My Genuine Passion For Teaching Yoga

teaching yogaWhy do I want to become a yoga teacher?

When I was first introduced to yoga years ago, I did not immediately fall in love with it. I was not consistently moved by my own “needs” or “wants” to do the exercises. My practice was on and off, and I experienced a long pause and procrastinations in between. However, as time went by, the feeling of “needs” and “wants” to yoga grew considerably.

I enjoyed the benefit of yoga in the aspects of mental, physical, and spiritual. First, I learned to listen to my body. My ears opened up to understand what the body was trying to say, whether it stiffed or whether it wanted to go any deeper. Then, I started befriending to myself. I turned within, started building more respect and love to myself. Amazingly, I found so much in the world of “Me”, so much to explore inside. Yoga is indeed a journey to self-discovery.

I became mentally and physically healthier and stronger. In additions, yoga helps me celebrate life in each moment, in the good and the bad times; in the smooth and rocky pathways; in success and failure. I began to understand that it was alright to experience the taste of bitterness in life. Thus, when life turned sour, instead of hibernating in pain, I would learn to appreciate it as an opportunity to grow and to be spiritually mature. Since then, if tears were rolling down on my face it would be only the tears of bliss, the tears of joy, the tears of happiness; not those of sorrow or sadness.

Well, those were the times when I practiced yoga for my own achievement or goals. Now, while I am grateful for indulging the benefit of doing yoga, the Universe Bell is ringing for me to address my call, my dharma. The time has come for me to move from making use of yoga for my own into helping others and making a difference to a wider scope. I have burning desires to share my passion for yoga and spread to other people the joy of doing yoga and the huge benefit it offers. I am passionate about inviting people to find their true nature and move towards supporting wellbeing. These strongly motivate me to become a yoga teacher.

Who my favorite yoga teacher is and how they inspired me…

There are a wide range of yoga practices introduced by different teachers. I believe that all yoga teachers are inspiring in their own way, style or method. One is not necessarily better than others and they are not to be compared. However, in my home-practice, I usually follow Shivananda yoga style. Shivananda Yoga includes a set of 12 basic yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation. I love the five simple principles which rule out the method of Shivananda Yoga: proper exercise (asana), proper breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (savasana), proper eating (vegetarian), and positive thinking (shivadanta) and meditation. These simple rules cover everything you need to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Moreover, what I found appealing and suitable to me is the gentle move in this style. Shivananda Yoga is one of the largest yoga schools in the world.

Why do I want to take a yoga teacher training with the school I have chosen?

I choose to take the course at Shakti Spirit Yoga School, which will be conducted in Bali. As a Balinese, I am grateful that one of the yoga instructor training courses is offered in Bali. Certainly, if I can have the course in my home island, I do not think of having it outside Bali. Not for the reason of being narrow minded or not wanting to explore the other part of the world and mingle with the locals of different culture, but I simply consider the potential opportunity costs, not only economically, but also environmentally. That is, having the course in Bali, I can save the travelling expenses for flight, accommodation and the kinds, and at the same time I can minimise the opportunity of contributing CO2 foot print produced by my overseas travelling activities. Furthermore, in term of quality, I do not have even a drop of doubt of all participating yoga schools in this competition. Certainly this respective event is organised by such a credible and well established organisation in which quality is not questionable.

How do I plan to make an impact in the world as a yoga teacher?

Yoga is much more than a physical stretching or discipline. By uniting the body, mind, and breath, one would tune inward, create awareness within, and build inner connections. These are the importance gifts of yoga that I eagerly want other people to enjoy. I will start my move from my little home town. My first step would be to invite my neighbourhoods to practice together. The second one, a little bit further than the first move is to introduce yoga to schools and college which are located closely to my home. Kids and teenagers are the future of the world. Introducing yoga in the early years (teenagers in particulars, as they are having tough transition periods in terms of emotions and physical), will be advantageous in helping them finding their potentials within. Having the belief that one will never be poor by giving and serving, these introductory programs will be offered voluntarily or at the most, will be based on donation. Next, when the Universe gives the green lights on the opening of my own studio, I will expand my yoga activity to a wider community. With my yoga classes, I will encourage people to come and practice. The following agenda after that will be to focus on pre-natal yoga. The rationale for this agenda is again about the future of the world which is on the hands of the kids. Thus, the wellbeing of a pregnant mother is very important to the kind of future baby she will give birth. Furthermore, the social conditionings have continuously hypnotised people to focus on the achievements on material and external comforts instead of internal joy. In pursuing such misleading achievements many people become miserable. People suffered from their own desires. Yoga is the key to cope with such situations. Those who are facing turbulence in life and those who are enjoying a fine life can both get benefit from yoga. Yoga and meditation are significant to an individual achievement of making peace within. Accordingly, the individual peace is significant to creating the world peace. After all, if yoga offers such a precious gift in the mental, physical, and spiritual aspect, my gift to the world will be to perform my duty and my dharma as a yoga teacher; to share and help people to connect to a higher aspect of their selves and improve their quality of life mentally, physically, and spiritually.

