to have the power to bring me around to wholeness, being present and alive.  It teaches me to be patient and still during hard times, and to listen because it is all part of the process; everything is meant to be and everything has a purpose.  I have had a hard road for a long time, and yoga always seems to help me get through it all.  My dream now is to continue on with my studies and enroll in an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program.

I first came to yoga in the early 1980’s through a small employee group with semi-private instruction. At that time I was studying ballet and did not really seem to take to yoga.  I moved out to the Pacific Northwest in 1987, and a few years later, found a yoga studio in which I connected to the practice in a deep way and began to thrive.  I moved back to my home town in Illinois over 6 years ago and found North Shore Yoga in Northfield, Illinois.  When I found North Shore Yoga, something inside of me clicked to the connection and I found myself going deeper and deeper into the spiritual and philosophical aspects as well as the physical practices of the asanas.  While I practice the asanas, I find myself completely transcending my mind and staying present in my body and I feel my body thrive and grow and strengthen.  It unifies my mind, body and spirit and gives me true joy.

When there was a 200 hour yoga teacher training program offered at the studio, it sparked one of my own personal dreams, of being an instructor.  I let the first two years go by without enrolling, but by the third year, I knew it was the time for me.  I took the course, and everything felt really right.  I then began teaching and it was as though a whole new world opened to me.  The energy, love and connection to the universe that I feel while standing up in front of a group of students is somehow everything I ever dreamed of giving.  There are many times I feel brought to tears by the overwhelming emotion and energy in the room.

I have always wanted to GIVE SOMETHING BACK to life.  I have dreamed of being a writer, and have written many personal things.  I majored in English Literature in college and hoped someday to be a novelist.  Years went by and I realized that there was some element of realization missing, or I would have already been called to make my writing happen and get published.  When I found teaching Yoga, I realized that all that had been missing was THERE, for me, and for my students.  I can express my heart’s desires, my love, my offerings to help, my hope that everyone can grow, through yoga.  Both of my parents were educators, and they encouraged me all of my life to go into teaching and I never turned my gaze in that direction, but now that I am teaching, I realize it is my calling.  It might not have been something traditional, but it is still teaching and giving.

My very favorite and cherished yoga instructor in my world is Sharyn Galindo, of North Shore Yoga.  She embodies all that I dream if I think of what a Yoga Instructor should and could be.  Not only is her asana practice astounding and beautiful, but she communicates the spiritual and philosophical aspects of the world of Yoga in a way so profound as to touch the lives of so many in our community.  She has knowledge and information at the forefront of her mind at all times and is always happy to answer any questions with studied references.  I feel that she is my mentor and guru in every way and I have the utmost admiration for her, and can only dream of being like her.  Just by being in Sharyn’s presence for several years before enrolling in the training program, I was inspired to deepen my own interaction with yoga.

Since I have already passed through the 200 hour program with NSY, I truly want to continue on with the new 500 hour program being offered.  I have the utmost respect for the school and the honor that it shows at all times for the world of yoga and all of its aspects.  As a teacher, I hope to continue to introduce and bring people to the world of yoga and help to guide them through life’s journeys and trials with an alternative and healthy way to cope with it all.  Through my own troubles and trials, I feel that Yoga has been the way and I truly want to help others to see that this can be the path to clarity and peace.  I am committed to the life and despite what happens, I know that this will be an integral part of my life as I grow older.  I ask now for assistance in making this dream come true and hope that I can be awarded the scholarship to attend school once more.

Om Shanti, Om Peace, Namaste.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Nancy Volgamore

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  1. Andrea Winship says:

    Nancy comes to this place in her life with passion, pain and authenticity. Her reasons for wanting to continue her yoga education are compelling. She certainly deserves this scholarship and if chosen, would be a great representative for all that you teach.

  2. Chantal Genecand says:

    Nancy, I only took a class with you during my teacher training in 2011 and I loved the way you taught ! So yes, you deserve this scholarship and I hope you get it so that your dream come true. I hope to be able to follow your path soon, I too would love to do a 500hrs teacher training. Go for it Nancy and if you ever stop in Geneva Switzerland, come and visit ! Namaste

  3. thm says:

    Nancy’s desire to advance her yoga instruction comes from deep within her heart. She is an incredible teacher and truly does touch each of her students with her words, emotions and instruction. She has a very special way about her and this scholarship will allow her to deepen her yoga practice and give back to her students.

  4. Susan Burden says:

    Go Nancy – I am inspired by your passion! You deserve this – I am rooting for you!

  5. Heather Ross says:

    Go Nancy! The compassion you have for your students is evident by the amount of people that always attend (at 6am!) and how fulfilled they look when leaving your class. You really deserve this scholarship and all of your students will be so lucky if you have the opportunity to take this course.

  6. Laurie Gresham says:

    Nancy is the embodiment of all that a yoga teacher should be: genuine, dedicated, knowledgeable, motivating and supportive. Her desire for continued growth on her yogic path and willingness to share it is a gift that she brings to all of her students. A scholarship for advanced training would be a fitting gift for her.
    She’s got my vote – hands down!

  7. Alicia says:

    Nancy is a loving and forgiving instructor. I truly enjoy her classes for what she brings to us, her students — acceptance. It would be wonderful for her to be able to deepen her practice through this scholarship for Advanced Teacher Training.

  8. Debbie says:

    I hope you receive this! You are an inspriation to all around you. You go girl!!

  9. Anne DuBois Yap says:

    Nancy has used yoga to sustain her through journeys more difficult than most of us are required to face. What a gift if she earns this scholarship so that she can, in turn use what she has learned to inspire others. Good luck to you, Nancy!

  10. Sharyn Galindo says:

    Has worked so hard and has had to overcome many hardships. This would be a wonderful gift for her! Keeping my thoughts with you.

  11. Edna Schrank says:

    Nancy is not only a wonderful teacher but a wonderful person. She is always there with an encouraging word and a big smile. She is a real person who completely understands that people can do the best that they can.
    It has been a privilege to get to know Nancy and for her to be my teacher.
    She is very deserving of this scholarship.

  12. Rhonda Baron says:

    Nancy is a passionate Yoga teacher. She serves the community so well, with her warm heart, great instruction, and true desire in seeing her students blossom. Karma is speaking, let it come her way with this special scholarship.

  13. Cynthia Narcisi says:

    Nancy lights up the lives of all who are fortunate enough to practice with her. May she be awarded this scholarship, so that she can continue sharing her love of yoga with as many people as possible.

  14. Nancy says:

    I must say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of these beautiful comments that are being made about me. You are all so wonderful and I feel the love!!!!!!

  15. stacie says:

    What a great opportunity! Best of luck!

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