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  • June 22nd, 2013
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200hr & 500hr Hatha Teacher Training In Asheville NC

Yoga Alliance: Yes


Located in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC, Lighten Up Yoga is an idyllic place to take training, and many of Lillah’s trainees come from all over the world and United States to study with her: from California, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, New York, Georgia, South Carolina and her home state of North Carolina.

Become the best yoga teacher you can be. Learn the wisdom of yoga as an authentic practice, healing art and gift to your community. Lighten Up Yoga is an established 200/500 hour Registered Yoga Alliance School. Under the tutelage of master teacher Lillah Schwartz, you will receive one of the most comprehensive and effective teacher trainings offered. Over 30 years of teaching experience qualifies Lillah as one of the best trainers in yoga today!

Yoga students want practical, therapeutic yoga that will transform their pain and imbalance into strength and health. These trainings prepare you to tailor your classes to help each student grow in their yoga. You will gain a solid foundation in pose execution, safety, contraindications, and teaching techniques based on the fundamental principles of alignment.

Lillah has the ability to help each aspiring teacher understand the value of alignment, applied anatomy, and inner wisdom to access their students’ possibilities and understand their limitations. During the training, you will work through your own physical and emotional bodies so that you may have a direct experience of challenge and victory.

Here is what recent students are saying about our trainings…

“Lillah’s students are taken beyond their own mental limitations of what they and their bodies are capable of. She offers an amazing gift: to teach people to trust themselves and their bodies again.” —Kimberly Drye, Asheville, NC, R.Y.T.

“Having lived and studied yoga for over a decade with some very well known teacher in the Los Angeles area, let me say that I’ve learned more from Lillah than anyone else!” – Estee Chase, 200 hr R.Y.T.

Transformational Yoga Teacher Training Certifications

For the past fifteen years our graduates have shared the mindful practice of yoga in their communities, some opening their own studios, and some expanding their offerings by returning to school for a physical therapy degree.

Located in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC, Lighten Up Yoga is an idyllic place to take training, and many of Lillah’s trainees come from all over the world and United States to study with her: from California, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, New York, Georgia, South Carolina and her home state of North Carolina.

* 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training- Perfect for those looking to establish the foundation of their practice as well as those looking for the skills and confidence to begin teaching.

* 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training- Continue your studies and mastery of the art of yoga with our 500-hour Professional Teaching Program. This course refines your understanding and teaching skills, and offers you focused guidance in the therapeutic applications of yoga.

* Healing Our Backs with Yoga TM 200-Hour Yoga Therapy Course – Lillah offers this signature course to people with back, neck, or shoulder conditions. Tap into yoga’s healing, strengthening power. Yoga Therapy CEUs for yoga teachers and massage therapists.

* 100-Hour Life Transformation Yoga Program- Deepen your understanding, strengthen your personal practice, and transform your life in these five themed weekends. Geared for the student who wants to learn more about yoga practice and philosophy, not necessarily become a teacher.

Teacher Training Curriculum

200 & 500-Hour Topics of Study:

  • Fundamentals of posture and alignment
  • In-depth practice of pose execution
  • The art of sequencing for general classes
  • How to build poses for the beginner
  • Verbalizing the poses: Organizing language/actions for the best results
  • Planning a syllabus: themes, duration and application
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology
  • The effective use of props
  • Teaching progressions for more challenging poses
  • Basic therapeutic applications for back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • The History of Yoga
  • Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • The Five Koshas
  • Understanding the role of the teacher
  • Psychology and Ethics of teaching
  • Peer teaching & the art of adjusting poses
  • Practice teaching non-supervised
  • EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique: addressing samskaras

500-Hour Additional Topics of Study

  • In depth Asana & Pranayama: applications and refinements, movement vs. action.
  • Yoga for scoliosis, back pain, M.S. & other special needs
  • Asanas to maintain & improve organ health
  • Managing sleep disorders
  • Yoga for seniors
  • Yoga for heart health
  • Cranial-sacral rhythms in yoga
  • Somatic release through asana
  • Energy anatomy: charkas and bhandas

Weekend Schedule:

We hold a full schedule of classes each three-day weekend with adequate breaks. If you hold a day job and are not able to arrive at the training until the Friday 6:45 session, please let the director know. Arrangements can be made for you to make up those hours.

Friday 2-5 pm Asana class, dinner break, 6.45-9 pm lecture, homework review, theory.

Saturday 10:30-1:30 am asana class following the weekend theme, lunch,

2:30-6:30 pm lecture, discussion, Q and A, sequence study, pose progressions, therapeutics.

Sunday 8:30-9:30 am pranayama practice, snack break, 10-12 pm asana review, peer teaching, lunch, 1-3:30 pm homework discussion, weekend review.

Meet Your Teachers

transformation yoga trainingLillah Schwartz, E.R.Y.T. 500, Director and Founder: Known by appreciative students across the country as “the queen of alignment” yoga instructor and author Lillah Schwartz brings the benefits of her 30 years’ training with Yoga experts like B.K.S. Iyengar, Aadil Palkhivala, Eric Small, and others to the Southeast region and, through her workshops, to studios across the eastern and central U.S. Lillah’s hundreds of hours of study in the U.S. and India with senior Iyengar teachers, make Lillah one of the most accomplished teachers in the Southeast region. She pioneered the Iyengar method in North Carolina starting in 1981 and held an Iyengar teaching certificate for 23 years. Lillah brings the science and spirit of yoga wisdom to thousands who have become pain-free from her alignment-based instruction.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is this training my best choice?

The importance of a well organized program that puts safety first cannot be underestimated. Regardless of which style of yoga you are most fond of, having a solid foundation in alignment, anatomy, physiology and the principles of yoga is a necessity. Our comprehensive program provides and introduction to the universal alignment principles in Yoga and prepares graduates to lead safe and effective classes in their communities. Methods to adapt postures for pregnant woman, older clients, and clients with therapeutic needs will also be covered. Our graduates are widely respected around the southeast, and receive a supportive and nurturing education in yoga as a healing art.

Are there homework and tests involved in the program?

Your home studies for 200 hour: Ten hours a week of personal practice and study including the following: a focus on pose mastery, the language of teaching, the development of teaching sequences, reading and study guides, and peer teaching. There will also be exercises in practice teaching and learning how to self evaluate.

Your home studies for 500 hour: We ask our 500-hour students to journal their weekly teaching and personal practice time on an Excel grid. Homework assignments due prior to each training weekend are clearly outlined. Following each weekend, teachers in training will submit a one page reflective paper and two self-evaluations of classes they have taught.

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