2012 Yoga Scholarship Essay

By: Nana Trianasari

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  1. Rachel Hull says:

    Good luck Nana and I hope we get to see you here in Bali for some great Yoga!

  2. Maurice Mathis says:

    Good luck, Nana.Would love to have you at our training.

  3. Cedar says:

    Best of luck, Nana. Bali could use more Balinese yoga teachers for sure!

  4. katerina todoris says:

    Good luck Nana. Really do hope you get this scholarship and get the chance to study at Shakti Spirit Yoga. I will look forward (in advance) to coming to Bali and taking one of your classes!

  5. Savitri Talahatu says:

    All the best, Nana. A Balinese Yoga teacher myself, it would be lovely to see more “anak daerah” becoming qualified registered Yoga teachers (RYT) in Bali. Semangat! Semoga berhasil, salam.

  6. Zachery says:

    It is very hard to find advised people about this matter, however you sound like you no doubt know what you are posting about! Thx

  7. sarah says:

    go for it! :)

  8. amit says:

    All the best Nana sister.I know u will make this and will make me proud of u.
    Congrats in advance.
    Om shanti Om

  9. Meme Jegeg says:

    Very good article, Nana. Wishing you the best!

  10. Luh Komang Suciati says:

    Good luck for you,hope you get the scholarship …pray for you :)

  11. Made Putri Muliatini says:

    Good luck Nana….:)

  12. Nan says:

    Always support you, Nana~!!Good luck!

  13. Lynda Battig says:

    Good luck Nana :-)

  14. Pande Ardana says:

    Pray is a universe energy linked to your want… and my pray with you. Good luck!

  15. Budi Susanta says:

    May you dream come through Nana and I know you will be there. Good luck.

  16. ketut oka says:

    i believe you can get nana i know you baliness girl, your dream will be come true to be a teacher , ok bravo nana get it, learn it, i be with you.

  17. Chris. Chant says:

    This is tailor made for you Nana. You are a beautiful clear calm teacher and Yoga is part of who you are. Good luck with this scholarship. xxx

  18. Bagus Jelantik says:

    Goodluck Nana… see you in Bali as ‘Yoga Teacher’….

  19. sean says:

    my best regards, train hard, study hard and help many people, ur a GREAT PERSON AND MUCH BLESSINGS FOR YOU AND IN UR FUTURE! DONT FORGET TO INVITE ME TO UR WEDDING!!! CANT HAVE IT WITHOUT ME THERE!! = )

  20. Agus Dharma says:

    Dearest Nana, I appreciate your wish and strongly encourage you as Yoga Teacher in Bali… Hope your dream come true to get this scholarship… Good luck!

  21. Dhaam Natih says:

    I wish you luck to become a Yoga Teacher…

  22. Putu Arya Wari Gunawan says:

    I am proud of you Nana…..great teacher…

  23. Lurelle Gibbens says:

    Good luck with this scholarship. xxx

  24. Dale Godfrey says:

    Good luck :)

  25. Witri says:

    Halo Mbak,
    Good luck, I am wishing you all the best!

  26. audrey says:

    God luck nana…

  27. megan says:

    Nana, I too believe that children are the future. I’m currently in the field of Mental Health and I practice yoga to continue my self care, as well as try to teach basic breathing to the children I work with. I hope you receive the scholarship so that your light can shine even brighter throughout the world!!

  28. chikooo says:

    Yes you can, Nana…

  29. pharma says:

    good luck Nana…Bali needs a yoga teacher like you..

  30. rini says:

    good luck nana….I am proud of you! semangat!!!!

  31. Dewi says:


  32. Hitendra Mehta says:

    Yoga is excellent for ALL at ALL stages of Life. Sharing Yoga techniques with passion is great service to society. Best luck Nana….Hitendra Mehta

  33. Steve M says:

    Good luck with the yoga thing Nana!

  34. iks shantidevi says:

    I support Nana to be a yoga teacher, success Nana

  35. Dinesh Saxena says:

    Good Luck Dear Nana,much regards always,dinesh

  36. seshu says:

    Dear Nana, May all your aspirations come true.

  37. putu indah rahmawati says:

    Good luck mbak nana, we all pray for you to get it. God bless you

  38. Bertha says:

    Good Luck Nana,I admire you for doing this I have known people who benefit from this Yoga

  39. Helena says:

    Nana, you are amazing!
    I hope you can teach others this skilled and healed art!
    All the best to you!

  40. Nand Khidkikar says:

    Nana, I must appreciate you for all your efforts to promote YOGA, a system of balancing physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of mankind and propagating love, harmony an peace in the world.

  41. Akhmad says:

    Go ahead Nana, you have talent in Yoga. Use yoga to bring peace and harmony in other people’s mind. go go you deserve and can be a yoga guru.

  42. Dr Ketut Gede Dharma putra says:

    Nana Trianasari essay give me a very good understanding about how good to be a yoga teacher. Best for Nana…

  43. dharma metri says:

    Good luck – all the best Mba Nana – wish your dream comes true

  44. wayan wirana says:

    very good bu nana, be a part of universe yoga movement, enjoy yourself.

  45. hariadi says:

    success madam :)

  46. bagus mahadiatmika says:

    like, sucses yahh… sis.

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