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200hr Vikasa Yoga Alliance Teacher Training In Thailand

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Vikasa means evolution, or spiritual development, when translated from Sanskrit language.

The concept of “evolution of yoga” is based on the notion that everything in the world evolves constantly, including human beings. Our primary goal as a human race and that of any living organism is evolution, and yoga can be seen as a tool to facilitate such evolution in any given individual. However, as the practice of yoga itself changes with time and place, as new techniques are being introduced, the approach is becoming more technical, precise and scientific, any definition of it as a system or style seems to be a limitation in itself. Therefore, the “Evolution of Yoga” approach has to be seen as an ever-evolving process, which anyone can be a part of, rather than a complete static system.

“Evolution of Yoga” approach is based on integrating deep core work with precise alignment, combining active dynamic exercises from different disciplines with static poses from classic hatha yoga schools, alternating dynamic and static, pressure and deep relaxation, therefore exploring the ha-tha or the yin and yang concept to it’s maximum potential, using the principle of hyper compensation for a progressive and balanced practice, which becomes a very effective tool that allows the body to transform efficiently and optimize all bodily systems.

Evolution of Yoga is about challenging yourself with ever progressing program in order to transform, optimize and balance, to fine-tune your system. Core bodywork is integrated with precision breathing, through which highest states of concentration that lead to meditation can be experienced. As the students get more familiar with the bodywork, pranayama or breathing exercises are introduced to take the practitioner to the next level, ultimately leading to meditation and expansion of consciousness, or – evolution!

About Our Yoga Teacher Training

You spend one month learning about your passion in our classic, Thai style wooden house at a beautiful and healthy setting between the mountains and the sea, recharging and even upgrading your batteries!

You get our 200 hour Yoga Alliance standard Yoga Teacher Training course which covers everything you need and more to go out and start teaching Yoga right away!

You’ll make a new network of peers, mentors, and friends that will open up opportunities and new experiences to you for the rest of your life!

You’ll transform yourself to be a person that is easier to be happy, harder to be upset, and all around wiser, fitter, and healthier.

More importantly, each of our five teachers is dedicated and passionate about what they will be teaching you. They live what they teach! This makes for a high quality course with lots of practical application, perfect for budding, soon-to-be Yoga teachers. You’ll be witnessing and experiencing yourself in new ways through practice, anatomical demonstrations, philosophical lessons…lessons that show you the subtleties of what it means to be a human being awakening into a undeniably new stage in the evolution of consciousness. You’ll also be getting lots of hands on experience teaching and assisting your fellow classmates as we compassionately guide you to be the best you can be. And, whether you plan to go on from your training as a teacher, or a practitioner with a deeper appreciation for yourself and the yogic lifestyle, you’ll be confident and energized to give a little more love to the world around you as you live a happier and healthier life.

Vikasa Teacher Training Curriculum

Teaching Methodology Module

Have you ever been to a yoga class that is not just good, but awesome? Do you want to become one of those teachers? Then the information from this course will come in handy! The teaching methodology module runs throughout the course, and is the main practical hands-on module of the training. Here you will learn:

  • how to sequence your class creatively and efficiently
  • how to help your students realize their full potential
  • universal principles of alignment and geometry of asana
  • detailed breakdown of poses and asana names,
  • plyometrics
  • principles of hypercompensation
  • maximum efficiency in minimal time approach
  • how to use your voice for better results by inflection, projection, and pacing
  • basic pranayama techniques and incorporating pranayama into your class
  • sun salutations
  • basic principles of every asana to succeed in practice
  • principles of hands-on adjustments
  • benefits of asanas and pranayamas and the science behind them
  • kriyas
  • bandhas
  • typical classes and advances
  • energetic body
  • and much much more

Philosophy and Spirit of Yoga Module

This portion of the course is going to reveal more than you ever even thought there was to Yoga!

You’re understanding of why, how, and what we call Yoga will be amplified. Ram will be teaching you the most important and relevant ancient texts of India that show the bigger spiritual picture of Yoga and how to live in it. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras will be examined carefully as this masterpiece provides a clear view into the nature of Mind, self-discipline, and the path to Enlightenment. The Bhagavad Gita will be studied as a means for understanding Dhamma, or our sacred duty in the world.

Sanskrit, the language of Yoga, will be explored as you hear and recite different mantras and sutras which invoke the wisdom of sages and the empowering vibrations of the Sanskrit alphabet. This bridge of spoken Sanskrit will lead you into energetic practices, really experiencing what the ancient Yogis of India have blessedly passed down to us. Pranayama, methods of controlling and moving energy, will be taught and practiced regularly, as well as group singing in the Kirtan. Pranayama can greatly increase the power of our discipline and our bodies. The Kirtan experience helps us dissolve into the heart of the human spirit, singing together as one group, no thoughts, just our voices and the music.

Anatomy and Therapy of Yoga Module

Brought to you by Australia and Hong Kong registered Physiotherapist, Ms Michelle Lam (University of Melbourne, Australia), these practical based sessions, aim at introducing the Anatomy and Physiology that relate to Yoga. Basic anatomical structures and definition of terms will be introduced, followed by practical sessions on the various joints that are most prone to injuries in Yoga. It is the aim of this session to reduce the likelihood of injuries in the vertebral column, knee joint complex, hip joint, shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle. Constraints due to individual structural variations and how these would affect asana performance will also be discussed.

Anatomy session will not be completed unless you can put your knowledge into practice and application. The Applied Anatomy training is focused on how to adjust clients and / or using Yoga props, based on the understanding of joint structures and the analysis of the asanas.

To perfect student’s understanding, the Anatomy & Physiology session also includes the basic physiology of the respiratory system and digestive system. Understanding these internal dynamic movements leads the practitioner to a more profound energetic practice as you learn how to develop greater lung capacity and refine your awareness of Bandha.

Marketing And Business of Yoga Module

Are you a kind, good hearted and open minded person, but sometimes intimidated by all the competition out there? I also had all these doubts when I started out… This portion of the course will teach you how to work less, and earn more.

Yoga in Action Module

This program is about embarking on a journey of self-inquiry, with the support of a like-minded group, that leads to action within our community and outside world. “Action” can be many things, ranging from healing relationships with family and friends, to extending oneself to the larger community, or doing national or international work.

During this week, you will be guided through an intensive transformational process using vinyasa flow yoga and other tools to uncover your deepest passions and motivation. We will combine yoga asanas, meditation and visualization, experiential exercises, process work and ritual with the practical tools of communication, organizing, and collaborating with your peers.

General day – What will your day be like:

7:00-8:00 Meditation and Chanting

8:00-10:00 Asana and Pranayama practice

10:00-12:00 Breakfast/Lunch time

14:00-15:00 Lecture

16:00-18:00 Methodology/Practice

18:00-20:00 Dinner

20:00-21:00 Meditation/Chanting/Other practices

* 1 day off per week

Teacher Profiles

Konstantin Miachin – course director, founder of Vikasa Yoga

(Teaching methodology and practice, Marketing and Business)

vikasa yogaKonstantin is an international yoga teacher and founder of Vikasa Yoga studio based in Koh Samui, Thailand. He has been passionately learning, practicing, and teaching Yoga for over six years, and his passion has lead him to search out his own personal development throughout the world. This quest has brought him into contact with many different schools and masters all over the world, in places such as Rishi-kesh, Uttar Kashi, Gangotri, Kerala, Goa, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong and Ukraine to name a few. He has completed teacher trainings in three different disciplines, including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga 23 (by master Andrei Siderski) and Sivananda. Such an overwhelming wealth of knowledge has led to a deeper understanding of yoga practice as an ever evolving process – rather than a finalized system, as a tool for evolution of a human being – rather than a goal in itself. Hence, the concept of “Evolution of Yoga” was born.

Acharya Ram Vakkalanka, Canada

(Philosophy and Spirit of Yoga Module)

evolution yogaAcharya Ram Vakkalanka is a Yoga philosopher, Kirtan leader, Sanskrit expert, Meditation instructor and Sitar artist. He has studied Sanskrit, Yoga philosophy, and music since early childhood and has extensive knowledge of many ancient texts, including the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Ram is known for his impressive ability to teach even the most intricate texts of Yoga in an easily understandable manner, using modern presentation tools and current examples, making the learning experience enlightening and fun at the same time. Ram’s core values are ‘authentic tradition’ and ‘modern presentation’ in all areas of endeavor. Ram also conducts highly energizing call-and-response Kirtan sessions which awaken an awareness of the subtle bodies and activate self healing. Besides teaching our Philosophy and Spirit of Yoga module we are delighted to have Ram joining us for the duration of the course lending his experience and knowledge to all of us!


What you will eat:

vikasa yoga

The Vikasa organic and raw food café will not disappoint either, with 4 international chefs participating in menu creation. Vikasa Yoga is truly a place of relaxation and peace. Come and see for yourself. You will be touched by our hospitality, devotion, and attention to details. The menu will consist of the freshest locally grown raw organic and lightly cooked vegetarian meals, with weekly local seafood days. The menu is designed to cleanse and facilitate detoxification on your body during the course, and to teach you about proper food habits and food combining.

Where you will stay:

evolution yoga thailand

You will stay in nearby modern apartments, which are just few hundred meters (5 minutes walk) away. This is a new condominium development of Koh Samui with modern, comfortable serviced apartments. The apartments are very conveniently located minutes away from the studio, and have easy access to practically everywhere. Most apartments have beautiful mountain views, and there is a big swimming pool available for swimming and relaxation by the poolside during the break times to recharge your batteries. All rooms are clean, modern, air conditioned, and include free high-speed wi-fi access.

All rooms are equipped with king size beds, so rooms are suitable for single or couples usage. There are no shared rooms available.

vikasa yogaevolution yogavikasa yogaevolution yogavikasa yogavikasa yoga

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